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To inform printers across the UK of the Fedrigoni Papers that are available and how to use them. The printers need to know that the papers are adaptable and can be used in creative ways, so paper craft will be the key element within this concept.


- To show that Fedrigoni papers are adaptable and not just for ordinary print use. - To promote Fedrigoni, so that it becomes the number one paper merchant. - To inform printers of the Fedrigoni papers.

_Target Audience

Audience: Printers - They have a big influence over paper decisions and can in some instances change their clients specifications. We want to raise our profile with printers and make us their favoured supplier. Tone of Voice: A fun, tongue and cheek deliverable which is memorable and maybe even makes the audience laugh!

This is Fedrigoni



The Fedrigoni papers are split down into different catergories. I have taken the main 4 categories - self adhesive, publishing, packaging, stationery to base this project behind. Everything is going to be kept in four’s - there are 4 categories, 4 colours, 4 papers to be promoted on each poster, 4 symbols, 4 objects. This will keep everything in line and looking as professional as it can be I will produce a series of promotional posters, these work around the 4 categories and will demonstrate the adaptability of the Fedrigoni papers. I will use paper craft throughout these posters to display how the papers in that category can be used and interacted with. To work along side these I will produce a publication which explains more about the papers. This is going to work as stock swatch book, but with a difference. The book will be split into the four categories which the papers in these categories will be used displayed, along with specifications of the papers too. The pages within the publication are going to be cut angular so that the colours and textures interact with each other and show how they can be used together. I will also create a installation for promotional means again, this will put into the practise the Fedrigoni papers and again demonstrate how they can be used in different ways other than print.

_Breaking down the Idea

Fedrigoni papers are broken down into four categories these are: Self adhesive / publishing / packaging / stationery.

The promotional posters will illustrate the 4 categories listed and use 4 of the papers within them to show how they would be used in context.

Paper which come under these categories: Self adhesive: - ADHOC Print - Etichette Publishing: - Constellation - Freelife - Hi-Kard - Marcate - Pergamenate - Sirio - Soho - Splendorlux - Stucco - Symbol - Vergate - White & Ivory - Woodstock

Stationery: - Century - Pergamenate - Sirio - Soho Packaging: - Book & box - Cocktail - Constellation - Freelife - Hi-Kard - Ispira - Marcate - Pergamenate -Saville Row - Sirio - Splendorlux - Symbol - Vergate - White & Ivory - Woodstock

The publication will have 4 chapters, one for each category. Within each category, each of the papers listed will be sampled and used as the page stock. This will display information about the paper and the specifications of it. The page will be cut angular, so that every page interacts with each other and shows that they can be used together.

This is Fedrigoni


_Fedrigoni History

The Fedrigoni family has a tradition in the paper world since 1717, when the San Colombano paper mill was set up close to the hermitage of the same name in Vallarsa-Rovereto. The paper mill was sold in 1814 to the Jacob family following the Napoleonic wars. Giuseppe Antonio Fedrigoni, after a long period dedicated to commerce in paper, began paper production in 1888 in the Verona Paper mill,that was subsequently expanded by his son, Antonio. From 1931, Gianfranco Fedrigoni, assisted by brothers Renzo and Arrigo, gave new impulse to the development of the company. The Varone paper mill was taken over in 1938 and the Verona Mill completely destroyed during the Second World War - was rebuilt in 1945. The Adamas Paper Mill was set up in South Africa in 1948 (later sold to Sappi in 1964); the Arco Mill was founded in 1963. The three mills (Verona,Varone and Arco) were merged in 1979 to form Cartiere Fedrigoni & C. S.p.A. Since then, Group development has continued with special emphasis on the “converting” sector, with the creation of Arconvert in 1989 and the take-over of Manter SA (Manipulados del Ter SA) in 1993, on European distribution through the dedicated companies distribution companies in Germany (1987), Spain (1989), France and Great Britain (1993). As from the 1st January 2000: the Fedrigoni Group was re-organised, with the transfer of production and commercial operations to the new Fedrigoni Cartiere S.p.A. and buildings operations to Acquaviva S.r.l., while Cartiere Fedrigoni & C. S.p.A. itself became the Group Holding Company. At the end of 2001, the Fedrigoni Group was awarded the tender issued by “Istituto Poligrafico e Zecca dello Stato” for the acquisition of “Cartiere Miliani e Fabriano” (heirs to the century-old tradition of Italian paper-making) and its subsidiaries (Cartamano S.r.l., Miliani Immobiliare S.r.l. and S.I.C.M.A. S.r.l.). As from April 2004, thank to an agreement with “Mantegazza Antonio Arti Grafiche Srl” Fedrigoni Group creates Fabriano Securities which will be active in the area of securities systems with the production of a complete range of products technologically advanced such as holograms security-threads, plastic cards, security prints. Fedrigoni Asia began operations in April 2006 with head offices in Hong Kong. The company will handle sales of Fedrigoni.

_Fedrigoni Promotion

This is Fedrigoni


_Design Direction - Posters

This is Fedrigoni


_Design Direction - Publication

_GFSmith - Colorplan Playbooks

This is Fedrigoni


_Design Direction - Installation

This is Fedrigoni


_Design Direction - Packaging

This is Fedrigoni



Posters I will create 5 posters which will promote the idea of the Fedrigoni paper being adaptable. The first will show the four main categories and be a break down of the fedrigoni papers into these categories. The remainder 4 poster will be promotional posters of each category. The poster will use paper craft and 3D elements to make them interactive for the user. It will put the papers of that category into context.

Publication The publication will run alongside the posters. This will be divided up into 4 sections, one section for each category. Within the publication paper craft will again be used to show the papers interacting with each other and how they can be used together. Each category will have the pages cut to the shape of the symbol that represents that cateogory. This will make the publication more interesting to look at and again show the interaction of the papers throughout the category. This will give the user an idea of which papers could be used together. Each stock used in the publication will have the name, specifications and uses of it displayed on the page. I am going to design the publication in either 2 seperate z-fold publications or one publication that has multiple z-folds to create 4 booklets within one.

This is Fedrigoni



Installation The installation is an idea which I have recently had. The idea has come from the use of paper craft throughout the project. I thought it would be a good way to promote the project and again show that the fedrigoni paper are adaptable and can be used in many different ways. The installation will promote the papers and be designed around some sort of set up that plays on the idea of everyday use of the Fedrigoni papers. I think this will be a good addition to the project and would work really well for promotional needs.

Packaging As the whole idea of the project is to inform printers about the range and use of the Fedrigoni papers, it makes sense that the products would be sent out to different printers across the UK. I will therefore design packaging for the publication and posters to be posted. The packaging will be something different to an ordinary envelope - along the lines of paper craft and finding an interesting way to fold it around the products or how it interlinks together to create the space for the products to be put inside it.

This is Fedrigoni


_Symbols to represent each category

The symbols have been created to symbolise each category within the publication and posters. I have chosen these symbols because the shapes appear within the designs of the posters and seem relevant to use. They all work together as a group and look good and balanced when placed next to each other. I think using these symbols will give the project and idea a sort of geometric style, which will work well within the publication and the cut pages. I could carry the symbol shapes through to the pages within the publication. Each page of the relevant category will be cut to the symbol shape. Like the mock up I have already done. The orginal symbols which I came up with were more based around the actual category, but were too hard to use when i tried to cut them out of the stock.

This is Fedrigoni



This takes up too much room as it is over 3 lines. It also doesnt look balanced because ‘is’ is a shorter word than the rest and sits inbetween leaving white space between the other words which doesnt sit well together.

Changing the layout so that the words are spread over 2 lines, reduces the spacing it would take up but still doesnt look right. I don’t like ‘this’ and ‘is’ being next to each other as ‘this’ has ‘is’ within the word and when you look at it and read it, it looks like ‘is’ ‘is’.

This idea solves the problems that i have taked about on the previous page. The spacing is now alot smaller, but still reads as ‘this is fedrigoni’. With a simple and subtle addition of the line in ‘this’ is makes it read as two different words. This makes it more creative within the branding of the project too.

This is Fedrigoni


_Mock up - Posters

This is Fedrigoni


_Mock Ups - Publication

This is Fedrigoni


_Developing mock ups

Publication Use the symbol shapes within each category page shape - cut each page of each category a different shape to tie in with symbol that represents it. Use of laser cut title on each stock - not dependant on colour of stock to print onto. How to display stock information if dark colour stock Look at format - will extending the z-fold to hold everything in one publication work Posters Experiment with the poster designs more Look at paper craft element within the designs how to do it Decide on colour of stock - black front to them all Use of laser cut within poster - title and any information - how small can type be to laser cut

_Moving Forward

Look at packaging design and envelope design more Think up of an idea for the installation - how it will tie in with the project Carry on experimenting with paper craft within the products Decide on colour scheme and which stock to use Develop poster designs Write up content for publication

This is Fedrigoni


This is Fedrigoni ‘creative papers for creative minds’ Nathan Bolton

Fedrigoni Progression Overview  
Fedrigoni Progression Overview  

An overview of all the work carried out so far for this competition brief