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November 2016 Growth Mindset in PreSchool Exercising a Growth Mindset in preschool helps students expand their problem solving skills, build resilience, and develop a sense of who they are and what they can do now, and in the future. Developing a Growth Mindset helps students embrace challenges and understand that making mistakes is part of learning. When students make a mistake they can be taught to use it as a way to “grown their brain” and learn.

In Mrs. Barry’s preschool class, students and teachers use the “Can Can” to emphasis the importance of the positive language used in class. Students are able to put in a “warm fuzzy” if they use positive language or turn their statements into a positive experience. For example, a student may say, “I can’t zip my coat YET” instead of “I can’t do it” or “I will be able to write my name some day” instead of “I’ll never be able to write my name.” Children also practice using positive self-talk and thinking of things they can do and others they can’t do YET in order for them to feel comfortable using this kind of language.

Adult modeling and encouraging positive language use is essential in developing a Growth Mindset. The power of the word “YET” is limitless. For example, I can’t tie my shoes, YET. I can’t read, YET.  Using the word “Yet” sends a message to keep trying and that children will eventually be able to succeed at something they currently find difficult.  

Mrs. Barry and her assistant teachers, Mrs. Rosenberg and Mrs. Donovan, model talking about times when they faced challenges, such as riding a bike, and had to work really hard to overcome them. This teaching team believes it is important for students to hear about times their teachers faced challenges and demonstrated resiliency. Lastly, these teachers send the message that making mistakes is okay and in fact helps “grow their brains!”  This helps students to  understand that grown-ups makes mistakes too, and that we can learn from them and keep going.

Adults can help by telling stories and talking about obstacles that they have faced and overcome. This helps students to know that everyone faces challenges and can overcome them.

Natick PreSchool Opens Satellite Classroom at Brown School Natick PreSchool has a new classroom housed at Brown School! The PreSchool is excited to partner with Brown School Principal Kirk Downing and staff in providing the same excellence in educational programming that families have become accustomed to at Natick PreSchool. Teachers Susan Earner and Michele Fernandes are piloting this satellite classroom and have expressed enthusiasm about pioneering their work with preschool-age students in the elementary school setting. All of Mrs. Earner’s and Mrs. Fernandes’ students will be Brown School kindergarteners next year!


APPLY FOR ENROLLMENT TO THE NATICK PRESCHOOL! The Natick PreSchool program continues to thrive as evidenced by eager families calling to ask about admission. Children must be three years old by August 31st of the year they will begin preschool in order to apply for enrollment. Enrollment requests are taken beginning November 1 and a lottery will be held by February 1.  Visit the Natick PreSchool website for timely information:


2016 Natick Schools Annual Newsletter  

Natick Public Schools Annual Newsletter Published in November 2016

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