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Create a travel guide that engages a younger audience for travelling around cities across the world.

Travelling to a new country can be daunting, especially when you are going there as a tourist. The locals don’t always speak good English and everything online you could find is over complicated, has too much information and is too hard to follow.

The concept of the travel guide is to work around the idea of travel, as this is the main focus of the guide.

The audience for the travel company is young adults 18-25, that like to travel to different areas of the world, especially cities that are a little different. Budget will be considered.

Create a website that expands upon the travel guide and offers more information on the cities. Create a pack that could be handed out within a travel agent to anyone that books a holiday within the given range. Produce branding for the guide, this should be presented on related products to the travel guide.

A guide to a city should be something simple that informs the reader of clear information about the city. Direct them to the best attractions available, along with local cuisine and places to visit and see. A guide should be informative, but also engaging and aesthetically pleasing to make the user want to read it. Along with these it should be well structured to make it easy to read and find the information needed. But does it need to be a publication or a map? How else can these aspects be communicated to the audience?

Nathan Bolton

Working within the travel industry I have decided to use the idea of luggage tags and flight tickets. This will relate to the audience as they will be using the guide to book a holiday and it also has some interesting aesthetics that can be used within the design of the guide. By looking at a range of luggage tags from the very old original tags to the much newer and modern digitalised version, the aesthetics of the design style for the guide can be inspired and determined from this.

Tone of Voice The Tone of the guide is very informative as it is to communicate information about each city.

Deliverables 1. Printed Travel Guide 2. Designed Website - Mock up 3. Branding for the travel company, presented on suitable products. 4. Presentation boards

Iconic Cities Print Design | 01

Concept Research The concept of the project is to use the aesthetics of luggage tags and airport tickets to create a consistent design style running through all products of the brief. Looking at these products from the very old vintage style to the modern day digitalised style, will provide a range of inspirational material to create the design style of the travel guide. As the design of luggage tags and airport tickets are very distinct and bold it is important to use the right elements from these designs in order to create a a style which is relatable and recognisable but also one that balances well with the city information.

Nathan Bolton

Iconic Cities Print Design | 02

The Cities The cities were determined from a number of factors. I researched into city locations that are not the main stream ones which everyone visits, also looking at city breaks which don’t cost too much as the audience are youg adults which may not always have alot of money to spend. The final factor was to find cities that had a lot of things to do and see as the focus of the travel company is about the experience of the city. The Cities: Budapest Brussels Amsterdam Prague Riga Tallinn Istanbul Vienna Krakow Rome

Nathan Bolton

Iconic Cities Print Design | 03

Design Style The style of the guide is determined from the aesthetics of the luggage tags and airport tickets. I have taken small detailed elements which replicate the tags and tickets to use within the guide itself and communicate the idea of the concept.

Nathan Bolton

Iconic Cities Print Design | 04

The Travel Guide The travel guide will be A4 in size and will contain all the information for each city. This will be done in the design style of airport and luggage tickets. The travel guide will be bound with elastic bands, this enables the pages to be removed and others to be added when the company expands. The trvale guide will have a wrap around front cover, this will enclose the guide within and make it look more like a package. On the inside of the wrap there will be a pocket, so the reader can keep everything together in one place.

Nathan Bolton

Iconic Cities Print Design | 05

The Website The website is an extension of the travel guide. This is will provide the same information as the travel guide but much more too. More information and images will be available for each of the cities. The website works as a search engine for the destinations, once a destination has been picked the user will be presented with a tiled design to show all options for this city. These can be broken down to smaller categories and will present more detailed information about a certain aspect of the city. There is also a forum, shop and personal log in space within the website. The personal log in is called cityspace, this allows the user to save certain parts of a city to their personal space, which they can go back and refer to at a later date. From this area the user can create, share and print their saves and city itinerary, they can also search for similar destination and attractions. This personal space creates more of an interaction with the brand and puts the holiday making into the users hands.

Nathan Bolton

Iconic Cities Web Design | 06

Custom City Guide Within the each users cityspace area there is the option to request a catalogue. In requesting a catalogue, they can choose the content of it themselves. The content will be formed from the information they have saved within their own personal space, which they can go through and select. This creates the users own personalised and tailored travel guide for the specific city break they will be going on. Once the user has selected the information and gone through the steps the Iconic Cities team will produce the personalised guide and post it to the user. The custom guide will be created in the same way as the full guide and have exactly the same aesthetic. The idea of this links the web and print element directly together, it also deminishes the amount of print and paper used which ultimately could be a waste if the full guide isn’t need for a user. Having a personalised and tailored guide makes it easier for the user to plan their break and carry the guide with them.

Nathan Bolton

Iconic Cities Web Design | 07

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