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architectural portfolio

Diagrams contrasting original formal moves with proposed strategy

First Floor Plan Site Plan

Second Floor Plan

everson museum addition

Original Site

A studio project to design an auxiliary building for the Everson Museum. The program required classrooms, an additional gallery and cafe.

Night Rendering

East Elevation Section

dumbarton oaks support building

First Story Plan

Second Story Plan

Additional building to accompany the Pre-Columbian Art Museum at the Dubarton Oaks estate and gardens. Form is inspired by the terracing of the lawn running on central axis with the original mansion.

bike la thesis project

Cllearwater St St Cllearwater

Worthen Ave Ave Worthen

Gilroy St St Gilroy

Ripple St St Ripple

Rosanna St St Rosanna

Marsh Marsh St St

Partridge Partridge Ave Ave

Allesandro St St Allesandro

Denby Ave Ave Denby

Knox Knox Ave Ave

Newell St St Newell

functioning functioning rail rail yard yard


N N Coolidge Coolidge Ave Ave

Metro stops

Formney St St Formney

EAds St St EAds

Dallas St St Dallas

Cabot St St Cabot

Birkdale Birkdale St St

DASH bus routes

Altman St St Altman

Dorris Dorris Pl Pl

Glover Pl Pl Glover

Riverdale Ave Ave Riverdale

Meadowvale Meadowvale Ave Ave

Shordale Shordale Ave Ave

Harwood Harwood St St

Existing Cylce Lanes

Gatewood St St Gatewood

Fernleaf Fernleaf St St

Elmgrove St St Elmgrove

duvall St St duvall

Barclay St St Barclay

Oros St St Oros

Existing Cylce Lanes

Golden Golden State State Fwy Fwy

N Figueroa Figueroa St St N

rail rail

Passadena Passadena Fwy Fwy

LA cities & neighborhoods

Research project based on identifying elements of Los Angeles that could be used to encourage cycling culture. An urban development strategy focusing on the LA River was the final result.

Rio Rio de de Los Los Angeles Angeles State State Park Park

1964 State Route 2 designated 1957 Interstate 405 construction

1953 Interstate 5 -proposed through Boyle Heights neighborhood

Fletcher Dr Dr Fletcher Russ Roca

Metro Transportation Library and Archive

Metro Transportation Library and Archive

Metro Transportation Library and Archive

In 1964, the Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT) created a new numbering system 1993 Interstate 105 opened -part of the 60’s masterplan, but delayed

1964 State Route 60 designated 1947 State Route 90 first route defined

1964 U.S. Route 399 deleted

Metro Blue Line 1990

Metro Red Line 1993


Metro Green Line 1995

D Continue Path on NE bank


Los Angeles Transportation

For energy efficient recreation California State Parks on the Internet: <>

= overpass

rail overpass

additional cycle lanes

shower/work station

observation tower/rail history/river history work station

Pedestrian Bridge

Metro Green Line 1995

CiLAvia 2011 -closed down city streets to cars to allow for cyclists

1971 State Route 134 designated In 1978, voters in California passed Proposition 13


Metro Transportation Library and Archive

Jean Tarkstad

Metro Transportation Library and Archive

Archives of the Wilshire Grand Hotel


The acquisition funding comes from Proposition 12, the Park Bond Act of 2000, the single, largest parks bond act in the history of the nation. It was overwhelmingly approved by more than 63 per cent of voters to be used for the acquisition and development of parkland properties.

Taylor Yard Analysis

Los Angeles Bicycle Plan (1996/2002)

David Sttarkpf

1964 Interstate 605 opened

“We have now taken State Parks directly to the Los Angeles River,” said State Park Director Ruth Coleman. “This property is seen as the linchpin, the essential catalyst and the centerpiece for the dream of creating a Los Angeles River Parkway.”


Metro Gold Line 2003

Metro Transportation Library and Archive

1958 Interstate 210 begun


Los Angeles - Copenhagen

Metrolink 1992

In 1956, President Dwight D. Eisenhower authorized the Federal-Aid Highway Act


The property is known as parcel G-1, a 17.808-acre piece of land that has been a part of the Union Pacific Taylor Yard properties. It runs for about a half-mile along the river just east of the Highway 2 Glendale Freeway bridge over the Los Angeles River. It is one of the few remaining natural habitat zones left along the river and is seen as essential for the long-term restoration of the Los Angeles River.

River Sides

Metro Transportation Library and Archive

Los Angeles Times

Historic American Engineering Record

Metro transportation Library and archive

University of Southern California

Metro Transportation Library and Archive

CalTrans Archive

Metro Transportation Library and Archive

Air Regulations Implemented 1947

1946 Edwin J. Quinby Reports on the “Great American Streetcar Scandal”

Los Angeles Times

LOS ANGELES – California State Parks announced today that it has acquired its first park property which directly fronts along the Los Angeles River at Taylor Yard near downtown Los Angeles. It is an acquisition that has been the dream of neighborhood and community groups for more than a decade and is seen as the critical, centerpiece property in the effort to create a Los Angeles River Parkway.

Today, the State’s Public Works Board, meeting in public session in Sacramento, voted unanimously to grant State Parks the authority to select and acquire the G-1 parcel, clearing the way for State Parks and Union Pacific Railroad to close the deal. State Parks has reached an agreement with Union Pacific to purchase the17.808-acres for $10,472,000.00 and with Public Works Board approval today, escrow on the property is expected to close next week.

Los Angeles Transportation


University of Southern California

Metro Transportation Library and Archive

CalTrans Archives

Taking State Parks to the Los Angeles River

State Parks Buys Riverfront Property, Linchpin for Los Angeles River Parkway

1933 Interstate 710 defined as part of Legislative Route 167

1934 U.S. Route 399 established Air Regulations Implemented 1947

CONTACT: Roy Stearns (916) 654-7538

Metro Purple Line 1993

1969 State Route 103 designated

Metropolitan Coach Lines - (1953-1958)

1929 Oil Discovered in Venice

Metro Transportation Library and Archive


Southern California Rapid Transit District - (1964-1993)

1926 Interstate 10 -Extended into LA in 1931

1926 US Route 101 -Longest in Cali -Formed from parts of the El Camino Real

Pacific Electric Subway 1925 Metro Transportation Library and Archive

Angels Flight 1901

Metro Transportation Library and Archive

Los Angeles Railway (Yellow Cars) 1895-1945

California Historical SOciety

Metro Transportation Library and Archive Metro Transportation Library and Archive

Metro Transportation Library and Archive

Arroyo Seco first surveyed 1895

1949 Four Level Interchange

Metro Transportation Library and Archive

News Release

1916 State Route 47 first stretch begun

Los Angeles Electric Railway Company 1887

Arroyo Seco Parkway 1940

State Route 118 -Site of the Road Cycling Event at 1932 Olympics -1968 freeway begun

Los Angeles Metropolitan Transit Authority - (1951-1964) Los Angeles Metropolitan Transit Authority - (1951-1964)

1925 State Route 91 from Arrow Head

Pacific Electric Subway 1925


Los Angeles Cable Railway 1887

Los Angeles Transit Lines 1945-1958

-First of its Kind -Completed at Junction of State Route 101 and Interstate 110

1924 Interstate 110 began on Figueroa Street

university of Southern California

Automobile Club of Southern California 1900

The Central Railroad Company 1883

Main Street & Agricultural Railroad 1875 -First suburban line

Spanish Missionaries First Travel the El Camino Real 1683

1920s testing lab ‘ -New Pavement Materials Created

Metro Transportation Library and Archive

1919 State Route 1 -begins construction -part of the Pacific Coast Highway

Pacific Electric Railway Company (Red Cars) 1902/1911 (PE merger)

Metro Transportation Library and Archive

Carillon St St Carillon

access road road access 1910 Arrowhead Trail (auto trail ) built

-1.25 mi. built -planned for Pasadena to Downton LA

Los Angeles Consolidated Electric Railway 1890

University of Southern California

East Los Angeles & San Pedro Railway Company 1875

Cycle-Way 1900

Metro Transportation Library and Archive

Main & Fifth Street Railroad 1887

-electrified in 1897

CalTrans Archive

Los Angeles & Vernon Railroad

City Railroad Company 1883 - first exclusively for public transit

Los Angeles & Aliso Street Railroad Company 1877

Dobbins Collection, Pasadena Museum of History

Second Street Cable Railroad Company 1885

-First rail system in Los Angeles -Used horse-drawn cars on steel track

Metro Transportation Library and Archive

Spring and West 6th Street Railroad 1874

Metro Transportation Library and Archive

Streets along Los Angeles River bank

Metro Transportation Library and Archive

Metro Transportation Library and Archive

Golden Golden State State Fwy Fwy Wisconsin Historical Images

N N Figueroa Figueroa St St

rail rail

Passadena Passadena Fwy Fwy

abandoned abandoned rail rail yard yard




Intervention Sites

Intervention Sites Water reclamation strategy for shower room

Pedestrian Bridge

Los Angeles: BMX Park

Shower Room Sections


Housing unit floor plan: first floor

Hacienda site VENTAS








Housing unit floor plan: second floor

Housing layout A

Circulation diagram

Housing layout B

Market collage

Housing unit floor plan: roof

punta cana housing project

Strategy for high density housing project at the Punta Cana resort in the Dominican Republic. The project focused on “modern vernacular“ approach following site visit. The featured marketing strategy was the site’s location near a golf course. By integrating the greens into the structure, a sense of space and privacy emerged from a highly concentrated layout.

Tectonic study: vines

Personal greens collage

coahsi Council on the Arts and Humanities of Staten Island urban redevelopment project.

â&#x20AC;&#x153;Art Knotâ&#x20AC;&#x153; Diagrams

Site plan

Intervention elevation

-First Phase charette model for modular H O wall units to be used in geothermal circulation. ghana -Renderings from studio project for a self-sustaining health clinic north of Abura, Ghana. clinic 2




façade system study Reconstruction detail from Toyo Ito’s Tod’s Ometesando store. Construction techniques were studied to create a Rockite® cast of a wall section.

Axonometric Window Detail











Site diagram

Construction assembly

Construction phasing

Model w/ Francesca Ling

hvac study

Upper air circulation supply/return diagram

Lower air circulation supply/return diagram

digital watercolor rendering

fireplace design

When asked by my parents for input on their fireplace addition, I found inspiration in elements on the present wall; a light-well protruding from the wall and the need for a stair from the existing house. The new fireplace needed a hearth and mantle, but would be too crowded if we used the manufacturerâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s model. My solution was to combine the mantle into the wall with recessed lights, and merge the hearth into the lower step. A storage box at the same height as the top step unifies the composition while covering the old lightwell. recessed lights

light well

wood trim


Haffenden House (PARA Project 2013)

Photograph commissioned by Jon Lott for PARA-Project. Featured in Architectural Record, Dec. 2013 Vol. 201, No. 12 page 99 as part of the “Design Vanguard 2015” article.

Mohawk Building (King, Bley & Lyman 1932) photography Niagara Syracuse, NY

Elevators photography Grain Buffalo, NY

graphic design Dostoevsky Portrait

bicycle race organization

Posters from bike races organized in the past couple of years. Challenges included organizing sponsors and volunteers, route strategies w/ maps and trying to anticipate problems ahead of time. check out and search for Syracuse Alley Cat on Facebook








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Situationist Alleycat 2011

April Fool’s Alleycat 2011

Silk screened Ghostride posters 2012 Syracross II cyclocross 2012

detail from Los Angeles Nolli Map

Nathan Rader Design Portfolio  

Architecture Design Portfolio

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