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Your guide to the VW Type 2 Transporters

T1 T2 T3 T4 T5

VW Transporter T1

This is the most highly collectable generation of the Type 2. It is famous for its distinctive air cooled engine and split front windscreen, it was known as the Splittie. It was the

off the production line in 1950 and continued to be produced for a further 17 years. This was a rather basic but extremely characterful vehicle and was the birth of a whole new motoring era.

VW Transporter T1 Campervan campervan conversion model to put to market by

that made it feel from home to home. There was a basic conversion which was generic across all models, but the customer could customise this and make it exactly how more liked by the public.

VW Transporter T2

Introduced in 1968, the T2 made an immediate break with the tradition of the transporter by taking away the split windscreen, which was the trademark of the former model. This model was known as the bay

window or bread loaf because of its larger and heavier build and a more block like shape. This particular model was in production in Germany until 1979 when it was moved to

VW Transporter T2 Microbus storm, even with the aesthetical change, it was a big hit amongst families and travellers. Not only that but it became a symbol for the Hippie passengers at once, it suited them and led them along their care free life.

VW Transporter T3

The T3 was introduced in 1979. The to produce vehicles which they could market well with that brought a change for the Type 2. The T3 microbus was still available in

various models - as a passenger van and as different types of camper vans. All vehicles manufactured at this time had proper names, unlike the previous Type 1 and Type 2 buses.

VW Transporter T3 Pick Up This was the third generation of the pick up and it was still going strong, like the rest of the vehicles in this new range, the shape was changed and now was alot more square, mind the pick up was still in demand and customers came to buy the pick up because they knew from the previous models how good a vehicle is was and for that time it was just right for the working men and trades.

VW Transporter T4

1990 brought a brand new concept the T4 a modern four- berth campervan. This was the new alternative to the older out- dated type 2 model. Although this model was more boxy in shape, the T4

came in a small, compact version time in history for the vw campervan). This model was a much more sophisticated and reliable campervan.

VW Transporter T4 Pick Up The T4 pick up had a much needed make over and for the

brought more customers. It was still being used by the trades and working men as it pick ups and the public would buy a pick up and use it as a normal everyday car, which with its looks and the more

VW Transporter T5

The T5 arrived in 2004 and again it was an innovative transporter. Taking opinions from the public on the T5 a lot more versatile. The T5 was a up to date version of the T1s

offering the exact same variations except these were a modern day system within the van which meant you could attach different pre frabricated modules into the van.

VW Transporter T5 Kombi back in, in the T4 generation, but yet again was undertaken the development and redesign to make it the ever gorgeous shape it is. alot in converting to campervan models with space being the advantage compared to other models.

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