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Nathan Thomas Dean – - 07982803180

CURRICULUM VITAE Nathan. T. Dean Contact Details: Email: Mobile Number: 07982803180 LinkedIn Account: Home Address: 25 West Street Barnetby-le-Wold DN38 6JP

About At my core I am a writer, having written in many formats from short film to feature length, as well as radio and web comic. As well as directing and writing these endeavours, I also have skills within the Design field, capable of using Photoshop, InDesign and other Adobe Products for the purpose of delivering ideas in a simplistic, direct form.

Media Experience Freelancing - My LinkedIn shows some of my latest endeavours working with professionals and peers on various writing and transmedial projects. Though I enjoy the Freelance field, I find the security and structuring of a company opens doors that freelancing just cannot offer. - I have worked with people such as Darren Scales of Backyard Productions on writing endeavours with him, as well as working with various peers within the university creating projects for both festivals and internal University work. - See below for a full list of credits. Working with Andy Jordan - I briefly worked with Andy Jordan, a lecturer of Radio at the University of Lincoln and creator of content for companies such as BBC Radio 4, in his Drama Seminars. During this time I helped him record students in the audio suites and multitrack studios the University has to offer; I acted as his Production Assistant. - As well as developing my skills on the audio deck, I also learnt much of his practices in the radio industry, including his time at BBC Radio 4 and his own company Andy Jordan Productions. I learnt that I could use the studio space much as you would a multicamera studio, where cameras and microphones are interchanged, and how to construct a radio script. His insight into this area of the industry has been invaluable to me, and I thoroughly enjoyed my time working with him with the students.

Nathan Thomas Dean – - 07982803180

Youtube - Since the advent of youtube, the idea of the prosumer has really come into focus. I was one such individual who tried to utilise youtube as a vent for my creativity - I vlogged and created a short experimental series on youtube. My vlogs were mostly on topics of interest or showing my filming exploits for other projects at the time, but it taught me how to deal with self-set deadlines, camera work and editing skills. - The short experimental series was a semi-apocalyptic, abstract piece around a character called The Freak created by a friend of mine. This taught me how to deal with no budget, a small team framework and very short time scales (anywhere from a week to a day for completion).

Credits Screenwriting (Short Films and Series) Inmates [2009/10 approx.] Stormchasers [2010] Things Grow Slower [2010] Eat Secrets [2010] The Quiet Life [2010] My Name is Vince [2011] Darren Flatt [2011-12] The Moriarty Club [2011-13] - Television Series Treatment Project: Fold [2012] - Initial episodes for an interactive series concept Emit [2012] - Entered into the Nick Darke Award The Initials Trilogy [2012] Snowbird [2012] & Invent Yourself [2013] - Both commissioned for Final Year University Projects Time Lord: The Orange King [2013] – For the Ritz Cinema Doctor Who Shorts Event. I wrote the script and helped out as crew on set. I also recorded the behind the scenes.

Screenwriting (Feature Lengths) Why Is Love Always Pink (I only Remember it as Red) [2010] Hats and Cats [2013] – A scene of which was shown as the Lincoln University Degree Show Project: Starlight [2013] - Concept Writer, details yet to be announced to public Backyard Production Project(s) [2013] – Writing various concept folders and full feature lengths for the company which at this stage cannot be disclosed.

Screenwriter (Audio) A Writer and His Agent in Old London Town [2010] - Co-written with Scott Pashley Providence [2011-12] - Co-written with Samuel Clarke with creative guidance by Andy Jordan Doldrums [2013] - From an original concept by Myles Curwen with guidance by Andy Jordan Director All Walks of Life and Music [2010] - Documentary (also filmed, edited, all roles were between myself and Abigail Johnston)

Eat Secrets [2011] - Adaption of my Short Film script of the same name into an experimental soundscape, co-created with Luke Sherrell In Vitro [2011] - Documentary about a local art gallery

Nathan Thomas Dean – - 07982803180

Darren Flatt [2012] - Short Film, though undistributed Producer All Walks of Life and Music [2012] - Documentary Eat Secrets [2011] - Experimental Soundscape Adaptation In Vitro [2011] - Documentary Darren Flatt [2012] - Short Film, though undistributed Other Writing White Wash Imagining [2009 approx.] - Stage Play Nunatsiavut [2010-12] - Novel 100 Theme Challenge [2010-12] - 102 individual poems based on set themes Wordsmithery [2012-13] - Ongoing fantasy world project Smoking Gun [2012-13] - Web Comic Co-written with Samuel Mant Tessellation [2013] - Fantasy card game, concepted with Samuel Mant and Christopher Mudd ready for Kickstater

Work History Oxfam Bookshop – 2009 - 2010 – Volunteer - I helped organise the shop as other volunteers would, and gained an understanding of customer-service relationship through the nature of the work. By working one and one with many of the customers in finding what they need/want, it helped me understand how to converse with customers without being patronising or overbearing. - I also learnt much as to how Oxfam advertises itself and integrates itself into other circles outside of bookshops (etc). This sparked my interest in companies branching out to help projects come alive, where one form of communication (shop, advert, CD) is not enough; a multimedia engine is required to really push some projects forward. Chapterhouse Theatre Company - 2012 - Office Assistant - Chapterhouse Theatre Company perform outdoor theatre at various prestigious and historically significant locations, such as Nettleham Hall or Chatsworth House. - My role with the company was to ring these venues to inquire into payment for the shows and to aid the finance department in its organisation of ticket sales and profits. By keeping all departments up to date, Chapterhouse was able to determine which venues were successful and how the tours were going as a whole - Alongside this primary role, I also helped organise props and aided any other departments as they required aid. I also helped venues who rang us with queries into the tours that Chapterhouse Provided

Nathan Thomas Dean – - 07982803180

Qualifications Brigg Sixth Form College Sept 2008 - 2010

A-levels Media Studies - A English Literature – A Biology – C AS Levels Theatre Studies - A Psychology – C

University of Lincoln st

1 Sept 2010 – 1st June 2012

BA (Hons) Media Production, Upper 2:1 Honours

Please inquire for references of any of the companies or individuals I have worked with.

Nathan. T. Dean - C.V.  

I am a freelance writer with a Upper 2:1 Honours (BA) Hons in Media Production, specalising in scriptwriting. I am currently looking for any...

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