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Apartment Rental Tips: 7 Tips for Moving Into a Smaller Home

Downsizing to a smaller living space can be a challenge, particularly if you are a packrat with a strong emotional attachment to just about every single item that you currently own. However, if you find yourself in a situation where you are renting a smaller apartment, here are 7 essential tips: Make an inventory A common mistake people make when downsizing is automatically focusing on all the items that they are willing to get rid of. This proves to be an impossible task for most hoarders. Instead, you should first create an inventory of anything that has a sentimental value or items you would replace first if you had a chance. Doing this will put into perspective which items you are indifferent about holding onto, which will help you decide what items are not as important. Take photos for a scrapbook People often mistake items which have sentimental value to those they are emotionally attached to. You can likely get rid of any items with which you do not have a strong connection. One great way of holding onto the memories of an item you no longer need is to take a photo of it and placing it in a digital or hard-copy scrapbook. Make a filing system Label three boxes with the categories of ‘donate’, ‘sell’, and ‘trash’, and organize all your items accordingly. Start with the easy stuff

By starting with the easy items, you will find that the deeper you get into the task, the easier it will be for you to detach yourself from the majority of the items.

Create a set of guidelines By developing a set of guidelines, you will be able to organize the whole process into a more manageable task. You can, for instance, get rid of all the clothes you have not worn in the past year, with the exception of a suit, jacket, or dress you only wear on special occasions. Ask for help If you don’t know whether or not you should get rid of a certain item, ask a friend or family member to get an objective opinion. Pace yourself Unless you’ve left everything to the last minute (which you obviously shouldn’t), you should have a bit of time to get rid of anything you no longer need in preparation for your move. Work at a reasonable pace so that you can properly go through all your belongings and decide what needs to go. You can even dedicated each day of the week to a specific room so you know what you will be working on, and therefore, you will be more likely to complete the task. For more blogs visit:

7 Tips For Moving Into A Smaller Home