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Nathaniel Atkins is a landscape designer & sculptural artist specialized in old world stone work & structural planting. He seamlessly blends reclaimed materials such as foundation stone, industrial steel, & reclaimed woods to create visually balanced & stimulating works. Each work attempts to create an experience that suits its proposed space prompted by Nathaniel’s desire to blend nature and design.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Nathaniel Atkins

Selected Work Great Oaks Bernarndsville Wall Cranford Manasquan Berkley Heights Furniture Sculpture

Great Oaks Located 45 minutes outside of Manhattan this sprawling 10 acre estate presented itself with a park like setting. With a vast assortment of old growth white oaks, red oaks, various species of maple, beech, Austrian black pine, American elm, eastern red cedar, and kousa dogwoods, this 1920’s Georgian lent itself to a multitude of planting designs. I began this project by installing twelve 6’x6’ American boxwood adjacent to the indoor pool house. This install would become the design inspiration for the overall plan. Because of the large scale of the house and property I felt the only way to tackle this project was to break the property down into smaller spaces. I was then abl;e to define each space by placing large old growth box on specific points. The boxwoods sizes ranged from 15’x7’ down to 32”x 18”.

Bernardsville Wall “The wall of walls”,” The great wall of Bernardsville”, “Your nemesis”, a few terms used to describe this project by certain individuals. I will always describe it in quite literal terms… a roughly 60 ton (80,00 pounds), mixture of Limestone and Fieldstone barn foundations disassembled, loaded, and finally trucked up from Pennsylvania to this beautiful New Jersey site. The wall measures 320’ long by 5’ in height, until the land begins to drop off which then called for a 7’ high return to maintain a level line. The corner stones are reclaimed sea wall Granite blocks shipped down from New England and had to be cut and chiseled in order to accommodate the sharp corner lines that both the client and I called for. The body, consisting of an assortment of sizes and shapes was not a “wall by numbers” rather, every piece had to be selected from a small mountain of stones, hand chiseled, and assembled like a giant puzzle.

Cranford Built in the late 1700’s, this home was one of the original center hall colonials in Cranford. To create a formal entrance, we reconfigured the side entrance using hundred year old Blue Stone slabs reclaimed from a southern New Jersey town. Along with the repurposed Bluestone, two salt and pepper Granite landings repurposed from a New England seawall, have been laid within the Bluestone to create the feeling of timeless antiquity as the house itself.

Manasquan This early turn of the century Southern New Jersey bungalow, called desperately for an outdoor living space. The obvious solution was to choose materials that suited the houses age, as well as the client’s vision for the new space. Reclaimed barn foundation fieldstone was used for the knee walls surrounding the repurposed Bluestone patio flooring.

Berkley Heights This early 1700’s colonial in Berkley Heights New Jersey needed a reconfigured side entrance. To maintain the integrity of the house, I set out to find the perfect solution. Alongside a sea of fellow reclaimees, we located a 120 year old Granite school house step and landing in a tall grassy field in southern Connecticut. Using this granite to create a proper formal entrance, we were able to provide easy access to both the main house and the pool area located in the rear of the red barn.



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