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Saturday, February 11, 2017 - Volume 3, Issue 2 - San Diego, CA -







9 Maranatha students with the famous Charging Bull in New York City. PHOTO COURTESY OF MRS. GRAY

Big Art in the Big Apple: Maranatha Students Travel to New York for First Art Trip Karinne House STAFF WRITER Traveling to the other side of the country with just over a dozen students and chaperones is by no means an easy feat. In spite of that, this past November saw Mr. Ryan Jackson and several students from the art department make the trip to New York to spend five days

soaking in the culture, the food, and the sights––but, most importantly, the art. ‘Natha News reported on the trip last spring when it was still being planned. Its vision: provide enrichment beyond the local art scene. On the first day in New York, the objectives were simple: get to the hotel, find food for the night, and survive amongst the fast-walking East Coasters.

The first museum that they visited during the first full day was the Museum of Modern Art (MOMA). There, students followed a tour guide that led thoughtprovoking discussion about the pieces of work they saw, which included but were not limited to Monet, Pollock, and Picasso.

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Girls Basketball: Step Up to New League Rachel Hadley STAFF WRITER

Freshman Ella Howe goes up for a layup during the game against St. Joseph Academy on January 10th. PHOTO BY ANTONIO PARTIDA / ‘NATHA NEWS

After “taking the land” of the Ocean League last year, the MCS Girls Basketball Team is striving to reach “higher ground” in the next league up, the Pacific League. As the team works to reach this goal, they are surrounded by a plethora of coaching experience. The girls are led by

head coach Nate Jackson, associate head coach Lauren Jackson, and administrative coach Kevin Pratt. They also receive help from consultant coach Jim Wilkinson, coach Jeremy King, coach Ed Rosso, and coach David Navarette. With all these coaches helping out this year, the players are able to receive more individual attention than ever before and further improve their

skills on the court. Each coach has specific skills, like conditioning or post moves, that they get to work on with the players to help them perfect their craft. The other coaches also help Mr. Jackson by seeing and commenting on things that need to be corrected during both practices and games.

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work." The second museum of the trip was Continued from pg 1 the Whitney, another museum of modern Perhaps one of the most unique parts art that held much more than just of the MOMA was the paintings. It was filled with sculpture garden that “The trip opened pictures, sculptures, and housed pieces some may many interactive rooms my eyes to find difficult to call “art,” that served not only to such as the mold of a the extent and affect your sight, but literal water tower. oftentimes your touch and depth that art Students and teachers hearing. Some students can have…” alike enjoyed having their particularly liked the floor views on what art was - Morgan Volek dedicated to film and challenged by what they videography, which were saw, and learning more meant to provoke not only about art in general. Junior Morgan thought, but emotions such as fear, Volek said, "Going on the trip opened unease, and tranquility as well. my eyes to the extent and depth that art The second part of the day was spent can have, and I have such a greater at the Met (Metropolitan Museum of appreciation for the artists and their Art), which contains art and historical

FEBRUARY 11, 2017

artifacts from a broad range of time hours upon hours looking at works periods and locations in the world. Halls consisting of photos, paintings, statues filled with statues of stones and marble and more done by various lesser-known and a room dedicated to an offering artists. The students did not finish chapel transported and until well into the night. displayed just as it would Even though the trip was EXCLUSIVE: have been in the times it only five days long, and Plans are now was used. time at each museum was underway for an The students and limited, each person faculty were able to came away with an art trip next school admire the extensive enlightened appreciation year to... collection for hours, for art and the work that some even bringing goes into each and every along their sketchbooks to piece – even if, at first draw in as they drew glance, it may not seem to be inspiration from the incredible art very artistic at all. surrounding them. And though it may seem as if this trip During the last full day in New York, took a while to plan and execute … the the group walked block after block to plans for an art trip to Spain next school visit the galleries in Chelsea. They spent year are already in the making!

Spain !

Pacific Ridge Strikes Back? Shakespeare Contest More Than a War of Words Andrew Hong PHOTO EDITOR

Members of the Underwater Basket Weaving Club show off their handiwork. PHOTOS BY AMANDA COREY / ‘NATHA NEWS

IT’S REAL: The Inside Scoop on Underwater Basket Weaving Club Amanda Corey STAFF WRITER ’Natha News reporters have been covering breaking school news since 2014. This edition, we unearthed the truth about one of the most talked-about clubs this year. Many of you have heard the rumor b uzzi n g aro u nd school and social media about this club. At first many thought it was just that—a rumor. News flash: the Underwater Basket Weaving Club is in fact real! Riley B urns, the club president, allowed me to interview him for an exclusive, inside scoop on what really is going on with the Underwater Basket Weaving Club. The club has more than 15 members so far, and meets some Fridays during lunch under supervisor Mr. Tena. So what is Underwater Basket Weaving? Like it says in the name, it is weaving baskets in the water. It can be done in a pool, in

a tub of water, or even at the beach. Weaving baskets underwater is actually more efficient than normal basket weaving, as the water allows the material to become more flexible and mold to the shape you want it to be. When you take it out of the water, it dries and becomes stiff. Right now the club has already made some baskets and plans to sell them. All the profits from the baskets go to the Wounded Warriors foundation for injured soldiers. The baskets are going to be sold for 5-7 dollars depending on the size of the basket and the complexity of the weave. President Riley Burns and Vice President Noah Rupp shared, “Underwater Basket Weaving is a fun way for people of all ages to get involved in Maranatha clubs and support a good cause.” If you would like more information on the club and how to join, talk to Riley at and he will be happy to help.

From “to be, or not to be: that is the question,” to “if love be blind, it best agrees with night,” William Shakespeare left a mountain of remarkable lines. Today’s rich English expressions owe Shakespeare a big favor. Four hundred years have passed since Shakespeare’s time; however, the lines still look for a chance to shine again. On January 28th, six aspiring actors and actresses from MCS performed Shakespeare’s monologues, breathing life into the lines. This was the first time the school hosted a Shakespeare Speaking Contest, which is presented by the English Speaking Union. Six MCS students stepped up to the challenge: senior Andrew Hong, juniors Will Collins, Jessica Hewett, and Brandon Mathews, and sophomores Noah Sullivan and Will Davis. Prior to the contest, the students participated in a workshop with English teacher Mr. Pratt and Drama teacher Ms. Hans. When she was in high school, Ms. Hans actually participated in the contest and advanced to the nationals in New York. The following week on Saturday the 28th, the students recited Shakespearean poetry to compete for the chance to advance to the regional competition with other students from San Diego. Sophomore Noah Sullivan, who performed Claudio’s monologue from the comedy Much Ado About Nothing, won first place. Junior Jessica Hewett received runnerup with Juliet’s monologue from the tragedy Romeo and Juliet. Sophomore Noah Sullivan got the honor to represent MCS in the regional competition, which was held at North Coast Repertory Theatre in Solana Beach on February 2nd. Contestants representing eight schools in San Diego, including Pacific Ridge High, each performed a monologue and a sonnet of their choice. The audience from Maranatha was thrilled

and agitated because of the ongoing rivalry between MCS and Pacific Ridge not only on the basketball court but also on the stage. The contestant from Pacific Ridge, Oliver McClymonds, performed Hamlet’s most famous soliloquy and Sonnet 64. In response, Noah performed his monologue from “Much Ado About Nothing” and Sonnet 14. After a few minutes of discussion among judges, the results were in. Although they showed great potential, neither Noah nor Oliver got into the finals. However, Noah still asserts that he “had a great experience,” and “learned a lot.” Noah has two more years at MCS, and many of our Eagle actors and actresses will have a chance to participate as well in future years. As Shakespeare said, “When in eternal lines to time thou grow'st;/ So long as men can breathe or eyes can see,/ So long lives this, and this gives life to thee.” His lines will live as long as men live and will wander to find those who can bring life into them.

Sophomore Noah Sullivan performs his monologue at the regional competition. PHOTO BY ANDREW HONG / ‘NATHA NEWS

FEBRUARY 11, 2017


Not In Kansas Anymore:

MCS Theater Prepares for a Trip to Oz Amanda Corey STAFF WRITER Mark your calendars: the shows for the upcoming spring musical, “The Wizard of Oz,” are during the weekends of March 11th and March 18th. “I’m looking forward to doing this musical again,” director Mrs. Howard shared, as this is the second time that she will be doing this classic. She hopes it will be every bit as good as the first, if not better. The Wizard of Oz is about a girl who gets swept up in a tornado and taken to the magical land of Oz where she meets some interesting new friends. Together, they go on a quest to find each of their heart’s desires. To make the show the magical experience that it is, Mrs. Howard has been coordinating the behindthe-scenes effort. Rehearsals started a few weeks before Christmas break. Each week, there are three to five rehearsals, each lasting three hours! The cast members have been working hard memorizing lines, songs, and dances. Parents have been faithfully helping design and construct the set, as well as building costumes for characters such as Osians and Munchkins. Dorothy, played by freshman Amanda Corey, is a courageous girl who sticks up for her friends and does what is right, but wants to get home to Kansas. Scarecrow, played by junior Justin Gray, doesn't have a brain but wants to be a thinker. Tinman, played by junior Will Collins, doesn't have a heart but wants to love and be loved. Lion, played by senior Joey Cabral, is a coward who doesn't have an ounce of courage, but wants to be king of the forest. Together, these characters travel to get their one desire from the Wizard, but in the process have to defeat the Wicked Witch of the West, played by sophomore Lorraine Koska. Come out to see your fellow classmates perform in March!



Friends, Food, and Firebirds: The In-house Retreat Had It All! Marisa Heffernan STAFF WRITER On January 21st, 2017, Maranatha Christian Schools had their 2nd annual in-house retreat. To start off the fun-packed day, the high schoolers arrived late to school, where they were greeted by delicious donuts and coffee. To top it off, they watched President Donald Trump's inauguration in the gym. After all the students had arrived, the morning then transitioned into the movie Hoosiers, a wonderful tale of a high school basketball team winning the state championship. Along with the movie, popcorn and candy were provided. Afterwards, the students were served a delicious Mexican-styled lunch. After lunch, the gym was quickly cleaned up to go right into the winter sports pep rally. With bright smiles on their faces, the junior high joined the high schoolers to watch the actionpacked pep rally. The winter sports were recognized, the cheerleaders performed, and fun games were played between the combined basketball and soccer teams. The games consisted of a half court shooting contest and a goal kicking contest. With an intense tie breaker of rock, paper, scissors, the title of “Ultimate Team” went to the soccer team. After the pep rally, students ended the school day with small

Students got their faces painted by teachers Mr. Ryan Jackson and Mr. Tena. PHOTO BY MARISA HEFFERNAN / ‘NATHA NEWS

groups, followed by a chance to get their faces painted. Sophomore Bethany Nguyen shared, "the movie was very interesting and relaxing, and the snacks as well as the meals were very delicious. I got my face painted by Bella Segoria, but secretly I wanted to get it by the one and only Mr. Tena!" The day wasn't over just yet. Spirit buses transported all the Maranatha high school students to Pacific Ridge for an ultimate school takeover. Chick-fil-A and signs were provided to increase Maranat ha 's sc ho o l s p irit. Unfortunately, JV boys basketball lost with a score of 33-63, but girls varsity took home a win with a score of 39-23. Girls varsity player Ashlei Rosso shared, "The game was very

thrilling and I loved how the crowd constantly cheered us on. It was truly a great and memorable experience that I will never forget." Then came the final game between the two rival varsity boys basketball teams, the Eagles and the Firebirds. Unfortunately, Maranatha's varsity boys basketball team lost with a close score of 41-52. Maranatha students showed great school spirit while cheering on their basketball teams, but at the same time, keeping a godly, humble character. Pacific Ridge even sent a letter afterwards commending the Christ-like character that Maranatha students exhibited. Overall, MCS's second annual in-house retreat was another great success!

The Nifty 50s: Maranatha Throws it Back in First Sadie Hawkins Dance Will Davis STAFF WRITER Maranatha threw it back to the 50s at our first ever Sadie Hawkins dance, and it was a huge success! Sadie's is different compared to any of the other events ASB has hosted this year, because this time, it was the ladies’ turn to ask the guys for a change. At Sadie’s, which was held on January 21 in the gym, there was rockin’ music, vivacious dancing, and tasty food and drinks, so there was a lot of fun to be had. When everyone walked in with their 50s inspired looks, they saw retro decorations like jukebox table centerpieces, vinyl records on the wall, and the vintage car cutout in the photo area. The guys strolled into Sadie’s with

style, wearing greaser attire with white tshirts, leather jackets, and slicked-back hair, and the ladies wore red lipstick and

Pink Ladies’ jackets. The music was pumping and the event was getting started. With the DJ playing

Left: Seniors Miranda Cui and Nayoung Ko. Right: Kyle Lanzer (’16) and senior Izzy landis share a laugh while dancing. PHOTOS BY ANDREW HONG / ‘NATHA NEWS

a variety of hit songs from the old to the new, everyone danced and had an amazing time. During the dance, people snacked on classic diner fare, which seemed to be a big hit at Sadie’s. “My favorite part was how there was milkshakes and fries for that 50s vibe,” said freshman Erick Aguilar. Another student, junior Jessica Hewett, enjoyed a few of other aspects of the dance. “My favorite parts were being with my friends, dancing, and it was cool how everyone got to dress up,” she commented. Sadie’s was unique compared to any of the other events in the past, and it was definitely a lot of fun! It was arguably one of the greatest dances in Maranatha’s history! So many memories were made and it was definitely a night to remember.



FEBRUARY 11, 2017

SDYSP “Makes” Their Way to San Diego STEAM Maker Fair Jessica Xu EDITOR-IN-CHIEF The sounds of whirring machines, beeping electronics, and chattering festival-goers filled the air of the Del Mar Fairgrounds’ Exhibit Hall on December 3rd, 2016. It was the day of the annual San Diego STEAM Maker Festival, and Maranatha’s very own San Diego Youth Space Program (SDYSP) had the opportunity to exhibit their work there. Alongside 120+ organizations who are passionate about STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art, and math), SDYSP utilized their booth to display their module that had traveled to space and back. In the spirit of the “Maker Movement” — the surge of hobbyists, engineers, and DIY-ers who love to create — student representatives of the team displayed their handiwork to share ideas with fellow high school students and adults and to inspire the next generation. Many visitors to the SDYSP booth were eager to learn more about the palmsized space traveler. What did the module do? How long was it on the International Space Station? Have you had the chance to talk to astronauts? What are you working on now? The SDYSP team members, who rotated in 2-hour shifts throughout the whole day, were happy to answer all their questions. For visitors who wanted to fulfill their dreams of becoming an astronaut, they were welcomed to take

their picture in the astronaut photo booth. SDYSP members had spent one of their weekly meetings cutting, gluing, and painting the “face-in-the-hole” board, making their booth a true engineeringmeets-art attraction. The festival was a great learning experience for the SDYSP members as well. They enjoyed visiting the other booths, which featured 3D printing using sheets of paper, the latest in virtual reality, R2D2 droid replicas, S t e a m p u n k cosplayers, and more. “The festival SDYSP project manager Jessica Xu shares about the program with booth visitors. was an interesting PHOTO COURTESY OF RON XU / MCS PARENT experience, both as a booth host, and a visitor to the Guajome Park Academy senior Rowan Ranjbar. fair...I'd highly recommend the fair to Mentors Mr. Bill Miller, Mr. Miles Weida, Mr. Ron Xu, anyone who enjoys science and and Mr. Marty Stout kindly volunteered their time as technology,” said Poway High senior well. Joaquin Fuenzalida. “It's not everyday that The team looks forward to next year’s STEAM you get to see cyberpunk Darth Vader on a Maker Festival. In the meantime, they finished and Hoverboard,” he added. shipped their module to San Jose at the end of January. Other SDYSP members who helped at the booth They are eagerly counting down to the day their module were Maranatha senior Jessica Xu and sophomore Justin will be blasted to the International Space Station — Stout, Poway High senior Piper Langer Weida, recently announced by NASA to be the April 9, 2017 University City High junior Lorenzo Van Munoz, and SpaceX-11 launch!

Patience Is A Virtue: An Update on the New Building

Sweet Treats, Italian Ice, and More: Thanks for supporting ‘Natha News! Will Davis STAFF WRITER ‘Natha News had a couple of fundraisers in the months of November and December that were huge successes! The money that we earn goes toward making full-color print copies of our newspaper issues available to the student body. The first was our bake sale during lunch and after school, where we sold cookies, brownies, and other delicious treats at amazingly low prices! You could choose your

Next Fundraiser: Rita’s Italian Ice MCS Courtyard March (Date TBD) Follow us on Instagram for updates!

selection of two items at only a dollar! Given that this was our first bake sale, it went very well. At the second fundraiser, one of our team members brought in Rita’s, an Italian ice and custard store, to buy after school and it was a huge hit! After we set up, people flooded to the insanely long line and the response to the fundraiser was very positively overwhelming. We sold out of the Italian ice in less than an hour! We will be having more fundraisers soon, so keep an eye out for us selling at lunch or after school. Through the bake sale and Rita’s, we earned about $240, which buys about 80 newspaper copies. ‘Natha News would not be possible without your support. Whether you read our issues or donate to us, we can’t thank you enough for all your support!

Antonio Partida EDITOR Well, it’s probably obvious, but it’s the beginning of February, and we aren’t in our shiny new building yet. Which, of course, leaves many people wondering: “why the delay?” As construction projects tend to do, this building is taking longer than anticipated. However, the latest culprit was entirely out of human control: The very weather, it seems, is bent on delaying our enjoyment of new classrooms, labs, a student center, and a patio fireplace! San Diego has gotten an abnormal amount of rain recently, which has taken its toll

on the construction. The Development Department released the following statement regarding the delays: “This is a strange place to be in, since we are usually praying for rain, but today we find ourselves hoping for dry skies. Unfortunately, the rain is delaying progress on the exterior landscape work on the new high school building: work that is necessary for our occupancy permit from the county. Our contractor is working full-steamahead on the interior (which is nearly finished), and the furniture is shipped and on its way. We will keep you posted as to the changes as soon as we get new information. Thank you for your patience and continued prayers and support!”

Left: The construction site flooded from the recent rainstorm. Right: A look at the progress inside the new building. PHOTOS COURTESY OF MCS DEVELOPMENT DEPARTMENT

FEBRUARY 11, 2017




Christmas Carol: School-Wide Chapel “Pulsed” With Music Melody Hwangbo STAFF WRITER ‘Twas the chilly December morning that everyone had been waiting for – the last day of school before Christmas break. Scattered throughout the courtyard was a crowd, chattering between eager bites of their Koinonia breakfast. Suddenly, the doors to the gym were thrown open; the final chapel of the year, the Christmas chapel, was about to start. The chapel began with a warm welcome and prayer; then an opening performance of “It Came Upon a Midnight Clear” by the worship team, soon followed by a quiz show skit from the high school drama class. Next in order were the junior high carolers. Their voices brought even more holiday cheer as they sang “It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year” and “Hark! The Herald Angels Sing.” Afterwards, the elementary schoolers

sang adorable songs such as “All about that Baby” (4th) and “The Friendly Beasts” (2nd). Ms. McGovern then recited “The 12 Days of Christmas” with a Christian twist, and four teachers narrated “The First Christmas” story.

The Pulse and the junior high carolers sing at the Christmas Concert. PHOTO BY JESSICA XU / ’NATHA NEWS

The MORP Wonderful Time of the Year Amanda Corey STAFF WRITER The Maranatha students were absolutely glowing during this years 2016 MORP. No, they were glowing, literally. This year’s theme was Winter Wonderland, and black lights made everyone's white outfits glow in the dark. That wasn't the only way the students were glowing, though. Across the board, the students had glowing remarks about the dance. “I loved MORP this year! I had so much fun!” shared sophomore Sarah Stout. Several even said it was the best MORP ever! But what about the dance made it so special? The decorations were outstanding! As you walked onto campus, a candle-lit path led you all the way from the gate, into the gym where lighted trees sat just outside the dance area. As you walked through the tinsel-streamed entrance, you could see the winter decorations lini ng the walls, incl ud in g snowflakes and fabric “snow.” To the right you saw a dance floor lit up with black lights and glowing dancers. To the left there was a seating area where people socialized. And in the center was a line of tables overflowing with every sweet imaginable. There were also different things that people could do to help make

After another round of traditional Christmas carols (“Joy to the World,” and “O Come All Ye Faithful”), and finishing with a skit about the angels discussing the virgin Mary, it was almost time to go. The finale was played by the

the memories last. Set up to the right of the entrance was a DIY photo b o o t h i mi t at i n g a p o laro id photograph. Friends flocked to the photo booth wanting to take pictures so they could remember the night. Along with this, the DJ played a lot of popular music, plus some classic line dances. Almost everyone at MORP instantly arranged themselves to do the line dances and laughed with one another as students (and supervisors) did the dances. Overall, the 2016 MORP was a hit that will not be soon forgotten.

Freshman Isa Popat and sophomore Olivia Betz dancing at MORP. PHOTO BY ANDREW HONG / ’NATHA NEWS

school band, The Pulse, who were joined by the carolers – back onstage once again. It was a small taste of the spectacle that had happened at the Christmas concert the night before. The Pulse has been rapidly expanding in the recent years, courtesy to the tireless efforts of Mr. Holguin, the MCS band director. His 2016 goals for the band had been to “[be] more in tune … to perform better [and have a] higher standard.” And he certainly made sure The Pulse did accomplish those goals, as they won the title of “Best Band” at the Poway Parade back in September. Their Christmas concert stands out as another testament to their outstanding progress. However, Mr. Holguin is far from finished with his work in The Pulse. “[My] long term goals [are] to hopefully have a marching band someday, grow the program, and just get more people involved through music.” He said, a bright-eyed grin bedecking his face.

Operation Christmas Child Doubles Number of Packing Parties Kailyn Howe STAFF WRITER Folding and putting love inside the boxes, volunteers nationwide pray that the children will grow to love God and know who He is. Operation Christmas Child (OCC) is an event that is hosted annually at Maranatha. Rick Riehman is the current project leader, who supervises the event to make sure that it all goes Washcloths handmade by student and parent volunteers for OCC. PHOTO BY JESSICA XU / ‘NATHA NEWS smoothly. OCC provides children in impoverished and third-world countries "We like things that are handmade, or with a shoebox full of Christmas gifts, and crafts like what the school has done with spreads the message of Jesus. It makes an washcloths and dresses. We hope to see eternal impact on the child and their family. wooden toys produced and made. Wow! –– OCC supplies boxes to 109 countries. Items such as stuffed animals, dolls, and Maranatha’s boxes are shipped to countries soccer balls can bring great joy to children,” such as Peru, Madagascar, and Namibia. said Mr. Riehman. Mr. Riehman's favorite part of OCC is If you're wanting to get involved with “the joy of having children and their OCC, there are many ways to do so. OCC families go shopping together, pack boxes runs year-round, contacting business groups together, and participate in packing parties and reaching out to the community. You can here at school." collect items for the boxes year round, and Last December, there were about 175 Ms. Rhodes has a club that involves making people who showed up to Maranatha’s washcloths and dresses. packing parties. Packing parties took place The washcloths and dresses can be made at churches and schools worldwide. Next by anyone – whether you're a student, year OCC is expecting this number to teacher, parent, or staff member. You can double, as it has been doubling every year turn them in when OCC has a packing party since 2006. at the end of the year. This year 600 boxes were collected from Spread some joy and happiness by the school, making for a total of 8080 boxes collecting items for the boxes and coming to from the church and school combined. the packing parties this year!



FEBRUARY 11, 2016

Legac y: Girls Soccer Ready to conquer Ocean LEAGUE for Second Year in a Row Anna Corey STAFF WRITER


This year the varsity Lady Eagles got a fresh start with only 6 returning players. Many people were skeptical of success for the Maranatha soccer team this year, but the girls are coming out with a bang. There is a lot of raw talent and team spirit that has carried the team thus far. They practice 5 times a week with at least one game in between. In addition, the girls have participated in non-league games and the Linfield Tournament in preparation for the season with 6 wins and 5 losses. Their first league game was on January 18th against Horizon Christian, resulting in a tie. Their next game against Guajome Park Academy resulted in a victory with a score of 3-1. They also won against Calvin 3-0, and again against Foothills 4-0. With only one loss against their toughest opponent

Horizon, the girls are first in league, and have a huge chance to win the League Championship title for the second year in a row. The girls have three games left to claim the title. Junior Sarah Trent is their leading scorer, and is only three goals away from 100 goals in her high school career. Senior Captain Anna Corey and Freshman Amie Klein are tied for second place in goals scored. Over Christmas break, they had their very first alumni game, featuring alumni Morgan Wurtzler (‘16), Kayla McCormick (‘16), Liz Collins (‘15), Gabby York (‘16), and Charlie Liljequist (‘14). The game finished up time with the score all tied up at 3-3, resulting in a penalty kick tournament in which the current Lady Eagles took the ultimate victory! The girls have worked through injuries, rain, and fatigue, but used those obstacles to grow stronger and build character. Coach Tena

does a great job of encouraging his team and making Christ the center of it all. They pray before each game and at the end of each practice. He also advises them to pray for each others’ lives and not just for the sport, which is a special part of what makes the varsity girls a champion team.


#TeamGoals: Boys Soccer Pacific League in assists, partly due to his tremendously effective EDITOR throw-ins. Maranatha boys soccer has The Eagles also feature a lot of kicked off another season! Led by young talent this year. Sophomore senior captains Christian Cortes, Christophe Velazquez is 3rd in Matt Schumacher, and Brett Doig, the league in points and assists, the Eagles are prepared to take on and 5th in goals. Freshman Ernie one of the toughest Hepner is 2nd in schedules any the league in Maranatha team has “Coach Cabral has saves. done an amazing faced thus far. With Boys soccer is seaso ned coach home to the job ... with being David Cabral at the winningest coach able to keep the helm, MCS soccer is in Maranatha entire team ready to battle it out history: Coach motivated and for another season. David Cabral. Currently, the train us with the Coach Cabral Eagles are 4-11-2 — c a p p e d this mentality of but don’t let the achievement by always being record fool you! clinc hi ng h is MCS has been host able to improve.” 100th win against to some stellar play - Matt Schumacher Foothills Christian on the soccer field on January 13th, a this year. contest the Eagles Senior Matt Schumacher, who won by a score of 7-0. is committed to Cal Baptist for Coach Cabral’s philosophy of soccer, leads the league in both “Total Release” is clearly goals and points scored. Captain effective and influential on his Christian Cortes, is 4th in the athletes. When asked about how

Antonio Partida

Coach Cabral’s method has influenced him, senior Matt Schumacher said, “My thoughts on the program are nothing but positives across the board. Coach Cabral has done an amazing job, especially over the last four years, with being able to keep the entire team motivated and train us with the mentality of always being able to improve—whether it be in fitness, film, etc.” It’s certainly a mentality that the Eagles will need heading into league play. “The Pacific League is going to be tighter than ever this year. No team is much better than the other, which means every single game is going to be very close,” Matt said. Without a doubt, the Eagles are prepared to continue their legacy of excellence on the soccer field. They’re a team to watch heading into Pacific League play, and even into the coming years! Senior Joey Cabral. PHOTO BY ANTONIO PARTIDA

FEBRUARY 11, 2017



Higher ground: Girls bball Step Up to A New League GIRLS BBALL Continued from pg 1


Along with a bigger coaching staff, the team itself has grown from ten players last year to fourteen players this year. This enables them to scrimmage 5-on-5 during practices and overall it creates a more competitive atmosphere. Mr. Jackson states, “There have not been two games this season where I have used the same starting lineup.” Speaking of games, one significant game was a loss against Christian High. Because this was a game that the girls could have won, there was a feeling of dissatisfaction that has been motivating the team ever since. Mr. Jackson quoted Bob Dylan, saying, “There is no success like failure, and failure is no success at all.” Sometimes losing a game teaches more valuable lessons than a win would. Sure enough, this game has proven to be motivating since the team is currently ranked number one in San Diego Section Division V Girls

Basketball. The team has relied on two new, young faces to help them get there. Freshman Ella Howe ranks second on the team in scoring, averaging 7.7 points per game and is known for her three point shot. Freshman Amy Buffini, who is often seen driving to the basket, ranks fourth on the team in scoring with an average of 5.5 points per game. This season not only brought new faces to the team, but a new face was also inducted into the Maranatha Hall of Legends. Jackie Kadillak (‘14) joined Caitlyn Garmer (‘12), Amber Wetherford (‘13), and Jessica Sanchez (‘13) in the Hall of Legends on January 10th during halftime. Mr. Jackson came up with the Hall of Legends to create tradition and honor the past players that dominated the basketball court. He hopes to show past alumni that they are valued as people, what they do will be honored forever, and to create a family of past, present, and future basketball players. Senior Izzy Landis commented on the importance of the Hall of Legends saying, “Mr. Jackson always hits home on

respecting those who came before us and we love our past players … It's a way to show you're really always a part of Maranatha girls basketball.”

BALL IN: Fresh Talent Ignites Boys BBALL Sarah Stout STAFF WRITER Ball bouncing. Shots made. Crowds and cheerleaders screaming. All of this commotion rising from a gym hosting our Maranatha boys basketball team, who are actively fighting on the court every opportunity, every play, and every point. And this year, they will stop at nothing to clench the league championship. Their path to the playoffs has proven to be an impressive one, with the team boasting a record of 15-7 as of February 3rd. Their wins have ended with clear victories, such as their games against Escondido Charter (score 61-38) and El Capitan (score 77-38). Even their losses prove their unwillingness to give up, as they lost some games only by a handful of points, such as their matchups against Olympian (65-68) and Apple Valley Christian (56-57). Along with a great record, their roster is dominated by new members, with only one returning member retaining a starting spot on the team.

Captain Alex Buffini has been a dominating presence on the team, leading them with 338 points and 243 rebounds. The team’s other captain, Phillip Willis, also has racked up impressive stats with 17.2 points per game and the most steals on the team with 53, despite playing in only 12 games due to his transfer from Horizon. Other leaders on the team are junior Micaiah Boettner with 81 assists and runner up for most points with 283 points, and sophomore Matthew Brashear with 108 rebounds. With such a well-rounded group of players, this team will be a difficult force to face in the playoffs. The boys basketball team has begun the season with their best foot forward, having an admirable record and a new level of play. Through their hard work and dedication, they ha ve r ep re se nted Mar ana th a Christian School in a way that honors the school and, more importantly, honors God. Come support your boys basketball team as they are preparing to give it their all in the playoffs!

Left: Junior Micaiah Boettner. Right: Junior Phillip Willis. PHOTO BY ANDREW HONG



Meet Maranatha’s First All-State Athlete Noah Monroy

Noah running in the CIF meet at Morley Field on November 19. PHOTO COURTESY OF MAXPREPS

FEATURE number one on the team.” No ah re ga rd s hi s grea te st STAFF WRITER achievements to be his victory within his Our school is ecstatic that we finally heat of the Frosh-Soph Championship have earned the title of having our first race and the 6th place finish at the State All-State athlete, and it is all thanks to meet. His goals are based upon the times cross country runner Noah Monroy. In of other runners around him and sets his November, Noah won the meet at goals accordingly so that he beats his Morley Field, the final race of the competitors. For the future, he considers season, in Division V for running as “a stepping “[Noah] has a very stone” to get into college our school. Noah Monroy is a junior good work ethic … and receive scholarships. and has been attending he does everything Cross country coach Maranatha for a year. When Peter Gregory commented it takes to be a he considered joining cross on Noah’s impressive championship country two years ago, performance this past runner.” Noah Monroy explains that season. “He has a very he didn't expect himself to - Coach Gregory good work ethic…he make it this far in running. always puts the extra time “In my freshman year, I was planning on in after school after everyone has already doing basketball or soccer … and a left…he does everything it takes to be a couple of my friends did cross country, championship runner.” so they suggested that I come out just for Noah’s advice for any aspiring fun and to stay in shape … I joined the runners is to not give up hope, because it team and I ended up being surprisingly takes a lot to be a runner and to push not bad at it.” yourself to your limits. He also says that Noah then chose to stick with cross it is very important to keep on going and country, quickly becoming one of the top don’t stop. runners on his team in his freshman year Noah added, “After track season, I at Torrey Pines High School, an amazing took a week of break and then started feat for an underclassman. “The top ten training for cross country. Even if my made varsity and I got the tenth spot … legs hurt, I go for a swim or do anything and by the end of the season, I was just to stay in shape.”

Will Davis

FEBRUARY 11, 2017 Noah’s motivation while he's running is to single out friends from other schools that he knows are at the same level as him and stick with them throughout the race. One of Noah’s favorite quotes that reminds him to finish strong is by Steve Prefontaine, one of the best distance runners of all time, who says: “To give anything less than your best is to sacrifice the gift.” Noah Monroy has an amazing Godgiven ability and he has worked very hard to achieve what he has done. With h i s t al e n t, co m mi t m e n t , a nd determination, he is assured to be able to beat his competition in the future.


In Beiler We Believe: The Coach Behind Maranatha’s First CIF Championship Sarah Stout STAFF WRITER CIF champions. That says it all. It was one of the biggest achievements earned in the history of Maranatha sports. At the heart of it all was the Maranatha volleyball team’s coach: Mary Beiler,

whose legacy began as a girl in middle school who fell in love with the sport. Coach Beiler’s career jump-started in 6th grade, where she was asked by the volleyball coach at her school if she wanted to try volleyball. From then on, she was hooked to the sport. Her passion for volleyball led her to play throughout high school, college, and now as an adult. By playing many different positions throughout her career, she gained a very well-rounded insight of each person’s role on the court. “I love that [volleyball]

Left: Coach Beiler played volleyball while at Swarthmore College. PHOTO COURTESY OF COACH BEILER, Right: Coach Mary Beiler. PHOTO BY WILL DAVIS / ‘NATHA NEWS

… is not just athletic, but it is also a was not how it was supposed to end.” mental sport,” says Coach Beiler when The girls did pull out with a fantastic asked why she enjoyed the sport. “You comeback, winning the next three sets don’t need just brute strength. You can and earning their title as CIF Division IV actually be successful if you play champions. As a result of their victory, smartly.” the girls competed in the Division V state During her third year of coaching the championships, making it to the second Maranatha volleyball team, Coach Beiler round and becoming the first team in led her team of determined athletes to Maranatha history to not only win CIF, win the CIF championship. but to compete in the state playoffs. Looking back at the CIF After such a phenomenal season last championship game, she describes it as year, Coach Beiler is mounting up even her favorite moment in higher expectations for the “[The CIF her entire coaching career, volleyball program next not only because the team championship game] year. In this upcoming won, but how they won. was everything you season, she is planning on “The way we came from maintaining the standard of hoped for in a team commitment and skill level behind to have match … It was just like a of the team established last point and to still fight through … it was movie could be year. And earning our everything you hoped for school’s first state banner made about it.” in a team … it was is yet another goal for this - Coach Beiler perfect. It was just like a next season. “There is no movie could be made about it.” reason that state is not our goal … not In that game, the girls lost their first just to win the next CIF title, but to win two sets to Horizon Christian Academy, state.” and things were beginning to look bleak. Coach Beiler’s leadership and passion Reflecting on that moment, she said, has led to great achievements for “Somewhere in me, I just knew that we Maranatha, and gives way to even more were going to win. And in that moment possibilities on the horizon, including though, definitely doubt was in my mind. winning a much-awaited state title. And Not that I didn’t believe we could, but it it all started with a little girl who was looming … I just had to refocus discovered an unquenchable passion for myself and remind myself that … this volleyball.

FEBRUARY 11, 2017




The Plot of Plotnik: Looking Back & Looking Forward with Mr. Plotnik Rachel Hadley STAFF WRITER You know Mr. Plotnik as the high school principal, but what if he showed up to be your substitute teacher?

Possessing a multiple subject teaching credential and supplemental authorizations, Mr. Plotnik is able to teach English, social studies, Bible, and science classes. When he was a teacher, he had a passion for teaching science, and specifically chemistry. He said, “the order and structure that exists within atomic structure fascinates me and should demonstrate to all of us God’s order and design in the world.” Although he loved teaching, an opportunity came up for him to become a principal and he took it. During his time as an Athletic Director for another school, Mr. Plotnik heard about the land that Maranatha had purchased. Interestingly enough, the school he was at did not have a gym or fields, so he called to see if Maranatha’s sports facilities could be used by the other school. Mr. Plotnik was put in touch

with then-superintendent Dennis Fry, Aside from being a teacher and and instead of being offered fields, he principal, Mr. Plotnik was once a cross was offered a job to be the high school country and track & field coach. He principal. enjoyed the opportunity to get closer to As Maranatha’s new high school kids and invest in their lives in an area building approaches completion, Mr. outside of the classroom or as an Plotnik has been able to look back on administrator. In 2005, his last year as a the high school, remembering it as first coach, he coached his boys cross a possibility and now in its expansion. country team to the CIF State He has seen the student Championships, where body grow from thirty- His favorite part they finished in 14th place. eight students the first year This was the highest finish about being to the two hundred and for a school of their size at principal is twenty-eight students we the time. the sense of have now. Mr. Plotnik likes to run, His favorite part about community that walk his dog, and camp in being principal is the sense we have, given his free time. He also does of community that we not have a favorite Bible that we are have, given that we are verse, but rather two brothers and brothers and sisters in the favorite books, Job and sisters in the Lord. Esther. He likes their Lord. He also enjoys that teachings on the every day brings new challenges, importance of integrity and God’s which in turn need solutions. “Problem providential care for us, respectively. -solving is a big part of what I have to As the high school continues to do and it's like a big puzzle that needs expand, one thing is for sure: to be constantly pieced together. I love Maranatha is lucky to have a leader that because no one day is the same as who cares about the school and loves the next.” the job he does.


The Name’s Jackson … Ryan Jackson: Teaching Art and Bible From Coast to Coast Karinne House

really meditating on it, he felt as if God was directing him to uproot his family and go Mr. Ryan Jackson, brother teach, and he obeyed. of Nate Jackson, joined the “I love being out here,” he staff at MCHS three years ago said, in regards to the move. “I and he’s been a beloved love teaching Bible, and I love addition ever since. Many talking to you guys.” students know him, and often Teaching Bible as well as in a much more personal way art has been something he than most other teachers. greatly enjoys, and he hasn’t It’s always been very clear grown tired of it at all. that he genuinely cares about In regards to being so far the students and from where he “I love being out grew up, he said, their lives, as he’s always “…there are things here … I love available during teaching Bible, and I definitely miss. lunch period to The lifestyle and I love talking to talk and ask for the pace. I miss you guys.” advice. So just them, but I love how did he - Mr. Ryan Jackson San Diego, and I come here to love teaching.” Maranatha, all There’s no the way from Philadelphia? need for anyone to worry about Three years ago, Mr. him moving back across the Jackson moved his family country anytime soon. across the country to take the Speaking of which, he was teaching position he’d been able to enjoy being close to offered in our high school. home earlier this school year, When he had first been when he and several students offered the job, he didn’t think from the art department that he’d take it, because of traveled to New York City. how far away it was. But after Although… he certainly wasn’t STAFF WRITER

impressed with how the west coast students fared on the east coast. “It was survival at best,” he mentioned, recalling the story of their first encounter with the subway turnstiles—and how the students caused a pile-up amidst their confusion and panic. “We survived, and no one got lost. I’d say it was a success.” His favorite part of the trip? He loved the deep discussions that were brought out through the art they were all exposed to, from both students and chaperones alike. The contemporary art of the Whitney museum and the Chelsea galleries were also his favorites, as he was able to see large scale museums once more after coming to the West Coast. Going on the art trip, as well as having fun and building relationships with students, is one of his favorite parts about being a teacher here at MCHS. His love for his job and his students is very prevalent, even if it is hidden behind a sarcastic comment or two.




FEBRUARY 11, 2017

Showdown of the Seniors: Senior Assassins scrimmages, meets, or games. Eventually, the poison card will be instated, STAFF WRITER which allows participants to "assassinate" their Another senior class means another year of senior target by placing a poison card in their target's food assassins. Senior assassins is a game where senior or drink. If the target eats or drinks from the students randomly select their targets, and they try to "poisoned" food or drink, they will be eliminated. eliminate each other by “shooting” their target with Once a target is "assassinated," the assassin will a water gun. This is the second acquire whoever their target had. “It’s fun thinking up year that the game has taken place Currently, seventeen students at Maranatha. have been "assassinated," but that schemes to try The rules for the game are: only increases the paranoia. Twelve and get people out each participant must pay a $10 determined students remain. of the game.” fee to participate, and the winner When asked about the game and -Joey Cabral will receive the total amount of his experience, Joey Cabral said, money contributed. Targets are "Senior assassins is very fun; it's randomly drawn every two weeks, so that one fun thinking up schemes to try and get people out of person does not have the same target for the entire the game." game. Brett Doig also commented, saying, "It has been A water gun must be used in order to five months of excitement, constant paranoia, and "assassinate" your target, however, if they are many broken friendships." wearing a water floatie they will be safe. Anna Corey said, "Senior assassins has been a There are certain safe zones where you do not really fun way to bring our class closer together and have to wear your floatie and can remain safe. Those take our minds off of the stressfulness of school and include: the school campus and parking lot, the college applications." Who will win? Only time will church sanctuary, workplace, and any practices, tell.

Amy Rabun

Brett Doig and Anna Corey have assassinated nine seniors so far, earning them their rightful title of “Killer Couple.” PHOTO BY JESSICA XU / ’NATHA NEWS

A Not-So-Wintery Wonderland Nathan Self STAFF WRITER Winter in San Diego seems like an oxymoron due to the perfect weather we receive this time of year. Whether it’s raining, “chilly,” or sunny, the temperature stays relatively warm, providing conditions that sound perfect to the majority of Americans that are covered in snow. Aside from the weather, the winter

months bring a wide assortment of food and holiday fun. From candy canes to gingerbread men, apple cider to peppermint mochas, the holidays bring about never-ending options to fill you up. From Christmas dinners to New Year’s feasts, we are tempted by many options like sweets, cider, and snack food. Finally, just when it seems like we have a break, Valentine’s Day slaps us in the face with box after box of

chocolate, breaking any diet anyone was still managing to keep. If the mounds of food are too much for you, no worries, there are a wide range of activities that winter brings to town. Ice skating, for example, is local, affordable, and provides a fun time for the family. Shopping also seems to top people’s list this time of year as they try to snatch post-holiday sales. If you’re into snow and don’t mind the cold, a quick trip to Julian is a great

idea. Apple cider, pies, hot cocoa, and several comfy family-owned shops are a few of the things you can find in the mountaintop town. If that’s not enough for you, there’s always the slopes atop Big Bear. Snowboarding and skiing can be pricey but easily provide a fantastic family getaway. Whether it’s the food, weather, or winter activities, there is something for everyone to enjoy this time of year.

I Have a Gift for Regifting Rilee Hoch

Art by Rory Schumacher

STAFF WRITER We all know that Christmas is about something way more important than presents. However, the gifts we give and receive during the holiday season do account for a large part of the festivities. Sometimes, the gifts we get for Christmas end up being a bit strange, useless, or just plain weird. I'm talking about those four pairs of socks from your grandma and the shirt your brother bought you that's two sizes too small. What then should you do with these gifts you receive, other than regift them? Here are some basic tips and tricks to help you give away a gift that keeps on giving. 1. Take Your Time First of all, when you're regifting a

present you shouldn't be hasty and simply give it away at the very next opportunity. Instead you should really take your time to think about who you know could use the gift or would find the gift amusing. 2. DIY the Gift Secondly, try DIY-ing the gift: all you need to do is scroll through Pinterest to find inspiration for the perfect DIY. For example, if you get a simple shirt that's just not your style or is too small try tiedyeing it to change it up and give it to a friend that's a smaller size. 3. Stealth is Key One should always avoid regifting a present you receive from your family to a family member; give it to a friend instead. Similarly, if you get a gift from a friend you should regift it to a family member just to be safe.

4. Add Another Gift Next, when regifting a present you should definitely add something else to the gift. For example, a wacky pair of socks can go from a two star present to a five star present with a couple chocolate bars or another item of clothing that matches. 5. Change the Wrapping Last but not least, rewrap the gift in nice paper that is different from the wrapping you received. If you can't wrap gifts well the traditional way, or are simply too lazy to make an attempt, try using colorful tissue paper and a decorative bag. Just remember to have fun with it and appreciate every gift you receive during the holidays. But remember, your favorite gift could have been someone else’s least favorite before a little regifting magic!

FEBRUARY 11, 2017


LOOKING BACK: Advice from MCS Class of 2014 Valedictorian Catherine Quinto Jessica Xu EDITOR-IN-CHIEF In 2015, ‘Natha News featured class of 2014 valedictorian Catherine Quinto, who is now at U C B e r k e l e y. C a t h e r i n e ’ s experiences in high school equipped her to have a fulfilling time at college, both in knowledge and in spiritual matters. She has kindly given advice to help high school students make the most out of their time and have a fulfilling time at college as well. Freshmen: Do not let anyone underestimate you because of your age. Dive into all the clubs and extracurriculars that you can. Even if something only slightly interests you, take the risk. I have always found the risky decisions to be the ones that I end up staying with. Sophomores: Talk with people who have gone before you. Unfortunately, because I don’t have siblings, I was not able to consult an older brother or sister for help when the college application season dawned. That said, it was all good because I had older friends who were able to help. Also, YouTube is your best f r i e n d . I t ’s e s s e n t i a l l y a compilation of videos from people who have already gone through what you all go through (very helpful college application tips videos). Juniors: All the hard work will pay off! This is the year that colleges care most about. Learn to love learning and all the reading assignments will become way more interesting.


attention in lecture is essential to Seniors: When I was a senior in high surviving, so sleeping on a school (and even during my schedule in order to have an alert freshman year at college), it was mind makes an eno rmo us kinda inti midating hearing difference. everyone say their life plans out loud when I had no idea what I Advice for high school parents? wanted to do. Don’t be fooled by Words cannot express how this; nobody really knows what supportive my parents have been of they're doing. We are all trying to me. They have never pushed me to figure out life together. be anything more than I am Take calculated risks, apply to supposed to be, but they have places that you believe you have supported me in everything that I no chance getting into, read books strive to be. I truly value the love that you think will never interest and freedom they have given me you, become friends with people and because they have given me so who you've never spoken with much freedom and support, I want before. Open-mindedness will get to do well in my endeavors and I you far. want to please them. I My best friends “Take calculated think this desire are people that I would not be as risks … Openthought I’d never be strong had they mindedness friends with, my created and pushed will get you far.” major is the major their own wishes onto that high school me - Catherine Quinto me. My advice to was first to cross off parents is keep doing the list, my college is a college that what you're doing–supporting them never even crossed my mind, but in the career path that is meant for my life is happier than I could ever them, in the path that will give have imagined. them the most fulfilling and happiest life. How do you manage your time? Make lists. For me, there is Helpful Websites: something about making a list that makes life just so much more College rankings by category (such efficient. When I can visualize as liberal arts, public schools, what needs to be done, I can set world rankings, business schools, priorities for what I will do each etc.) as well as a little write up day. I try to make a list of about the college, student life, everything that needs to be done population, location, etc. each week so that I can wake up each day ready to go. Also, routine is key. Regardless Ask your questions and get of how much work I have, I go to answers from people who are sleep and wake up at the exact students at the college you are same time everyday (unless there is asking about. a huge pending deadline). In college, with 500 people in a class and comfy chairs, it's easy to Look up college application/essay get drowsy without anyone tips, dorm ideas, what to bring on noticing. But paying 100 percent move in day tips, etc.

By Rory Schumacher / ‘Natha News



New Years Edition Nathan Self / STAFF WRITER

“Cat’s Got Your Tongue?” By Rory Schumacher / ‘Natha News



FEBRUARY 11, 2017




Devotional Anna Corey STAFF WRITER Imagine your heart to be like a cup, waiting to be filled up by the things that you desire. But what is it that you desire most? Are you filling your cup with the Word of God and allowing his blessings to overflow? Or are you filling your cup with toxic and temporary substances that only provide satisfaction for a time? This world has us all convinced that what it has to offer will be satisfactory, and


that if we crowd our lives with technology, relationships, and wealth, we can achieve happiness. But happiness can never be fully attainable through the treasures on this earth. In fact, happiness is about the feelings of the moment, but joy is what comes from having a relationship with God. That is something that you carry with you constantly regardless of how happy or sad you are feeling at the time. God wants us to recognize our emptiness, and be filled by the Holy Spirit. Be honest with Him about your insecurities and your struggles, and ask that He may turn them into strengths that you can use as a testimony of your faith. He will never let you walk alone and He will always satisfy. Pour out your toxic cup and

Senior Semester 1 allow God to fill you with His riches of love and grace. “Do not store up for yourselves treasures on earth, where moths and vermin destroy, and where thieves break in and steal. But store up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where moths and vermin do not destroy, and where thieves do not break in and steal. For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.” (Matthew 6:19-21) “For you know that it was not with perishable things such as silver or gold that you were redeemed from the empty way of life handed down to you from your ancestors, but with the precious blood of Christ, a lamb without blemish or defect.” (1 Peter 1:18-19)

’Natha Voices

Quotes from your classmates and teachers

“Fun fact: your beloved American ketchup originated in China.” - Andrew Hong (12)

“You know the party is over when the cream puffs are gone.” - Mrs. Gray

“I was doing my math homework, and I could feel my neurons crying.” - Rachel Hadley (12)

“Hey kid, ya got any crayons?” - Bella Segoria (10)

“I like burritos because they are just like quesadillas, but round.” - Amanda Corey (9)

(After eating one french fry) “Ahhh, I can feel my brain cells kicking in again.” - Mr. Miller

“He has an 80% Afro.” - Anna Azeka (11)

“Stop messing up your life and read your Bible!” - Mr. Ryan Jackson “I identify as an attack helicopter.” - Christian Mixer (11) “I’M SORRY JESSICA OR ANTONIO I’M COMPLETE TRASH AND I FORGOT TO FIND MORE QUOTES AHHHHH” - Will Davis (10) Quotes collected by Will Davis, etc.

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