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BOSS Talks Hey AIESEC Ukraine!!! Have such feeling that we’ve just started our term. But actually first quarter already passed... Time is really short in AIESEC. That's why we need to use it as effective as we can and, of course, enjoy it ;) One more time want to say thank you for amazing AutCo - for great time during commissions, unforgettable LEAD, crazy roll-calls and dances, Global Village performances. Sure that now you as much as we full of energy and ready to make your next quarter in AIESEC much more successful! And what is waiting for us now??? Recruitment, recruitment and one more time recruitment! This is thing which should be in our minds now. New generation of AIESECers is already knocking our doors. And it depends on us - how successful will this generation be. So let's go, AIESEC in Ukraine! The most important time of the year is now!

Congratulations From LC Kiev: thanks for Nataliya Chehel (LC Kyiv) for good job and inspiration  LC Kiev congrats itself with winning in Power of Three campaign 

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Someone has told me once that AutCo was going to be a “family” conference. I couldn’t understand why and how it can be possible. We are hosting this conference, we have a lot of things to do before and during the conference. How can we feel this “family” spirit But somehow we managed to do it. Together with the whole AIESEC Ukraine we created the atmosphere of a huge and strong family. We made it by shouting, dancing, singing, walking under the Crimean night sky near the Black sea, spending each day as a new but common for all of us life. It was all about *Friendship, Love* and *Unity*. I have never had such strong feeling of huge love to all people around. My LC, my EB team, my Communication Commission, My AIESEC Ukraine. Thank you all for being in my life, for all bright moments we had and will have together. Special thanks for my COMMission. Thank you for your smiles, warmth and for the love I could see in your eyes. Thanks to our MC and NST Communication team for your recognition, for constant support, for the work you’ve done and for the unity of our Comm Team. I appreciate it so much and I’m so happy to be a part of such awesome team! Thanks to all of my dearest friends – from my LC and from other cities.Thank you for our talks, for night time near the sea, for songs and dances, for funny jokes and shouts. This conference was one of the most important for me and my local committee. It showed how we can work as one Bee team, always combining both values: striving for excellence and enjoying participation. P.S. It's hard to say thank you or it's hard to show the Love but "Love is so precious so give it all, all you can". Anastasiya Ganenko

Main news from External Relations! So…….. National projects receive National partners!

Act.In.UA will be supported by DTeК! Just Raise IT campaign! Challenging? Curious? )) Hah! Just Do IT! p.s. Look forward to count TNs and money raised 

Be Better! Be ER! And special THANKS to ER Commissions!!! Love You, guys =)

Good financial day to you! AutCo 2011 Finance Makers proved that they can sing and introduced their own Commission Song! Congratulations with the debut!Also for the first time of AIESEC in Ukraine Finance Commission had external speaker! A lot of thanks to Serhiy Shakhov for being present and for sharing his knowledge with us!

Formula!!! Thanks to our dear ER Commission for the great synergy and good results! We keep on “synergying” and achieving common goals! Pricing for ER products in LC is developed. Guide will be published soon, so stay tuned.

One AIESEC, one Ukraine! Congratulations! AIESEC in Ukraine makes huge steps towards legality! New initiative is launched to make AIESEC one organization which works according to Ukrainian law! Till New Year we hope to be one organization and to be present in 24 districts!

Campaigns: “National Finance University” Campaign has started! Dates: 1.10.2011 – 1.12.2011 VPs Finance should give financial education for their LCs and make a video of it. The best Finance Trainer will receive AWARD! What kind of? Stay tuned!

“Grant yourself” National Campaign! Dates: 1.10.2011 – 30.11.2011

Fill in Grant Application Fond of “Generous MC Fund” and get 2500 UAH for your project!

OGX in September! This month we had several cool events in Ukraine!

Power of Three competition was tough and full of efforts and the winner is LC KYIV!!! Now the time is to choose the international conference and a delegate from Kyiv to attend it! The opportunities are Hungary, Poland, Russia and many others!

The winner of Golden Week in Power of Three became LC

which raised 4 EP forms and matched 1 EP – LC LUGANSK!!! The book written by CEO Procter & Gamble is waiting for you, guys! Special thanks to all OGX Commission, all VPs, Coordinators, OCPs

who attended Autumn Conference2011 – we are truly big crew! And big round of applause to Vika Lezhenko and her working group who developed and launched first OGX

Projects in

Ukraine – True Smiles and Bright Young Trainer!!! Let’s make step up in our achievements!

ТМ – людей наберем! ТМ! Нема людини – нема проблем! TM team is feeling well, TM – welcome to the hell! TM & Unity, Darth Vader and Opportunity! Who is the Boss? Human Resource! If LCP dies then TM arrives! We came to hire, we will fire! Recruitment is finishing – 1 week is left. It is high time to strain ourselves in order to reach the goals. Make promo events, gather the application forms and give our youth the opportunity to be leaders! Programme Based Recruitment and the new project flow are something new, something AIESEC has never tried. It is risky to make the step to the unknown, but each time we face the fear, we gain strength, courage and confidence in the doing. So, let’s just do it! Find the supportive materials with THE LINK


Non-corporate ICX First quarter of ICX work in AIESEC Ukraine 11-12 term has finished with great results: We overachieved our plans for 10 TNs, realized together 235 DT+ET TNs, which is 30% more then last year, we started preparation to first ever edition of project, we established new and great country partnerships, we are working hard and we are ready to bring more and more cool and outstanding results!

Tanya Pershina – VP ICX on top of the WAVE of Q3!

Tanya proved that impossible is nothing, she made her LC grow from 0 RE in ICX last year to 22 RE this year, she showed real hospitality and example of Ukrainian warm reception and she is the one to ensure healthiest ICX processes in AIESEC Ukraine! Congratulations, Tanya! AIESEC Ukraine! Be proud of your HEROES!

ICX updates: • •

From 1st of October – “interns are also members” campaign – take care of your interns, educate, integrate and develop them, show synergy of ICX and TM work and become the winner of unique campaign of AIESEC in Ukraine! 20-22nd of October – International Trainers Camp in Sevastopol! – send your interns to get ready for great XP in Ukraine and make everything possible for them!

Corporate ICX  AutCo was the 2nd national conference in @UA history with separate track for CICX commission! Thank you, Kyiv, Donetsk, Lugansk and Mariupol for being there!  AIESEC Kyiv realized 1 MT TN!  LCs are selecting team leaders for CICX projects to allocate newbies after Autumn Recruitment: already 10 LCs are planning to have CICX teams! MC VP CICX is announcing special internal competition for all AIESEC members! 3 first people who will raise GIP (management or technical) TN will have special prize:

Free seat at the Coffeenar!

LC Kharkiv, Lviv and Lugansk are leading! Don’t you care about your alumni?

Remember about the prize for WINNER on New Horizons Gala Night! Visit THE WIKI!

Just Raise It Campaign has started! This year Just Raise It Campaign is bringing totally new waves to our country! First time in history of AIESEC Ukraine JRIC is run together with AIESEC Poland! -


Wanna know your partner LC from Poland? Hurry up to see THE WIKI and arrange a skype-meeting with your neighbor colleagues! 3 winner LCs from Ukraine will get the chance to send their LC VP to Poland for CEED and host Polish LC VP!

Communications Communicators were actively involved in all synergies at AutCo! Also we have now the Communications wiki! All outputs from conferences, all needed documents you can find HERE: We also had great work done in Recruitment, DT projects promo development, promo strategy. Well done! A-a-and we’ll continue 6.10.11 at Communication Strategic Meeting! After that 7-th of October the most active part of Communication Commission will take part in European PR Congress in Kiev!

These luckiest guys are: Ruslan Korniuchuk Anna Vodopianova Yulia Nesteruk Yulia Zhirova Vitya Kolenkorov Roma Dovgoshiya Nastya Ganenko German Kachkin Igor Mityushev

Congrats: The medal of Legendary VP Communications was given to Anastasiya Ganenko! Congratulations!!! The winner of Beautify wiki campaign — Ruslan Korniuchuk, LC Dnipro The winner of Power of Three Campaign — LC Kyiv. Congrats to Yulia Zhirova who showed the best synergy with OGX & TM this summer!

LCD News We are growing! Number of entities is one of the organizational goals, which you could check in by creating report about country’s results. Last few years Ukraine was only one country in TOP 10, who didn’t grow in terms of number of entities. This year September was really “productive” in terms of this goal realization. Now we can proudly say that we are having 18 entities in the country! 3 new cities got status of AIESEC Initiative Group – Sumy, Khmelnitskiy and Chernivtsi – students from these cities took responsibility to open and lead AIESEC chapters. It was a big pleasure to hear new AIESEC shout and meet LCP of Chernivtsi - Julia Syrotyuk at Autumn Conference in Evpatoria; to meet and hear gossips about LCP of Sumy – Anton Popov during the LCC in Kharkiv; to know that at the first presentation in Khmelnitsky were present 58 people. And this is only beginning! Till June 2012 we are planning to have 19 entities, so one more is still missing. So, we want to give you opportunity to contribute in this growth and country development…Do you want to be Expansion manager? Stay tuned and then become a part of speed growth network of AIESEC in Ukraine!


Newsletter #3 AIESEC Ukraine Milky Way  
Newsletter #3 AIESEC Ukraine Milky Way  

The third AIESEC in Ukraine Newsletter