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3:00pm - 3:30pm 


How to make digital marketing work for your firm Rick Merten, Managing Director, Permission

3:30pm - 4:00pm 


How to launch a cloud advisory start-up in an established accounting firm

Everyone knows there are an unlimited number of customers waiting to meet you online. Very few work out how to use digital marketing to generate leads. Learn the key elements of digital marketing and walk through a campaign conducted by an accounting firm that increased sales of value-added services without annoying clients.

Cameron Stone, Principal, Statellight powered by Walker Wayland

yy D  iscover how to identify and stimulate the trigger points that make customers act

yy H  ear how to put together a business case for a cloud advisory division

yy L  earn how earning trust is essential to creating more profitable relationships

yy D  iscover how the startup created advisory services that complemented those of the original firm

yy F  ind out how to drive sales by understanding customer behaviour

yy F  ind out why the startup rejected the term “vCFO” for a unique service name

3:00pm - 3:30pm 


Conquering the cloud: keep your money and clients Greg Murphy, Founder, Unleashed Software If the working ideal is getting paid to do what you love, it probably wouldn’t include cloud implementations. You can either spend time figuring out hundreds of add-ons or you can fast-track the process with a professional app implementor. Discover how to help your clients progress to powerful cloud solutions without getting your hands dirty. yy U  nderstand the power of cloud component solutions and real time inventory control yy L  earn why migrating to the cloud can either burn or benefit you and your clients yy F  ind out where your firm fits in the growing network of cloud advisors and implementers

3:00pm - 3:30pm 


What do SMSF clients want? Your chance to find out Three mystery SMBs Ever stopped to ask your SMSF clients what they want from you? Here’s your chance to get answers to all your questions. Three business owners will give their frank and honest opinions about privacy versus convenience, how often they want to hear from you, and how they want to receive updates. yy U  nderstand what SMSF clients expect from your customer service and what they will pay for yy F  ind out whether your clients would use robo-advice and trust it yy D  iscover what clients really think about portals, how they use them and what they really want

3:30pm - 4:00pm 


Explainer: what is machine learning and what does it mean for accounting?

It’s not just the Big Four – mid-size firms are launching cloud divisions to offer innovative advisory services to new and existing clients. Hear the principal of an advisory startup share his experiences experimenting with pricing, services and culture, and the two-way referrals with the firm’s existing practice.

3:30pm - 4:00pm 


How do you create a culture that values mental health? Tim Hoopmann, Founder & CEO, Spinn Business Solutions Leanne Faulkner, Director, Fortitude at Work Debra Anderson, Small Business Specialist, Anderson Tax & Consulting Noel Tiufino, CEO, MyAccounts (mod) Accounting professionals witness the emotional strain of entrepreneurial life among their clients. The financial consequences of a failed venture can shatter families. How should your staff handle clients in distress? And how can you support them (and yourself) on their own life journeys? An expert panel answers all your questions. yy L  earn how to recognise mental health problems in clients and employees yy F  ind out what you need to focus on to look after your own well being yy Get advice on how to have a mentally healthy workplace

4:00pm - 4:30pm


The depreciation game has changed! How the new rules affect your clients Mike Mortlock, Managing Director, MCG Surveyors Depreciation changes to plant and equipment have serious ramifications for investors and the property industry. We look at an analysis of 1,000 residential depreciation schedules to investigate the real world impacts. Find out how to ensure your clients are avoiding the depreciation traps and uncover industry first depreciation data. yy U  ncover industry first data on commercial and residential property investors yy Find out the impact of depreciation changes for your clients yy D  iscover how to avoid the traps and claim maximum deductions for your clients

Inbal Steinberg, Technology Consultant, Convertworx Are you sick of hearing terms like AI and machine learning without anyone explaining how it works and what it will do? Discover how mathematics is used in smart ways to improve accounting software, meet the basic algorithms that drive pattern recognition, and understand what the future of accounting will look like. yy U  nderstand how machine learning actually works so you can explain it to your clients yy Find out which apps are already using ML or have plans to yy G  et inspired about what is coming in accounting and business software



Accounting Business Expo - Official Magazine, 2018  

Accounting Business Expo is Australia's biggest and most important event for accounting and finance professionals

Accounting Business Expo - Official Magazine, 2018  

Accounting Business Expo is Australia's biggest and most important event for accounting and finance professionals