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If you are over 50 these stretches are good for you Our body tends to get stiffer and tighter, as we grow older, thereby reducing mobility and strength. This happens when the muscle in our body move closer to the bones to create lesser room for improvement. If you are above 50 and you want to feel active and less stressed, you should consider stretching as a form of exercise. It helps to strengthen the muscle, improve blood flow and increase motion by elongating the muscle around your joints. Try these stretches for a more youthful and active body.

Try out the hip stretch Hips is one of the most notorious parts of your body, because of the tendency to get stiff as you get older. You can make things better by doing this simple hip stretch. Put your feet on the floor and gently bend your waist, walking your hands

down your leg. You can stop when you feel most comfortable, and let your head dangle. Bend one leg a little for better comfort and do each side for 15 seconds. The triceps stretch This exercise will help you stretch those stiff arms to increase your mobility and activeness. Start this exercise by pulling your legs apart and rolling your shoulders down and then back. Raise your left arm to the ceiling and then place it on your back with your elbow pointing to the ceiling. Now raise your right hand to the ceiling and then place it just above your left elbow, crossing over your head. Stay in this position for 20 – 30 seconds and repeat 2 – 4 times. The quad pull if you get easily tired, maybe it is because your thigh muscle is week. The quad pull stretch will help increase your flexibility and stretch your thighs. Start by pulling your feet together, with your hands by your side. Put your left hand on a wall for support and raise your right leg until you can grab your ankles. With your chest lifted, try to maintain a straight line and take five deep breaths before switching sides. The butt stretch Most people don't bother about the muscle in their buttocks until they start having pains in the lower back. With this stretch, you can improve flexibility and reduce back pain. Sit on the ground and stretch your legs straight. Now cross left leg over the right leg, so that the right leg remain straight, while the left knee is pointing at the ceiling. Push your body to the right until you feel a stretch in your butt. Hold for about 20 – 30 seconds before switching sides. The chin drop This simple exercise will help stretch your shoulders and neck. Put your palms on

your head, so that the elbows are touching. Now, gently drop your chin, using the weight of your arms, until you feel your neck and shoulder stretch. Take five breath and release tension. Stretch exercise for people in their 50s is not only good for mobility and eliminating stiffness; it also improves blood flow and longevity. You should indulge yourself in stretches regularly, using some of the methods mentioned. It is very easy and fun.

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