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Evaluation Question 3

I roughly ended up going for both self-funded distribution and going with Bauer Media. Although they offer a few rival music-magazines, such as Kerrang, I didn’t see any potential rivals for my media product, aimed at both Technology and Electronic Music. However, I did contemplate Future PLC, but their strong point is technology, so I felt that my media product would not fit in there, most likely due to too much competition. Finally, with IPC who didn’t offer many music magazine’s at all, so I thought that the magazine wouldn’t sell well for those interested. Bauer offer a wide range of media/music magazine but not any real competition in the sub/hybrid genre of electronic music/ technology, that’s particularly why I thought it would fit in great amongst their wide range of magazines. However, amongst new research I’ve discovered that most electronic-music magazines have gone solo, or independent due to either a lack of interest, so that is probably the other route I would take if I were publishing my media products. I had originally planned to go with FuturePLC, who offer a wide range of technology, gaming and other genres of magazines. However, upon completion, I realised that infact, my magazine might not be entirely suited to their publications. The reason behind this is the already dominant fleet of magazines in the same genre. It would create too much of a cut-off and rivalry between those, so I eventually decided not to have my magazine published by FuturePLC. Finally, we have IPC Media, who I had already decided, long before I had made my magazine, not to go with to publish it. The reasoning behind this, is the fact that they don’t offer any rivals to this type of magazine. Great, you might think, but I thought that the fact they don’t offer a similar type of magazine is that my magazine, if I went with IPC, might not get the deserved recognition it deserves, knowing that IPC had not dealt with a magazine of this genre before. Finally, I did contemplate going via an online retailer or a supermarket, neither with impressive results. I finally decided I would go with Bauer Media due to their impressive history, customer appeal and the genuine feel my magazine would fit in best there.

Evaulation Question 3  
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