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Brief 15:

DFGA Yearbook

Nathan Bolton

DFGA Yearbook

DFGA: Brief Overview Brief



Design and create the DFGA yearbook. As the course is digital based, the yearbook will be created as a interactive PDF.

The concept of the yearbook is to focus on the idea of the spoken word. Throughout the yearbook the students voice and opinions of the course will be displayed, along with a showcase of there work.

DFGA students and designers that are interested in digital based design.

The DFGA course is multi-disciplinary and all students work within different discliplines, displaying this within the yearbook, through the use of icons and carrying this aesthetic through to ‘brand’ the yearbook as a product of DFGA and that it is based around digital design.

Tone of Voice

Background Information



Digital film production, games design and animation are soe of the most exciting fields which make up today’s creative media industry, and are pushing the boundaries in entertainment, information and communication.

The purpose of the brief is to create a digital yearbook for the DFGA course. This will be a showcase of the third years work and be something they can show to future employers.

1. PDF Yearbook 2. Yearbook suitable for end of year exhibition

A running concept / theme needs to be created to run throughout the yearbook and tie all content together into a coherent design led PDF.

Nathan Bolton

Educational style with a focus on informing the reader about the DFGA course and what it offers to potential new students.

As a digital based brief, I wanted to take this on as a lot of my work is print based, so it was good to challenge myself and work on something that is purely digital. It will also show that I can work over digital formats.

DFGA Yearbook | 01

Concept Throughout the yearbook there will be a focus on the use of the spoken word. Using the students experience of the course this will inform the reader what the course offers and the thigns you learn from being on it. Within each of the students spreads there will be an individual about section, this again is a great way for them to explain who they are as a designer but also saying how the course has helped / effected this. As a multi-disciplinary course, the students work is also an important factor to show, as this displays the different disciplines that the students are working within.

Nathan Bolton

DFGA Yearbook | 02

Digital Identity As the DFGA course has a digital nature and is screen based, the yearbook needed to reflect this and have a digital identity running throughout. To achieve this the use of a square format to represent pixels has been crafted to form different elements within the yearbook, to give it the digital aesthetic. Along with the use of pixels, RGB colour ways have been selected as the colour palette, again linking to the digital aspect of the course. This digital identity has been applied to the front & back cover of the yearbook, and the chapter numbers. These small details add to the yearbook and create a digital aesthetic to the yearbook.

Nathan Bolton

DFGA Yearbook | 03

Multi-disciplinary To represent the multi-disciplinary aspect of the course, icons have been created to communicate the different areas that students work within. Identified disciplines: Concept Art Animation Game Films Using simple shapes the icons have been designed to be legible at a small scale. These will be placed within the student spreads to identify which disciplines each student works within. If there is more than one, each icon will be displayed, showing the diverse practice of the individual.

Nathan Bolton

DFGA Yearbook | 04

Development Throughout the course of working on the yearbook, there has been alot of meeting with the tutors to discuss the design and layout of the yearbook. This has encounted a lot of development for the yearbook, but it has all been valuable to the final design of it now.

Nathan Bolton

DFGA Yearbook | 05

DFGA Yearbook The first chapter of th yearbook is all about the course and how it has helped the students throughout the last three years achieve what they have. There is a focus on communicating how the course effects the students and aids them in their development throughout the years. With an overall theme on the spoken words, there is a general overview of the course, followed by words from each of the tutors on the course, who have individually wrote about the year group. This section directly relates to the concept of the yearbook and communicates and informs the user of the DFGA course.

Nathan Bolton

DFGA Yearbook | 06

DFGA Yearbook The second chapter is the student showcase. This uses the template which was decided upon by the course and tutors to display selected work from each of the students. Images are displayed at a large size to clearly display the students work and make them legible to the user. Each student has a biography section which they have used to describe their own practice. With the category icons displayed on the page is showcases the disciplines they work within, but also shows how the course is multi-disciplinary. Working within the yearbook concept this section of yearbook clearly communicates each of the students through the use of the type and image. As the document is a interactive PDF videos are embedded or linked within the yearbook, so that the students have the opportunity to display their actual work and not just screenshots of it. The use of buttons and the interactive elements come into play the most within this section, making it easier for the user to navigate around the document.

Nathan Bolton

DFGA Yearbook | 07

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