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Brief 07:

Elmwood - Tree Surgeon

Nathan Bolton

Elmwood - Tree Surgeon

Elmwood - Tree Surgeon: Brief Overview Brief



To brand the boring. Each person is given a job title which is classed as a ‘boring’ job. The challenge of the brief is to brand the given ‘boring’ job, but the branding must make it engaging and flip the idea of the job being a boring one.

The Job title I was given was a Tree Surgeon. The concept for my branding for the company is to mix the aesthetics of surgeons and surgery along with tree surgery. The two occupations are completely different as surgeon is a very intense, precise job compared to the manual labour, dirty hands on job of a tree surgeon, but tree surgeon does involve some precision and knowledge which is where the surgery side of it comes in.

The audience is based at middle aged adults, 30-40 as these would be the people looking at using a tree surgeon from being a home owner.

Background Information When working as a professional designer, all the jobs and projects that are sent to you aren’t always exciting and engage with you straight away. As a designer it is your job to create the design elements that make it look aesthetically pleasing, engaging and communicate whatever it is in a precise and clear manor.

With the tag line ‘We care for your trees’. The aesthetics of the branding will play on the idea of surgeons, nurses and the hospital as these care for the patients, just as tree surgeons care for the trees and keep them healthy. The branding will be simple but strong and bold, communicating the idea of a tree surgeon but with a twist.

Tone of Voice Conversational style, but with an informative and knowledgeable touch.

Deliverables 1. Company logo 2. Company Name 3. Branding applied to relevant applications.

Purpose The purpose of the brief is to take an exisiting job which is seen as boring and brand it to make it interesting. In doing this its shows the audience how the job can be interesting and that there is more to it than you first see. For me the purpose of the brief is to work on a branding brief and subject which I wouldn’t normally choose. I think the idea of the brief will provide a good creative challenge and pushes me out of my comfort zone.

Nathan Bolton

Elmwood - Tree Surgeon | 01

Research Looking into imagery from both surgeons, surgery and tree surgeons gave me aesthetics to work with for the branding. The equipment both professions used was interesting to use together as they are complete opposites. The idea of the precision of surgery and the rough manual labour of tree surgery mixed together to create a identity came to mind.

Nathan Bolton

Elmwood - Tree Surgeon | 02

Development of Brand From looking at the visual imagery within my research and focus on certain elements to include within the branding. I started to draw some quick ideas and get different visuals down on paper. Working on the rough drawings gave me elements of the brand which I could work up digitally and start to apply together to build up the branding of the company.

Nathan Bolton

Elmwood - Tree Surgeon | 03

Surgery Imagery From researching into imagery within the surgery sector, I liked the aesthetic and symbolic meaning that defibrillators could being to the branding. Defibrillators are used to help resusatate a persons heart, using this within the idea of tree surgery would symbolise that the company are bringing the trees back to life and helping their health. The defibrillators also have quite a strong and powerful aesthetic to them which can create a bold aesthetic to the branding of the company. Using the imagery of the defibrillator I have created the symbol below to represent it.

Nathan Bolton

Elmwood - Tree Surgeon | 04

Tree Surgery Imagery From looking into the imagery of tree surgery surgery, it is all based around the trees themselves and the machinery that the surgeons use within the practice of the job. In order to reprsent this side of the company, I wanted to use a simple image that captured the essence of tree surgery, obviously with trees being the main part of it, I thought that a leaf would represent this the best. To tie it in more with the idea of surgery the lines on the leaf to represent the leaf veins have small characteristics that are of a heart machine, this ties in well with the symbol for the defibrillator and the idea of caring for the trees. The illustration below has been created to present this idea.

Nathan Bolton

Elmwood - Tree Surgeon | 05

Naming the company The name for the company has come from research taken into wood. When researching into different types of wood, I came across one which is called ‘Heartwood’. The name instantly fit with my branding as it has the word ‘heart’ within it which represents the surgery side of the branding, but also ties in well with the idea of the defibrillator. When I looked further into the meaning of heatwood I found out it meant: ‘Heartwood is wood that as a result of a naturally occuring chemical transformation has become more resistant to decay.’ This idea of a chemical reaction again relates to idea of surgery and that this reaction makes it more resistant and surable ties in with nuturing and caring the trees back to health.

Nathan Bolton

Elmwood - Tree Surgeon | 06

Creation of the Logo Bringing these three elements together create the logo for ‘Heartwood Treecare’.

Nathan Bolton

Elmwood - Tree Surgeon | 07

Final Logo

Nathan Bolton

Elmwood - Tree Surgeon | 08

Business Stationery For the company branding I have worked around the idea of visualising wood within the printed stationery. The wood texture is used on the back of all the stationery. The written side of the stationery is focussed around a simple and strong gridded layout.

Nathan Bolton

Elmwood - Tree Surgeon | 09

Special Business Stationery Creating special company branding products, makes the company stand out and that little bit different from the competition. I have created special business cards which are made out of wood and a wooden clip board; this acts both as a branding folder and as a practical product for on site. Both these products are branded with the company logo.

Nathan Bolton

Elmwood - Tree Surgeon | 10

Van Livery The company uses vans to transport equipment and the cutting machines for chopping up the tree branches and bark. The branding will work across these vechicles in a simple design to communicate the information clearly.

Nathan Bolton

Elmwood - Tree Surgeon | 11

Company Uniform The uniform for the company is clothing that is suitable for the type of work they do. It is casual to allow movement and not restrict them in any way whilst doing their job, its also durable so that it with stands the job physicalities.

Nathan Bolton

Elmwood - Tree Surgeon | 12