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To nd employment as an entry level Intern where I may work on a dynamic team in challenging environment with coworkers who value creative design and attention to detail.

Developed a Revit model of an existing house for the purpose of historic preservation.

Teachers assistant for Intro to Revit class. Graded all assignments and helped students’ with Revit questions in class. Prepared oor plans and section details for construction documents using AutoCAD. Prepared construction documents for duplexes and mixed use buildings using AutoCAD. This included oor plans, details, and sections.

Responsible for grouping male campers in units and cabins and assigning the appropriate male staff members to lead each group.

Prepared and poured concrete, laid ag stone, and spread aggregate with a team of workers.

Aided team in the preparation of LEED submissions and completion of daylight analysis.

Masters of Architecture.

Bachelor of Science in Architecture.

Pursued double major in Physics and World Religion.

Led team in warm-ups and routines.

Responsible of every male staff member and camper.

Organized and recruited team members.

Nathan bolkovic resume  
Nathan bolkovic resume