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Volunteer Hours over View I participated in two types of volunteer jobs. The first one was volunteering at my school’s library. In the library I shelved books, cleaned laptops and desktop computers and did other small jobs. By working in the library I have helped the librarians by doing small tasks that free up time for them so they can do more things. This line of volunteer work has helped me learn the value of hard work and how to shelve books. My other main job was paid work, working for my dad. My dad is currently renovating a house. I have been working with him for a while. I learned how to safely demolish a house (I like the smash everything way betterď Š), I learned how to frame and do basic plumbing. Working with my dad and at the library has taught me many things. Working with my dad has been very beneficial to my learning because I have learned that I want to go into the trades. I helped my dad by doing small jobs so he can do harder more qualified jobs. The volunteer hours that I had to do made me work with my dad, and I have benefited greatly from the work.

Volunteer hours over view