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CALLING VOLUNTEER ORGS! The Christian Community Churches are having an allage convention for their churches next year around the theme “Shine”, or, being a light in the world. Our objectives are to: 

encourage all that they can make a difference.

inspire with real stories of those that are making a difference.

connect people with organisations seeking volunteers.

Are you looking for people 

for Short Term Missions?

for chaplaincy, care, support or mentoring relationships?

for discipleship or evangelistic roles?

for helping in the office with admin, graphic design, web design, finance, or other volunteer roles?

for helping on the field with health, trades, disadvantaged, or other roles?

We want to connect not for profits to people There are four different opportunities: 1.

Talks. Do you have inspiring or encouraging stories to tell around 250 people? There are four slots of ten minutes each, around 3:50-4:35pm Sat 27th April.


Exhibits. We will have dedicated time for an exhibition of 8-12+ organisations, who have opportunities for Christians to make a difference. This will run from 4:40-6pm Sat 27th April.


Elective Workshops. Suggest a topic around our objectives to deliver to part of the wider group. 2-3 workshops might run at the same time. Various time slots will be allocated throughout Saturday and Sunday.


Children’s programs. Deliver an age-appropriate presentation to one of the following age groups: 0-2; Pre-school 2-5; Primary School 5-10; JuniorSecondary 10-14. Various time slots will be allocated throughout Saturday and Sunday.

Register your interest Please register your interest to Nathan Keen on or 03 9897 4302. List the following things: 1. A bit about your organisation 2. What opportunities you want to register your interest for (one or more) 3. What opportunities you will be offering our people, or what you’ll be talking, or what you’ll be presenting. 4. Food and accommodation available, please add these needs if required. There will be standard costs for this (but no costs for any of the opportunities). Entries close 14 December 2012.


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