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Is Telemarketing Still Valuable? Telemarketing is an effective tool that has helped many businesses increase their profits and maintain their share of the market. Using telemarketing firms and 800 services are now standard ways of generating leads in many industries. Whether or not a telemarketing campaign is effective depends on what exactly you are trying to sell, the type of people you are trying to sell it to and the specific goals the company has set for the campaign. There are no hard and fast rules as to what makes a successful telemarketing campaign. A method that works for one company may not work for other companies that try to implement it. However, there are a number of basic principles that can improve the chances for a telemarketing campaign to be successful. What telemarketing can do for a business A telemarketing campaign is a way for a company to locate prospective customers in an efficient manner. Telemarketing firms will buy lists containing leads from brokers. They also contact previous customers that may have purchased items similar to those your company is currently trying to sell. The practice has proven to be a cost-effective way of reaching many potential customers in a limited amount of time. Not all telemarketing firms are the same, so it is important that a company hire a telemarketing firm that can handle the amount of volume that they are expecting from a campaign. Running an Effective Telemarketing Campaign 1. Know Your Audience It is important for a company to know the people they are trying to sell to. If you target the correct people from the start, your odds of making sales are increased dramatically. For example, if you are trying to sell toys, daycare centers would be a good place to focus your efforts. A telemarketing campaign should always be focused on your target audience. 2. Be Courteous and Respectful Always remember that most people are annoyed by telemarketers. People do not like a pushy salesperson trying to force them into buying an item they have no use for. Focus on explaining to the customer how the product will improve their life. Politely explain who you are and what the purpose of the call is. Some people appreciate hearing about available products and services, so be patient with all of your leads. 3. Change Your Focus Rather than concentrating on making a sale, it is sometimes better to ask the potential customer if you can send them some information on the product or service. Offering to have a person come to their house to demonstrate the product of service is another option. Customers appreciate having 800 services set up so a live person on the telephone can answer their questions. The more the customer knows about a product, the more likely they are to buy it. Pitfalls of telemarketing

Even though telemarketing has many advantages, there is undeniably a negative perception of telemarketers among the general public. Getting past this bad image can sometimes prove to be difficult. Many consumers instantly believe they are being scammed as soon as the person on the phone says they are a telemarketer. In addition to overcoming a bad reputation, obtaining lists of potential leads for telemarketing campaigns can be expensive, and, sometimes, the lists are out of date. Though there are a few obstacles to overcome, telemarketing campaigns can still be valuable tools for many businesses. When you’re ready to start yours, contact National Answering Service to see how we can help.

Is telemarketing still valuable?  

Telemarketing is an effective tool that has helped many businesses increase their profits and maintain their share of the market. Using tele...

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