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Getting BIG: skinny guys need to do to get BIG The craze I noticed recently is that skinny guys are seriously searching for the best way to pack on some muscle and get big as well as feeling better about themselves. Don’t feel bad, in short I know that feeling, because I was that guy who visited all the gym in my city looking for help. Why you’re not getting big could be that you’re training too hard, not eating enough food and not giving yourself enough time to rest. If you are that skinny guy, who is looking to gain muscle. This post is just for you. Frankly speaking, getting big and gaining more muscle isn’t bad as many think, rather it makes you look more attractive to ladies. So continue reading, below I had written out proven ways to help you get BIG! What You Eat Matters You should understand that muscle is made in the kitchen and not really in the gym. The diet you consume will account for 90% of your successes or failures. Taking in protein is great but you must take in big quantity of starchy carbs such as rice, oats, potatoes, nuts, seeds, healthy snacks with high calories and foods with other sources of good-fats. For instance, try to get 0.8 grams of protein per pound of your body weight daily. So if you weigh about 150 pounds, you should take in 90 to 120 grams of protein. It is better to work-out twice per week for about 30 minutes and eat right, than working-out 6 days each week and not eating proper diets. For best result weigh yourself once per week, in the morning after you’ve used the toilet, before you drink or eat anything. When you eat proper diet (less protein and more calories) you should gain about a pound a week. If you don’t gain at least one pound per week you’re not eating enough. Which Workout Is Right for Skinny Guys to Get Big You can get big and grow your muscles by doing just few exercises as long as they’re performed with heavy weight, which will help in activating as many muscle fibers as possible. No matter the routine you decide to follow, if you’re adding weight and getting stronger to each exercise, you will actually get bigger and grow muscle.

If you want to get bigger and stronger you should train better not harder, by performing 5 -12 reps. Do not pick weight that will be too heavy for you to complete your reps, pick up a perfect weight that will be heavy enough to help you complete your required number of reps. Exercises such as off-bench side plank, squats, dumbbell row, Bulgarian split squat, deadlift, pullup, single leg hip thrust, dumbbell reverse lunge, push up, and inverted row can help skinny guys get bigger and stronger.

Get Enough Sleep and Create Out Time for Rest Your body needs rest after a workout to rebuild its muscles. Getting hours of sleep especially during the night is essential for the release of your growth hormone. Also getting a nap every day is great too. Bear this in mind, that for skinny guys to get bigger and stronger, they should don’t neglect sleep. This means less TV and game time.

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The craze I noticed recently is that skinny guys are seriously searching for the best way to pack on some muscle and get big as well as feel...

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