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Your Money

by The Doomsday Profit

Beware the phishermen, if you live in the states, and the mal  ware people, if you're going to Europe. Also, avoiding contact with for eigners has never been harder. Make friends with a foreign business person. The relation  ship might do you good!

A poem The Lightest Touch is A song I like to listen When I think big!

Issue for 2009 Aug 27th FREE  TAKE ONE TODAY! TROPICAL STORM DANNY ON WARPATH by Matt Viktor Teoh

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ATLANTICThe National Hurricane Center yesterday declared a section of ocean real es  Speed Freek tate north of Puerto Rico "Tropical Storm Danny", skipping the tropical depression desig  Lightest Touch (Remix) nation, apparently because Dannyboy happens to be very naughty with his tantrums. (Original by Allende) Danny is scheduled to cross the tropic of cancer in a matter of days, and may hit the north eastern seaboard with Category 1 intensity just as beachgoers prepare to enjoy the surf. This is a bane to the tourism industry in New England, but it's a boon to those of us in the Midwest, especially to Michigan, because those beachgoers can just come here and surf in Allende Lightest Touch (Original) our, er, small waves! Of course, if Danny causes damage, let's hope his mother, Nature, gives him a sound spank on his cloudy rear end!

Ngawang Samphel

Phishmongers Turn To Malware

by Fat Cabbage (facai)

Melodic Solace

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INTERNETScam artists traditionally chose to send postal junk mail and collect credit card numbers of unwitting victims in exchange for bilgewater books, but once the internet took off, they switched over to email, then spam, then phishing attacks, AND NOW MALWARE?!?!?! It appears so, says Jacquei Cheng of Ars Technica, the internet's premium source of tech and IT information and news. The writer reports that in Europe, phishing attacks have gone down thus far in 2009, while malware attacks have actually GONE UP! This is bad news for the Europeans, of course, be cause while they don't get so many annoying emails anymore, they now are in danger of having their private information stolen off their computers! Of course, this just all begs the question: Whose side are you on: hackers' or hikers'? The Hacker VS Hiker issue is simple: Hackers love to invade and destroy (much like the US Military... odd, I still don't see a US Hacker Army yet...), whereas Hikers love their sur roundings and LEAVE NO TRACE! So all it boils down to is: Are you a jerk, or are you normal, give or take a few pills? I'm a hiker. What about you? Security Firm SS8 Sets Up Shop In Dubai

by The Doomsday Profit

DUBAISecurity firm SS8's recent acquisition of cellphone software provider OCI Mobile has allowed it to take control of and expand its profitability and market share in the Dubai City area as well as much of the Middle East, reports an SS8 press release. This is a boon for internet and cellphone security workers, as it is a safety improvement for us all. It is a well known fact that terrorists come from just about anywhere in the world and follow any ideology or dogma, but recently quite a number have been coming from the Mid East. So it should be not bother to those of us in Great Satanic countries that the Middle Eastern  ers have offered to tell us if and when we'll be attacked, and thus allow us (or our govern  ments, whom we entrust with our safety) to prepare for self defense in case of an attack. Good work SS8! And good work in the future when the next attack is thwarted! Book Review: The Hero With A Thousand Faces

by "the Big Dragon who's about to eat you! AAAAAHH!!!"

LIBRARYJoseph Campbell's The Hero With A Thousand Faces, while an old work, is a classic in literature, anthropology, and economics, because it discusses the relevance myths play in our society (especially in the corner office and the boardroom). The book talks about the journey of the hero: His Calling, his Departure, his Tests, and his Return. It deals with issues we'd find in everyday life, if only we could see beyond the veil of the illusion that we've spun around ourselves and blinded ourselves to reality with. I give Joseph Campbell's book FIVE STARS and a N8R8 of 111! Works Cited Cheng, Jacquei. "Phishers cut bait", (26 Aug 2009) Ars Technica Editor, "Tropical Storm Danny Due to Hit Over Weekend", (26 Aug 2009) English Press Release, "SS8 Enhances Portfolio", (4 Feb 2009) SS8 Press Room, 26 Aug 2009 Campbell, Joseph. The Hero With A Thousand Faces. Fontana Press, 1993.

Do unto others what you would have them do unto you.

Cyborg Jeff

A War Without Weapons ModArchive Community

I Ching Forecast

compiled by Fat Cabbage (facai)

Keep still. Do not change any plans today, or you will encounter trouble. The wise man goes into his courtyard and meditates. He sees not his people. Meditate on your strengths and opportunities. Avoid dwell  ing on your weaknesses and threats. DO A SWOT ANALYSIS!

Nathan's Newspapers Issue for 2009 August 27th  

my very eighth issue of my very own newspaper! contains: 1. computer news 2. iching forecast 3. music playlist 4. tropical storm dannyboy 5...