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Sunday, July 29, 2009

48th Edition Vol. 1 - Week 48

Dengue Outbreak in Belize

Cayo, Corozal and Belize = 184 cases so far

Belize Health officials this week confirmed an outbreak of Dengue Fever in at least three districts of the country noting that between May and July, the number of cases haves raised alarmingly to one hundred and eighty-four (184) concentrating especially in the Cayo district with a hundred and fourteen (114). The other two districts being monitored presently includes the Belize district with sixty-one cases (61) and Corozal report-

ing nine (9) cases so far. A caller from San Pedro into Love’s Morning Show on Wednesday told the nation that his father recently died as a result of the Hemorrhagic Dengue and that he himself was under treatment when he called in reference to a nearby property having debris that could serve as breathing ground for the Aedes Aegypti mosquito. While the Ministry of Health has said that they have boosted their efforts to prevent the further spread of the mosquito carrying disease into other areas, callers from the districts claim that the Ministry’s effort is mostly concentrated in Belize City. Doctor Jose Marenco, Environmental

Aede s Aeg yp t i Mosqui to Health Advisor in the Ministry of Health said that they have had an outbreak of a hundred and fifty (150) new clinically diagnosed cases between 4th May and 14th July with one hundred and thirteen (113) from the Cayo district during this

time. Marenco said that starting this week that the fumigation of ‘ULV’ by the truck has been stepped up to include San Ignacio and Belmopan. He added that a health team from Dangriga will be in Belmopan to assist and strengthen their effort in the public education aspect as well as with the spraying. Marenco said they will be carrying out another type of spraying referred to as ‘thermal fogging’ especially in the vicinity of where positive cases have been detected. Mark Bernard, Senior Public Health Inspector confirmed this week that at least 17 of those cases were clinically diagnosed as Dengue Haemorrhagic Fever

GOB delays Who Really Destroyed the DFC? Bze. Cruise Terminal

Franklyn Magloire

Luke Espat, Belize’s Premier Investor/ Developer Continued on page 12

Well finally the UDP Development Finance Corporation has decided that it will commence lending to students. That is welcome news for the hard work-

Jane Longsworth ing parents and students alike. What is not acceptable is that it took the DFC’s highly paid cronies almost two years to start operations. Now after millions of

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Arsenio Burgos dollars in salaries and benefits, finally the poor students are hoping to receive some relief. Continued on page 4

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Sunday, July 26, 2009


As human beings, we must not be quick to judge others. However, we do subscribe to the cliché statement “by your deeds you shall be judged’ which is the measurement we have applied to the performance of the Dean Barrow UDP government. There are a few accomplishments that can be seen as being positive since the UDP took office, such as hiring Ms. Cynthia Pitts as the Ombudsman, making their mascot yellow man the Mase Bearer for the House of Representatives to name a few. What has not been accomplished is the construction of a modern day sport complex at the Marion Jones Stadium or whatever that track of real estate can be called. It was the PUP government that secured the funding of ten million dollars for construction of the sporting facility. A contract and ground breaking was done in 2007 and works immediately commenced with mobilization. Unfortunately, for Belizean athletes the UDP won in 2008 and they immediately halted the project which cost the government over two million dollars in mobilization costs. Presently, the government and the contractor are tied up in litigation proceedings that could see damages awarded to the contractor in the millions of dollars. Due to the vindictiveness of the UDP government, Belizeans might pay twice for a sports stadium that has not yet been built. Conventional wisdom is saying that the plot of land that is Marion Jones Stadium is land locked and unsuitable for expansion. What should be done is to identify an area of land that has room for growth within City limits. Finding a plot of land larger than Marion Jones is certainly possible, because who would have thought that the UDP could have created nine acres in Collet for UDP supporter Jack Charles of Extra House. So, if they can find land for their cronies, they can certainly find land that will assist all Belizeans. However, those advices will not be heeded because we are dealing with politicians who do as they please. Last week the

Minister of Sports, a total neophyte, commented that they will build a fence first and then sit and wait before commencing construction. It was also indicated that the contract was awarded to the brother of the Speaker of the House, who is a UDP crony. I am sure Belizeans are shaking their heads at the impact and cost of the UDP victimization because had the PUP remained in office, inauguration for the new stadium would have been completed in June of 2009. There was certainly no reason to cancel the contract other than for malice, spiting the Belizeans athletes. The Opposition PUP should be all over this situation. The Belize City Center is falling apart from mismanagement. Since rejected UDP mayoral aspirant Anthony Michael was trounced by Zenaida Moya, nothing has been done at the arena. Dean Barrow had to reward Michael for taking on “Z’ as payment he displaced Vanley Jenkins (badly beaten by Hon. Cordel Hyde in 2008 election) and gave Michael a cushy Sports Director post. The Opposition was silent then and is silent now. One route to put some fire under Barrow’s backside is a well organized street protest of all athletes with the call for better playing conditions and facilities. This would send a message to a UDP government that does not give a damn about sports or the young people of Belize. If you think we are being one sided, then take a look at which individual is Minister responsible for Youth and Sports. This tells you that the UDP government is not serious about creating opportunities for young people. The Opposition cannot get any traction because they are very myopic in their thinking. They have had numerous opportunities to take up the issues for the people and they have failed miserably with long winded releases and lack of physical presence. Presently, members of the PUP are being hauled in front of the courts for alleged impropriety, and no member of the PUP executive has lent support. And the PUPs they know the Dean Barrow government is vindictive and

will stop at nothing to jail PUPs. A long standing member of the party and former Deputy Prime Minister Florencio Marin has been charged and has not gotten any visual support from the PUP Party Leader. The PUP Leader has made it clear on many occasions that all Marin should expect is a fair trial (whatever that is), after that, he is on his own. Marin should expect an outpouring of PUP support. It is a sad day when a great PUP leader such as Florencio Marin is politically persecuted as Said Musa was, out of jealously and hate, and the PUP Opposition Leader does not even give a squeak against what the Dean Barrow government is doing to PUPs. Every day this publication is convinced that a pact has been brokered by the Campaign Manager to save the skin of the PUP Leader who is no saint. The only time the PUP Leader attempted to show support for persecuted colleagues was when he showed up at the Judicial Hearing of Said Musa. And the only reason he did so was because Hon. Mark Espat was campaigning to over throw him as leader. At that time, the PUP leader felt the Musa camp would be useful in protecting him, if he is attacked by Espat and the “zinc fence”. As was mentioned earlier, this

publication does not wish to cast negative judgment on anyone or anything without first giving them a chance to prove otherwise with positive actions. We advice both political parties to do the right thing for the Belizean people, because on paper both are the same, selfish, tunnel vision hustlers. The PUP cannot win with the present structure and ideology. As a matter of fact, having the present party leader who is also an old guard himself is a joke to many. The majority of Belizeans do not take him or the PUP seriously. On the other hand, Belizeans are ashamed that they voted for Barrow and the UDP, they are sick and tired of Dean Barrow; just listen to the street vibes. The UDP are behaving like 1800 bandidos, vandalizing and looting everything in sight, from hospital to Treasury. However, because of the fear for victimization, many give a show in front of the UDP, but will love to give them a boot when the time comes. So Belize is poised for a serious third party or new leadership in both political parties and that is what we hope and pray is the salient thing on the minds of Belizeans. Until such time “sufferation” will be the only benefit for Belizeans. OPEN YOUR EYES, THE PEOPLE ARE AWAKE!!!

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Sunday, July 26, 2009

Impartial view is the name that

I choose for my article because I believe that I have the option to be objective in the views that I express. Way back in the mid 90’s when I used to do the ‘M&M Attack Show’ on Krem Radio, my entertainment name was “Marshall weh nuh Partial” so it was under that consideration that I chose the title. This is important for me to say because I need to clarify or to state abundantly clear that the views expressed in this article are mine and mine alone, I am not representing any other agent or person’s agenda. I need to state this for the record so as to dispel the idea of me representing or carrying out other people’s agenda; absolutely not. As I said last week, I don’t want to become embroiled in a personal war with anybody and I did not intended for my articles to be a personal attack on my party or on the leadership of the party. I suspect that for those people who may have been guilty of some of the facts that I stated may have taken it personal but for them it’s simply too bad. My intention, as I mentioned many times, is to try and light some fire and see if I can stimulate more intense and expeditious political energies from my party. Over this past week, I think that some of my objectives were met. This week I felt a little bit more energy from the P.U.P, so from time to time if it takes this kind of strategy to create the motivation then trust me, that is the position I will take. Since my last two articles over the past couple of weeks, I have been moving around especially on the south side- and I don’t find many grass roots Belizeans who are upset with the tone nor the contents of my articles; I sincerely have a moral obligation and responsibility to reciprocate love and respect for the people of Belize City especially the grass roots. Anyway, I believe it was a good week for the P.U.P; at the Central Party Council Meeting on Saturday July 18th, the Party endorsed 3 resolutions representing the Party position on National issues with an intention to create some pressure one the Govern-


ment. Now that kind of proactive approach I firmly appreciate. Where the Government is concerned this week, I believe they were on the defensive. This week the scandal and almost criminal activity at the Western Border Management Authority, exposed the U.D.P and murkied their campaign premise of no tolerance to corruption. This obviously is terrible for the Prime Minister, because he is now forced to either face the Nation or reprimand some of his Cabinet colleagues for being criminally engaged. There is the situation in the Ministry of Agriculture that again is in fact creating a major embarrassment for the Prime Minister. Today, Wednesday, July 22, 2009 as I prepare this article, criminal charges are expected to be brought against person(s) for monies missing from the Treasury Department. The saga at the K.H.M.H is still not resolved, while it is widely speculated that where the Money Gram money laundering is concerned, there are some prominent U.D.P’s involved. The criminal investigation into the Belize City Council ‘under deposit’ money mismanagement scheme still has the potential to explode into yet another major scandal of

corruption for the U.D.P. Another serious breach of the confidence to the Belizean people has got to be the situation with the Krooman Lagoon Reserve or as the residence of Collet called it the Antelope St. Extension Lagoon. This is explosive and embarrassing to the Government, to the Minister of Natural Resources, Hon. Gaspar Vega, the Collet Area Rep. Hon. Patrick Faber and the Belize City Mayor. This lagoon reserve is close to the hearts of the Collet residents; it represents the key to tourism into their division and ultimately would have translated into bread and butter for many residents. This situation, as it plays out, could easily be interpreted to have a stench of corruption. In a constituency where it is difficult for the Area Rep. to find house lots to distribute for the many residents he can recommend to the Minister of Natural Resources to sell the Nature Reserve Lagoon almost 10 Acers of it, to Jack Extra House, a known supporter and financier of the U.D.P for a mere $60,000. If you have to develop and distribute the land, bear in mind that you get an average of six house lots per acre of land, therefore there would be available 60 house lots for Collet residents, but damn it is a reserve! It is also alleged that Jack Extra House is in negotiation with the City, to install parking meters in the City, and as a private contractor, would be given the regulatory

Page 3 authority to impound vehicles, therefore, a part of that development would be a car pound. Some questions have to be, is the Area Rep. and the Mayor more loyal to Jack Extra House than they are to residents of Collet and the Adjoining constituencies of Port Loyola and Lake I, who will suffer serious flooding as a consequence of getting rid of the City’s largest wetland catchment? Where are the environmental people? Anyways, I am sure that the Krooman Lagoon story will be thoroughly exhausted elsewhere. My point about brining that up among the other issues is just to show the amount of national issues that are affecting the Government in one week. So then, my folks, you can understand why I believe and maintain that the P.U.P has to be aggressive, firmly committed to the issues and continue to act responsibly as the loyal Opposition or even as a Government-inwaiting. I reserve the right when I think the fire is not burning to fuel the P.U.P fire. By the way, there is a conference at which election for the chairman of the P.U.P Marshalls Community Service Corp will be elected. As soon as I know who the challengers are, I will let you know who I will endorse and support. While until such time, I am a member of the P.U.P National Executive, it is important for me to say that my country Belize and the Belizean people’s hearts beat the same as mine. STRAIGHT!

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Dengue Outbreak in Belize Continued from page 1 confirming also that the majority of the Haemorrhagic cases are from the Cayo district. With dengue hemorrhagic fever, the blood vessels start to leak and cause bleeding from the nose, mouth, and gums. Bruising can be a sign of bleeding inside the body. Without prompt treatment, the blood vessels can collapse, causing shock (dengue shock syndrome). Dengue hemorrhagic fever is fatal in cases, mostly among children and young adults if not treated promptly. Some of the symptoms for Dengue Fever begin with sudden onset of high fever between 104 to 105 degrees and includes headache, eye, joint or muscle pain, backache, nausea, vomiting, lack of appetite, rashes, hemorrhagic manifestations and general weaknesses. There is no specific treatment for dengue. Persons with dengue fever should rest and drink plenty of fluids. They should be kept away from mosquitoes for the protection of others. Dengue hemorrhagic fever is treated by replacing lost fluids. Some patients need transfusions to control bleeding.


Sunday, July 26, 2009

UDP persecutes past PUP Ministers Supporters of the PUP nationwide are asking why the present leadership of the party has not demonstrated any kind of support to former PUP government Ministers who are being persecuted by the UDP government and why they have made no statement condemning the political harassment of this government. People are saying why they should support the new leadership if they show lack of support for a true PUP fighter like

Florencio Marin Sr. that has given all his life to the PUP cause. They are wondering that if they could leave ‘ole Lencho’ out on his own with no apparent support, then they could be just as cold with them also. It is really a sad day for Belize, to see a true PUP leader and statesman such as Florencio Marin being dragged into Court because of politically persecution just as Said Musa was and our very

Continued from page 1

there was not even a peek from Magliore to the media that he was not in agreement with any of the DFC’s transactions, no correspondence, nada. Everything was honky dory because the brother-in-law was a PUP and in the driver’s seat prior to G-7. Many will recall that Magliore came in front of the Commission of Inquiry in 2007 along with his sidekick Jane Longsworth, formally known as Jane Zetina who is presently employed by Belize Natural Energy, singing for their supper. At that time, there were many reports that Magliore was promised by the UDP that he will remain at the DFC once he attacked the PUP. Our sources further state that Magliore was one of the members of the team along with Ian McMillan, the husband of UDP Senator Debbie McMillan, that flew to New York for the closing of the North American bonds transaction that contained the St. James loans. So Franklyn Magliore was involved in everything at the DFC during the PUP administrations, which were the same, things that the UDP said were bad for Belize. Well that payoff is here. He is the primary spokesperson for the DFC, because

own party does nothing to condemn the action. It is heart breaking to see a long standing member of the party and former Deputy Prime Minister being brought up on charges that the government’s own prosecuting attorney has trouble describing, and for him to have no visual support from the PUP. It sends the wrong signal to ordinary supporters giving the perception that the Opposition Continues on page 16

Who Really Destroyed the DFC?

This week, during the DFC launch of its lending program broadcast on the news, many of the same culprits that had been involved with the DFC during the time of its massive growth 1998-2004. These highly paid cronies were the same people that benefitted from the expansion of the DFC and they were elevated through the ranks to take up senior positions under the People’s United Party. So how can the UDP have those same persons in their midst. For example, Franklyn Magliore, the brother-in-law of Evan X Hyde is now chummy with the UDP. This is a foreigner from Dominica who has come to Belize and married into royalty and is living high of the hog. Magliore was second in command at the DFC when the Novelos thirty million dollars loan was approved and disbursed. He was there for all the borrowings of the DFC as well the lending to Universal Health Service. Our investigation further discovered that he was a fixture at all Board of Directors meetings and had full knowledge of everything that was brought in front of the BOD and he was there to give expert advice. At that time,

Dean does not want his girl Natalie Goff, the present General Manager, to put her foot in her mouth. It is better for someone who has long practice in talking with two tongues. Our warning to the UDP and Natalie Goff is that the 360 degree turn Magliore employed on the PUP he can apply to the UDP DFC as well. In like fashion it was explained by our source that the installment of former DFC Executive Chairman Arcenio Burgos was almost the final nail in the coffin for the DFC. He was brought in as a liquidator, and that’s what he did. He dismantled and mangled what was a vibrant organization by disposing of many assets cheaply to favored few. All that was wrong with the DFC, was it carried too many government social projects on its books. There was no need for fire sales, but that was what the wealthy few wanted, including some members of the G-7. So if anyone is to blame for the destruction of the DFC, they must start at the G-7 and flow through those current DFC executives who are still being paid top dollar at a time when life “haada out ya”, and now the UDP (United Destructive Party).

Sunday, July 26, 2009



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It’s Time to Get Smart

By: Chris Silva The People’s United Party is considered to be a voting block of people comprised of more than 50,000 members strong who share a common goal and its core system of ideological beliefs and values as outlined in the PUP’s doctrine and philosophy. There is no one element or group of politicians there within that can change the direction or split its driving force.

This voting block of people is like mercury when it comes to unity. The common goal and the aspirations are one. No group of politicians could soberly believe that the party will achieve its common goal or be victorious at the polls if they begin to carve the party into separate organizations or alienating natural leaders there within. There cannot be more than one aspiration or objective, the results in the end will also be split


Contributed by: Gordon Smith (A true soldier of the revolution) We can oppose by words or blows or both (Douglas)

What was to be the final stage of a political plot, co-conspired by the two PUP Deputy Leaders at an address on Seashore Drive in Belize City and instigated by the WUB Morning Show Host with his “handcuff them” chorus, to have the former Prime Minister, Rt. Hon. Said Musa and former Housing Minister, Hon. Ralph Fonseca arrested and embarrassed on bogus charges of Theft for the Venezuelan Housing Funds, turned out to be nothing but a big political joke/ circus. At that very meeting where the plot was being devised, a Government Building, built by the Musa Administration in the Lake Independence Division was handed over to the “zinc fence” and named in “honour” or should I say “dishonour” of the “Honorable Royal Kriol”. Yes, you guessed it right. When the arrest of Hon. Said and Hon.

Ralph were made in the nation’s Capital, the Hon. Party leader “suspiciously” flew out of the country to an unknown destination. In his absence, the remainder of the PUP leadership went underground and remained silent. Of course, this all followed the renaming of the said government building in Lake Independence after the PUP government complex building was renamed. As a matter of fact, the ‘New PUP’ leaders were seen at the dedication ceremony “cozying up” with the royal ‘zinc fence’ family. The political joke, however, was on the UDP Government and the ‘New PUP’, as there was huge support for Hon. Said and Hon. Ralph during their arraignment in Belmopan (even Vaughan “The Helpless” Gill was there. Of course, as a result of his actions, he was fired the next day for the ‘umpteenth’ time from Vibes Radio). In the end, Johnny B’s hogwash statement about a ‘fair trial’ for Hon. Said and Hon. Ralph was useless as both gentlemen had retained the best lawyers who would ultimately prove

to our disadvantage. The PUP has transformed Belize over the last sixty years with its positive changes and it is responsible for the historical developments of our nationhood, our national identity and for the elevated standard of living during this time. As we look around us we can still see countries that are worst off than ours, where the greater portions of their population still live in poverty compared to the miserable era of the fifties. On the other hand, we have seen where our nation has moved consistently forward in its economic growth and development. Education, health, housing and job creation are just a few of the PUP’s recent success story and where they have made it a priority to attract foreign investment capital in order to enhance the Belizean way of life. The PUP visionaries were bold enough to take the necessary risks in their quest to expand the Belizean economy. Today, as we compare the performance of the PUP in government during the last ten years to the chaotic situation we are living under the gross incompetence of the UDP, we realize that we never had it any better and erred miserably into believing that things could have gotten sweeter than what we had under the PUP. The masters of deception fooled us into believing that we needed a change and we voted for one. As the UDP got into government, they started destroying and strangling the little economic stability that was established during the last ten years. There is nothing visible that the UDP could boast about as their performance or accomplishments, nothing. They made many wild promises to lure the voters make them the government

but now it is crystal clear that they have no sense of direction and lack the ability to come up with a viable economic development strategy to implement their political promises. During the visionary tenure of Said Musa as a PUP leader in government, we saw not one but several development projects, many suburban housing communities popping up all across the nation causing a construction boom, thousands of young deserving students got access to student loans and scholarships without even having disclosed party affiliation, even one of Barrow’s daughters got a scholarship. Thousands of lands leases and titles were handed out by the Musa administration; even Anwar got a piece of land. There are many scandals popping up and tearing away at the UDP government at this time, we don’t hear the ACB saying anything, perhaps because the once noisy few, has already gotten their piece of the action. Ask Lois Young Barrow who has gotten a minimum of $1.3 Million dollars from your money to represent the UDP government against you in court! Shouldn’t we have a vibrant PUP Opposition uniting its forces to sweep out the UDP out of government? But the transitional leaders within the PUP have no battle plans and certainly the thousands of foot soldiers are in hiding because their generals and field commanders are fighting each other or they have been excluded. The transitional leaders of the PUP must realize that every single voter is needed to bring about victory whether we like the field generals or not because they are the ones that will bring victory in the end. A true leader brings victory where every one is a winner from the Continued on page 14

Kremandala Hypocrisy

Instigates malice against genuine investors Helped to promote Investor Fear and the present chaotic economic situation

He offers no alternative solutions Imagine!...A Messenger of Doom! A PAID AD

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Reid Bet ween The lines The arguments surrounding dual citizenship

by G. Michael Reid

No person shall be qualified to be elected as a member of the House of Representatives who----is, by virtue of his own act, under acknowledgement of allegiance, obedience or adherence to foreign power or state. ~ Belize Constitution - Chapter- VI: 58 (1)

The arguments surrounding dual citizenship continues to rage but if experience is any indicator, we shall soon see citizens of other countries enter our National Assembly. (Word is, there are at least two there already) The government has announced that they will be holding consultations on the matter but again, from experience we know what that means. They will hold a couple of public gatherings, dictate to people what they will do and crow down and ridicule any who dare present opposing views. In other words, “the people will have their say but the politicians will have their way.” After examining both sides of this argument, I see no good reason why we should tamper with our constitution to placate and accommodate a few political cronies. The arguments against are far more compelling than those in favor of and had I any say in this matter my vote would have to be nay. If an individual pledges allegiance to another country then they have obviously chosen which master they choose to serve, or in this case, which country they choose to serve. There is in fact, a strong rumor that this measure is simply to protect a few persons who, contrary to the constitution, are already holding office while being citizens of other countries. The law as it currently reads prohibits persons with dual citizenship from holding elected office. The Prime Minister, in presenting the bill to house, argued that we should not deny persons who have lived abroad, the opportunity and privilege to garner their due benefits. This is in fact, spinning the argument to make it seem as if those who oppose the constitutional change are opposing dual citizenship. The fact is that few people, if any at all, have problems with regular citizens holding dual citizenship, regardless of which other country they choose or happen to

swear allegiance to. What is being said is that if a person “acknowledges allegiance” to another country then they should not be allowed to hold high office in our country. Simple! If you want to run for political office and represent Belizeans, then denounce whatever other citizenship you might hold. Personally, I think that we are going in the wrong direction. I think that we should go even further to the right and demand that no one holding even a “green card” should be allowed to run for office. This has nothing to do with discrimination but protection of our natural patrimony and assets. A person holding dual citizenship or even just in possession of a “green card” can escape too quickly and easily in the event that they should betray the public trust. It is all too obvious exactly what is happening here. Members of the United Democratic Party and the National Independence Party before them, have a long history of jumping ship whenever their party is out of power. Many maintain homes in America’s metropolitan areas like New York, Los Angeles and California. Quite a few only return when their party wins an election, gobble up the high paying government jobs and contracts and then run to their other home when they are voted out again. This is a disservice to those qualified Belizeans who, for whatever reason, cannot or choose not to play that game. Of some interest is the fact that the Amandala has been deafeningly quiet on this topic. One would think that they, who profess to be more nationalistic and patriotic than any, would be at the forefront of this fight. Hyde and company however, seem more preoccupied with blowing smoke up the tail pipes of Messrs. Barrow and Faber. Obviously, “you can’t go wrong” if you march to the beat of Kremandala’s drum. Mr. Barrow seems to have understood from early in his term that the secret to good press is to keep the publisher happy. Faber now also seems to have recognized that, and his attack on the Catholic Church has evidently gained him status of “made guy”. He joins an exclusive club that includes such big wigs like Godwin Hulse, Lois Young, Patrick Rogers, Henry Gordon and PM Barrow. Yours truly fortunately, remains on the list of those considered enemies of that establishment. I say fortunately because that list also contains some very prestigious and honorable personalities. I would have it no other way and relish my position on what I believe to be the, the more constructive side of that “fence”. I serve but one country and serve but one master. There is no X in HIS name.

Sunday, July 26, 2009


Godfrey Smith’s article on corruption has

really stimulated some useful discussion on the subject in view of the revelations of wrong doings at the KHMH, the Belize City Council, the Treasury Department and the Border Management. Smith made a comparison of corruption under the PUP and the UDP and even ruffled radio host, Mose Hyde, with the use of the term ‘trickle down corruption’. Even some PUPs were offended by Smith’s ‘fish from riva battam’ exposé. However, Smith’s major point in his essay seemed to be a cautionary, reality check, for the UDP leadership as they go about attempting to root out “all” forms of corruption under their watch. While the focus is on politicians, it is clear that corruption, like a virus, is not confined to one section of the population nor does it have one manifestation. It can be acute; requiring immediate action or it can be a mild or almost benign and go undetected for years. None the less, it is still corruption whether the stakes are high and the exposure sensational or just a two bit hustle that involves small time gains from those hardly worth mentioning. All is corruption; all are viral but one makes the news while the other doesn’t. But the major concern about corruption continues to be the people’s right to know, and when. Words like ‘accountability’ and ‘transparency’ and their antithesis, ‘corruption’, have been in our political conversation for many years but their reality continues to elude us. The public is still hearing about things after they happen, where the only recourse left is railing up. Take as an example the City Council/Ministry of Natural Resources decision to sell to a businessman a sizable piece of land in the Two Mile Lagoon area of Belize City. Not only is the land an essential part of the city’s ecosystem that provides a natural drainage to prevent flooding but the sale itself was a slap in the face of city residents who still can’t get a house lot in the city. It’s only after the public is informed through the media that the debate begins and by that time the proverbial horse is out the fence; the deal is sealed. Then how are these decisions made? The Cabinet is the seat of power and the Prime Minister is the most powerful around the table. Area representatives have very little real input in the actual directions of government; that is reserved for members of the Cabinet, who form the corps of ministers. Some decisions are unavoidably in the national interest but become unpopular when they are brought to public attention because of the secret manner in which they were concocted. So the mechanism for public consultation is not engrained in the system and is still a work in progress. Consultation remains in an ‘Alan Battan’ like, reactionary frame, where the debate begins after the decision has been made. Therefore the debate takes place in an atmosphere of hostile suspicion with the government in a defensive mode. I recently heard one of the morning show host advice a caller that he should call or write his area representative to express his displeasure with the proposed 7th constitutional amendment bill on dual citizenship. Now was this naiveté on the part of the host or just an attempt to sound like he knows how the system works? The host should have known that what he was suggesting was irrelevant to how politics works in Belize. Telling people to voice their concerns to their area rep is deluding citizens or the adviser himself, just doesn’t know how the system works. We are not like the American system where constituents can call or write their Congressman/woman and express their approval or disapproval of a particular bill before the Congress, and as a result that Congressional member will take the concerns of this constituent into consideration before he/she votes. We see in the current debate in the US Congress regarding healthcare reforms that

there are several Democrats who may vote against the president while some Republicans who will vote with the president, despite party lines. Such freedom is not exercised in Belize. In Belize the area representatives are not independent Assembly men/women who go to the hill to vote the consensus of their constituents. In Belize the area representative of the ruling party understands that all decisions are made in the cabinet room and not in the House. Individual House members who are not Cabinet members, (backbenchers), are mere rubber stamps in the voting process. One exception was when Espat/Hyde broke ranks with the PUP a few years ago and voted against a measure but one wonders if that was a precedent or an anomaly? What should redefine the consultation process? The present process is to hold town meeting type consultations where the public (read, stakeholders) are invited to voice their opinion. Few persons attend these consultations, and of those, still fewer engage in the debate. Sizable sections of the population are left out of the discussion which begs the question: consultation with whom? It’s an old method left over from a time when technology was not as developed as it is today. Maybe its time to take a page from the people at KTV and increase the attractiveness of the production for these consultations. It is only through new and innovative ways will we engage large segments of the population and hold their interest. We are living in a new age and the old approaches are proving to be ineffective. We should have a televised coverage of these consultations with access by telephone by listeners/viewers. Have a full engagement of a broad cross section of the population using state of the art technology. This approach can also be used to poll citizens on a simple ‘yea’ or ‘nay’ on the subject of the consultation. Imagine: Text GOBPOLL and the # 1 for ‘yea’ or the # 2 for ‘nay’. Certainly these mini referendums can’t be the final say since with today’s technology they are subject to manipulation but as a quick straw poll, they can be very useful for policy makers to get a snap shot of the public sentiment on whatever proposed government action. While this would advance the governance process tremendously by redefining consultations it is not something that most politicians are comfortable with. If they have to consult on every major decision before they made it this would result in slowing the process of decision making and reduce the amount of accomplishments in one term. It would be almost like tying their hands. For this reason the conventional wisdom among many politicians is: The government was elected to govern therefore let it govern without interference; if at the end of their term you are not pleased, then vote them out. Politicians are afraid of this kind of broad based consultations because it can become cumbersome and expensive. Government by referendum. The very idea is foreign to our system of government yet this may be the only way to avoid the charge of corruption. But we live at a time in Belize when people want to know what decisions their government is making especially when it involves their money; people want to have a say. It is clear from all the energetic calls in the morning to talk shows and the opinions expressed through Two Cent Cam and those interviewed by the Channel 5 and 7news shows that Belizeans are very opinionated and welcome the chance to share their views. So the introduction of this new method of public consultation, one that can be enjoyed in the comforts of your home would be welcomed by the public. You mean I have a vote; I could text my opinion? I think many Belizeans would jump at the opportunity. (Comments welcomed:

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KHMH Board Chairman gives way to C of I

Dr. Ricardo Fabro The Labour Commissioner Ivan Williams announced that Dr. Fabro removed himself from his duties as Chairman of the Board voluntarily and of his own free will for the duration of the investigation and upcoming Commission of Inquiry. The Belize Medical and Dental Union and KHMH Administration Board broke

the month old impasse and came to a satisfactory understanding and agreed to sign a thirteen point memorandum. The parties involved the Labour Commissioner Ivan Williams and Senator Godwin Hulse who purportedly intervened on behalf of the BMDU. Both parties have agreed to cooperate fully with a commission of inquiry yet to be named by the Prime Minister which will include a full scope audit into the financial transactions of the hospital would be carried out which will focus particularly on the expenditure associated with procurement of goods and services to the institution. The M.O.U. calls for both parties to continue to maintain a harmonious working relationship and refrain from making aspersions or statements that attacks a person’s integrity in particular pointing to allegations. Efforts to get comments from Dr Sosa from the BMDU or Chairman of the Board of Directors of the KHMH were unsuccessful.

Police accuse two Women Belize City police have arrested and charged Monica Escarpeta, a former second class clerk for the government of Belize who is attached to the Government Treasury, with Theft and Misappropriation of Funds regarding the missing money from the ‘Pensioners Fund’ in which police say excceds more than $290,000 dollars which were swindled. Monica Escarpeta of #63 Rio Bravo Street in Belize City went into hiding when the scam was detected and it wasn’t until Tuesday that she was intercepted in a local hotel in Belize City. During this time, she shopped around for an attorney which included consulting with attorney Dickie Bradley to negociate her surrender to the police authorities. She appeared in Court before Chief Magistrates Margaret Gabb Mckenzie on Thursday where she was accompanied by her defence attorney Michael Peyrefitte for arraignment. No plea was taken since the charges are deemed to be of an indictable nature and it will have to go through a process including a Preliminary Inquiry then on to the Supreme Court if the Prosecution manages to establish a Prima facie case during the inquiry. Although the prosecution objected to bail citing that Escarpeta may be a flight risk and may abscound, the Magistrate offered her bail in the sum of $50,000 dollars plus one surety in the same amount. Escarpeta is expected to reappear in court on

September 23rd. In related news, Belize City police also levied charges of ‘Handling Solen Goods’ on twenty eight year old Rhea Pennil of a Belize City Rivero Street address. Police alleges that Pennil had been handling monies in the sum of a hundred and fifty-one thousand, nine hundred and sixty seven dollars and thirty three cents, stolen from the Treasury Department between April 24th, 2008 and May 24th of this year. The charge sheet states that Pennil received the monies, knowing that it was stolen from the Government of Belize. Pennil appeared before Chief Magistrate Margaret Gabb McKenzie on Wednesday where she was arraigned. The Prosecution also objected to bail citing that Pennil might pose a flight risk and may abscond. The Magistrate asked Pennil to respond to the Prosecution’s objection to bail and Pennil said: “I jus think I should get bail your Honour because one is innocent until proven guilty” and the Chief Magistrate concurred reminding the Prosecution that the Lady was a Belizean. Chief Magistrate offered Pennil bail in the sum of $40,000 dollars plus one surety in the same amount. Both accused women will have to hand over all their travel documents to the Clerk of Court prior to their release on bail and will equally have to report to the Clerk of Court every Monday Morning.

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Caribbean News Briefs

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St. Lucia

Ministers lobby against tax

OECS tourism ministers say they plan on taking their case to various international organisations, in another bid to get Britain to reverse a decision to increase the Air Passenger Duty - an airport departure tax. The UK is planning to increase the tax by 25 percent in November - a move which Caribbean countries argue will hurt the tourism industry. The matter came up for discussion at a meeting of OECS tourism ministers in St Lucia yesterday. Host minister Allen Chastanet told BBC Caribbean that the levy is unfair and they will to lobby the World Trade Organisation and the World Tourism Organisation, in an effort to obtain a reversal.


Cuba travel ban challenged

A federal lawsuit has been filed in New York challenging the constitutionality of a US policy that compels Americans who travel to Cuba to disclose details about their spending. The Centre for Constitutional Rights, a non-profit legal advocacy group which filed the suit, said the policy forces travellers to incriminate themselves. American citizens can technically travel to Cuba but are barred from spending money there without authorisation from the Treasury Department. Unlicensed US travellers face fines of up to $10,000.


Guyana police probe f ire

Police in Guyana are continuing investigations into an early morning blaze that destroyed the headquarters of the Ministry of Health on Friday. Eyewitnesses said the historic wooden building was completely engulfed within minutes of the fire starting around two o’clock. The lawmen confirmed that a number of incendiary devices were removed from the scene, but declined to give further details. Health Minister Leslie Ransammy told BBC Caribbean: “It appears to me from all that I’m hearing is that it is a clear case of arson.” He said that the fire wouldn’t stop the ministry rendering service to Guyanese.

St. Kitts

PAM eyes Privy Council

The opposition People’s Action Movement (PAM) in St Kitts has said they will seek redress at the Privy Council in London if they lose their case against the government over constitutional boundaries. The government has made a proclamation that the upcoming elections will be held using new constitutional boundaries. But the opposition is challenging that, saying the government flagrantly ignored court injunctions it had obtained. The next elections, constitutionally due by March next year, are expected to be called soon by Prime Minister Denzil Douglas. PAM leader Lindsay Grant told BBC Caribbean the current situation is a ‘constitutional conundrum’ with farreaching implications.

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OECS and IMF: a new deal

“People meet me all the time, ‘I hear you gone to the IMF’, as though I gone to hell,” complained St Vincent and the Grenadines Prime Minister Ralph Gonsalves. Within the past few months, five member countries of the Organisation of Eastern Caribbean States (OECS) have sought low-interest funding from the IMF to help meet revenue or other shortfalls. St Vincent, Dominica and St Lucia requested financing under the IMF’s Exogenous Shocks Facility; Grenada has requested continuation of a poverty reduction scheme; and St Kitts and Nevis received funds under the Emergency Assistance for Natural Disasters Facility. The sums involved are not huge US$5.1 million was approved for Dominica on Monday - but Caribbean governments historically get nervous with any mention of IMF financing. The last year or so has proved very difficult for OECS nations, as it has for many countries around the world. The Eastern Caribbean Central Bank says that, taken as a whole, the sub-region experienced an economic slowdown in 2008 to 2.2 percent from 5.7 percent in the previous year. Job levels fall That trend has intensified in the first quarter of this year, which has seen a 3.9 percent drop in gross domestic product over the comparative period a year ago. Tourism, construction, manufacturing and retailing have all suffered. “In addition, inflows of foreign direct investment and remittances were estimated to have contracted, business confidence fell and unemployment levels increased,” OECS finance ministers said in a 9 July communique. It is against that background that the countries in the sub-region have sought IMF financing. The popular vehicle is the Exogenous Shock Facility. According to the IMF, “an exogenous shock is an event that has a significant negative impact on the economy and that is beyond the control of the government.” Dr Gonsalves has been critical of media reporting of the IMF loans As Caribbean countries are fond of saying, this current economic crisis did

Stanford receiver seeks court help

The US court-appointed receiver in the Allen Stanford fraud case has asked for the help of a private equity adviser to manage the estate’s web of investments. Those assets total about $650 million, according to a filing in federal court in Dallas. Mr Stanford is accused by US prosecutors of leading a $7 billion Ponzi scheme involving certificates of deposit issued by his bank in Antigua. He has denied any wrongdoing.

Dr Gonsalves has been critical of media reporting of the IMF loans not start in their area. Key features of the shock facility include rapid access to funds and low interest payments - loans carry an annual rate of 0.5 percent. The IMF itself says the sub-region is “particularly exposed to current account shocks given their reliance on tourism as the main source of foreign exchange, and their vulnerability to natural disasters.” Kindler, gentler Dr Gonsalves, who is also St Vincent’s Minister of Finance, insisted that such a scenario is ample justification for seeking the help of an institution of which the country was a member. There was “nothing intrinsically wrong” about negotiating with the IMF about “a crisis which has hit you very hard”. “It depends on the nature of the arrangement which you negotiate,” he said. The exogenous facility is one of a number of reforms meant to give the IMF a kinder, gentler face after criticism that its lending conditions were too onerous, particularly for small or poor nations. “The good thing about it is that it is

soft money, there are no conditionalities,” said the Prime Minister of St Lucia, Stephenson King. Wall Street excesses have been blamed for the financial and economic crisis. He said: “It is a facility to assist member countries in moving over in this difficult time. At this time in the region ... it is about survival. This is not a structural adjustment programme.” The prospects, in the short-term, remain gloomy for the OECS sub-region and they’ll hope that they will survive without having to take stiffer medicine from the IMF. Stimulus The Central Bank itself expects the decline in GDP to continue during 2010. To compound the difficulties, national debt ratios in the OECS countries are among the highest in the world, according to the IMF. This has constrained the sub-grouping from providing any farreaching stimulus packages during the economic crisis. Public debt averaged about 100 percent of GDP (total output of goods and services) at the end-December 2008 and is set to increase during the current economic downturn. The stated aim is to bring that down to 60 percent by 2020 but countries are more concerned now about riding out the downturn.

Wall Street excesses have been blamed for the financial and economic crisis “One can summarise by simply stating the fact, these are difficult and challenging times,” bank governor Sir Dwight Venner said.

Air France crash debris found near Guyana GEORGETOWN, Guyana – A fisherman in Guyana apparently has found a large piece of a plane that authorities suspect might belong to the Air France jet that crashed in the Atlantic Ocean, an aviation official said Saturday. The 30-foot-long piece of what appears to be aircraft fuselage washed up on a beach in the South American country this week, said Paula McAdam, deputy director of Guyana’s Civil Aviation Authority. The Brazilian Embassy said it would send experts to examine the debris, she said. An Air France flight that departed neighboring Brazil on June 1 crashed into the ocean more than 900 miles (1,450 ki-

lometers) off that country’s northeastern coast. All 228 people aboard died. French officials expect to begin a new underwater search next week to look for more wreckage. Guyana fisherman Denis Baksh told local media that he took the aircraft part home on Wednesday after spotting it while heading out to sea. Discarded portions of space rockets launched from a European facility in nearby French Guiana often wash up on local beaches weeks after a launch. Arianespace last launched a rocket on July 1. Guyana and French Guiana are located just north of Brazil.

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Honduran crisis talks break down

Mr Arias has warned of possible civil war if the situation is not resolved Two days of talks on the political crisis in Honduras have broken down without agreement. The interim government’s top delegate called a proposal that ousted President Manuel Zelaya return as leader of a unity government “unacceptable”. Representatives of Mr Zelaya at the talks in Cost Rica said they would have have no further talks with the delegation. Mediators have asked both sides to resume talks in three days. “It was not possible to reach a satisfactory agreement,” said President Oscar Arias of Costa Rica, who is leading mediations and has presented both parties with a seven-point proposal. “The Zelaya delegation fully accepted

my proposal, but not that of [interim President] Don Roberto Micheletti.” Mr Arias has warned of possible civil war if the talks fail and urged both sides to continue. “My conscience tells me that I cannot give up and must continue working for at least three more days and that is what I propose to do,” he said. Mr Arias has warned of possible civil war if the situation is not resolved Mr Zelaya, who is in Nicaragua, accused the interim government of defying the international community. “The regime that is ruling Honduras by force is showing that besides being irresponsible, it is also disrespectful, arrogant and intransigent,” he said. He later said his supporters were “organising internal resistance” in preparation for this return to the country. Mr Zelaya has already made one failed attempt to return to Honduras. The US, which has supported Mr Zelaya, urged the political rivals to reflect on the “significant progress” made at the talks and to “commit themselves to their successful conclusion”. State Department spokesman Robert Wood said the Organisation of American States (OAS) and other interested par-

New escalation in Mexico drug war

detentions would enable them to strengthen evidence that the officers “undertook criminal acts” in support of the Michoacan drugs gang and to “determine their responsibility for the murder of federal agents”. Earlier this year 10 mayors in the state were arrested by the federal authorities on suspicion they were working with the drug gangs. Cocaine transit Troops with automatic Federal officials remain vulnerable in the state of Michoacan weapons and ski masks to Ten Mexican police officers have been shield their identity have set up roaddetained in connection with the torture blocks across Michoacan, President Feand murder of 12 federal agents during a lipe Calderon’s home state, in a major major escalation in the drug war. show of force. Nineteen police were arThe arrests come as more than 5,000 rested in one small town, 10 of whom are troops and federal police are deployed in still being held in custody while alleged the western state of Michoacan. links with drug gangs are investigated. The troop surge, one of the biggest in The federal government believes that lothe anti-drugs campaign, comes after a cal police and officials have long been in local drug gang launched co-ordinated the pay of the drug gangs. attacks in 10 cities last week. The state The Michoacan gang, known as the governor has protested against the “mili- “Family”, announced itself as a terrifytary occupation”. ing new force three years ago when its The federal authorities say they are in- hitmen tossed the severed heads of five vestigating links between the municipal victims onto a dancefloor in a city nightpolice and drug traffickers in the murder club. Despite the roadblocks, analysts of the agents, whose bodies were found say federal agents remain highly vulnerbound and gagged and shot through the able in a region where drug gangs can head next to a major highway. easily get intelligence about their moveIn a statement, prosecutors said the ments.

ties “underscore their commitment to the peaceful resolution of political disputes through dialogue”. The talks broke up over the issue of Mr Zelaya’s return. “I’m very sorry, but the proposals that you have presented are unacceptable to the constitutional government of Hondu-

Manuel Zelaya said it was his right to return to Honduras ras,” said Carlos Lopez, the head delegate for the interim government, led by Roberto Micheletti. He said Mr Micheletti’s side objected in particular to the first point of Mr Arias’s plan, which proposes “the legitimate restitution” of Mr Zelaya as the head of a reconciliation government until early elections are held in October. Mr Arias also proposed an amnesty for political crimes committed before and after the 28 June coup. Mr Zelaya’s representatives had previously said they accepted the proposal for reinstating the deposed leader and were “willing to discuss all the other points”. But following Sunday’s statement from the interim government, the delega-

tion said the talks were effectively over, although it had not ruled out future talks with the coup leaders. “This dialogue with this commission of the de facto, military coup government is finished,” said Rixi Moncada, one of Mr Zelaya’s representatives. Troops forced Mr Zelaya into exile on 28 June over his plans to hold a nonbinding public consultation to ask people whether they supported moves to change the constitution. His critics said the move was unconstitutional and aimed to remove the current one-term limit on serving as president, paving the way for his possible re-election. Mr Zelaya has vowed to return home, but the interim government has said he will be arrested if he comes back. It prevented an earlier attempted homecoming by air on 5 July. The BBC’s Charles Scanlon, in the region, says it would not be hard for Mr Zelaya to cross the long and mountainous border between Nicaragua and Honduras, but there is great concern that it will lead to bloodshed if he does. Mr Arias said he was concerned that a “good part” of the Honduran population own firearms. “What happens if one of those arms shoots a soldier? Or if a soldier shoots an armed civilian? “There could be a civil war and bloodshed that the Honduran people do not deserve,” he said.

Mexico Arrests 10 Policemen in killings of federal agents

Mexican police patrol the roads of Michoacan state MEXICO CITY – Mexican investigators have detained 10 police officersin the torture and killings of 12 federal agents whose bodies were found dumped along a highway in western Michoacan state. The federal Attorney General’s Office says a judge ordered the officers from the town of Arteaga held pending an investigation on suspicion of involvement in the slayings.

The office said Saturday in a statement that the dead agents, who were gathering intelligence in Arteaga at the time of their abduction, were killed in revenge for the capture of an alleged top member of La Familia drug cartel. Prosecutors also charged a former mayor of the town of La Huacana, where the bodies were found, for alleged links to organized crime.

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Dengue Fever and what you should know

Dengue is transmitted to humans by the Aedes aegypti or more rarely the Aedes albopictus mosquito Dengue fever and dengue hemorrhagic fever are acute febrile diseases, found in the tropics, and caused by four closely related virus serotypes of the genus Flavivirus, family Flaviviridae. It is also known as breakbone fever. The geographical spread includes, Honduras, Costa Rica, Mexico, Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, Jamaica, Bolivia, Brazil, Guyana, Barbados, Trinidad andTobago and now Belize. Unlike malaria, dengue is just as prevalent in the urban districts of its range as in rural areas. Each serotype is sufficiently different that there is no cross-protection and epidemics caused by multiple serotypes (hyperendemicity) can occur. Dengue is transmitted to humans by the Aedes aegypti or more rarely the Aedes albopictus mosquito, which feed during the day. The disease is now epidemic in more than 100 countries.

Signs and Symptoms The disease manifests as a sudden onset of severe headache, muscle and joint pains (myalgias and arthralgias— severe pain that gives it the nick-name break-bone fever or bonecrusher disease), fever, and rash. The dengue rash is characteristically bright red petechiae and usually appears first on the lower limbs and the chest; in some patients, it spreads to cover most of the body. There may also be gastritis with some combination of associated abdominal pain, nausea, vomiting, or diarrhea. Some cases develop much milder symptoms which can be misdiagnosed as influenza or other viral infection when no rash is present. Thus travelers from tropical areas may pass on dengue in their home countries inadvertently, having not been properly diagnosed at the height of their illness. Patients with dengue can pass on the infection only through mosquitoes or blood products and only while they are still febrile. The classic dengue fever lasts about six to seven days, with a smaller peak of fever at the trailing end of the disease (the so-calledbiphasic pattern). Clinically, the platelet count will drop until the patient’s temperature is normal. Cases of DHF also show higher fever, variable haemorrhagic phenomena, thrombocytopenia, and haemoconcentration. A small proportion of cases lead to dengue shock syndrome (DSS) which has a high mortality rate. DHF

combined with a cirrhotic liver has been suspected in rapid development of hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC). Given that the Dengue virus (DEN) is related to the Hepatitis C virus, this is an avenue for further research as HCC is among the top five cancerous causes of death outside Europe and North America. Normally HCC does not occur in a cirrhotic liver for ten or more years after the cessation of the poisoning agent. DHF patients can develop HCC within one year of cessation of abuse. Diagnosis The diagnosis of dengue is usually made clinically. The classic picture is high fever with no localising source of infection, a petechial rash with thrombocytopenia and relative leukopenia - low platelet and white blood cell count. Care has to be taken as diagnosis of DHF can mask end stage liver disease and vice versa. 1. Fever, bladder problem, constant headaches, severe dizziness and loss of appetite. 2. Hemorrhagic tendency (positive tourniquet test, spontaneous bruising, bleeding from mucosa, gingiva, injection sites, etc.; vomiting blood, or bloody diarrhea) 3. Thrombocytopenia (<100,000 platelets per mm³ or estimated as less than 3 platelets per high power field) 4. Evidence of plasma leakage (hematocrit more than 20% higher than ex-

pected, or drop in haematocrit of 20% or more from baseline following IV fluid, pleural effusion, ascites, hypoproteinemia) 5. Encephalitic occurrences. Dengue shock syndrome is defined as dengue hemorrhagic fever plus:  Weak rapid pulse,  Narrow pulse pressure (less than 20 mm Hg)  Cold, clammy skin and restlessness. A dependable immediate information of the Dengue diagnostics in the rural areas can be performed by the introduction of Rapid Diagnostic Test kits which also differentiates between primary and secondary dengue infections. Serology and polymerase chain reaction (PCR) studies are available to confirm the diagnosis of dengue if clinically indicated. Dengue can be a life threatening fever. Treatment The mainstay of treatment is timely supportive therapy to tackle shock due to haemoconcentration and bleeding. Close monitoring of vital signs in critical period (between day 2 to day 7 of fever) is critical. Increased oral fluid intake is recommended to preventdehydration. Supplementation with intravenous fluids may be necessary to prevent dehydration and significant concentration of the blood if the patient is unable to maintain oral intake. A platelet transfusion is inContinued on page 12



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Response to Amandala’s Tuesday’s ‘From the Publisher’ By: Anonymous II The great Amandala X Hyde has shown the world he is a ten cents emotional charlatan and scoundrel because he reverts to no class mental skulduggery to good his fellow black journalists to further deceive the Belizean people by not exposing the contents of the Caricom agreement which will absolutely destroy Belize economically, politically, legally, educationally and socially. Rather than explain to his black readers the true contents of the Caricom agreement and the very long term adverse and negative impact it will have on Belize, he chose to attack Mr. /Ms. Anonymous because he or she dared to explicate, articulate and crystallize in a lucid forth right manner the insidious and conspiratorial nature of the agreement since no one in Belize knows the contents; they were never explained to the people; the people were never given the freedom to accept or reject Caricom through a referendum as must be complied with in a Democracy; or the people only have democracy in certain areas of their lives and nation building institutions. Mr. Amandala X Hyde, we are not stupid people to accept anything a bunch of meretricious politicians in Jamaica, Barbados, and other Caribbean islands wrote for their self interest and over-

whelming benefits. Mr. Amandala, did you read or even get a chance to see the Caricom agreement? Did you have input? Or maybe you just accept anything that affects your livelihood without questioning the purpose or the motive. Maybe you don’t understand politics, economics and finance otherwise you would have discerned straightaway that it’s about allocation of scarce resources at the lowest possible prices in the market place you so flippantly threw like a discarded dog bone to the unsuspecting Belizean public. Did you ever send your reporters or you yourself to find out the how, the when, the why, and even the who and the where of Caricom? If you take the time you will find the truth about Caricom. I hope you will expose it to your readers who may regard you as their black Moses with no economic sense but with a lot of black megalomania and voodoo going for you. Did you ever think about the people ecological impact ten thousand Caribbean and African migrants in a total population of 250,000 will have on Belize? Do you know or do you even care about the impact migration from the Caribbean and Africa is having the European Union?, and their are complaining about highly developed and very rich? How about tiny and poor Belize with

Commuting Working Mother exits bus to her death

Martha Gomez Belize City Police have reportedly detained Donaldo Vasquez, a bus driver, its conductor, Ruben Moralez and impounded a passenger bus, (Venus bus) in connection with a mishap earlier on Monday which caused the sudden death of a commuter identified as twenty-four year old Martha Gomez. According to the report, the incident occurred in the vicinity of the Best Western Belize Biltmore Plaza near mile three on the Northern Highway. Police say they responded to a report of a traffic mishap around 9:45 am in front of the hotel, where they saw the body of a woman lying on the right hand shoulder of the highway with serious head injuries, which caused her to foam from her mouth. They also observed a Venus bus parked near by bearing L/P CZL-D-2140 facing a northbound direction. Its driver Donaldo Vasquez told police that he had slowed the bus down to allow the young lady to exit the bus and added that whilst disembarking, she slipped off the bus’s stairwell and fell onto the shoulder of the road where she sustained deadly injuries to her head. Martha Gomez was transported to the KHMH about two hours later where she was pronounced dead on arrival. A witness identified as Moses

Almendarez said that the bus did slow down, but did not come to a complete stop. He added that just as the woman was about to step off the bus, the bus jerked into motion as the driver pressed the accelerator. This caused Gomez to lose her balance and slip out of the bus. Almendarez believes that as she slipped from the bus, her head hit the bus as it jerked into motion. He claims that the woman was not dead even though the back of her head was split open, but no effort was made to assist the dying woman by transporting her to the hospital until long after the police came to the scene. She died right there from head trauma before she was removed to the hospital. Emperatriz Meza who was an acquaintance of Martha Gomez said that Gomez’ husband normally took her to work, but on Monday she took the northbound bus and as she realized that the bus had already passed her stop, she yelled onto the bus driver to stop the bus. She said that the bus slowed down, but hardly came to a complete stop not giving enough time to allow Gomez to exit safely. Meza said that the body was there on the open ground for over an hour before the police or the ambulance arrived on the scene. The Venus Bus had left the terminal at approximately 9:15 northbound en rout to Chetumal, but it is customary to transport short stop commuters and Ms Gomez had intended to stop off near Belama where she worked, but never made it. Martha Gomez is survived by her husband, a three year old toddler and a three month old baby. Police have issued a notice of intended prosecution to Donaldo Vasquez who was the driver of the passenger bus. As the investigation continues, Police are appealing for public’s assistance, particularly those passengers on board who witnessed the mishap, for statements that may assist in the investigation.

$9 a gallon of gasoline? To import 10 to 20 thousand of Caribbeans to Belize would be like dropping 4 atomic bombs the size that obliterated Hiroshima and Nagasaki. But Mr. Amandala X Hyde, people think you are a genius because you went to Dartmouth College on US government scholarship. Maybe the US government should have given it to a more deserving Caricom student. Maybe you would not

have your current non-descript advisor(s) around you but get some from Caricom. Mr. Amandala X Hyde, rather than attack Mr./Ms. Anonymous , go and read and explain to your Belizean readers the contents of the Caricom agreement. Mr./ Ms. Anonymous is trying to inform and save Belize for you. I happen to agree with him or her 100 percent; and wish that i could receive the knowledge and wisdom I gleaned from the writing.

GOB delays Bze. Cruise Terminal Continued from page 1 Ever since the UDP Government came to power in February of 2008, they have been vindictively interrupting the little prosperity that Belizeans have been enjoying over the last ten years and the economic stability that was established by the previous PUP administration. This is causing the country to suffer from an economic paralysis which is looming with uncertainty as Belizeans find it harder to cope with this dire situation. The tourism sector which was buoyant in years gone boasting of increasing number of visitors to our shores is today on a steady decline and again, it is self inflicted by the myopic UDP government. Foreign Investors are afraid to come to our shores and some local investors prefer to invest somewhere else. There seems to be no support for the private sector especially where tourism is concern. Belizeans were waiting with anticipation and looking forward for the Belize Cruise Terminal in the Port Loyola area to become a prosperous reality. The magnitude of the project would have provided 10,000 jobs to Belizeans irrespective of their political beliefs. But last December, Dean Barrow placed the expectations of thousands of Belizeans on hold putting a stop-order on all development works regarding the project. The construction of the Cruise Terminal in its development stage was already providing 400 steady jobs to truckers and construction workers, but the blue konkas mentality of the UDP brought it to a screeching halt without

even considering the affected working man. The way things have been going so terribly wrong for this government; one would have thought that they would have been eager to keep this project alive and afloat, because of the huge shortage of employment countrywide. The Belize Cruise Terminal is considered Belize’s mega project and the centre of employment for thousands of Belizeans. People are questioning why the Port Loyola Area Representative, Anthony Martinez has been so quiet about Barrow’s stop-order on this project and why he has allowed this sort of bad mind against his own people in the middle of his constituency, but then again the Port Loyola Representative is too busy building his personal wealth to care for what is happening in Port Loyola. The Belize Cruise Terminal would have eventually brought about a complete transformation of Port Loyola and the people of the area would have been the primary beneficiaries from such a terminal in the area. It is not too late for the government to backoff and allow the development works to continue, but they don’t care. It is obvious that the defacto Minister of Tourism, Mike Singh and other UDP’s have interest in the project and would like get their hands on it, but because they cannot dictate their terms and conditions, then he prefers to stop it. This type of meddling should not be allowed to happen because millions of dollars have already been invested by the local developer and his vision for a prosperous Belize is being put on hold by a vindictive government.

Dengue Fever

Continued from page 10 dicated in rare cases if the platelet level drops significantly (below 20,000) or if there is significant bleeding. The presence of melena may indicate internal gastrointestinal bleeding requiring platelet and/or red blood cell transfusion. Aspirin and non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs should be avoided as these drugs may worsen the bleeding tendency associated with some of these infections. Patients may receive paracetamol preparations to deal with these symptoms if dengue is suspected. Mosquito control Primary prevention of dengue mainly resides in mosquito control. There are two primary methods: larval control and adult mosquito control. In urban areas, Aedes mosquitos breed on water collec-

tions in artificial containers such as plastic cups, used tires, broken bottles, flower pots, etc. Periodic draining or removal of artificial containers is the most effective way of reducing the breeding grounds for mosquitos. Larvicide treatment is another effective way to control the vector larvae but the larvicide chosen should be long-lasting and preferably have World Health Organization clearance for use in drinking water. There are some very effective insect growth regulators (IGRs) available which are both safe and longlasting (e.g. pyriproxyfen). For reducing the adult mosquito load, fogging with insecticide is somewhat effective. Prevention of mosquito bites is another way of preventing disease. This can be achieved by using insect repellent, mosquito traps or mosquito nets.

Sunday, July 26, 2009


Page 13

By Rhenae Nuñez Aries -There’s a Solar Eclipse in your home and family zone. It will bring new beginnings whether you’re ready for them or not. This may be the time you decide you want to move your home or make changes in your family dynamics. Sometimes you don’t have a choice in these matters. However, the Moon and then the Sun will move into Leo shortly after the Eclipse, suggesting that light will be shed on a situation that has been a source of worry. Taurus -Money comes and money goes as you contemplate those extra expenses and the desire to spend more on a few luxuries. As Mercury aspects Mars, some of these may involve household bills and plans to spruce up your home by indulging in fresh paint or some soft furnishings. If you need to sort out any financial issues, this is a good time to create a system that works for you. Gemini -You’re at your flirtatious best and wowing your lover, friends, and coworkers with your fabulous smile. You’re proving to be irresistible in all ways. Meanwhile, Mercury is in Leo and your communication zone, so you’re enjoying making the first move when it comes to sharing ideas and getting in touch. Cancer -This week’s Solar Eclipse occurs in your sign, creating chaos and bringing the potential for magic in its wake. This Eclipse occurs in the last degree of Cancer. By the following day, both the Sun and Moon move into sunny and warmhearted Leo. This suggests that you’ll find light and the perspective you need to resolve any ongoing issues. Eclipses also act as wildcards that bring events to pass much sooner than you might have anticipated. Leo -You may not notice this week’s Solar Eclipse as much as others. You may instead experience it as an inner revelation or an urge to action that grabs you and won’t let go. It may shake your spiritual beliefs into a new format, encouraging change at the deepest levels of being. Situations that you have endured for some time may crumble, leaving you free to step into the unknown. Virgo -If you get a hunch to go anywhere or do anything, follow it through. It could lead to that next exciting promotion or career change. The Solar Eclipse on Tuesday takes place in Cancer and may have a profound effect on your social life and long-term dreams and goals. This Eclipse will stir things up and encourage change. Libra -The Sun will move into Leo on Wednesday and encourage you to get out and socialize. Expect calls and invita-

tions, and extend a few as well. Networking goes well if you want to meet new business associates. Travel may also be in the cards with a focus on Gemini. Scorpio -Monday is very favorable as Mercury aspects Mars, which indicates that a deal or job acceptance will lead to a higher salary. The Solar Eclipse on Tuesday is going to bring changes to your travel plans. Whether you’re going on vacation or a business trip, things may not turn out as you planned. Be open to the flow, as you may be taken on another journey that proves much more exciting and fulfilling. Legal issues are another matter that may not go as planned. Unexpected interruptions may bring other issues into the arena. Stay cool. Sagittarius -Partnership issues are still very much in the fore, with plenty of opportunity to clear the air and unearth those lingering grievances. Your lover may be in a much feistier mood than usual, which you could find quite sexy. Rather than get at each other, think about doing something adventurous together that will bond you more closely and bring out the best in you. Capricorn -The big news for you is the Solar Eclipse in Cancer, which is going to stir up partnership issues and bring change your way. Solar Eclipses tend to initiate new beginnings whether you’re ready for them or not. If you’ve been moving through a period of real difficulty and felt that the relationship wasn’t getting anywhere at all, this may be the time you decide to call it a day. Aquarius -If you’ve gotten out of shape, you may feel a powerful urge to do all you can to enjoy a state of total wellness. If you have been unhappy at work, you may want to make a few changes. This is the time that you may decide to leave for good and find something more suitable or try to improve conditions where you are already. Piscis -There is a lot of activity taking place in your home zone, making this a good time to freshen up your place, give it a coat of paint, or landscape or redesign the garden. Mars and Venus in Gemini indicate that family issues may come to the surface, but this is a great time to clear the air and get things sorted out.

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This week Mr. Crooks discusses what is perhaps the sorest issue within the Police Department. Since becoming the Minister responsible for police, Mr. Perdomo has exacerbated the bad blood in the department when specific officers (Chester Williams) were targeted for transfer and banishment. Perdomo purportedly did this to stop corruption in the department and address the crime problem. Right. We all know what is happening on the mean streets of Belize City. Last week Mr. Crook discussed the police’s limited understanding of social dynamics that is related to crime. With the difficult times being faced in Belize and a government unwilling or incapable of addressing our unique economic problems and a police department that is terribly demoralized, then I think we are up the proverbial creek without a paddle. This week’s installation of the Crooks report may also shed some light on why or how Commissioner Jefferies was appointed. Crooks report or not, I would suggest same, but I cannot help but recall the objections that were raised by many especially in the UDP. There is a political spin off from this. One which we will watch play out in days to come. So far violent crime has not reduced and we are yet to feel the pulse of our new Compol. It is safe to say that things are a mess under Perdomo’s stewardship and it will only pile higher. This week we gain insight into why Perdomo did not want the Crooks Report publicized. No big deal; we are yet to learn something we did not know! THE CROOKS REPORT 3.20 Routine record keeping and the clerical functions of the department are well administered, but every other aspect of Human Resources Management and Development is out of step with the demands of a modern Police Department. There is a “Hardening of the Hierarchies” in a management culture where, with too few exceptions, low levels of performance and accountability have become the norm. • Performance measurements and KPI are developed for each rank/ post/ task/ unit and critical activity in the BPD along with recorded and measured outputs, outcomes and impact which citizens expect. • These have clear links with annual plans and strategic objectives. • Specific policing activity such as investigation, patrols etc are benchmarked and achievements and failures published annually. • That community/ sectorial consultation help shape police performance measurement and overall service delivery, since what gets measured powerfully shapes what gets prioritized and done. • All commissioned ranks and senior civilian be similarly contracted but for four years. • A qualified civilian be appointed to manage the Human Resources and Development function of the BPD. 16. It is recommended that; • A HRD Strategy with supporting policies, technologies and operational procedures be designed and implemented by the AIDT. • All Non-Commissioned ranks enter into performance based renewable contracts of employment for five years. (Legal action required). • Modern diagnostic tools are used along with extended interviews and predetermined academic qualification be instituted for all ranks including written exams up to rank of Inspectors. • Tracking mechanisms be developed to transmit measured performance which are critical to policing for consent. The proposed Draft Conditions of Service Regulations should provide the legal basis for many of the above recommenda-

tions. INSPECTIONS 3.21 The entire department has not been formally inspected by any Senior Officer for 4 years and the Ministry has no mechanism to inspect Police management and standards. This is most unsatisfactory and is one of the many roots of various MANAGEMENT deficiencies which have become all too prevalent. 3.22 Since 2004 no report has been made on the deliverables from annual policing strategies, action plans and targets. PROMOTION 3.23 The poor state of performance management and evaluation of individual members has inculcated widespread loss of confidence in the quality of the process and decisions to promote members. The situation is best described by the CoP himself in a report to the Minister of National Security dated 31st March 2008 where he said “In the same light, to address the PROBLEM OF MORALE of the Department. [We] will put into effect a FAIR and free promotion policy where officers below the rank of Inspector will be required to sit a written examination. Officers from the rank of Inspectors and above will be eligible for promotion based on stipulated requirements. This will ELIMINATE any incidents of perceived bias and enhance competition among officers.” 3.24 However, FIVE YEARS earlier, Sec 4 of Promotion Board Rules (Cap 138) enacted under the authority of Sector 7 of the Police Act states that “No Officer shall be eligible for promotion to any such rank” [i.e up to the rank of Sergeant] “unless he has PASSED THE WRITTEN POLICE QUALIFYING EXAMINATION TO BE SET AND MARKED BY THE COMMISSIONER or other Officer appointed by him” Of even greater concern is the fact that the Promotion Board mandated by these regulations is clearly ILLEGALLY CONSTITUTED. 3.25 The regulation requires that “The Promotion Board WILL consist of the Chairman and one member of the Security Services Commission and TWO Police Officers (to be appointed by the Commissioner) of the rank of Inspector or above”. It also requires that the “chairman of the Security Services Commission SHALL be the chairman of the Promotion Board and SHALL have an original and Casting Vote”. 3.26 Contrary to these requirements which appear to be mandatory, the Police Promotion Board has been constituted by one DCP who is CHAIRPERSON, three other Police Officers and the chairman of the Security Services Commission. 3.27 It is suggested that since the power to make appointments to senior ranks of the BPD has not been delegated by the Security Services Commission to the CoP, the STIPULATED REQUIREMENTS for their promotion which he mentions are exclusively the purview of that authority and that the recommendation of the CoP should be ONLY ONE OF THE MANY PROMULGATED CRITERIA. Currently this is not the case and the proposed draft conditions of Services Regulation 2008 only require that ‘The educational or professional qualification and other requirement for appointment to permanent post in the Police Department shall be determined by the Commission after consultation with the Commissioner.” This should be revisited. 3.28 Section 10 (1) of The Police Rules enacted under the authority of section 7 of The Police Act Cap 138 also allows the Commissioner to promote ranks up to the rank of Sergeant without having to pass the stipulated written exams. However, this is

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Sunday, July 26, 2009


Continued from page 5 that the arrests of both gentlemen were based on the trumped up charges and in the words of Hon. Said, “political persecution”. Remember this all happened just before the Municipal Elections. In fact, the day before the Elections, the presiding Magistrate had committed the Hon. Said to stand trial in the Supreme Court. Well, we all know what happened to the Chief Leader, Johnny B, after he and his Party displayed the worst performance ever in Municipal Elections. Then, after abandoning him during the Municipal Election Campaign, his two Deputy Leaders, the great conspirators they are, made a move to remove him as Party Leader. With the imminent threat of a Hyde/Espat “coup de etat”, Johnny B is now forced to crawl back to the “Old Guard” begging for support and singing his played out tune of “unifying the party”. At a Central Party Council meeting

held at Independence Hall, which was boycotted by his two Deputy Leaders and National Campaign Manager, Johnny B’s battle cry was “Unity - Touch One! Touch All!” It seemed, however, that the “Chief Leader” did not consult nor inform the other leaders and their “braves” about the “unification” at their “illegal and unconstitutional” Management Team meeting held at an undisclosed location somewhere in the Old Capital. One should’ve seen the faces of the Communications Director, Chair(wo) man and the defrock diplomat Stuart Leslie (I really don’t know what role he play’s and I really don’t want to unseat him) when the “Chief Leader” was crying for “Unity”. At the judicial review hearing and subsequent acquittal of Hon. Said Musa (who, by the way, was not short of public support), notably absent were the Party Chair(wo)man, Communications Director, National Campaign Manager and all the Party’s deputy chiefs and braves.

Time to Get Smart Continued from page 5 voter all the way up. The PUP is mature enough to know that we must harmonize into one voice and one force to bring about the victory that the people deserve. We need to find common ground with other PUP leaders if our goal is to re-establish the party as a national government. Nobody wants to openly associate or identify with an organization which has no sense of direction. On the other hand, everybody wants to belong or identify with a driving force to be reckoned with. The PUP has always been that force and furthermore, it has nothing to

be ashamed of, as a party or as a government. It has been the only positive force behind Belize’s progressive development and mistakes were made along the way. Now let’s look forward and march forward on to victory. The UDP, with barely seventeen months in office, has more scandals in their hands than what the PUP had in ten years. It is time to unite and reconcile into one proud happy PUP family. It’s time to come home and find refuge under the big blue and white tent. We must learn from the magnificence of sage advice and from one another. It’s time to get Smart!!!

At Independence Hall and on her regular sojourn to southern Belize, the Party Chair(wo)man is said to be heard saying that she doesn’t like the Musas, Fonsecas and the Ushers; yes, Lenny Jo, especially you and Henry Charles. Johnny B is a weakling, she said, and it is only a matter of time before he is removed. We know exactly where the Chairwoman’s loyalty lies, i.e. behind the “zinc fence”. It is indeed only a matter of time before you are taken down Johnny B. I understand that, lately, all seems to be cozy between you and your Deputy Chiefs, the “brothersin-law”. Don’t you get it? They didn’t like that you were getting too close with the ‘Old Guard’. You should be nervous and concerned Johnny B because they are coming after you. When the former “poster boy” now turned “illegitimate child” from behind the ‘zinc fence’ Marshal Nunez (who I understand has now been silenced and will be unceremoniously removed on Aug. 30 as the Chairman of the PUP National Marshalls

Corps at a special convention) dared to question their “loyalty”, you should have given him an ear. He knows who you are dealing with and the “evil that lurks”. I will greatly miss Marshall’s weekly column entitled “Impartial View” in which he has written several forceful articles on the PUP. Johnny B, it is my view that you’ve lost one of the few good disciples who only wants to see you succeed as a leader. Marshall, being a Southside “ghetto warrior”, gave in to pressure from forces from within too quickly, and I must say I am really disappointed in him for doing so. In closing, I beg of you Hon. Party Leader. Make the necessary changes before it is too late. Get rid of those “Dodo Birds” around you. Please note I did not mention anything about “The Senior Dodo Bird”, your National Campaign Manager who is considered to be both “elector unfriendly” and “unelectable” by many of his esteemed Continued on page 15

Continued from page 13 only permitted if the members “possess special qualifications or marked abilities, or exceptional aptitude for special work”. 3.29 Rather than being the special exception, promotion without written examination has become the norm since ONLY THREE written qualifying exams for promotion were conducted over the past EIGHT years. For well over 90% of the members who did not sit the exams and who were promoted during 2007, there was nothing in their personal records to justify the promotions under the exception permitted at Sec 10 (1). 3.30 With respect to the promotion of senior ranks, the record of some do justify the accelerated pace of promotion while the records of others cannot. Some quali-

fied members have also been left “marking time”. 3.31 With an illegally constituted Promotion Board, which tilts the balance of power decidedly in favour of Senior BPD Officers and against the chairman and member of the Security Services Commission; with the absence of routine written exams for lower ranks; with subjectively dominated performance evaluation of all ranks, there is no doubt that these capricious decisions have lowered morale and the confidence of members in those Senior Staff engaged in these questionable decisions. This has had a profound effect on lowering professional standards, personal commitment and loyalty to the organization while degrading the available human potential.

The Crook Report

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Elder Ely Trapp to Sandra Yamileth Ramos of Ladyville, Belize

Ismael Angel Jr. to Ismael Angel and Clarissa Nunez

Juan Cucul of Belmopan, Cay to Roxanna Coc of Maya Mopan, Cayo

Gerald Samuel to Samuel De J. and Santos Urbelina Morales

Kimani Ryan Bennett to Gaynor Cherisse Coye of Belmopan, Cayo

Gine Chloe to Jacob and Sandra Leticia Teichreb nee Melgar

Clifford Anthony Martinez Jr. to Hannah St. Luce of Belmopan, Cayo

Dillon Darwin Darel to Mark and Agnes Noralez nee Martinez

Anthony Lawrence Garnett to Shirleen Alexia McDougall of Santa Elena, Cayo

Elicer Junior Amador Jr to Elicer Junior Amador and Lesly Beatriz Tzib nee Granados Triston Jaylen to William Nathaniel d Tanisha Martha Peters nee Vicente Jaylee Gianna to Leslie Curtley and Trecia Leticia Diaz nee Herrera Kaden Steven Malcohm Lee to Maurice Nathaniel and Lydia Marie Westby nee Woodye

Salman Waheed Butt of Dangriga, Stann Creek to Naomi Ruth Ramirez of Hopkins, Stann Creek Justin Edward Paulsen to Amber Lee Paulsen of Eastsound, WA, USA Vincent Lewis Hendrix to June Janice Wayne of Caye Caulker, Belize Leslie Samuels Gibson to Michelle Ann Dougal of Sandhill, Belize

Zi Ying to Guo Mao and Xiao Ying Su nee Deng

Mereyildo Leal to Alejandra Linares of Salvapan, Belmopan, Cayo

Corbin Camron to Albert and Lucia Lucinda Cherrington nee Pennill

Jose Manuel Cruz of Valley of Peace, Cayo to Bilma Araseli Arreaza of St. Matthews, Cayo

Ashur Jami to Lui and Kacey Ann Amelia Requena nee Anderson Patrick Gilroy Valentine Jr. to Patrick Gilroy Valentine and Kimana Suzetta Thompson nee Arnold Shekhinah Nahir to Doroteo Narciso and Maria Angelina Novelo nee Vasquez Gorank Porak to Bhisham and Iris Elizabeth Topani nee Espino

Marriages: Alden Fitzclarence Forte to Stephanie Ann McFadzean of Belize City Bruce Kenrick Daniels to Dora Elenita Valencia of Belize City Raul Francisco Garcia to Rosa Esther Amaya of Trial Farm, Orange Walk Fernando Ribas Cruz to Nelly Joaquina Me4ndez of Nuevo San Juan, Orange Walk Jose Antonio Villamil of Xaibe, Corozal to Melissa Segrario Monima of Corozal Town Millien Revolte to Nicole Toussaint of Belize City Ralph Saenz Ramirez Jr. to Christie Lynn Gatewood of Arlington, Texas, USA Brian Scott Eastin to Angela Marie Bisack of Beaverton, Oregon, USA Tabe Besong of Mahogany Heights, Cayo to Aida Marlene Rowland of Belmopan, Cayo Eloy Obispo Valentine to Marina Cynthia Diego of Dangriga, Stann Creek Dyon Austin Ernest Elliot of Western Pine, Belize to Mellisa Gayle Reneau of Belize City Amner Absolou Lopez to Wendy America Mata Villegas of Camalote, Cayo

Norlan Lamb of Sarawee, Stann Creek to Marion Duran of Stann Creek Valley Road, Stann Creek Edgar Odani Martinez to Elma Aurelia Solis of Progresso, Corozal Carlos Alberto Fabro to Jackie Margarita August of Santa Elena, Cayo Andres Caal Chun to Macaria Sho of Maya Mopan, Cayo Travis Edward Trotter to Charity Elaine Clark of Maryville, Tennessee, USA Michael Anthony Jenkins to Tracie Joy Marie Manzanero of Ladyville, Belize Joe Noel Martinez to Sheila Minnet Torres of Cayo Sherman Edmond Jones to Amirna Carmelita August of Santa Elena, Cayo Jorge Augustin Gomez to Sandra Carolina Galdamez Lea of San Ignacio, Cayo Obed Ely Funes to Vianie Celina Can of San Felipe, Orange Walk Ange Zabala Acosta to Aracelia Aleyda Euceda Arias of Dangriga, Stann Creek Jose Luis Monroy to Lorena Yasmin Perdomo of Chan Chich, Gallonjug, Cayo


George Alexander Dominguez, 68 Naomi Esmy Neal, 84 Ernestine Rodriguez, 70 Clarence Raymond Leslie, 30

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Page 15

THE BELIZE CATHOLIC CHURCH-STATE SYSTEM The early missionaries in Belize saw education as the médium through which to instill their brand of christianity. The advent of the cooperative partnership with government and religious groups, in the furtherance of education, saw government taking over its rightful responsibilities for setting the standards in the quality of education, teacher qualification, and paying the salaries of the teachers. The ownership of the schools was retained by the denomination; whether this came from the government’s inability to meet the demand for buildings and physical settings for education or because the churches already had the infrastructure in place, in any case, government relegated ownership to the denominations. The denominations then set up management and hired those that they deemed qualified to teach in their schools based on the standards of employment set by government. Government paid according to the stated qualification. Denominations followed the Board of Education Rules and stayed within the guidelines. It is a system that has served the country well. Where their was strong active and engaged management, the schools thrived and quality education resulted. Innovations in education and strong working relationship between management and teachers fostered community interest in the school. The school became the center of the community. The denominations kept pace with advances in education and started facilities for the improvement of the quality of their teachers. Catholic Education, which has the largest number of school facilities in the system, was the pioneer in this with government assistance. Even the advent of the Education Act did not seem to change the unlegislated Church-State Employment of Teachers responsibilities of the payment of teachers by government and the ownership and management of the school by denomination. The power of the denominational management of the hiring and control of teachers in their employ will now come under a legislative challenge called “The Teaching Service Commission and The Appeals Tribunal”. Section 17 (3) of the draft revision of the Education Act of Belize wrest the hiring/firing authority from the “owners of the school” and place it in the government’s pronouncement of :Teaching Service Commission shall be the sole body to regulate the appointment and conditions of employment etc. of the people working in your schools”.

This is stepping over the line. A NEW SYSTEM WHERE THE “HE WHO PAYS THE PIPER, NOW DEMANDS TO CALL THE TUNE” The last two weeks has seen the Minitry of Education feverishly searching for justification and rationalization for the proposed Commission and accompanying Tribunal. What I hear the Ministry saying is, “we pay to have these people teach in your schools; we are the employment agency, we therefore have the right to be in control; if you are dissatisfied with them, you must send them to the Teaching Service Commission who will decide their fate. The policies of your denomination will no longer have any bearing on the conditions of employment of this person” “ Of course you will have a representative on the Teaching Service Commission with one vote; we say maybe, and that’s final”. If the Ministry of Education is seeking a greater hand in the execution of education, it would appear that they already have the power; after all they set the terms of employment and the scale of payment. There is talk of improving the system and greater service to the providers of education. But not much has been said as to what these improvements will be. This is creating a lot of speculation as to reason for this “movida”. Even the preparation for the onslaught of CSME has filed for a place in speculation column. Could Catholic Education with the majority of latinos and indigenous peoples be the target of this move? “Adonde vamos latinos y indijinos?” The Right Reverend Bishop Wright at Sacred Heart Church in Dangriga made a strong statement at the Anniversary Mass of the Sisters of the Holy Family denouncing this move by the Ministry of Education to derail the Catholic Education Church-State System. The Catholic Diocese of Belize on Wednesday, July 15th, 2009 made is position clear and its opposition to this intrusion. This position of the Catholic Diocese of Belize needs to reverberate throughout the Catholic Communities of Belize. Catholic Education has always been our hope.Let’s not lose it. The loyalty shift demand seems to be a cause of concern to many working in Catholic Education. Their Union endorses the Teachers Service Commission and the Appeals Tribunal.” The Diocese and Catholic Education Management has spoken. Our leadership has been clear. The ball is in our. Will the Catholic community and Catholic Educators rally to this cause?

Continued from page 14 colleagues partly because he is never around. Interestingly, during the Municipal Elections, many thought that the National Campaign Manager had taken up residence in Savannah, Georgia, USA or Europe. And just in case anyone may be wondering how much money the National Campaign Manager has raised for the Party, maybe, the Party Chair(wo) man a.k.a. “Collie Budz” can inform us of his contribution to the party when she makes her weekly/weakly monotonous appearance on Vibes Radio. Or, better yet, the ‘uppity’ “Dodo Bird” should be invited to the morning show. After all, I cannot recall ever hearing him on Vibes Radio. It would be of great interest and I believe would provide a comical spec-

tacle to hear this “Mr. Uppity” and the “Pseudo-intellectual” host (another product of the zinc fence) discuss funds raising efforts for the upcoming Village Council Elections. Please, Hon. Party Leader, please “Chief Leader”, the People’s United Party, built by the Rt. Hon. George Cadle Price, Leader Emeritus, has long boasted a proud tradition of being the “Party of Inclusion” (“Big Tent Approach”). For the love of the Party and Belize, bring those “Dodo Bird Braves” and “Deputy Chiefs” in line. Just recently, at least one of these individuals has been classified as “The People’s Reject and the PUP’s Liability” and they most certainly stand in the way of moving this PUP forward. So, let those with ears to hear, HEAR!

By: Eugene and Felicia Hernandez


Page 16


Sunday, July 26, 2009

UDP persecutes past PUP Ministers

Continued from page 4 Leader doesn’t care what the UDP does to PUP’s. That might be the principal reason why the general membership of the PUP has not shown that overwhelming support to the party under this leadership because of the lack of affection and care. The leadership has to demonstrate that ‘touch one touch all’ mentality for them to get the traction and momentum necessary to be victorious at the polls. So far, the general membership of the party feels abandoned and believes that if the leadership could leave past senior PUP executives at the mercy of UDP vultures, then they can not expect anything more. Everyone knows that the UDP government is vindictive and will stop at nothing to jail PUP’s, but it is the duty and obligation of the PUP to go in defence of its members or at least show that warmth and support since that action is retransmitted to thousands of followers. Back in January, the Attorney General of the Barrow Administration filed a malfeasance lawsuit against former Minister of Natural Resources, Florencio Marin Sr. as first defendant together with former Minister of Health and then Caribbean Shores Area Representative, Jose Coye as second defendant. It is al-

Party Leader John Briceño, Deputy Leader Mark Espat & Former Minister of Natural Resources, Florencio Marin Sr., leged that they transgress in the use of In their submissions before the Court, their authority and public office regard- defence attorneys for the two former ing a tract of land that was expropriated Ministers stood out in their arguments from the University of Belize in Belize that the wrongful act of malfeasance of City and subdivided into 57 lots that public officers cannot be brought against were later sold off to private citizens. their clients on the legal grounds that During the preliminary hearing that they are no longer public officers. The started in the Supreme Court before defence attorneys did admit that while Chief Justice Abdulai Conteh GOB’s their clients were public officers at some million dollar Special Prosecuting At- point, at the time they were brought betorney, Lois Young Barrow unsuccess- fore the Court, they were not. fully tried to establish a prima facie case Attorney Francis Fonseca pointed as she argued that the Court should hear out that the tort of misfeasance in Public GOB’s claim of ‘Malfeasance’ against Officers is about protecting the public Marin and Coye contending that people from current functional public officers. who leave public office are still consid- He went on to explain that the whole ered public officers. rationale of the tort is the protection of

By: Rhenae Nunez It’s like a virus that spread throughout the land. The people were convinced to hate the PUP because they were corrupt, and running the country into unending debt that GENERATIONS would have to pay back. Well it is a wonder now where the proponents of that kind of propaganda are and what they are saying now. What is Dr. Carla Barnett saying now? Where is Mr. Godwin Hulse? Where are the agitators for political reform and the unions? Where is Dylan Reneau? Where are these people when Belizeans are taking a licking now silent? In one week alone we have witnessed a barrage of unsavoury events from the fiasco at Karl Huesner to stealing at Belize City Council to poor people being robbed of land in a troubled part of the Belize City and by extension the entire country, to government workers taking money from PENSIONERS; for crying out loud while another allegedly chose to rob the government of much needed revenue from the Border Management Agency. We have seen corruption in the sugar industry. So far none of the explanations granted by government agents adequately explain or set aside the serious issues and their implications. It is utterly disgusting that we are being taken for fools by this UDP administration which plays sanctimonious. There is absolutely no good explanation for granting so many acres of land to one opportunist to set up a factory of any sort in the City. Haven’t we learnt our lesson yet? Why wasn’t such a size of land issued in a rural area far away from dense settlements and away from major water catchments? How stupid is Gaspar Vega and his government. To resort to the regular copout that the former administration did likewise is ludicrous. That is why the people trust you morons in government because purportedly, you can do better! The mere finger pointing and bickering between the two major political parties is a shame because it points out one singular and poignant fact; that none of you really give a damn about the people. The UDP at this stage believes it can get away with just about any and everything. They believe that they still enjoy the political capital that they originally had. We have news for you. There is a paradox in all this contagion and indeed there are some repercussions to be experienced by current ‘NEW PUP’ Leader John Briceño. As we watched as the matter over land being issued in reserved areas in the cayes, it

became evident that Johnny was the man in the driver’s seat when that wrong was committed. Be it mistake or deliberate, it was wrong then and wrong today. Word is that his political capital has significantly eroded in his own division in Orange Walk. In case our leaders have not noticed, we the electorate are tired of this kind of politics. This current sanctimonious UDP administration is to be blamed for the thieves they have employed in government. The Public Service Union was very much supportive of a UDP government. They demonstrated against their employers, the former PUP government and demanded that then Prime Minister Said Musa resigned or be removed. Whether members or not? The PSU represents all public officers. Why is the PSU silent now? Why is Mr. Castigator, ‘Honourable’ John Saldivar silent. He is the Minister responsible for these miscreants in government. News of public officers stealing from PENSIONERS is serious and warrants much more than a one-man police investigation. No disrespect to Officer Sinquest Martinez, but what capability does he has to adequately perform the kind of investigations to get a conviction on the broadcasted thieves? Does not have to depend on the very information that the accusers are furnishing as evidence which he in turn will have to represent in Court? Mr. Crooks had something to say about this very thing. For the sum of money that has been alluded to, the people who have given their lives in service to country deserve much more courtesy and respect. Last but not least, the current economic crisis that our country is facing. The government of Belize is yet to offer some stimulus that will bring relief to the people. We are paying way to much for food and the cost of the basic utility services are way to high. Our children have less access to education and too many of us cannot afford adequate healthcare. With your people robbing us in the healthcare system, puts healthcare even further out of reach for the middle income earners and the poor. The government is yet to do something about the cost of FOOD which the government should make every effort to ensure that the people can eat. Finally on the UDP contagion, our people were duped into thinking that better would come under their administration. What we are witnessing is an imploding government where cabinet members are not talking to each other, invading and disrespecting the areas of others and making bad for the people. Before I leave it all alone, I’d like to

The UDP Contagion

thank those who have written to me on my column, Spot Check. I have dedicated the past weeks and coming, to publishing in its entirety the Crooks Report. It is an interesting insight into the dysfunction within the Belize Police Department. Again I say there is no evidence or meaningful effort to correct the wrongs where the police is concerned. Especially to those who have written or commented on my column, Hellish Intruder, a big thanks to you. I will write the sequel to that piece as soon as the

the public and not to punish the holders of public office nor to recover damages for the Crown. Fonseca elaborated even further by stating that the tort seeks to ensure that the active functional public office holder executes his or her duties in the best interests of the public. Hence, if that officer is no longer in office, then the public can no longer require any protection from him or her. Therefore, the tort is non-applicable against that former office holder. Fonseca was asked by Chief Justice Conteh if when he was the Attorney General, he would consider bringing this case against his former government colleagues now being sued. Fonseca responded by saying no because he did not know of it then. The Chief Justice asked a second question if he would, if he had known about it then, Fonseca responded ‘No’ again citing the lack of evidence. Kaseke, in supporting Fonseca’s arguments said that the issue of vicarious liability does not have a place in these proceedings because in that case, there would need to be three parties, not two involved. Chief Justice, Abdulai Conteh, has reserved judgment in the preliminary hearing and a date is to be set to reveal his findings.

Crooks report is exhausted. My daughter, Katyce continues to do well and we are particularly grateful that this is the first year that she has not been ill. I continue to be thankful to God and to my many friends who continue to offer support, many times financial, to keep her healthy. We have a big job to undertake in our country if we now have to rescue Belize from opportunists who only seek after their own fame and enrichment. More time, we shall speak.

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Sunday, July 26, 2009

Corozal Nizhee stomps Hankook Verdes 4-0 to win 2009 BPFL champs

Corozal Nizhee absolutely stomped Hankook Verdes 4-0 in Game 2 of the Belize Premier Football League’s post season championship finals to win the championship at the Santiago Ricalde Stadium on Sunday. Hankook Verdes were still coasting on their laurels from their 1-0 win in Game 1 at the Norman Broaster Stadium the week before, and perhaps had celebrated too much and not put in the work out to prepare for Game 2. So it would seem as Danny and Richard Jimenez, and Marlon “Matador” Meza came out flat in the 1st half, with none of their plays coalescing into a goal. Nizhee captain Antonio Castillo anchored the Corozal defense, and with the help of Kenny Canul and Julio Tun, they broke up Verdes’ attempts to get a play going and returned the ball forward. On one such long kick forward, Castillo caught Verdes goalie Jamie Brooks napping, the blal arched high in the air and seemed to be going over the goal, before

Corozal Nizhee, Belize Premier Football League’s champs 2009 it fell just under the crossbar. Brooks tried vainly to deflect it; and just like that Nizhee was up 1-zip in the 24th minute. Nizhee midfield general Deris “Colombia” Benavides was voted Most Valuable player of the playoffs and deservedly so as he centered the ball for the 2008 Rook-

Sand Hill Sluggers are Belize Rural female softball champs

MelonyTasher Lord’s Bank, July 19, 2009 The Sand Hill Sluggers are the 2009 Belize Rural female softball champions after they walloped Flowers Bank “Easy Does It” 12-6 in the championship final at Lord’s Bank village on Sunday evening. The Flowers Bank ladies won 5-3 over St Paul’s Excelsior in the 1st game of the day. “Easy does it” pitcher Margaret Hendy gave no runs in the 1st inning, as Judy Soberanis and Dian Rhaburn led the attack, both coming home in the 1st. St Paul’s Pamela Fermin came home for their 1st run in the 2nd inning, and the game was tied at 2-2 when Tricia Cassasola came home in the 4th inning. Flowers Bank moved ahead Shana Robinson, Tricia Milligan and Kathleen Rhaburn came home in the 5th inning. St Paul’s Denise Fermin came home in the 5th inning, but the Flowers Bank girls held them off to win 5-3. The Sand Hill Sluggers also won their first game as pitcher Sheraine Westby led them to a 5-4 win over the Hattieville Diamond Divas as the sluggers collected 5 hits of the pitching of Iceany Baptist.. The Sluggers then met a real challenge when they took on St Paul’s Excelsior in the 3rd game of the day before winning 10-7 in the tie-breaker 8th inning. Stacy Smith scored her first of 4 runs when she came home in the 1st inning. Stacy

rounded the bases again in the 3rd inning, and Gloria Escalante followed, as Sherraine Westby cleaned the bases when she homered in the 3rd. Stacy came home again when Sherraine homered in the 6th inning and Vanessa Dawson came home in the 7th. The St Paul’s girls tied the score at 7-7, forcing the game to a tie-breaker 8th inning, in which Gloria Escalante, Sherraine Westby and Mertell Bailey all came home for the 10-7 win. In the championship final, Sherraine Westby gave up no runs in the first 2 innings, while Stacy Smith came home in the 1st inning and again in the 3rd, when Charlee Canton followed suit for the Sluggers to lead 3-0. Then Flowers Bank tied the game at 3-3 when Francine Robinson, Therese Milligan and Kathleen Rhaburn came home in the 4th inning, but the Sluggers jumped to a 8-3 lead in the bottom of the 4th as they walloped Margaret Hendy’s pitching for Stacy Smith to come home, followed by Charlee Canton, Gloria, Sherraine and Ormencia Pou. The Flowers Bank ladies trailed 6-8 even after Judy Soberanis, Dian Rhaburn and Shana Robinson came home in the top of the 5th. The Sluggers extended their lead as Jamelia Bradley came home in the bottom of the 5th, Stacy Smith scored her 4th run in the 6th, and Gloria Escalante and Sherraine Westby followed for the 12-6 win.

ie of the Year, Rafael Rivero, to head in a 2nd goal in the 26th minute. Jose Lemus, Cesario Rosales and Eric Rodriguez supported their strikers Kenrick Pelayo and Victor Morales, but also overlapped with their defense to shut down any Verdes attack. The Corozal fans roared their approval and cars honked their horns as Kenrick Pelayo drove in a 3rd goal in the 42nd minute as Nizhee took a 3-zip lead into the half time break. Verdes’ midfielder Norman “Tilliman” Pipersburgh tried to put the visitors on the scoreboard when they won a free kick, but the Corozal defenders backed up their goalie Benito Moreira who smothered every Verdes’ attack, with his body, even getting the worst of his opponents’ boots upon occasion, to keep the visitors scoreless the entire game. The Verdes defense had no effective answer to the Nizhee blitzkrieg attacks up the sideline and were forced to dump the ball off the goal line, giving up corner kicks in the process. On one such corner, the Verdes rebuffed Benavides’ pass to

the goal area, only to deflect the ball to the feet of Rafael Rivero, who was having a blast of a game. He booted in the rebound, and Trevor Lennon blunderd into the dreaded auto goal as his attempt to clear away the threat sent the ball rebounding off the crossbar and into the net. Nizhee now led 4-0 in the 53rd minute. Sergio Villanueva and Mexican import Benny Perez now joined the party replacing Rafael Rivero and Kenrick Pelayo and the Nizhee victory looked to turn into a rout as Villanueva connected with a turnaround shot that might have been a 5th goal. Mercifully it sailed over the crossbar. Victor Morales nearly made it 5-0 when he lobbed the ball over the head of Jamie Brooks who had come out of goal to meet his attack, but that ball bounced harmlessly past the mouth of the goal and the final whistle sounded to a 4-0 win for Nizhee. BPFL commissioner Lionel Welch presented the championship trophy to the Corozal Nizhee manager Rudy Morales; while Verdes’ Ricky Jimenez received the subchampions’ trophy on behalf of the visitors. Verdes’ Daniel Jimenez who scored 6 goals received the award for the Most valuable Player of the regular season.The Best Goalie award went to BDF’s Woodrow West. Verdes’ Marlon Meza claimed the Most Goals award with 10 goals. Ibayani’s Alexander Peters, who scored 9 goals, won the Best Forward award while his teammate Lisbey Castillo won the Best Midfielder award. Verdes’ Luis Mendez won the Best Defender award. The Best Managerawrd went to Ibayani’s Daniel Arzu while Best Coach went to Verdes’ coach Peter Jones.

Creative Marketing wins BVA beach volleyball tour

Creative’s Babsy Cadle Old Belize Museum, July 19, 2009 The Creative Marketing girls, Babsy Cadle and Thara Blanco of Belize City won the 4th stop of the Belize Volleyball Association’s national women’s Beach Volleyball Tour at the Old Belize Museum on Sunday. In Game 1 Cadle and Blanco won easily over the Solis sisters, Tisha and

Tichelle, of Belize City, in two sets 21-12 and 21-5. In Game 2 Esther Middleton and Jasmine Anderson won over Shantel Arnold and Diana Carillo of Belize City 21-12 and 21-14. In game 3 Cadle and Blanco dominated Jasmine Anderson and Esther Middleton: 21-18 and 21-12. In Game 4, Shantel Arnold and Diana Carillo tasted victory as they triumphed over Tisha and Tichelle Solis: 21-18 and 21-14. In Game 5, the final, Cadle and Blanco triumphed in the final over Jasmine Anderson and Esther Middleton, winning the 1st set: 21-17. Anderson and Middleton rallied valiantly in an attempt to win the 2nd set, but Cadle and Blanco were all over the court with digs and set the ball to hammer home kills and win the 2nd set: 21-17. Anderson and Middleton finished in 2nd place, but will be the alternates in upcoming regional tournament. The best teams go on to represent Belize at the international events such as the upcoming NORCECA Central American championships which Belize will host on Caye Caulker on July 2426.

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Edición 48 Vol. 1 - Semana 48

Domingo, 26 de Julio, 2009

Brote de Dengue en Belice Cayo, Corozal y Belice=184 Casos

Las Autoridades de Salud de Belice confirmaron esta semana que existe un brote de la Fiebre Dengue en por lo menos 3 Distritos del país. Así mismo anotaron que entre los meses de Mayo a Julio, el número de casos aumento alarmantemente a 184, concentrado mayormente en el distrito del Cayo que reporta 114 casos. Los otros dos distritos que están bajo monitoreo actualmente incluyen el distrito de Belice que hasta ahora ha reportado 61 casos y el distrito de Corozal que reporto 9 casos. Un residente de la isla de San Pedro que llamo al programa radial de Love Morning Show el

Gobierno arrastra los pies con el Belize Cruise Terminal

Luke Espat, Investor Beliceno Continuado en pagina 2

pasado miércoles, divulgo que su padre murió hace poco de la fiebre dengue hemorrágico y al igual, el estaba bajo tratamiento por la fiebre. Mientras el Ministerio de Salud ha dicho que ha aumentado sus esfuerzos para prevenir el continuo propagación de la enfermedad causada por el mosquito a otras áreas, ha habido denuncias telefónicas a la radio que desmiente lo dicho por el Ministerio y se alega que esos esfuerzos están concentrado solamente en la ciudad de Belice. El Dr. José Marenco, Consultor Consejero del Ministerio de Salud referente al Ambiente dijo que ha habido 150 casos que clínicamente fueron diagnosticados entre el 4 de Mayo al 14 de Julio, agregando que 113 de estos casos provinieron del distrito del Cayo. Marenco también declaro que se dará

inicio una campaña de fumigación de la ULV esta semana por vehículos en las áreas de San Ignacio y Belmopan. Agrego que un equipo de Salud de Dangriga llegara a Belmopan para asistir en el reforzamiento de los esfuerzos en el aspecto de la educación público así como en la fumigación. Marenco concluyo

Franklyn Magloire Finalmente, la Corporación Financiera para el Desarrollo DFC ha decidido comenzar con su programa de préstamos a estudiantes. Eso es buena noticia para aquellos padres trabajadores y estu-

Jane Longsworth diantes. Lo que no es aceptable es que duro casi dos años para que el UDP pueda iniciar operaciones. Ahora después de derrochar millones de dólares en salarios y beneficios, el pobre estudiante final-

Mosqui to Aede s Aeg yp t i

diciendo que también habrá otro tipo de fumigación referido como fumigación termal especialmente en las localidades que han sido diagnosticados positivos y en donde casos se han detectado. El Inspector de Salud Publica Mark Bernard, confirmo esta semana que por lo menos 17 de los casos diagnosticados como Dengue también fueron caracterizados como Dengue Hemorrágico y que fueron originados en el Distrito del Cayo. Con el Dengue Hemorrágico, las venas sanguinas comienzan a perforarse causando desangramiento de la nariz, la boca y a las ensillas. Hinchazones también pueden ser señas de desangramiento interno. Sin el tratamiento adecuado, las vías sanguinas pueden colapsarse causando shock que se ha descrito como el síndrome de Dengue. La Fiebre de Continuado en pagina 2

Quien realmente destruyo el DFC?

Arsenio Burgos mente espera obtener y recibir algún tipo de beneficio. Esta semana, durante la inauguración del DFC, de sus programas que fueron Continuado en pagina 2

Pagina 2


Domingo, 26 de Julio, 2009

Noticias Nacionales

UDP persigue a ex Ministros PUP Simpatizantes a través del país se están preguntando porque el actual liderazgo del Partido no ha demostrado ningún tipo de apoyo a los ex ministros de gobierno PUP que están siendo perseguidos por el gobierno UDP y porque no se ha hecho ninguna declaración oficial con-

denando este tipo de acoso político por parte del gobierno. Se preguntan porque apoyar a este nuevo liderazgo si en verdad no demuestran ningún tipo de apoyo para luchadores PUP como Florencio Marin, Padre, quien ha dedicado su vida entera a la causa del Partido. Piensan que

Continuado de pagina 1

dica que Magliore estaba involucrado en todo aspecto de las actividades del DFC durante la administración PUP, que eran las mismas cosas que el UDP había dicho en ese entonces que eran malos para Belice. Ahora ha llegado la recompensa. El es vocero principal del DFC, porque el Primer Ministro no quiere que su niña de poster Natalie Goff, que se dice ser Gerente General, que meta las patas en la boca. Según se cree, es una posición más adecuada para un individuo como Magliore que ha tenido un historial de práctica para hablar entre los dos lados de la boca. Nuestra advertencia a el UDP y a Natalie Goff es que el circulo de 360 grados que Magliore hizo durante el tiempo del PUP, también puede ser aplicada bajo un DFC UDP. Así mismo fue explicada por nuestra fuente que la instalación del ex Ejecutivo y Presidente de la Junta de Directiva Arcenio Burgos fue casi el último clavo en el ataúd para el DFC. Fue traído como el liquidador, y eso es lo que hizo. Desmantelo y se deshizo de una organización que en ese entonces aun tenia liquidez y dispuso de todos sus bienes de forma barata para favorecer a algunos cuantos. Todo lo que estaba mal con el DFC, era solamente que el gobierno se había embargado en una fuerte cantidad de proyectos sociales que tenía un peso exorbitante en su liquidez. No hubo porque tener ventas de liquidez, pero eso es lo que pedían los pocos adinerados incluyendo algunos miembros de la G7. Si cualquiera quiere culpara a alguien por la destrucción de la DFC deben de empezar con la G7 y de allí hacia los ejecutivos del DFC que además ahora están ganando buen dinero mientras la vida sigue dura aquí afuera. Y el UDP ahora se dará cuenta. There was no need for fire sales, but that was what the wealthy few wanted, including some members of the G-7. So if anyone is to blame for the destruction of the DFC, they must start at the G-7 and flow through those current DFC executives who are still being paid top dollar at a time when life “haada out ya”, and now the UDP (United Destructive Party).

Quien destruyo el DFC?

transmitidos en la noticia, muchos de los mismos culpables que estuvieron involucrados durante el crecimiento masivo del DFC, entre los años 1998 y 2004 eran los mismos que se beneficiaron durante la expansión del DFC y ascendieron a posiciones administrativos durante el Gobierno del Partido Unido del Pueblo. Ahora como el UDP puede tener estas mismas personas, Franklin Magliore, el cuñado de Evan X Hyde, que ahora está en el lado bueno del UDP. Este extranjero es de la isla de Dominica quien vino a Belice y se caso dentro la realeza y ahora vive bien a costillas de otro. Magliore era el Segundo en la línea de administración en el DFC cuando se aprobó el préstamo de 30 millones de dólares a la línea de Transporte Novelos. El también se beneficio de préstamos del DFC como también estuvo presente al préstamo del University Health Services. Nuestra investigación ha descubierto que él era fijo en todas las reuniones de la Junta de Directiva y tuvo conocimiento de todo sobre todo. En cuanto a las actividades que se discutían en la junta de Directivo y el era uno de los que daban consejos expertos. Durante el tiempo, no hubo ningún tipo de comunicación a los medios de parte de Magliore que no estaba de acuerdo con las transacciones que se llevaban a cabo, ninguna denuncia, nada. Todo estaba bien, porque el cuñado en ese tiempo era PUP y al frente del G7. Muchos pueden recordar que Magloire fue citado frente la Comisión de Investigación en el 2007 junto con su colega Jane Longsworth formalmente conocida como Jane Zetina quien ahora trabaja en la Belize Natural Energía, en donde en ese momento, cantaron por su cena. Durante ese tiempo, hubo muchos reportes que el UDP le había prometido a Magliore que permanecería al frente del DFC si atacaba al PUP. Nuestras fuentes también dieron a conocer que Magliore fue uno de los miembros de un equipo junto a Ian McMillan, esposo de la Senadora Debbie McMillan, que fue a Nueva York para cerrar las transacciones de los bonos norteamericanos, que incluían a los préstamos de St. James. Eso nos in-

Brote de Dengue

Continuado de pagina 1

Dengue Hemorrágico ha sido fatal en la mayoría de los casos que afecta mayormente a niños y a jóvenes adultos si no se trata de inmediato. Algunos de los síntomas para la Fiebre del Dengue comienza con fiebre repentina entre 104 y 105 grados y incluye dolor de cabeza, dolor a los ojos, dolor a los músculos, la espalda, también causa nausea y vómitos, falta de apetito y manifestaciones de hemorragia y debilidad

en general. No existe ningún tratamiento específico para el Dengue. Personas sufriendo de la fiebre del Dengue deben reposar e ingerir mucho líquido. También deben de permanecer fuera el alcance de los mosquitos para la mayor protección de otros. La fiebre del Dengue hemorrágico se trata reponiendo líquidos perdidos. Algunos pacientes necesitan transfusión para controlar el desangramiento.

John Briceño, Mark Espat & Florencio Marin Sr. si el PUP puede dejar a un miembro como Lencho Marin sin prestarle ningún tipo de apoyo, entonces ellos pueden retornar la misma indiferencia también. Es muy triste ver un verdadero líder PUP como Florencio Marin apareciendo ante las Cortes por persecución política así como fue perseguido Said Musa y el Partido no hace nada para condenar la acción. En verdad, un miembro de más de 50 años que ha sido también el Primer Ministro Interino que sea acusado con cargos que el mismo Fiscal no ha podido describir; y para que el carezca del apoyo del PUP, envía una mala señal al simpatizante ordinario dando la percepción que le líder opositor no le importa lo que el UDP

haga con los PUP’s. Eso puede ser una de las razones principales por lo cual la miembresia general del PUP no ha demostrado ese apoyo al Partido bajo este liderazgo porque aparenta no tener afecto. El liderazgo no ha demostrado esa mentalidad de ‘tocar uno tocar todos’, y por eso no han podido adquirir esa tracción para ganar momento y ser victoriosos en las urnas. Hasta el momento, la membrecía general se siente abandonado y se cree que si pueden hacerle eso a un ejecutivo mayor del PUP de dejarlo a la merced de los buitres UDP, entonces que más pueden esperar. Todos saben que el gobierno UDP es vengativo, y no se Continuado en la pagina 3

Gobierno arrastra los pies con el Belize Cruise Terminal

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Desde que el Gobierno del UDP arribo al poder en Febrero del 2008, han demostrado su malicia interrumpiendo lo poco de prosperidad que los Beliceños han estado disfrutando durante los últimos 10 anos y la estabilidad económica que fue establecida por el anterior gobierno PUP. Esto está causando que el país sufra de un parálisis económico que emerge con una incertidumbre mientras que Beliceños encuentran cada vez más duro idear con la situación. El sector turístico que estaba floreciendo hace unos años y presumió cada vez de crecientes números de visitantes a nuestro país, hoy se ve desplomado constantemente. Y esto es atribuido a las acciones de la miopía del gobierno UDP. Inversionistas extranjeros tienen miedo invertir en Belice y hasta algunos inversionistas locales han preferido invertir en otras partes. No parece haber ningún tipo de apoyo por parte del gobierno UDP hacia el sector privado; especialmente en cuanto se trata al turismo. Los beliceños han esperado con gran anticipación para la realización de la terminal de Cruceros de Belice ubicada en la área de Port Loyola que prometía ser un prospera realidad. La magnitud del proyecto estaba pronosticada a proveer 10,000 empleos a Beliceños, sin importar sus creencias políticas. Pero el pasado Diciembre, Dean Barrow puso las esperanzas de miles de Beliceños en limbo, cuando ordeno el paro a las obras en relación a ese proyecto. La construcción de la terminal de Cruceros en su fase de desarrollo ya estaba proveyendo más de 400 empleos permanentes a camioneros así como trabajadores de la construcción pero la mentalidad del mosco azul del

UDP causo que este proyecto quede paralizado sin importar o tener ninguna consideración para el hombre trabajador. A como ha estado marchando las cosas terriblemente mal para este gobierno, uno pensaría que estuvieran ansiosos para mantener este proyecto a flote, ya que existe una gran escasez de trabajos a través del país. La terminal de Cruceros de Belice es considerado como un mega proyecto que al realizarse formaría el Centro de una fuente de empleo para miles de Beliceños. La gente está cuestionando porque el representante para el área de Port Loyola, Anthony Martínez ha permanecido tan silencioso sobre la orden de Barrow que paro el proyecto y se preguntan porque él ha permitido que prevalezca la mala intención sobre la gente de su propia área. Se cree que el representante de Port Loyola está concentrado más en construir su propia riqueza en vez de preocuparse por lo que pasa en Port Loyola. La terminal de Cruceros de Belice se proponía a dar una transformación completa al área de Port Loyola como también traer prosperidad a la gente del área, quien serian los principales beneficiarios del proyecto. No es tarde para que el gobierno reflexione y permita la realización de estas obras. Es obvio que el Ministro defacto de Turismo Mike Singh y otros UDP’s tienen intereses en el proyecto y harían cualquier cosa por tener voz y voto en el proyecto. Pero porque no pueden imponer sus condiciones prefieren paralizar las obras. Este tipo de interferencia no se debe de permitir ya que se han invertido millones de dólares por el inversionista local quien tuvo la perspectiva y visión por un Belice mas prospero, pero que ahora está paralizado por un gobierno vengativo.

Domingo, 26 de Julio, 2009


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Fracasa diálogo sobre Crisis en Honduras

Carlos López, asesor del nuevo gobernante de Honduras, Roberto Micheletti; el mandatario de Costa Rica, Óscar Arias, y Arístides Mejía, miembro de la delegación del depuesto presidente Manuel Zelaya, posan para la Prensa. San José, Costa Rica. El rechazo de la delegación del gobierno de facto de Roberto Micheletti a aceptar la restitución del depuesto presidente de Honduras Manuel Zelaya hizo fracasar ayer la mediación de Óscar Arias,

quien pidió 72 horas más para evitar el riesgo “una guerra civil”. “Lo siento mucho, señor presidente, pero las propuestas que usted ha presentado resultan inaceptables para el gobierno constitucional de Honduras,

30 Aniversario de Revolución Sandinista

Sandinistas saludan a líderes de gobiernos amigos MANAGUA, NICARAGUA - del congreso para que se establezca Miles de sandinistas participaron si pueden ser elegidos a más de un este domingo en la conmemoración período. “Que el derecho a la reelección del 30 aniversario de la insurrección que derrocó a la dictadura de Anas- sea para todos y que sea el pueblo tasio Somoza en 1979, donde el presi- con su voto quien premie o castigue” dente Daniel Ortega expresó su deseo eligiendo a sus autoridades, dijo Orde hacer reformas a la Constitución tega, planteando por primera vez de que le permitan ser reelegido en los forma abierta desde que asumió el poder en enero del 2007 su deseo de comicios de noviembre de 2011. El mandatario nicaragüense llamó permanecer en el poder. Ortega quien gobierna por seguna las fuerzas políticas a trabajar para “tener una mejor Constitución” o re- da vez el país desde enero del 2007, currir a mecanismos como un refer- estaría vedado a un tercer período éndum o instalar “otra urna” para de gobierno debido a que la Consticonsultar al pueblo si quiere o no la tución de 1995, establece la reelecreelección presidencial en períodos ción en períodos alterno y por una sola vez en la vida. sucesivos. La pretensión de Ortega de optar a El planteamiento fue hecho ante una multitud de seguidores que se un nuevo mandato más allá del 2011, congregó en la Plaza de La Fe, en el se inscribe dentro de la tendencia reMalecón de Managua, para conmem- eleccionista de gobiernos miembros orar el 30º aniversario de la Revolu- de la Alianza Bolivariana para las ción sandinista de 1979 que derrocó América (ALBA) que lidera su alia la dictadura de Anastasio Somoza ado, el presidente venezolano Hugo Chávez. Debayle. Otros presidentes del ALBA, La reforma, según Ortega, también debería incluir a los diputados como el propio Chávez, el boliviano

que represento (...) En particular, su propuesta número uno constituye una directa intromisión en los asuntos internos de Honduras”, declaró el canciller de Micheletti y jefe de su delegación, Carlos López. Ante esta negativa, la delegación de Zelaya “dio por terminado el diálogo” de esta segunda ronda de negociación consecutiva, que es la tercera de la mediación del presidente costarricense, Óscar Arias. “Este diálogo con esta comisión de este régimen de facto (...) ha terminado”, sentenció la jefa de la delegación de Zelaya, Rixi Moncada. Arias pidió 72 horas más para reconducir el diálogo hacia la solución de la crisis hondureña, porque de lo contrario, afirmó, “la alternativa es posiblemente una guerra civil” en el pequeño país centroamericano, donde los seguidores de Zelaya estudian tomar nuevas acciones para exigir su regreso. El premio Nobel de la Paz 1987, agotado luego de varios días de intensas conversaciones con los responsables de la crisis y representantes de la comunidad internacional, precisó que la delegación de Zelaya había aceptado los siete puntos de su propuesta para dar salida al conflicto de poderes en Honduras. Fuentes de la Presidencia costarricense anunciaron que Arias volverá a convocar a las partes del conflicto, el miércoles. Las dos delegaciones hondureñas habían dado ayer muestras de una frontal división sobre la restitución de Zelaya, precisamente el único punto innegociable en la hoja de ruta de Arias, que contaba con el apoyo unánime internacional. Unas declaraciones de Zelaya, hechas el viernes último al diario Folha de Sao Paulo, antes del inicio de la negociación en San José, en las que aseguraba que mantenía su proyecto de convocar una asamblea constituyente para reformar la Constitución (y permitir su reelección) fueron la gota que colmó el vaso de los hombres de Micheletti, que antes de empezar a negociar “desautorizaron” a sus contrapartes zelayistas. “Entendemos que la comisión que

INSULZA LAMENTA RECHAZO A PLAN El secretario general de la OEA, José Miguel Insulza, afirmó ayer que lamenta “profundamente” que la delegación del nuevo gobierno de Honduras, de Roberto Micheletti, haya rechazado la propuesta del presidente costarricense, Óscar Arias, para superar la crisis en ese país centroamericano. Insulza agregó que se deben “aguardar” las 72 horas propuestas por Arias, para encontrar una salida al conflicto en Honduras. Insulza anunció que hoy se celebrará una asamblea general de la OEA para analizar la situación, luego del fracaso de las negociaciones entre delegados de Micheletti y del depuesto Manuel Zelaya, en San José. El titular de la Organización de los Estados Americanos exhortó a las partes a que busquen una solución pacífica, pueda dar tranquilidad al pueblo hondureño. Rixi Moncada, del grupo del depuesto presidente de Honduras, Manuel Zelaya, lamentó la decisión de su contraparte y confirmó que dan por finalizadas las conversaciones en esta segunda ronda en San José, Costa Rica. “Debido a la intransigencia demostrada... anunciamos que para nosotros, como delegados del presidente Zelaya en este diálogo con la comisión del régimen de facto, ha finalizado”, apuntó Moncada.

Evo Morales, o el ecuatoriano Rafael Correa han optado por reformar la Constitución e incluir la reelección. El depuesto presidente de Honduras, Manuel Zelaya -también miembro del ALBA- intentaba reformar la Constitución para ser reelegido, cuando ocurrió el golpe de Estado. “Aquí podemos poner perfectamente otra urna para consultar al pueblo si quiere o no la reelección y sin ningún temor porque el Ejército y la Policía no los va a reprimir”, afirmó Ortega, en referencia a lo ocurrido en Honduras. La situación política en Honduras tras el golpe que depuso a Zelaya el 28 de junio, fue el tema central de la

celebración de la efeméride, durante los discursos de Ortega y sus invitados de los países del Alba, cuyos gobiernos enviaron delegaciones de segundo y tercer nivel de jerarquía. El presidente Hugo Chávez, quien había anunciado que viajaría a Managua para participar de la celebración suspendió su visita por problemas de salud, dijo Ortega a la concurrencia que agitaba banderas roja y negra del partido sandinista. El mandatario nicaragüense fustigó la mediación que realiza el presidente de Costa Rica, Oscar Arias, en el conf licto hondureño y lo acusó de ser un “instrumento de la política golpista de los yanquis”.

se presentó a este diálogo está desautorizada porque ellos dijeron que ese era tema superado, y hoy (ayer) don José Manuel Zelaya Rosales reafirma su insistencia, que es el tema que implementará en su retorno al poder”, declaró Arturo Corrales, miembro de la delegación de Micheletti. Poco después, López informó a la Prensa la contrapropuesta que había presentado a Arias, en la que aceptaba el regreso de Zelaya, pero para que se sometiera a la justicia hondureña. “Ese tema (la convocatoria de la asamblea constituyente) no es el tema que va a obstaculizar esta negociación”, aclaró Arístides Mejía, un hombre de Zelaya, a la Prensa.

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Domingo, 26 de Julio, 2009

UDP persigue a ex Ministros PUP Continuado de pagina 2 van a detener hasta ver los PUP’s encarcelados. Pero es el deber y la obligación del partido PUP de ir en defensa de sus miembros o por lo menos demostrar ese afecto y apoyo, ya que esa acción se retransmite a miles de seguidores. En el mes de Enero, el Procurador General de la Administración de Barrow entablo una demanda de procedimiento ilícito en contra de los ex ministros, Florencio Marin y José Coye, en donde se alega que utilizaron su autoridad de su oficio público para expropiar una parcela de terreno de la Universidad de Belice que después fue subdividido en 57 lotes que después fue vendido a ciudadanos particulares. Durante la audiencia preliminar que dio inicio en la Corte Suprema ante el Juez Principal Abdulai Conteh, la abogada que representa al gobierno Lois Young Barrow trato de establecer su caso sin éxito cuando argumento que el caso de procedimiento ilícito debería ser escuchado por la Corte; alegando que Marin y Coye eran oficiales públicos y aun son considerados así. En sus argumentos ante la Corte, los abogados de la defensa para los dos ex Ministros explicaron que el Acto de Procedimiento ilícito solo se aplica a oficiales públicos y no puede ser aplicado a sus clientes ya que legalmente estos ya no son oficiales públicos. Los abogados defensores admitieron que sus clientes en un entonces eran oficiales públicos

pero ya no lo eran al momento que fueron enjuiciados. El abogado defensor, Francis Fonseca subrayo que el cargo de procedimiento ilícito a oficiales públicos es mas para proteger al publico de cualquier mal procedimiento de un oficial que está en los presente funcionando como un funcionario público. Continua explicando que el cargo es mas para la protección del público y no para castigar a funcionarios que tienen el cargo público ni para recobrar daños para la corona. Fonseca elaboro aun mas declarando que el cargo es para garantizar que funcionarios públicos en lo presente ejecuten sus deberes en el mejor interés del público y si ese funcionario ya no tiene el cargo entonces el público no puede requerir ninguna protección de su parte. Así que el cargo no es aplicable a ninguno que ha tenido el cargo. Cuando el Juez Principal Abdulai Conteh le pregunto a Fonseca que en un entonces fue Procurador General, si el consideraría imponer cargos sobre ex colegas de Gobierno que ahora son demandados Fonseca respondió que no porque no tenía ningún conocimiento de ello en ese entonces. El Juez Principal hizo otra pregunta, que si hubiese tenido conocimiento, si los hubiese enjuiciado. Una vez más Fonseca respondió que no citando que no existe evidencias. El Juez Principal después de escuchar las dos partes de la audiencia preliminar reservo su fallo hasta una fecha que se anunciara después.

Recetas de Cocina “Pollo pibil”

¿Qué lleva? • 1 pieza de hoja de plátano (1 pieza) • 6 piernas de pollo • 100 grs. de recado rojo • 3 naranjas agrias • 2 tomates • 1 cebolla • Una ramita de epazote • Sal al gusto • 100 grs. de manteca ¿Cómo lo preparamos? Remoje las piezas de pollo en el recado rojo disuelto en naranja agria y sal hasta que se vean “coloraditas”. Corte la cebolla y el tomate en rajas delgadas. Coloque cada pieza de pollo en las hojas de plátano con el epazote picado, agregue las rajas de cebolla y tomate, y un poco de manteca para que adquiera sazón. Envuelva bien las piezas con las hojas de plátano, que debe amarrar con hilos de la misma hoja. Cocine al vapor durante 45 minutos. ¿Cómo lo servimos? Abrimos en cada plato una pieza con pollo pibil y lo acompañamos con “xnipec” (tomate, cebolla, cilantro y chile).

Aries -El tránsito de Mercurio y el Sol por tu casa cinco indica que te adentras en una etapa llena de nuevas ideas. A causa de tu talento puedes tener contactos de tipo sexual muy atractivos. Tu sensibilidad actual te muestra una serie de matices en el amor que hasta ahora habías dejado aparcados. Pueden salir a la luz nuevos recursos o habilidades que te permitan progresar en el ámbito de los negocios. El tránsito de Venus y Marte por tu casa tres indica una época donde se reactivan muchos asuntos de tu vida cotidiana. Tauro -El tránsito de Venus y Marte por tu casa dos indica que se abren distintas posibilidades para ganar más dinero u obtener otro tipo de recursos a los habituales. Todo lo relacionado con tu economía lo puedes vivir de forma muy especial e igualmente todas tus relaciones laborales pueden ser muy sentidas. Refleja la posibilidad de encontrar soluciones a los temas que te preocupan. Igualmente entras en una etapa excelente para negociar asuntos profesionales. Gemini -El tránsito de Venus y Marte por tu signo indica que puedes vivir ésta etapa actual de forma más pasional pero también más agradable. Se van a revitalizar asuntos relacionados con tus sentimientos más profundos. Es un tránsito que te ayuda a lograr tus objetivos sentimentales. Sí aumentas el circulo de personas a tu alrededor puedes progresar rápidamente. En lo que respecta a tus actividades vives un buen momento para materializar tus propias ideas. Cancer- El tránsito de Venus y Marte por tu casa doce te invita a buscar nuevas inspiraciones para el futuro y a encontrar una mayor riqueza interna. Es bueno que confíes en tu instinto y apuestes por lo que realmente te gustaría hacer en un futuro. Estarás pensativo intentando crear una estrategia para atender todas tus obligaciones. Revela un periodo donde todo lo relacionado con tu trabajo adquiere más trascendencia. El tránsito de Mercurio y el Sol por tu casa dos indica que vas a vivir una buena etapa para mejorar tu situación económica. Tanto tu estado anímico como tus relaciones laborales mejoran. Refleja un periodo que puede ser importante dentro del marco de tus relaciones de trabajo. Leo -El tránsito de Venus y Marte por tu casa once revela que es el momento apropiado para crear nuevas vías de comunicación en tu vida. Se pueden dar situaciones amorosas dentro de tu círculo de amistades. Los ratos de ocio y de diversión te darán la clave que buscas. Es el momento correcto para asociarte y para proyectarte a través de tus relaciones. El tránsito de Mercurio y el Sol por tu signo indica un periodo de más confianza. Virgo -El tránsito de Venus y Marte por tu casa diez indica un mayor interés por tu parte hacia tu vida profe-

Contact us at: Phone: 605-4508 Email: 25 Nanche St. Belmopan

sional y social. Es un momento idóneo de aportar nuevas propuestas a tu vida laboral. Debes apostar por renovarte y emprender nuevos senderos. Te surgirán nuevas ideas para mejorar tu calidad de vida pero en cualquier caso vas a tener que mantener el equilibrio entre lo que deseas realmente, y sabes que puedes obtener, y lo que te exige las circunstancias. Libra -El tránsito de Venus y Marte por tu casa nueve indica un periodo de cambios que te benefician. Tu situación personal se transforma pero es importante que seas muy claro en tus prioridades. Marca una etapa donde te surgen muchos encuentros, donde conoces gente diversa y donde tu actitud es más curiosa y abierta ante el mundo que te rodea. El tránsito de Venus y Marte por tu casa siete indica una etapa donde debes vivir tus relaciones de pareja de forma intensa. Escorpio -El tránsito de Mercurio y el Sol por tu casa diez refleja que tu actual objetivo principal es generar ideas que tengan un valor práctico. Vas a funcionar más desde lo racional que desde lo emocional. Indica que entras en una fase excelente para establecer tu propia autonomía y afianzar tu seguridad. Tu proyección es más fuerte de lo habitual y quizá vivas nuevas experiencias que te sean muy útiles. Sagitario - El tránsito de Mercurio y el Sol por tu casa nueve indica que estás en situación de realizar cambios que resulten positivos para tus intereses. Buscarás la opción de desarrollar un plan y una estrategia que te permita renovar los cimientos de tu vida. Es un tránsito que expresa la probabilidad de que te surjan nuevas oportunidades. Se decidido, actúa con destreza y no dejes de lado a tus convicciones. Es un periodo en el que tienes que aprender a través y exclusivamente de las experiencias del día a día. La confianza que tienes en ti mismo te puede llevar a pensar en proyectos más ambiciosos. Refleja un periodo lleno de actividad mental. Capricornio -El tránsito de Mercurio y el Sol por tu casa ocho indica que tu visión de la vida puede estar cambiando. Quizá estés más perceptivo y te des cuenta de cosas que antes te pasaban desapercibidas. Vas a tener que tomar conciencia de aquello que te interesa más. Es posible que tengas una actitud arriesgada, especialmente, en tus asuntos sentimentales. Tienes que dejarte llevar por la razón y pensarse dos veces las cosas antes de expresarlas en alto. Acuario -El tránsito de Mercurio y el Sol por tu casa siete indica que se van a renovar tus asuntos de pareja. Si piensas en positivo y buscas resultados óptimos, con inteligencia y sensibilidad, lo puedes conseguir en un futuro a medio plazo. Tu imagen, tu intuición y tu forma de hacer las cosas cambian para bien. Quizá ahora sabes mejor lo que necesitas y lo que sientes. Venus y Marte transitando por tu casa cinco propician las relaciones armoniosas con tu entorno. Piscis -Mercurio y el Sol transitando por tu casa seis indican un periodo especial donde puedes mejorar tus expectativas en el terreno laboral. No te conviene tener dudas. Si te centras en tus actividades habituales y pones los cinco sentidos puedes vivir experiencias positivas. Debes actuar con diligencia pero es importante que en los asuntos financieros no seas demasiado arriesgado.

National Perspective July 29,2009  

National Perspective July 29, 2009

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