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Nathan Lee

portfolio project: december 13, 2016

Bus Stop


Description Anyone can throw two vertical sides and a horizontal top together to make a bus stop; in contrast, this bus stop is designed with form and function handin-hand—its function inspiring its form, and its form inspiring its function. The curving glass architecture leads pedestrians into the seating area and out to the approaching bus, creating a natural flow of traffic that allows for efficient transit boarding, all without the need for unattractive lines on the sidewalk. In the belly of the bus stop is the arced seating area that subtly encourages interaction without being too overbearing, and the front glass panel wards off the elements and shows a clear view of the street. The sweeping roof provides shade during sunny days, but also lets in natural light through transparent hatches during daytime and projects artificial light during nighttime. Finally, low-level path lights illuminate the way into and out of the bus stop to provide clear direction after the sun has set.

3 Technical Drawings A front



24” 560”


side 208” 208”


28” 583”


4 techNicaL drawiNgs B isometric

glass roof hatches

concrete roof

steel supports 134”

white accent lights glass window panels

concrete foundation stainless steel railing & seating




Renderings with Light Natural and artificial lighting is strongly featured in this design. The first and second perspectives illustrate the illuminated path into and out of the bus stop respectively, while the third perspective highlights the glass hatches through the roof for natural light and the warm ceiling lamps for artificial light.

1 2


Realistic Daytime Rendering

46 massachusetts ave. cambridge ma


[Rhino 3D Design + Photoshop] Portfolio Project: Bus Stop  

MIT 4.500 (Introduction to Design Computing): Final Portfolio Project

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