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NATHAN'S NEWSPAPERS Issue for 2009 August 26th

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Short Story

by Big Dragon Chang

A boy and a fishmonger lived together in the same slum. The fishmonger needed a companion, so he hired the boy. He taught him the trade and employed the boy in selling fish. Soon they got so much capital that they expanded into real es tate. The boy, now a man, purchased a series of apartments and used the profits to pay for the old fishmonger's funeral proces sion. Afterwards, following the fishmon ger's request, he took over the business. Then one day a typhoon hit his land. He lost all his money when his apartments crumbled and the fish rotted. The man went back to the slums and re  started as a fishmonger. He then made enough capital to reinvest in real estate. He bought a bunch of skyscrapers and made a lot of cash. But he realized that people back home were starving, so he took the cash and reinvested it in the slums where he grew up.

NathanZhang1987 (AIM, GTalk) + @ymail (Y!M) + @aim (ICQ) + (MSN) Nathan.Zhang + @ (email) Postal Address: 4629 Walden Drive, Troy, MI 48098, USA, Earth

GREECEThe wildfires that have been raging through Greece in the past few days MUSIC PLAYLIST have caused many a citizen to encounter the agesold response to the possibility of be coming toast: Flight or Fight. Allende (A98) But for some Grecians, the only option is to FIGHT! Such as the nuns in one monastery near the heat of the blaze, who took broomsticks Indium and habits, ran out into the blaze, and whacked the flames hard, sending the fires pack MySpace Audio Player ing back into the woods. Only a heroic madwoman, or a religious person who loves their God deeply and sin cerely, would do something like that! Ngawang Samphel Lesson in point: If you love your deity with all your heart, be prepared to lay down We All Free your life for her/him! Nokia Plans Netbook Release, Windows 7 OS

DIY projects are usually more ful  filling than buying the finished product whole, but remember that the industrial producer has more ex pertise and can save both cost and ecosystem when creating his product. So the next time you want a custom netbook computer, get a professional to custom build the netbook for you, rather than doing it yourself. Mother Nature will find ways to thank you for it!


by The Zhangster

MySpace Audio Player tibetanresonance

INTERNETThe Finnish cellphone maker Nokia (whose product the 5310 Lyd Parken XpressMusic I happily possess and use regularly to play technotrance music...) re Out of the Blue (Remix) leased details of its new netbook recently. The Nokia Booklet 3G will be less than an (Original by System F ) inch thick, have a betterthanHD screen resolution (for such as small screen!), pos  CTG Music Community sibly run on Intel's Pine Trail chip, and definitely will run Windows 7 instead of the Debianbased Maemo system the company has put a lot of effort into developing... But if it is DEBIANbased, I'd rather go with Windows! I hear 7 is going to rock the in dustry, or so says a fellow patron at the Troy Public Library who has an RC of the MS Speed Freek ware. I haven't tested it yet, but it sound like lots fun. Maybe some issue of Nathan's Lightest Touch (Remix) Newspaper will be compiled on it余 who knows? (Original by Allende) The future belongs to those who believe in the power of their dreams. I know Bill Mikseri Community Gates certainly does. So do I. But do you??? Worldwide Demand for Plastic Falls as Purses Tighten

by Nathan Guannan Zhang

MARKETSThe global demand for credit and debit cards has fallen slightly since the 200809 financial crisis began, reports several financial and economic sources. People have been buying less and using cash more, apparently because of several factors, in cluding credit card companies' canceling accounts in good standing or which don't get used often, and frugal shoppers deciding to live within their own means. This is good news for the average consumer. It's high time we lived within our own means and stopped getting ourselves into deep debt. If you let the card own you, you become its slave余 its tool. If you believe you own the card, it is your tool. Plastic comes with it great power. And just as Spiderman's uncle (or was it father?) once said, "With great power comes great responsibility..." Just think of all the impoverished people who have no access to capital, let alone a piece of plastic. Now you know what great power you have! Use it responsibly! Book Review: The End of Poverty

Jeffery Sachs' The End of Poverty is a good book, maybe not so great for me (too much statistics), but for people studying developmental economics, it is an excellent read. Jeffery Sachs goes into great detail to explain the causes of global poverty and the ne cessary steps and resources to be used to fight poverty and eliminate it by the UN Mil lennium Goals deadline of 2050. Eliminating poverty by 2050! While not too far off, the time IS running out! We have to do this now! The man got the slums developed, and I give The End of Poverty FOUR STARS and a N8R8 of 255 (adult audience [college his land was no longer poor. The man students and businessmen], too much stats, hard to read). and his fellow humans lived prosperously ever after!

Works Cited Editor, Ars Technica. "Nokia Netbook Released with Wintel". 25 Aug 2009. ..... Retreived 25 Aug 2009. Editor, English Wikinews. "Greek Fires Cause Many to Evacuate". 23 Aug .....2009. Retreived 25 Aug 2009. Sachs, Jeffery. The End of Poverty. Penguin Press HC, The, March 2005. WorldFocus. Cred Cards. PBS TV Channel 56 WDTV. 23 Aug 2009. WorldFocus, Greek Fires. PBS TV Channel 56 WDTV. 24 Aug 2009.

...To win a battle without fighting is the highest skill...

Nathan's Newspapers 2009 August 26th

Detroit Metro News by news aggregator

A chemical plant caught fire in the wee hours of the morning yesterday. Also, the 696 road construction is still block ing the commute of many an office worker who have to go to work. Be prepared to take a detour. Finally, yesterday, on Big Beaver (READ: Main Street), in Troy, a threecar accident stopped up traffic moving in four directions for at least an hour. Please watch the road ahead and keep you mind on the road while you drive. Thank you all for being safe, re sponsible drivers, especially you young ones!

Flying Conditions Report for air travelers by air travelers

The skies over the Midwest USA are clear for the most part. Some clouds. In the Metro Detroit area, visibility currently (as of 1101 EDT) is as far as the eyes can see, with few clouds in sight. Be prepared for the weather to get worse as the day progresses.

WED, Markets DOWN, Weather Sunny...

Youtube Playlist Mondo Media

Asia News Clippings

Dr Tran "Fruit Hat"

Carnegie Network Global Migration


Basketball is frustrating

The guy who writes this paper YUNUS Slideshow Documentary

The guy who writes this paper This is War, This is Peace

Asia Times: Sun Wukong ( Myanmar Business ( Weird Asia News: Perfect Ice Cube ( fect(drink) Anaconda Pancake ( dian(pancake(sets(guinness(record) Xinhua English: Xinjian Unity ( China and Climate Change ( Mid East News Clippings

Al Jazeera English: Yahoo! Buys Maktoob ( 2009825112728894565.html) Zaidi Fighters ( 2009823124238717273.html) Gulf News: UAE Confidence Revival ( 10343221.html)

TODAY'S TRIGRAM: TAI ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ _________ _________ _________

Explanation of today's trigram:

Cooperation is key today, as others will look up to you for advice. Work with others' needs in mind and a harmonious day follows. Work for selfish goals and all Hell breaks lose in the work( place and at home. Focus on issues of global importance, if you are in a position to do so. Help all of humanity to thrive, if you have the capacity for it. Otherwise, mind your own business... (from various I Ching webs, compiled by Nathan G Zhang)

A Poem

Africa News Clippings

BBC World Svce: Blair Africa Action ( Africa News Svce: African Poverty ( The Poverty is Screwed ( paper573/news/2006/10/17/News/ 350(Students.Stand.Up.To.Fight.African.Poverty(2371862.shtml) Poverty Alleviation News Clippings

Cool, nice to meet you! Have you read my newspaper? Yes, it's a good read!

A Riddle

How do you scale a high wall that is in the way of your whole family, using only your two hands, some paper, and your willing $ ness to save your family from the wall when it falls down on us all?

Global Envision: Afgan Poppy: Medicine or Snuff? ( new(approach(dealing(afghani(opium) Sister Cities ( portland(locals(go(international) Chinese Rural Employment ( chinese(migrants(employed(again)

Give it some consideration, please...

Nathan's Newspapers Issue for 2009 Aug 26th  

the very seventh issue of my newspaper! includes the following: fires in ellas (greece), credit card demand falls, money advice, i ching pre...

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