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Sentinel Business Department Why Business Classes?

• Knowledge gained through Business classes can be used to complete assignments in all classes, in post-secondary educations and in the real world. • Businesses require basic computer skills for most job applicants • Colleges & universities expect incoming students to have business/ computer knowledge • Computer software and hardware is constantly changing, these classes can help you stay on top of the latest software and hardware

Graphic Design 1 Graphic Design 1&2

(Prerequisite for Graphic 2 is Graphic 1)

• Learn Design Elements, Principles, and Techniques • Adobe Illustrator (Vector Illustrations) • Adobe InDesign (Digital Publishing and Layout)

• Adobe Photoshop (Photo Editing and Photo Manipulation)

Dual Credit Options

Through a cooperative agreement with The University of Montana & Missoula College, the Sentinel Business Department will offer several Dual Enrollment courses. These courses include:

• Introduction to Business- 3 credits • Introduction to Media Arts- 3 credits • Digital Technology in the Arts- 3 credits

Students qualifying for dual enrollment register at the UM or Missoula College,

Sentinel Design Lab

Web Design

(Prerequisite Graphic Design 1)

• Learn Page Layout and Design • HTML and CSS Coding • Adobe Dreamweaver (Web Publishing Program)

• Adobe Flash (Web Animation) • Adobe Photoshop (Page Design)

Digital Film 1 & 2 (Prerequisite Graphic Design 1)

• Adobe Photoshop (Edit Photos for Video)

• Adobe Premiere Pro (Professional

Video Editing Software) • Adobe After Effects (Create Motion Graphics with Visual Effects) • Adobe Audition (record, mix and edit digital audio files)

• Adobe Encore DVD (DVD authoring software)

The Sentinel Design Lab is a student run organization that provides Missoula County Public Schools and the surrounding community Graphic, Web, and Video Production services at a reduced price. From posters for statewide events, to web design for local nonprofits, and members of the SDL are receiving the sort of experience and training vitally needed in the rapidly expanding design market. For more information, please visit:

but take the courses at Sentinel. Students do all of the required high school curriculum and take the UM final exam. For $50 a credit,Sentinel students have the potential to earn up to eigthteen college credits while attending these business classes.

Adobe Certifications

Sentinel offer students and opportunity to get certified in the following Adobe Programs: • Adobe Dreamweaver • Adobe Flash • Adobe Illustrator • Adobe InDesign • Adobe Photoshop • Adobe Premiere These exams are offered at no cost to the student and can increase potentinal pay of up to $5,000!

Over 80% of students at Sentinel take a business classes during their high school career!

What other classes does the business department offer... 3D Modeling and Animation (Prerequisite: Graphic Design 1, Digital Film 1 or Drafting 1)

• Create 3D Models in Maya, CG Animation, and Digital Graphics • Use this knowledge for Games, and Film Special Effects

Personal Finance Personal budget, credit & debit cards, banking basics & investments

Accounting 1 & 2

• Basic and advanced principles of the accounting cycle; analyze and record business transactions; prepare and interpret financial statements (both manual and computerized methods)

Digital Media

• Web 2.0 Tools • Podcasting • Movie Making • Web Design • Radio Drama • Google Apps • Prezi • VoiceThread


• Learn to use a Digital SLR Camera • Generate Story Ideas • Produce Portraits, Sports, and Features • Adobe Photoshop (Photo Editing)

Technology Tools

• Adobe Photoshop Elements (edit

Business CO-OP

(Junior and Senior Year Only)

• Must be enrolled in a business or marketing class • Does not meet as a class--the job is the class!

digital or scanned photos)

• Microsoft Excel (spreadsheets) • Microsoft PowerPoint (presentations) • Microsoft Publisher (digital publishing) • Word (word processing) A must for all students with even those who are proficient with computers. Content & projects change each semester!

Marketing and DECA Marketing classes that are offered at Sentinel: • Marketing 1- Introduction to Business • Marketing 2: Management and Sentinel DECA Leadership Advisor Mark • Marketing 3: Entrepreneurship Hartman • Marketing 4: Global Business Issues • Marketing 5: Sparta Mart Supervisor • Marketing 6: Sparta Mart Manager

DECA (Distributive Education Clubs of America) is a club for all students interested in Business & Marketing. Sentinel DECA is the largest DECA chapter in the state with an astounding 110 members. Students have the chance to go to the annual International Career Development Conference if they place in their event at State DECA.

12% of graduates at the Univeristy of Montana majored in Business in 2013. - University of Montana Statistic

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