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Every end is just the beginning

This year AIESEC in Ukraine

realized 1189 X

historical number for our country!

We have growth 27% comparing with last year!

We grew in all X programmes and our average growth is 35%. This is our common achievement!

Ukraine is number 4 globally in June, realizing 321 X! And totally we are number 9. But of course it’s just beginning of our GROWTH)

Soooo... Wave done) Going to ExtraMile ;)

MC 2011-12

Thoughts and Feelings

MC: the brightest moments

Recognition of the year Power of Three LC Kyiv Beautify wiki campaign Ruslan Korniuchuk, LC Dnipro Country HEROES – International Cooperations Managers! Iuliia Artemenko– Poland IC manager Oksana Katrich – MENA IC manager Anna Garkavaya – WENA IC manager ValeriiaKulko – AP IC manager UstynaHasiy – China IC manager “Interns are members” campaign LC Odessa The most progressive LC LC Kharkiv The most contributive LC LC Kyiv

The Best Seller: Edie Sabitova, LC Simferopol Best Seller OGX: Natasha Mamitko (Kyiv) Best Seller ICX: Aleksander Buli (Mariupol) Best Seller ER: Tima Aleksandronets (Lviv) Elite Sales Team Best Seller: Aleksander Buli (Mariupol) “Light New Star” expansion campaign IG Chernivtsi “Every alumnus matters” LC Kyiv The best host LC LC Lviv

Autumn JRIC: Big cluster – LC Donetsk Middle cluster – LC Simferopol Small cluster – LC Berdyansk Spring JRIC: Small cluster - Mariupol Middle cluster - Lugansk Big cluster - Kyiv Expansions: Mykolaiv

Personal Excellence awards CICX – Egor Lyapkalo, Kyiv TM – Valya Leus, Kiev OGX – Nastya Gutsol, Kyiv ICX – Yulia Artemenko, Kharkiv Com – Nastya Ganenko, Simferopol Fin – Galya Kondratenko, Kyiv ER – Edie Sabitova, Simferopol LCP – Tanya Kashevko, Kyiv “National Finance Ukiversity” campaign Lena Himaldinova, Lugansk. “Grant Yourself ” campaign - Ternopil

Best delegates NH 2011 OCP track - Roman Ekonomidis, LC Odessa Newbies track - Arina Kornienko, LC Kharkiv IDS track - Maria Isaeva, LC Kyiv

Best delegates NH 2012 Newbies track - Alexander Vyblov (LC IvanoFrankivsk) Leadership track - Milana Bondarenko (LC Lugansk)

Best facis NH 2011 Newbies track - Pavel Illushin OCP track - Mihaela Todica, MC VP TM Moldova IDS track - Daria Matiash, LC Mariupol

Best facis NH 2012 Newbies track - Nastya Pashenko (LC Simferopol) Leadership track - Nastya Gutsol (LC Kyiv).

Best projects NH 2011 Non-x project - OCP, Vladlen Furduk, LC Lugansk OGX project - OCP, Christian Pflug, intern Act. in.UA LC Kyiv ICX project - OCP, Anna Drozdova, LC Lviv The most contributing team of the spring conference New Horizons 2012 – team # 17, team leader - Olya Arabchuk from Ivano-Frankivsk!

“COMmission: POSSIBLE” campaign Small cluster – German Kachkin, LC Mariupol Middle cluster – Nadya Shopina, LC Lugansk Big cluster – Lilya Borovets, LC Lviv “Matching in time” campaign Best ICX matcher - Ustya Best OGX matcher - Petrova Natasha Big cluster - Lviv Middle cluster - Simferopol Small Cluster - Ternopil

Dima Karchuk

“...this year was the most valuable year of my life. so far.”

This year was the most challenging year of my AIESEC story. At the same time it gave me everything I was dreaming about. Strong team of leaders that was around. People who were surrounding me this year are the strongest personalities and professionals which I have ever seen. And it was great opportunity to learn from them. Each day and each second. Whole country united with the same dreams and emotions. Openness of each single Vice-President, Member, OCP to make new things, bring innovations to make our dream “Engage and develop every young person in Ukraine” real. This is what I proud off and what taught me how everything can be changed if you have small group of people with strong will. Crazy experience. When your biggest dream it’s just have one day to do nothing! Just sleep, read etc. Challenges, new people, new ideas. Each day. This is MC experience. And that’s why I love it. That’s why this year was the most valuable year of my life so far.

Quantity through Quality

Exactly this phrase was our direction this year. And of course it demanded a lot of innovations from our side. Big and small. In each direction. But we want to share with you the biggest one’s, which influenced AIESEC Ukraine a lot this year and, for sure, will influence in future. Of course, it is implementation of national projects. For the first time, each and everyone who was working with AESEC had opportunity to feel scale of organization because of national projects which were running at the same time in more than 10 cities of Ukraine. Exactly because of this innovation our social and educational projects made much bigger influence together and this is one of our main achievements this year. New national web-site. Each day we have more and more information and opportunities around us. Needs of youth are changing rapidly. That’s why for us it’s important to be relevant for youth and constantly communicate to them all needed information in the most simple and fast way. For establishing of such approach new web-site– – was created. Quality of experience that our projects participants are gaining just as important as our numerical indicators. That’s why new quality evaluation tool was created and implemented this year. It helps us to track delivery of our promises in terms of international programs. New financial model. We want to be financially sustainable. We want to have opportunity to make smart investments in our members. That’s why this year new financial model was introduced. It already helped LCs and MC to make normal financial planning, set write goals for ER-people, make reserves. But, of course, main circumstances of new model we will see next year

Board of Advisors establishment. We want to see that AIESEC activities are really relevant for current Ukrainian society. That’s why constant feedback from experts from corporate world, entrepreneurship, education and public spheres is becoming more and more important for organization. This year AIESEC in Ukraine Board of Advisors started their work. It consists from top-experts from different areas. Exactly these people help us to make our projects relevant and more professional. Process of recruitment in organization. According to new recruitment system it was the first year when AIESEC was open for recruitment of new members during whole year. Nevertheless, we are still making promo campaigns in September and February that’s why majority of students is coming in these months. That’s why more people are gaining experience in AIESEC and organization can pay more attention to each member. Development of long-term strategy of AIESEC till 2015. Exactly this year we defined how we want to see AIESEC in the end of 2015. And already this year first steps for our future sustainable growth were made. AIESEC Ukraine progress map was created. New educational system for AIESEC members. Now each member of organization gets education which is needed for work in specific functional area. This educational process consists from a number of specific trainings which were developed for different types of members and running according to schedule. That’s why members of AIESEC have opportunity to get new knowledge in quality and structured way and we as organization can watch how each member got all information needed for work and personal development 3 new AIESEC cities! After few years when AIESEC Ukraine just was reducing number of AIESEC entities, this year we not just didn’t close any, but also gave opportunity to students from Sumy, Zaporizhhye and Chernivtsy to explore and develop their leadership potential.

Elizaveta Bachina

“Something really new, exciting and WTF at the same time.”

I remember 1st of July 2011 like it was yesterday. On this date, 1 year ago, I had my initiatives, operational plan and no ideas about what should I do… Then I spent almost all day for completing task list and then it started…1 new year started…year of unforgettable memories and crazy experience! I will never forget my first visit to my first expansion – Sumy. I was really nervous, coz maybe nobody will meet me and I will spend whole day in McDonalds with my computer; maybe they won’t like me and decided not to open AIESEC in their city; and dozens of others “maybe” in my head. I arrived any smiley guy met me at the bus station and … AIESEC in Sumy appeared on the map! =) First ever “additional LC Visit”. Something really new, exciting and WTF at the same time. Unbelievable memories and emotions after realization of it: work with EB, performance analyses, session for OCPs about team management, quest on LCM, great and talented people…Then few more such visits. Thousands kilometers of roads, hundreds hours in trains, dozens of amazing people, 12 cities in 2 months and only 1 year to do every crazy thing you have in your mind. Every morning you are waking up with words “Life is wonderful” in your head and ready to work and do things for your country! I’m really happy and glad, that ONE person gave me opportunity to spend past year in great and hilarious team, work together with strong, smart, creative and just awesome people! Believe me such experience has value more than the highest salary in the world, brighter than the biggest diamond, and faster than the Formula 1 car. People and experience, what AIESEC gives us… These people and that experience I will remember all my life and have in my heard forever.

LCD is the most invisible functional area. No hundreds of exchanges realized, no media appearances or application forms, but I really proud to name 2 the biggest achievements or maybe things I can name like that. =) 1) 3 new entities in Ukraine – Sumy, Chernivtsi and Zaporizhzhya. I’m super proud of 3 brave people, who took challenge and responsibility to create initiative group in their cities! Anton, Julia and Sasha, I’m really thankful, that I had opportunity to work with you!

2) Changed LC coaching system. It was really challenging idea, MC got more work and should spent more time for LC coaching, but results are really worth while! =) Also, I really happy to say, that first time in our history MC VP LCD has successor and it is really great to know, that somebody will do better things after you!

Paulina Kovalyova

“Becoming a member of AIESEC you don’t become a part of it, but AIESEC becomes a part of you.”

AIESEC is something more than an organization. AIESEC is a lifestyle. Becoming a member of AIESEC you don’t become a part of it, but AIESEC becomes a part of you. … and AIESEC has become a huge part of me this year. My MC term started in July and since then AIESEC has been penetrating me more and more. This is what AIESEC has given to me: Career. During my MC term I realized what I want to begin my career with. This is HR. HR is amazing. It is a challenging field to work in, but at the same time, it is a spacious field where one can try and assess the results. I guess, now I see my career path. Start-ups. Start-ups are my beginnings in Talent Management. This year a huge pile of things have been done in the direction: recruitment frameworks, educational system, TM model. These are the things I am proud of. For me it is essentially important to realize that I have implemented things myself, that I have a value. It is a basis of my future creations and gives me confidence. People People is what I value most of all. People are those who make us sad or happy. And people are those that create and make things develop and grow. My people are my MC team. During the year I was near them. I talked to them, spent spare and work time with them; together we discussed matters, asked and gave advice and shared our success. My MC team members are so different and so amazing. Every communication with each of them was a lesson for me.

Anna has shown me a way to take pleasure out of everything I do. Alisa has given a good example of perfect self-organization. Ira has given to me a deeper understanding of legality and financial issues. Nastya and Tanya have been my gurus of self-understanding and human harmony. Yulia has been a good example of professionalism in work. Dima has demonstrated perfect emotional intelligence and peace of mind. Liza is unique. She has shown me the way a human can be himself in any situation. My TM commission is a good example of people that strive and have faith. They have been so hardworking. They will reach the stars. Finally, the most important thong which AIESEC has given to me is my future family. Love AIESEC takes to its membership only like-minded people. Such people have same interests, goals and share same views. Once our organization recruited Eugeniy Storozhuk (now alumnus of AIESEC in Dnipropetrovsk). At New Horizons 2008 Zhenya and I met for the first time. At New Horizons 2009 we fell in love. During New Horizons 2010 we were in different countries, but kept on sending numerous letters to each other. At New Horizons 2011 we got engaged. …and now we are preparing for our wedding :) I am grateful to AIESEC for becoming a part of me. Its role in my life is the most important and brings me eternal happiness.

Talent Management is an AIESEC direction which has been modified most of all during this year. After IC all the process of work with members has been transformed. That is why this TM year is called transformation or breakthrough. Here is a short list of the milestones: 1. New Recruitment system has been invented and started to be implemented. Now recruitment has become constant with two strengthening waves in September and February. The work of all the recruitment processes is fully supported by high-quality and detailed documentation. In order to consolidate the new recruitment system operations and special tools have been developed and delivered to the LC level. 2. New Educational system has been worked out and started to be implemented. In order to be sure that members of AIESEC in Ukraine gain equal high-quality knowledge there has been created a special system. Now Local Educational Cycle is planned per project, but not per year (as it used to be). There have been invented common LC standards of trainings. LC members gain same education in a same period of time. 3. TM model implementation. As many processes in Talent Management have been modified there appeared a necessity to provide the LCs with theoretical basis of the TM working flow. For this now there is a model of TM work which includes: Recruitment, Education, TM in projects and TM in EB. 4. Strengthening of TtT This year a lot of strength has been given to the national trainers’ conference TtT. Now this conference is attended by international delegates and external professional trainers. TtT has become a brand and has its rules and standards to follow. 5. HR implementation HR management is a new tendency in AIESEC in Ukraine developed during the last quarter. From now on there is a strategy to implement it in the next AIESEC term. During its creation there was taken into consideration best case practice of companies which have strong HR systems. This year has been a real breakthrough for TM in AIESEC in Ukraine. Now its MoS is not only “# of M”, but “# of X RE”, since if people work well, the results in ICX and OGX grow steadily. We are striving for quality and professionalism. Thanks to VPs TM of AIESEC in Ukraine! PS Together we have recruited up to 1200 new people!

Tanya Voytsekhovskaya

“Every day I found another proof that AIESEC is outstanding community of outstanding people”

We always want to have everything planned and in order. In the January 2011 I was given the hard choice: from one side prospective job with super colleagues ever and from another side huge responsibility and unpredicted workload in my dear AIESEC. I chose AIESEC because I knew that in any role it gave me I was always jumping over my own head and always had a chance to have the impact. And this impact has a size of the whole world. I believe that AIESEC is a playground where students realize their ideas because they dream like children. And I know that I was right choosing AIESEC again. It was hard to change my mind back after the work in corporate sector. And I call it reintegration what happened to me at the start of my term. Every day I found another proof that AIESEC is outstanding community of outstanding people. Innovations in the direction, conferences, LC visits, work with commission and… lots of virtual work and almost absence of weekends. And you always have new ideas and desire to give more and do things better – no matter how hard it is. Because you do it with and for people which dream blindly about impact to the world. And there is always your initiative and decision to go on another meeting, attend another conference, start another project. Working in national committee all this time I knew I’m responsible for the network in Ukraine – people which inspired me since the first day in AIESEC and do that today. That’s the way new ideas born, innovations, any hardest work ever. I finish my term and I have a strange feeling that maybe there are still more opportunities for me in AIESEC. We will see if that’s true:) I wish all of you, dear AIESECers in Ukraine to realize you dreams and try your best always. We know that we have a key to impact the world:)

OGX Achievements This year was marked with innovations in OGX. After fast development of the area during previous terms we could easily see that the work during EP-recruitments was quite operational and predictable. Also the growth of the area could have a decline as it was using approximately the same tools and methods for a long time. From another side we needed to cover new markets and touch different segments of youth. OGX direction has two different programs – GCDP and GIP – and both of them need to be organized and positioned in different ways. That’s why several initiatives were implemented from national level and it’s a pleasure for me to see that each time we organize them we reach better results. Project-based recruitment – with this new approach we were able to set the clear timelines of work, add special features and goals and the most important is we were able to repeat them more than on traditional waves of recruitment. With projects it got easier to track the raising for close realization periods and set the special countries for recruitment which were more suiting for concrete period and program. The names and concept of projects made it easier for our potential participants to understand the goals and idea of a certain internship. From the organizational side it allowed to add people from different directions to the teams, choose OCPs with different backgrounds and split the big goals of the term into small project goals. Work with IT-pool – one of examples how we expanded our reach to new markets was the project Ping the World. With easy concept of focusing on future IT-specialists we had the strict timelines of preparation and also added a big event at the end of the project – the conference. It helped us to grow on 160% in raising in this segment and during 3 month we had new 21 EPs which were waiting for GIP internships in IT sphere. Work with future linguists – as one of the GIP opportunities is teaching English we ran the concept of Educate the World project. It helped us to focus on the pool on young specialists in linguistics and translation which always seek for a first working experience in Ukraine. During FebruaryApril we raised 33 EPs for the summer GIP program which needed to start internships this summer. Growth of GCDP during the year – as we introduced the project based recruitments in OGX we had also the projects for GCDP program: Bright Young Trainer and True Smiles. During the year we had several waves of the projects to support the constant growth in GCDP. The countries and timelines were changed according to realization peaks and the different concept of projects helped to focus on different expectations of people. Education of middle management – for two times we had the chance to gather our OCPs in Kyiv to educate them on projects.

From 5 people on first meeting we grew to 15 people on the second one. And it was first in the history of OGX when organized a special education for our OCPs. During these events we went through the whole cycle of work in the projects – from the planning and promotion to matching and realization of EPs. Also the education of OCPs was supported through online webinars once per week during the first months of their projects. It was a big joy to see how these people developed their projects in future and even continued their experience on the positions in EBs. Good luck to you, guys! And new waves which started this term in OGX are continued for the future term and will keep on giving good results and grow to the next stage of development. This year we reached growth in raising, growth in matching and growth in realizations. And moreover this year was marked with 19 amazing individuals which ran all these initiatives on local level and reached these amazing achievements. I love you guys!

Anna Soloid

“Success is not a secret, success is a principle”. It these words I found my biggest value of that experience I have behind.”

Once, on my way to one more meeting with NGO or partner, doesn’t not really matter now, I saw huge billboad with simple sentence, but since then it seems for me that deep understanding of my AIESEC is there, it that simple few words. It was said there: “Success is not a secret, success is a principle”. It these words I found my biggest value of that experience I have behind. I value attitude. In AIESEC I got to believe in destiny, I got to believe that if you have will, ability, courage and believe you will definitely rich your goal and that is your destiny. There is no secrets, there is no luck, there is no right contacts, there is only you and your attitude that will bring together everything else. I value people. AIESEC gave me firm believe that people – that is what differs good organization from bad, people is what differs happy fulfilled lives from empty and meaningless. I value integrity. Year in MC WaveMakers is the only needed evidence to prove that right people with right attitude can change history of organization, can change mindset of hundreds of people, can turn upside down everything that seemed so usual. I’m really grateful for every single moment in AIESEC surrounded with those amazing people, growing inside of me that kind of attitude, giving me that deep understanding that success is not a secret, success is a principle.

It is impossible to tell about 1 year on 1 page. Term 11-12 was definitely a year of fundamental change, process building, innovations implementation. It was а year of brave people, courageous actions, bold decisions, first blind steps towards something totally different. It was year of trust, unity, integraty of AIESEC in Ukraine. Only because of that we managed to achive a lot, about main points: National project management – first time after WWB 2009 we realized really national projects – with common timeline, description, content, brand, promotion and even national partners. We made changes in compendium, created national standards of projects, set diverse cooperations, started to sell projects nationally, created first reports about projects. We made huge HUGE step towards Quality National Projects of AIESEC in Ukraine! Quality Evaluation Tool – finally we started to measure not only quantity, but as well quality to be able to sustain equally in both. We figured out main points to develop and made such processes as preparation, reception, induction and integration on the same level of importance as raising and matching.

“” and “ProFFuture” – only in 1 year we created, developed, organized and realized 2 totally new projects!!! Their names appeared just a year ago in summer 2011 and now we have 2 relevant, interesting, brand new and potential projects to bring real growth to AIESEC in Ukraine in future! International Trainers Camps – we finally decided that we are the ones responsible for quality of our projects and level of interns preparation. First ever in AIESEC Ukraine history we made separate conferences for interns as combination of TtT and preparion seminars for separate projects. Interns of “” and “WWB” already had their ITC, hope more are coming! First campaign to support reception and integration of interns in LCs – “Interns are also MEMBERS” – held in autumn, this campaign united interns with their LC for much longer time, as well gave ICX direction a lot of valuable inputs and materials to use. And it was real tipping point, when interns started to be members and ever since this phrase is often used among EB members.

Cooperations with NGOs – this year we 10 times enlarged our capacity by one simple action – we opened ourselves for cooperation and conversation, we got to understand that only uniting our abilities we can grow more and more. We created “Green Rush” together with “Let’s Do It!” and won first ever grant nationally, we organized G20 summit and created united strategy of collaboration, we are in process of new project creation – “World Heritage” supporting UNESCO in their initiatives. We ARE growing! OCPs management – this year so many thing were done around quality of OCP experience and projects: separate OCP tracks and meetings for different projects, amazing platform of knowledge management – national OCP wiki, PM guide for every OCP to use, communication platforms for every project, templates and guidelines and many many other things to prove “It’s good to be, it’s good to be an OCP!”

Our true life-changers are the ones to bring brilliant future to AIESEC in Ukraine! PM.Co 2012 – first conference in project management since 2006, 25 delegates, 2 days full of knowledge and motivation. Definitely it was just a start of new successful page in conference cycle of our organization! So what we have in the end: 25% of growth in GCDP IC and 100% growth in GIP ET IC, 2 separate positions in MC 12-13: MC VP GCDP IC and MC VP Projects, 2 full commissions 12-13 of VPs GCDP IC and first time 16 people in AIESEC Ukraine with proud name «Vice-President of Project Management»; 4 people, who will spread powerful experience of ICX commission in network: in Slovakia, Slovenia, Bahrain and Ireland and 6 more to continue that huge contribution on local and national level in Ukraine! Proud to be part of amazing generation of WaveMakers!!!

Alisa Tykhonova

“Being in MC you reconsider your life goals, passions, values.”

Year in National Committee turned out to be a perfect AIESEC year for me: full of ups and downs, challenges and fun, achievements and failures, new friends and new discoveries… It was a spontaneous plunge out of my comfort zone. Crazy schedule: moving to other city, mastering totally new functional direction already on a position of MC VP, combining studies for Master’s Degree with a full-time position, different conferences or meetings almost each month… I definitely learnt a lot during these 12 months, a lot about leadership and strategies, about coaching and twenty-fourhour role-modeling, about world of big companies and big money, about online work and tons of emails to answer and skype-meetings to run… But some experience and gained skills can’t be included into my CV (such as cooking for 9 people or even more:) Sometimes living together with 9 people in one flat can be difficult. Especially endless line to shower in the morning or trying to find out who didn’t wash the dishes or who drank your yoghurt. But you learn to accept each other imperfections, separate working stuff from personal, be patient… and love each other no matter of what. It was one year long journey to self-discovery. Being in MC you reconsider your life goals, passions, values. You understand how important it is to feel committed and deeply believe in what you are doing every day. You feel enormous responsibility, which makes you spend sleepless nights working, use all your creativity and search for new approaches striving for better and better results. And of course, MC experience (as well as any other AIESEC experience) is all about your team. What can be better than to wake up in the morning and see 8 amazingly bright individuals, who understand you, support you and share your vision and ideas?

What can be more energizing than gathering in the kitchen for lunch or just for tea with cookies discussing some funny little things, laughing from stupid jokes that only 9 of you understand… If I had more than half of the page, I would describe you our team days in Zaporozhye, our first BoA meeting, celebration of our birthdays, all the fun I had with my dear room-mates Nastya and Tanya and many other memorable moments…

… I can swear that there was no single moment when I could regret my decision to be a part of this incredible team! I want to thank to my dear WaveMakers for an unforgettable year together and especially Dima for the courage to live with 8 girls and for his patience. I feel deep sincere gratitude to all AIESEC Ukraine, each person who believed in us. Being an MC member is not an easy, but very rewarding role. It rewards you with your personal growth, with impact that you make, with proud that you feel representing such an incredible organization!

It has been not an easy year for our small, but very friendly commission. We were fighting with our Ukrainian laws, solving difficulties with new and trying to change the mindset of companies’ directors and HR managers. So, let’s summarize achievements of the year. First ever separate Corporate ICX commission (Iegor, Olena, Olya, Anton and Sasha) was striving to build GIP TN sales culture and platform for next generations in the whole country. As a result we can see 7 LCs with elected VP GIP IC for the next term We raised 19 management and technical TNs and 12 educational TNs in companies (language schools) We realized 11 management TNs (in such companies as Terrasoft, Obi, Chudo-Tour, Ukrainian Marketing Group, Ukrorgsynthesis, M kvadrat, XADO-Technology, Jersi, Maxim) and 5 educational TNs in companies (Alter Ego, Learning Centre “ABC”, Globus, Sam) We organized corporate events and conferences (“International Business Opportunities” by LC Kyiv and “Global Business” by LC Lugansk) and we were presenting our exchange program at different business events (at “HRкав’ярня” by Olena Khomichak from LC Lviv, at IT-directors meeting and tour operators meeting by MC). We started to pay more attention to corporate communications: first published articles about internship program for companies, interviews with interns and TN-takers.

We started to pay more attention to corporate It was the first time we launched two rounds of national initiative Elite Sales Team. Both teams consisted of members from different LCs, which got advanced education in sales and went through very intensive sales period of 7 weeks! We run two Just Raise It Campaigns, and spring one became one of the most successful in the last few years! And result of Powerful ICX was 12 raised GIP TNs! Congratulations to Iegor Lyapkalo (Kyiv) – winner of Personal Excellence Award, Olya Vitkovska – elected LCP of kharkiv and Aleksander Buli (Mariupol) – best seller in Just Raise It Campaign!

Irina Prokofyeva

“I can tell for sure that this year was the most challenging year of my life and gave me the biggest lessons.”

It’s really hard for me to analyze this year without strange warm trembling inside. There is unusual and unexplained feeling deeply in my heart about leaving of my team from MC Flat and my staying there with new team. I still can’t understand that these people are leaving MC and new people, their successors, will sit on their places after 30th of June. I can tell for sure that this year was the most challenging year of my life and gave me the biggest lessons. I managed to overcome situations which I would never think I can overcome. It was sometimes difficult, hard and exciting, but I learned that I can. Moreover I learned that everyone can: people are able to do incredible things, and it doesn’t matter if they don’t know how, but it matters if they want to do it with all their hearts and passion. I learned that people are different, but they are all beautiful. Leaving with 8 people in 1 flat, having common sleepless working nights, eating at one table, crying and laughing together, having long conversations at night in the kitchen and crazy dances with or without music… these all moments showed me people’s hearts and minds, which were not perfect, but were the most precious. We liked different music and ate different food but we managed to be one family. I learned that it’s never too late. Never too late to do your job, to sing a song, to say “I’m sorry”, to accept your mistake, to dance AIESEC dance, to hug someone… And I learned that I love my team deeply with all my heart, that they gave me the most powerful lessons and examples, the loudest songs, the craziest ideas, the tastiest vegetarian food =), the funniest cooking, the stupidest )) videos and just the best year. I’m gonna miss it… Thank you, my MC team, my coach LCs, my lovely and forever first =) commission. You are the best and will always be the best.

After a year of intensive work and overcame challenges we can be proud of ourselves for trying to improve Finance direction in AIESEC Ukraine altogether. During this year 16 people out of 18 LCs and expansions believed with me that we can do a lot for a country as one team. We started a lot of new initiatives in term 2011-2012 in Finance, and I believe that they will be going on the next term as well. There are some most challenging and valuable initiatives that made the main contribution to the development of F-area this year: New Financial Model – from the beginning of the term we developed and implemented totally new Financial Model that helped us to overcome some financial difficulties that we used to have. It started a new era for AIESEC in Ukraine in terms of financial planning both on national and local levels. FinCo – for the first time in history of AIESEC in Ukraine we managed to organize 2 national conferences in Finance for AIESECers. We started a new tradition, contributed to Financial Culture of our entity and gave opportunity for about 20 people to get new knowledge in Finance from professionals and best speakers of the country. Finance Summit – this year we showed the importance of education in direction for people who work or want to work in Finance area in AIESEC. We held Summit for 20 people (VPs, Coordinators, OCs F and OCPs) in Kyiv and managed to have 2 days of increase of financial knowledge, sharing, getting new emotions and friends. I have a deep hope that this contributed to people’s understanding of direction and gave them additional motivation. National Statute – new Statute of National organization was developed and it’s ready for official registration. National Finance University – for the first time we had educational campaign in Finance direction. During 2 months VPs F gave deep and intensive education on Finance topics for EBs, Finance Teams and members. And we had the winner – LC Lugansk, who managed to achieve the biggest results in the campaign. Grant Yourself – after external education in grant management we held first campaign, in which MC played the role of Grant and gave money for the project, whose application form was the best. Congrats to LC Ternopil, who happened to be the best! One AIESEC, One Ukraine – historical initiative in legality has been started. We created financial policy for the organization, developed totally new organizational structure for AIESEC Ukraine and started all needed for registration juridical preparations. Initiative is going on and will be finished with the registration of all new entities. External law and accounting consultancy – we started to work with law company and external accountant to get more professional attitude to the processes of AIESEC Ukraine. This gave us more assurance in our acting and helped to improve situation with legality of CICX. I’m totally sure that these achievements will have their continuation in the nearest future and that Finance direction of AIESEC in Ukraine will be developing advancing to era of financially sustainable and legal processes of AIESEC.

Anastasia Klysakova

“Now there are not just friends or colleagues, they are my family.”

It’s hard to describe in several sentences the whole year of life. Probably, it’s one of the most interesting and difficult one. But I’ll try to make in a way that can be useful for everybody. Teacher is really important at every stage of our life. When you’re leading people and making changes in functional direction you final responsible in, you totally need mentor, coach or just really experienced person who can give feedback for your actions and decisions. This person will not decide or act instead of you but will help to see yourself from the side, to set priorities. I felt really lack of such a person and may be only in the end of the year find out several. In MC everybody is waiting consultancy from your side but you need such person as well. Team is really important. MC 11-12 WaveMakers. It’s unforgettable feeling of having a team where every person has different strong sides, and you really have to act together, but in synergy you can do much-much more. At the same time, it’s really brilliant opportunity to learn from each other, just being together 24 hours, 7 days a week. Moreover, not only working, having fun together, but living together, having joy and difficult moments together – it was really the thing that changed me as well a lot. Now there are not just friends or colleagues, they are my family. COMmission: VPs Comm. For me it was really important to create the atmosphere of “democracy” where every VP had opportunity to tell the word and change something, as well as be involved into work at national level, and this strategy really brought a lot to direction strengthening. These guys were really for me a “dose” of inspiration in work and life. Change is really important. We changed a lot and I feel how I and the team contributed to organization, and now it works the way we see it. It’s hard but needed skill for the whole life.

Balance is really important. First half of the year, I almost didn’t have weekends, working and working and working. After I graduated my university I felt easier but nevertheless I became just physically exhausted. That’s why several last months of MC term I tried to have some balance between work and life: see people, go to interesting places etc. It helped a lot to be even more efficient. Responsibility is really important. When you’re doing something and influences 1000 people in the organization, it is inspirational feeling but at the same time very frightening. as online applicant system for the whole country implemented; 1-st professional market research for AIESEC Ukraine realized. Research partner – iVOX Ukraine New national web-site (hosting, domen, structure, content, design). Local web-sites update start according to new national web-site; Company “Prodigi” as marketing strategy partner for next year raised, start of marketing strategy development launched; Web-sites for national ER products launched:,; Web-sites for OGX projects launched –,; Data base of EP interviews (around 30), video and OGX visualization created; Total amount of application forms (national projects) 11-12 – 9562 application forms: Power of Three OGX online campaign: 722 application forms; Educate the World GIP (ET) OG project: 362 application forms; GIP IC (next year GCDP IC) project: 800 application forms; Bright Young Trainer GCDP OGX project: around 3000 application forms; True Smiles GCDP OGX project: around 700 application forms; Ping the World GIP (IT) OGX project: 442 application forms; 3536 application forms for Autumn and Spring Recruitment with realization of goals members about 93-94 %. Logotypes and visual guidelines of national projects updating; Printing marketing materials for LCs for national projects; Internal brand standards of AIESEC UA updated and implemented; Total number of subscribers in national Social Media accounts: - Vkontakte - 1390 - Facebook - 3475 - Twitter - 3275 - YouTube - 50 - LinkedIn - 222 - # visits - 182 189; - # of visits - 122 250;

Understanding that everything you do influence people makes you be more accurate, responsible and keep promises. There are hundreds words and feelings more about this year. I’m really happy to have this term 11-12 as it is, the best outcome will be people whom I met and want to be with during my life.

Yulya Vasiliv

“I do believe that “Thank YOU” is one of the most powerful and important words in the world.”

MC term was something completely new for me. I could keep telling how great it is to become MC member and spend 1 year on the national level. Because that’s what most people think about MC. Yes, it’s true. But except these things there are some other hidden sides of the coin. What’s that? It’s huge amount of work that you are doing constantly and you still have what to do. And at the same time you have to take to consideration that you have only 1 year for EVERYTHING and feel great “money” pressure in terms of raising and well-being of MC team! It’s all the time coming out of your comfort zone – with new people, partners, your home mates It’s 8 different people with you almost 24 hours per day and even more people during different OCPMs, conferences, NST-MC days… It’s cleaning the flat that still is not perfect even after cleaning and is for sure not perfect after 2 day from cleaning… can be named as Obshchaga =)) It’s constant process of discovering yourself, all the time and all the time from another side. And sometimes you ask yourself “For what all that?” looking for some logical answer. There is love to the organization that gave you a lot but is still youth organization and too young to be 100% perfect even after more than 60 years working in the world and almost 20 years in Ukraine. There are people who are so important part of your life that keep you motivated and inspired to move forward. But you know, after 4 year in @ I do believe that the biggest impact AIESEC still generates not outside BUT inside the organization – on its members and it’s that powerful tool that we have and that “-“ that keeps us aside from lots of important things… Yes, there are ups and downs, happy and unhappy moments, hard and powerful … And besides all that is belief in something great that you can do on your own or together in a team.

MC term made me stronger, cleverer, older and more realistic… It gave me lots of memories and lots of experience. It was a needed step in my life that showed me second side of the coin and gave clear understanding of what I actually want. I do believe that “Thank YOU” is one of the most powerful and important words in the world. And what is great in AIESEC it’s the fact that people here often use this word. Especially after 4 years in AIESEC you have a huge list of people whom to say it. But if taking to consideration my MC term and only it….so… For sure - My MC team, thank you for each and every moment spent with you that made me whom I am now.

It was worth it. And especial thanks to my roommate Anya and for OUR incredible talks in OUR lovely room =)) My coach LC and EB team, it was really interesting to work with you during the year. Now I know Donetsk really good. Your EB made a lot of work and put lots of efforts. Nevertheless I do know that you could do much more. At the same time I believe that 1 year of your term was a great lesson for you and will help you in the future

And for NEW EB I wish just to transform your LC spirit of the BEST LC into real results and actions. My ER commission… Ah, I’ll always remember our first and at the same time last SprinCo, our warm and full of happiness Autumn conference… Yes, you made my year special! I learned from you a lot… And I regret that not all people came to the finish of the year from our team. Good luck, guys, because each of you is a great individual! And finally big thank you to my successors for being so ready to raise, develop and achieve – brave guys who will continues “financial battle” of MC and cooperation with companies. Be strong and believe in spite of anything! Fingers crossed! I always consider ER direction as one of the most difficult. Especially on the national level where you MUST raise because on that depends the well-being of the whole team. So… what I count to ER achievements this year: SellCo tradition renewal – this year we managed to organize 2 SellCo+FinCo conferences that made an important input to perception of sales in the country and my successors will continue it. Also this conference is great in terms of attracting alumni as speakers and integrating them into knowledge management process of organization DTEK as national partner of Act.In.UA - it gave the country so needed experience in project management and showed process of work with national partners in project and after it. It gave understanding of the whole servicing process and promises delivery. And now I have the knowledge about national partner raising for such projects that is transmitted to new MC. 3 products realized: Youth&Business with 6 companies participated, 300 participants and new concept based on concrete relevant to society themes with business cases and panel discussion. Talents Fair that is like a business card of AIESEC though demands improvement in terms of concept and number of participants Future conference that gave AIESECers another perspective to think about their next steps together with representatives of 8 companies (P&G, Mars, Kraft, Foods, InBev, other)

and alumni of AIESEC (Maksym Nemesh, Vitaliy Kupchak, Dmytro Baikalov). The concept of the conference was based on internal analyze of yourself and ovewview of external oportunities Me as MC VP ER and VP ERs of LC managed to raise 412 500 UAH (money from LC counted from 2 JRICs). And if take to consideration the whole year in LCs, not only JRIC periods, this sum can reach half a million! Keep rocking

NewsWave_Final Newsletter  

Final Newsletter in 11-12 term, AIESEC in Ukraine

NewsWave_Final Newsletter  

Final Newsletter in 11-12 term, AIESEC in Ukraine