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supporting bids, winning events


eventBritain is the bid and event support unit of VisitBritain, the UK’s national tourism agency. Our objective is to work with UK industry partners to support bids for major business, cultural and sporting events.

supporting bids, winning events

Whilst bidding organisations should make their national or regional tourism or event organisation their first port of call, eventBritain can provide a range of benefits which may add a significant advantage when seeking to secure or maximise an event.

We aim to ensure the UK becomes the globally recognised destination of choice of the international events industry. Our focused partner support is available to help you identify, win and market events for Britain.

Britain and the events industry Event tourism generates a quarter of the total value of the UK’s visitor economy, yet Britain receives less than five per cent of the global events market. The potential for growth is significant and heightened efforts to bring new events to the UK are now required in an increasingly competitive marketplace.

Britain for association, cultural and business conventions

Britain – host nation of major sporting events

As the number 1 location for European headquarters as well as having one of Europe’s leading financial services centres, Britain provides an ideal environment for hosting international business events. Seen as productive, creative and innovative as well as renowned for the quality of its research base, if you are seeking to hold a professional association convention, Britain should be your destination of choice.

Britain is undeniably the home of many of today’s modern sports and with the Ryder Cup in 2010, the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games and the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games to name just a few, Britain has never been in a better position to attract and host many more international world class sporting events.

supporting bids, winning events

planning to bid Building a case During the initial stages where you are considering a bid and exploring the opportunities, possible competitor advantages as well as the benefits of hosting an event, eventBritain may have access to additional information which can support your research and help build a case.

Economic impact

Best Practice

Market Intelligence

We are working with a number of nationally recognised organisations in preparing a study into the impact of major events. This project and case study will become an important tool when preparing or consulting on the impact of the event. Please contact us for more information.

Learn from the success of previous bids, their methodology and approach. We can share best practice information to help you develop your bid and to give you further knowledge. The multicultural nature of international events and organising bodies also means that often the approach, tone and language can vary from bid to bid. eventBritain, through its global network can provide information, offer advice and contacts.

You may be looking at which venues have been used in the past, what aspects of a particular event worked well and what has appealed to the decision makers. We can assist by looking at previous events and consulting with our overseas teams in providing the most accurate and up to date information.


If you need information on the latest international trends, when it comes to all aspects of hosting major events, our overseas data and research can provide vital inside knowledge.

Sustainable events – the environment

eventBritain supports and encourages sustainable events and we will seek to provide ideas and advice to minimise the environmental impact of your event.

supporting bids, winning events


BS8901 provides requirements for planning and managing sustainable events of all sizes and types. BS8901 encompasses the entire range of events ranging from large scale conferences and unique events such as the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games to music festivals and air shows. The standard is applicable throughout the sector supply chain encompassing venues, organising companies and industry contracting firms and is aimed at the following groups:

● Event organisers ● Venues ● Organisations and/or individuals in the supply chain To find out more on BS8901 please visit

bid support


Subject to certain criteria, eventBritain can secure letters of support from VisitBritain’s chairman and CEO, national politicians and, on occasion, a member of the Royal family, as well as endeavouring to secure attendance at relevant events. eventBritain can also approach London 2012 for letters to support a bid. Contact us for further information. Please note we may need up to 6 weeks notice to obtain certain letters and cannot guarantee every bid will receive support letters.

Event Ambassadors

VisitBritain also seeks endorsement from leaders and celebrities in the field of sport, culture and business for the purpose of raising the UK’s profile as a destination of choice. We may be able to add to your bid with a message from an influential or iconic personality.

Relationship Management

Tour operator packaging

eventBritain offers comprehensive on-territory relationship management through the bid process including face-to-face presentations, bid documents and value added features to support the destination. Occasionally, we may also have access to overseas Ambassadors’ residences for receptions. It may sometimes be useful to have eventBritain present along with you to give the bid a feel of National support as well as to adapt it for local presentation.

It may prove useful to provide travel, ticketing and accommodation scenarios at some point during the bid, this will enhance the appeal and prospect of maximising visitor or delegate numbers. eventBritain works with some of the world’s largest tour operators and can help explore various possibilities.

supporting bids, winning events

Preferred Travel partner programmes Our relationship with travel operators can also provide you with advantageous rates to help you develop a range of preferred travel providers and exclusive arrangements for the event.

bid support continued

Extender and partner packages Enhancing the appeal of the event, not only for the visitor but also for their families or friends can be especially attractive when planning a bid. Some visitors may take the opportunity of extending their visit to make a short trip into a longer stay. Consider offering extended visit options and partner programmes to facilitate the visit and reach a wider audience. eventBritain has developed a great value 3 and 7 day Rail pass which will help international visitors when planning to attend an event. See details in our Commercial section.

supporting bids, winning events

Familiarisation Visit There are a number of domestic travel options available to help the visitor make the most of their visit and experience the best of Britain. VisitBritain is also the sole overseas distributor of Oyster cards - the pre-payment card for bus, underground, trams, DLR, London Overground and some National Rail services in London. Contact us for more information –

During the initial or ďŹ nal stages of the bid, the organising committee may wish to visit your proposed destination, venue and accommodation facilities. eventBritain can support the visit by being present and encouraging a positive and welcoming message. eventBritain can also use its relationships with airlines and request greater discounts or upgrades for your clients.

winning the event Marketing Opportunities The ability to support the event planning organisation with the marketing of an international event can offer an important dimension to the bid. eventBritain can develop a number of useful online and offline tools which can form part of your proposal.

Event Marketing support Worldwide VisitBritain works to promote Britain through 36 offices worldwide. We may be able to utilise our online and offline distribution channels to help promote major events and develop useful tools to allow for seamless, own currency and language ticketing sales as well as packaging of tourism products. With an extensive and established network of communication with media in all our key overseas markets, we may be able to help maximise PR opportunities for certain events. Contact the eventBritain team to find out how we are able to support your sports event marketing activity.

VisitBritain welcomes over 20 million visitors to its suite of international websites every year! Useful commercial opportunities eventBritain has a number of exclusive products available for the event visitor or delegate, such as the BritRail eventBritain pass – a 3 and 7 day hop-on, hop-off card which allows unlimited access to the UK’s entire rail network which can be included as part of the event or extender offer. There are a number of additional travel options available to help the visitor make the most of their visit and experience the best Britain has to

supporting bids, winning events

offer. eventBritain is also the sole overseas distributor of Oyster cards - the prepayment card for bus, underground, trams, DLR, London Overground and National Rail services in London. As well as these, eventBritain has a number of different and exciting products to suit visitors and delegates alike. These products are often commissionable to event organisers and bid planners, contact us for more details.

winning the event continued

Maximising PR opportunities Our existing and proven network of communication with media in all our key international markets means we can introduce you to journalists and, where relevant, work with the event partners to maximise on potential PR opportunities.

VisitBritain generates around ÂŁ3bn of positive media coverage around the world each year. Reaching the widest possible audience

Marketing at Preceding events

Opening and Closing Ceremonies

Dependent on the type of event, eventBritain can use its links with UK Trade & Industry, British Council and other international organisations to ensure your event marketing efforts reach the widest possible audience.

If you have won the rights to host the event, you will usually need to promote the destination at the preceding event. Our overseas network of ofďŹ ces can support you with marketing materials, venue management and general logistics, including physical presence to ensure you maximise the impact of your bid.

We have a range of high quality audiovisual tools available to welcome visitors and enhance their experience. VisitBritain commissions footage and imagery on a regular basis, contact us to discuss new possibilities available.

supporting bids, winning events

visitor information services

Going the extra mile Enhancing the visitor experience and creating a journey are all part of delivering a successful event. We have access to pre-arrival, native language information services through our online facilities as well as hard copy distribution networks.

supporting bids, winning events

Advance and on-arrival visitor information

Additional advice on travelling to Britain

Visitors and participants can access obtain information and pre-purchase goods in their own currency, such as Oyster cards and train travel. We are continually adding new suppliers to our online shops, contact us if you would like further information.

eventBritain can also provide useful traveller information such as customs and immigration and VAT refund, weather, time-zones, personal safety advice, money and currency, medical information and facilities for disabled visitors.

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supporting bids, winning events


Supporting bids for major events