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Before We Begin This book is a collection of free articles that have been published on A State of Mind website. They have been merged into this e-book in order to share the knowledge further, beyond my own corner of the web. The articles cover various topics, from specific psychic abilities, to general principles of spiritual growth. Inside Book I of Psychic Records, you will find both theoretical articles, and practical tutorials. Although you won't become psychic just by reading this book, I'm sure you will learn a lot of useful smaller and bigger things, such as affirmations, or core images technique. The articles within this book show the evolution of my English skills, as well. Most errors has been fixed, but the first articles on this list are the oldest; therefore, some errors may appear in them. Enjoy!

You are free to print this work, and pass it on to your friends, either as PDF or as print format. All I ask is that the format of this work remains as it is right now. Please, do not publish specific articles anywhere, just link to this PDF on Scribd. Thank you!


Setting First Steps On The Path Of Spiritual Development Whether you like it or not, the process of development of psychic abilities is strongly connected to spiritual growth. Therefore, if you wish to become truly psychic, and use all these fancy skills not only to give psychic readings or locate missing people, but also for dealing with daily problems or improving your financial condition, you should learn at least the basics of the spiritual growth.

Four Energy Bodies And The Chakras In order to understand why psychic development is connected with spiritual growth, you must first learn a bit about your energy bodies and chakras. According to theory, there are four basic “bodies”: • Physical Body - you know, hands, torso and such. • Etheric body – also known as energy body, this is the direct representation of our physical body in shape and size. This is where our energy channels and chakras are located. • Astral Body – astral body’s shape is simple, and it looks like a ball. This is the body, in which our emotional imprints and patters are located. And this is the body in which we can explore the astral planes. • Mental Body – there’s also mental body that governs our mental self. It’s also a ball, but a larger ball :). Each body, starting from energy body to astral and mental bodies, have its own set of chakras. You might say that chakras run over all nonphysical bodies. These chakras are responsible for our balanced state – both physical and mental. But they also need fuel to function, a fuel that we call “psychic energies”. Basically, we have two types of these energies which I call them Earth Chi and Source Chi: • Earth Chi - this is the energy we gather from our environment, either by eating healthy food or visiting local park or forest. This is also the energy we collect through practices like Tai Chi Chuan. This is the energy that gives you both physical and mental strength. • Source Chi - and this is the energy that is supporting us from “above”, the energy of the source – call it Zero Point Energy, God, the Universe or whatever you like. Because I’m Reiki practitioner, I call this energy – Reiki. This is what it is, the energy of the source which all kids up to 5 years old are connected to. This energy gives you faith, inspiration, creativity and spiritual guidance. You can also use Qi Gong to gather this energy. You might say that Earth Chi is flowing into your body from below, and Source Chi is flowing into your body from above. Inside you, the energy mix and fuel your entire being. Energies flow into your energy channels, forcing them to expand, so they can afford greater “energy traffic” than in case of most people. Then, energy flow into your chakras, healing them and opening them further and further with time. And this process continues through all your lives.

Reincarnation And Your Natural Psychic Abilities I believe in reincarnation, and I believe that, after death, you go back to the source where you recharge your spiritual batteries, and you go back to live another day. When you die, your physical, etheric and astral bodies decays, and only your mental shell remains to see the Might of the 4

Source :). But within this mental shell, a seed of your other bodies remains. This is why the concept of karma and negative patterns from previous lives can function. But let’s skip the karma thing for a moment, and let’s focus on psychic abilities. That seed from your mental body can be “reborn” in your astral and etheric body when you go back to life in the wheel of reincarnation. And this seed can cause some energy channels and some chakras to be already developed nicely, if you had been developing them in your previous lives. And that’s why some people have natural psychic abilities – I call it “their good karma” :). It doesn’t make you worse than those who have natural psychic abilities – they’re not really gifted, but they just worked pretty hard in their previous life. And this gives every single psychic wannabe a hope -that, with training and effort, you can learn psychic abilities here, in this very life. And even if you don’t believe in reincarnation, don’t worry – you can still use the knowledge from this article for you own benefit. And knowledge for psychic development is simple – practice, and you will learn. But this is just first element of the puzzle.

Spiritual Development Is About Guidance of Your Psychic Intuition Spiritual development is the second element of the puzzle. Don’t worry, in reality, spiritual development has nothing to do with religion. To be honest, in my opinion religion is more a business than it is a spiritual practice. Spiritual growth can be defined as: • Dealing with your own fears and negative habits • Learning how to achieve happiness in your life • Becoming a better person in all aspects of your life All of this happens on two levels – your subconscious mind and your energy bodies. For now, just remember that third eye chakra is responsible for your psychic abilities. This chakra need to be fueled with psychic energies, but these energies can’t get to the chakra because of the blockages on your energy body – blockages that are created by negative habits, negative patterns, fears, negative emotions and general bad stuff. This is where spiritual development comes in. Through specific practices and exercises, you’re dealing with negative patterns that hide in your subconscious. By letting things go, you’re not just becoming a better person each day, but you also remove blockages from your energy body. This allows the energies, both Earth Chi and Source Chi, to be transmitted to new areas of your energetic bodies. With enough blockages removed, the energy will reach your third eye chakra finally, and once it does, the chakra will be fueled enough to open, and this will unleash your psychic abilities. So much for theory – in practice, things looks nearly the same, but for one exception. Some channels are blocked totally while some are totally unblocked. You psychic development and spiritual growth practice will remove blockages, but it takes time to remove all the blockages. But if some blockages will be dealt with, some amount of energy will reach your third eye chakra, and this might lead to experiencing flashes of psychic phenomena. You might reconnect with Source Chi to such level that while you might not be able to see auras yet, you might be able to get the creativity or basic intuition working again. This is something, and definitely, it’s a way to start. Still, there’s no way of telling which blockages are blocking the energy to your third eye chakra, so you need to work on all the blockages.

Your Negative Patterns The blockages on your energy body might be caused by many things, for example: 5

• Traumatic events - something that caused you fear, sadness or either physical or emotional pain. • Negative habits - for example, one day something happened to you, when you were sad or angry, and your reaction to this event was aggressive because of this. A habit is created based on this first reaction, a negative habit that might create a negative situation later in your life. • Socialization - people around you, let’s say your parents, siblings, school buddies, teachers and so on, they try to teach you many things based on their own experiences. And when someone tells you all the time that life is difficult, a blockage is created, you think life is really difficult. When a person tells you that you’re stupid (even if he or she tells it in anger, and he or she doesn’t mean it really), another blockage is created. When teachers tell you “no, this is impossible”, another blockage is created, blocking your creativity. • Wrong practices – bad magical or spiritual practices might cause blockages as well, and that’s why you should not work with black magick, and you should choose your teachers well. And these blockages are being created all the time, in this life, and in your previous lives, and often, they’re being pushed from your conscious mind into your subconscious. But psychic development exercises, for example, something as simple as breathing techniques, sooner or later will cause these things to re-emerge. And this will give you problems, why? Because once more all your fears and concerns are on the surface of your mind and you need to deal with them. Negative patterns might re-emerge along with energy work as well, from New Energy Ways to Tai Chi Chuan or Qi Gong. Why is it so? Because you collect more energies, and more energies are flowing through your channels, and they might push the blockages, causing them to re-emerge. Such negative patterns are not only blocking your energy channels (thus causing illness of a different sort), but they can also influence your energy level. When you’re angry or sad, you’re loosing energies, and you don’t have much of it if you have many blockages. As you can see, all these things that are screwed up in your subconscious are influencing the speed of your psychic development.

Fixing Things Up And I can assure you – no matter what you might think about yourself - you have something screwed up in your subconscious, something that is blocking you in one way or another. How can I tell this? Because I have many things screwed up as well, so I know how to recognize them. Basically, if you want to notice that you have blockages in your subconscious, think carefully, which area of your life doesn’t work well – in which area of your life you have problems? That problems are symptoms, signs that not everything is OK with you. Let me give you an example. One of my own biggest problems is the attitude towards people who achieved success – I was born and raised in Poland, and the mentality of people around me imprinted a common point of view on such people – that they lie, steal, and hurt people in order to get their money, and generally that they’re assholes :). Now, who’s an ass, really? :P Now obviously, this is not truth in case of 90% of rich people, but it generates problems in my case, I just can’t become truly rich because my subconscious mind is blocking my “law of attraction” thinking – I wish to pass over $250 USD of passive income each month, but I just can’t :(. So my current goal is some mind work that deals with such negative thinking.


Therefore, I’m sorry Mr. Darren Rowse that I didn’t think about you with respect – I truly believe you’re an awesome person who achieved great success by teaching others, keep doing this!I’m sorry Mr. Glenn Allsopp. I really think you’re an intelligent guy who wrote a great e-book and achieved huge success by using available tools and knowledge for your own advantage. I’m sorry, developers and designers at ThemeForest, I truly think your bestselling templates are just awesome! Through different techniques, you need to cleanse all the negative patterns you are aware of, and negative things related to money are such negative patterns. Cleaning the mess related to your financial issues is also a part of spiritual growth, because: • First of all, you’re learning how use some methods for your mind cleaning, methods like working with core images or affirmations. • You’re cleaning the mess related to money in order to get more money – sorry, but in XXI century money is mandatory if you wish to purchase good books, and learn from good teachers. I would say even more – dealing with your money problems is the first step towards spiritual development. But truly, this is a subject for a different article. For now just remember – it’s OK to have a lot of money if you have earned them honesty. Of course, remember that you can’t fix everything at once. Of many negative patterns, you’re not even aware. They will re-emerge when you’re ready to deal with them, and the more time you spend on working with your inner-self, the more blockages you can remove. The more blockages are removed the faster your psychic development will progress. So what do you need in order to deal with negative patterns? Well, a prayer is the first thing. But not a prayer from any specific religion, I’m talking here about prayer that comes from your heart. And it doesn’t have to be directed towards any specific deity, no – you can direct the prayer towards yourself, asking your higher self for guidance and support. Beside that, you might use: • Meditation - because it expands your consciousness, and it also calms down your mind, allowing negative patterns to re-emerge, so you can recognize them, and deal with them. • Affirmations - simple technique that is used for changing subconscious patterns. A true affirmation should be a written one, so yes, they require a lot of writing. But they’re basic technique you might use. • Rebirthing - more advanced breathing technique that is used to cause negative patterns to reemerge. Some people are using affirmations to change their negative patterns. Some people prefer rebirthing, personally I have my own technique of working with core images, a modified technique first introduced to me by the book of Robert Bruce.

Bringing Things Together Let’s summarize – psychic abilities are governed by chakras. Chakras need fuel in order to allow you to use psychic skills. Fuel flows through energy channels that might be blocked by blockages, negative patterns you’ve created through negative emotional responses in this and in previous lives. If you want to progress with psychic development, you need to remove the blockages through various exercises. Removing blockages is improving your inner-self. And this is what we call the first step in spiritual growth.


Now you see why spiritual development is so closely related to psychic development. And you also see that spiritual growth has nothing in common with religious practices, but it’s a work with your inner-self. And I encourage you to work with it, as it will make your psychic development easier.


Why Should You Unleash Your Psychic Potential, Anyway? There are many paths, which lead to learning psychic abilities and becoming psychic. But really, why should you even care to unleash your psychic potential? Why should you become psychic, anyway? I can think of number of reasons anyone of you might have, but I think that most of you has been mislead by terminology. Honestly, psychic abilities should be learned by everyone – teachers, businessman, etc. – not just by people who want to give psychic readings. You see, to become a psychic, doesn’t mean that you will master the skills like telepathy, or at least some form of clairvoyance that can be used for psychometry or psychic readings. To become a psychic means to unleash your psychic potential. And that psychic potential is much more than some fancy psychic abilities many people want to have these days.

Why I Wanted To Become Psychic To give you a better perspective, let me share my own story with you. Below is reason why grandpa Nathaniel decided to walk the path of psychic development :). If you have ever read my short bio, then you should already know that my own adventure with psychic abilities started about 6 years ago with a computer game. I wanted to become psychic because it was cool – yea, I know, it’s not some spiritual goal, right? But as you can see, some people start their adventure with psychic phenomena simple because it’s cool. Hey, on the other hand, if it wouldn’t be cool, no body would be really interested in this, don’t you think? So yes, I started with computer game, so my searched led me to some websites like, where I learned the basics 6 years ago. But my motivation was quite simple – I wanted to learn some fancy psychic abilities because they were cool and I wanted to feel special. And then my interested has shifted towards books and spirituality, then to magick, and then back to spirituality. This approach lasted for about 4 years, when finally my interest in psychic abilities shifted again. My today’s perspective is slightly different. I still perceive psychic abilities as cool and fancy, but I’m learning new things not because I want to be cool, but because I’ve learned that true psychic mind gives you more benefits than you can ever think of. All the benefits fall under one term, which I’m using, your psychic potential. It’s hard to understand what your potential is without giving some examples first.

What Is Your Psychic Potential, Really? Your psychic potential is the natural capability of your mind to be yourself. This is the most basic explanation of this term that I can think of. To help you understand the term better, let’s start with some examples:


• When you’re in times of trouble, you can listen to your intuition. Through your psychic intuition, you are receiving guidance “from the above”, from that greater power some people call God, and I call “The Source”. • When someone is missing, you can use your psychic abilities to help local authorities locate the person. The same thing applies to missing objects or animals, or even treasures. • When someone is in trouble, you can ask your own intuition to help you give the best advice to this person as possible, if this person is unable to unleash his or her own psychic potential. • You can help unveil the mysteries of the past through fancy psychic ability like psychometry, an ability to acquire information from objects and places via psychic means. These are few examples. Generally, your psychic potential is your capability to stay in touch with the Source (God, Universe, or whatever you believe in) and use this connection to help yourself, and help others; it’s capability to perceive the world as it really is and make it a better place for everyone.

Wouldn’t You Like To Help People? Or Yourself? I’ve seen it many times – most young people say that they want to learn psychic abilities because they want to help people. But in reality, they just pretend they want to help others, they just want to be cool and help themselves. And to be honest, I see no problem with that. I started my journey because I wanted to help myself. It was a selfish decision. But it’s OK, because if you won’t harm others, then everything is all right. Personally I believe that when a person start unleashing his or her psychic potential, he or she will decide to help people at some point, because as I’ve stated in my previous article, psychic development is connected with spiritual growth, and spiritual growth turns people’s selfish perception towards more… helpful to others, at least. As you can see, if you’re going to help people one way or another because of your psychic development, then don’t worry – there’s nothing wrong about being selfish at first. Everyone must learn; everyone must grow up towards being helpful to other people. If you want to develop psychic abilities because you want to be cool; or because you want to be respected; because you’re tired of who you are right now, and you want something else; then go for it! The only rule you need to keep in mind is simple - as long as you’re not harming others, it’s OK to be a little selfish. Your personal goals are the best motivator. And motivation is very important in case of psychic development.

Why should you unleash your psychic potential Now that you know that it’s OK to be a little selfish at first, what should you really unleash your psychic potential? There’s one popular reason among people, and here it is: • To learn some fancy psychic abilities - everyone would like to use telekinesis, telepathy or mind control, right? Some people, especially young people, would like to learn some fancy psychic skills, and they consider their ultimate goal. But what can you do with these fancy skills later, hmm? I’m afraid that just because you want to learn fancy skills, isn’t answering the question why do you want to do this. Skills are just that – skills. They need to be used for some specific purpose. You do not learn math because you want to learn math. You learn math because you want to become an astronomer and math is very important in this job. Below are some reasons why people want to become psychics.


• To deal with para-archaeology – and perhaps search for hidden treasures. Para-archaeology is a field of science in which psychics are using their abilities to find archaeological sites, and explore the history of mankind. It’s very effective field of “psychic science”, and many archaeological sites have been discovered with the help of psychics. Perhaps you’re young Indiana Jones wannabe, or you’re an archaeologist – why not learning some psychometric abilities to help yourself or others in archaeological work? For me, it’s pretty fun. • To hunt ghosts and do paranormal investigations – paranormal is a wide field of our existence, paranormal activity occurs all over the world all over time, and there are people who seek answers what is paranormal and why is it happening. There are many psychics who deal with paranormal investigations only, and it’s all right to use psychic abilities for such purpose. • To heal people – psychic healing, biotherapy and energy healing is very popular these days. And it doesn’t have to be psychic healing at all, I know some acupuncturists who are using aura view to diagnose people. Who knows, maybe your favourite doctor is able to perceive auras? If you study medicine, it’s very good idea to learn aura view or become Reiki practitioner. • To give psychic readings – not everyone is psychic and not everyone is able to tap into his or her intuition to ask “the above” for advices, that’s why many psychics are offering psychic readings. It’s a nice way to help people with their lives, and to make money in addition. Let me tell you something, as long as you give honest psychic advices, then don’t worry that you take money – it’s another way to make a living. • To become psychic detective and help locating missing people – one of the most popular goals of psychics is helping to solve crimes or locate missing people. Psychic detectives can be found almost in every city and town these days, and their offers are often accepted by police departments and “classic” detectives. • To teach psychic development to others – this is rarely the primary reason why people become psychic, but you can consider it as a side effect. Some people just love to teach others. These are quite simple and ordinary reasons for people becoming psychics. But there are other things as well, things that aren’t being mentioned in books or articles often. Psychic abilities are meant to be used on a daily basis - how? Below are few examples. • To keep your family happy and free of arguments – don’t you think it would be great to be able to sense if your kids have problems? Or even being able to identify the source of the problem psychically? And of course give best possible advices to your family members thanks to your intuition? • To make good decisions all the time – we make decisions all the time, whether you’re a teacher, a businessman, a policeman, a driver – unleashed psychic potential can help you always make good decisions, so you won’t make bad business decision, so you will always find free parking lot, so you will always buy healthy food, so you will always cook a great dinner (yep, I call it “intuitive psychic cooking”). • To make big money – if you can unleash your psychic potential, you can open something I call the “inspiration channel” which you can use to get inspiration for money making. How does it work? Basically, you ask the Universe to advise you how to make more money. And then, the Universe will point you to honest ways of making more money, perhaps by utilizing your hobby and Internet tools, or you might get inspiration for your own business, or you will get an idea for a book that you can self-publish later. Now this doesn’t sound very psychic, does it? But your psychic mind can help you in this area of your life, as well.


• To unleash your creativity – if you’re a writer or an artist of any sort, wouldn’t it be great have that fire of creativity burning all the time? With psychic mind, you can, because you won’t be pushed back by the society, and your psychic mind will be free to create new ideas. • To enjoy your hobby and your passion – let’s say you’re passion is astronomy. How can your psychic potential help you here? For example, by giving you ideas to make more money for the equipment, or inspiration for your own astronomy business, so you can live your hobby 24/7. Or if you don’t want to turn your hobby into your job, your psychic mind that help you find other people who are interested in astronomy, and together you might create local astronomy club to embrace your hobby. Or, your mind can lead to you new asteroid discovery and become famous in your local community, as a result. • To embrace your job – as a teacher, you might notice psychically that one of your students got problems. As fireman, you might sense where people are trapped in a burning building. As policeman, you might use that “gut feeling” to solve crimes. As a doctor, you might use aura view to improve your diagnosis. As a nurse, you might use Reiki to get rid of your patient’s pain. No matter what you do – unleashing your psychic potential can embrace and improve your work. Your psychic intuition, psychic abilities, creativity, spiritual growth – all these things create something I call your psychic potential, potential of becoming a better person each day according to your own goals and expectations, a potential of living your life as you want it, a potential of living a successful life. They can be used by everyone – a nurse, doctor, fireman, policeman, negotiator, businessman, teacher. Generally, everyone should unleash his or her psychic potential, this is a great step towards wellness – living your life that is purely awesome! Because with psychic potential unleashed, you can see what generates problems in your life, so you can then deal with these problems. You can find enjoyment in your old hobby and find pleasure in each and every day. You can earn respect in every job, and you can improve you relationships. For this, and for many, many other reasons, you should unleash your psychic potential!


Affirmations 101, What Do You Need To Know About Using Them For Inner Growth Do you know what affirmations are? Basically, affirmation is a phrase which we can repeat constantly, and this repetition is meant to reprogram our mind, for example, we can use affirmations to change our negative habit into positive habit. But affirmations are more than this – they’re powerful manifestation tools, especially in the hands of skillful psychic.

Dangerous Practice, Sometimes Still, a lot of people think that it’s sufficient just to repeat an affirmation in your mind in order to get it to work. This isn’t entirely true, yes - repeating affirmation in your mind will work, but only if you will repeat it for few months or even years. A good affirmation should be written down, and it should be written down correctly. What does it mean? Look at the example below, please: I don’t have a headache. If you will repeat this in your mind, then it’s affirmation, but it’s negative affirmation. Why? Because your subconscious mind, upon which we’re trying to operate through this technique, doesn’t recognize negation. To your subconscious, the affirmation above looks like this: I have a headache. Simple as that, your subconscious doesn’t care if you want or do not want, if you have or don’t have. So when you want to start working with affirmations, you need to pay attention now, as there are few things you need to learn first.

How To Create Good Affirmations First of all, good affirmation must keep thinking in a positive way. It cannot include any negative words or phrases. Below are few examples of bad affirmations: • I don’t have a headache. • I’m not worried. Instead, you should create affirmations that say “my head feels good and OK“, “I’m calm and secured”. An affirmation must be always positive, in order to replace any negative pattern you might have stored in your subconscious mind. Below are more examples of good affirmations: • • • • •

I, Nathan, am happy. I, Nathan, am innocent – if someone is accusing you. I, Nathan, work efficiently and I like my job – if you have problems in workplace. I, Nathan, experience pleasure each and every day. I, Nathan, have the right to feel safe in my home – if you feel threaten.

Quite simple, isn’t it? Generally, as I’ve stated in one of my previous articles, we create negative patterns throughout our entire life. Emotional traumas, scary events, bad experiences, they all creates our behavior habits, and some of the habits we just can’t stand. Affirmations are one of the


methods to reprogram our mind, and change negative habits and negative thoughts, into positive habits and positive thoughts. Notice there’s always “I, NAME, something” – it’s an affirmation for you, so it should include your name – remember, it’s a tool to work with your subconscious, and your subconscious need a name for identification. Just stick to this rule :). Let’s say you’re always tired at work – but you like your work, you’re doing what you love, yet you don’t experience that energy burst some people have. You might figure our it’s because few years earlier, you were working in a place you didn’t like, and you lost your interest in any kind of work. This is a negative habit I’m talking about. You can now use affirmation to reprogram your mind. Simple by focusing on “I’m always full of energy during work time” you can become a walking power cell one more. Interesting fact is that affirmations are tools to work with your subconscious, and your subconscious is a nasty pet. For example, if you will change that affirmation a little into “I’m always full of energy in my workplace“, then it will work, as well. But notice the keyword workplace – now what might happen if your boss will send you for a delegation? You’re no longer in your workplace, and your energy might decide to take a break :). Another reason to pay close attention to your keywords.

How Do Affirmations Work As I said, affirmations are tools to work with your subconscious. If you focus on each affirmation, and you focus on it with your heart and brain, after few days, perhaps few weeks or months, it starts to overwrite your previous subconscious pattern. It’s like a mechanical way to deal with these subconscious problems. Personally, I use affirmations to deal with problems I cannot identify as core images, so I can’t work with them with my standard practice. The best way to explain how affirmations really work will be to give you simple example from my own practice. I had problems with money. I wanted to make more money from my own businesses, but I was just unable to. Some inner growth practices have pointed me to the source of the problem. I had that negative pattern in my mind that was constantly telling me two things: • First, something that others have taught me in the past – that it’s hard to earn money. • Second, something I had taught myself – that those who are rich, are dishonest assholes. So I had to deal with these negative patterns. First one was telling me that I can’t really make money easy and with pleasure. Second one was even more problematic – how can I become rich if I consider everyone who is rich as asshole? Well, I’ve created two affirmations: “I, Nathan, make money easy and with pleasure” and “I, Nathan, have great respect for people who honestly achieved success“. Within less than two weeks, I’ve managed to deal with both negative patterns. My income jumped about 30% up, and I’ve gained inspiration for dozens of articles, and 4 more new e-books I will write this year. That’s for first affirmation. For second one, here’s an example. My friend, Courtney, have published an article in latest TAPS Paramagazine issue. Normally (few weeks ago), I would envy her, and even feel sad because she did it, and I didn’t. But honestly, when I’ve learned about her success, I was


so happy as it would be me whose got published :). An awesome change of point of view! By the way, go to Courtney’s blog and congratulate her on this great achievement! Anyways, you see how affirmations work. Earlier this article, I have said that affirmations might work after few days, weeks or even months. Indeed, there’s no set-in-stone time for affirmations, because some negative patterns in your mind are weaker than others, and some are more established than others. Weak patterns can be dealt within few weeks, and difficult, and established patterns might require few months to overwrite. How to know when affirmation starts working? To understand this, you need to learn how to write and use affirmations.

How To Write And Use Affirmations Before I explain how to write affirmations, I want to say that there are other methods of using affirmations, as well. You can record them and listen to them with your mp3 player; you can speak them aloud few times a day; you can paint them; you can type them on a computer, but based on experience of many people you should know that these methods require a lot more time for affirmation to work. The best way to my opinion is hand-writing. Therefore, you need a notebook. When you open it, you can write your affirmations on the left page. On the right page, you should write all your responses. What is a response in case of affirmations? When you write an affirmation, you get a response from your body – it’s either physical response or emotional or mental one. For example, you might: • Feel physical pain, recall past memories, feel emotional pain, or fear, or get any kind of emotion – positive or negative. You might even have positive physical responses, like pleasure, or you can get simple thoughts like “this is not real”, “this is stupid”, “fake” or positive thoughts like “awesome”, “yea, it’s true”. All these responses should be written down with no judgement - just write them, and don’t judge yourself because you have some negative thoughts. If you focus on them, you get angry or scared, and this only makes things worse. The point is to write all these responses on the right page, so they won’t be stuck in your subconscious anymore. An affirmation start working when you get only positive responses from your body and mind, it means when you write your affirmations, you get only positive sensations, thoughts and emotions, with no negative responses. This might take weeks or even months. Some schools of thoughts say that you should write affirmations for 30 days, or even for 90 days. Well, my school of thought is different. You should write down affirmation for 7 days at least – if after 7 days you still got negative responses, then continue writing your affirmations until you will get positive responses only – this is the only rule you should stick to when it comes to answering the question “how long should I write”. Now how to write affirmations, any way? You already know they should be as positive as possible. But you can’t just write “I’m happy”, because the way we perceive ourselves is not just ours. I mean, the way you see yourself is shaped by your thoughts and their thoughts – opinions and gossips of other people. Therefore, you should write down each affirmation in three persons, like this: I, Nathan, make money simple and with pleasure. You, Nathan, make money simple and with pleasure. 15

He, Nathan, makes money simple and with pleasure. And this set of affirmations should be repeated 5 times, so in total, you will write 15 phrases. If you’re dealing with difficult pattern, you can also write 30 phrases or even more, if you like. As you can see, writing affirmations is quite simple :).

Working With Affirmations When you write affirmations, please don’t act like a machine – feel enjoyment when you write each word, use your heart and “love” the phrases you’re writing. By adding positive emotions to positive affirmations you’re improving their effects, they just work better. But if you will write things down automatically, just to write them, then they won’t really work as they should be. So, feel positive! I need to mention a very important thing – after few days, or perhaps weeks of writing your affirmations, you might experience a mental breakdown. You may get sad, angry, and you may think this doesn’t work. Do not stop writing affirmations now – because such a breakdown is a sign that affirmation is beginning to overwrite your old patterns! You must be strong, because few days later negativity will be gone, and your affirmation will really start to work. Some people experience these breakdowns, and some don’t. But if you’re going to experience it, remember to keep writing affirmations, as breakdown is a good sign.

Affirmations For Inner Growth And Psychic Development Because affirmations are tools for working with your subconscious, they can be used for your inner growth. You can use them to deal with negative thought patterns that we all have, and overwrite them, change negative thoughts into positive thoughts. But they can be also used for psychic development. How? Remember what I’ve told you about my financial problems earlier? Now think about it – what do you think about psychics? Do you respect people who can see auras, spirits, who can do psychic readings? Do you respect people who make money because of their psychic abilities, or with the help of these skills? If your answers are “no”, then explain – how do you intend to become a psychic, if you don’t respect psychics? Whether you like it or not, but your subconscious will simple block your efforts. Or let’s say you have been taught that all psychics are frauds faking stuff, and psychic abilities don’t exist. Right now you might think “I want to learn how to be psychic”, but because your subconscious beliefs are blocking you, you will be constantly hitting the wall, and you won’t achieve much. Or perhaps you’re afraid of what people will think of you if you will become psychic. In such case, your subconscious will again block you from learning psychic skills. In such cases, you have negative patterns in your mind, and you need to deal with them – affirmations are a good way to do so. You can write “I, NAME, have respect for every psychic“, “I, NAME, have respect for every psychic who makes money with the help of psychic abilities“, “I, NAME, allow people to respect me because of my psychic abilities“, “I, NAME, know that psychic abilities are real” and so on. Yes, working with such affirmations might take months – but trust me, if you won’t start working with them today, and subconscious blockages do exist in your case, then your practice efforts might be worthless.

A Powerful Tool In Skillful Hands Affirmations can be used for many things – to reprogram negative patterns that govern different areas of your life: money, relationship, psychic development, spiritual growth, hobby, job. 20 16

minutes of writing per day are not much, but it can change your life – sometimes within weeks, sometimes within months, but in the end, your effort is really worth it!


James Cameron’s Avatar, Global Consciousness And Psychic Development Have you seen James Cameron’s Avatar? I’m sure you did. But I think most people who saw it thinks either that it’s great movie because of special visual effects, or because it’s a metaphor of the way people normally behave – so when you sit on a shit they want, they make your their enemy. But not so many people saw one more thing – that Avatar shows global consciousness of the mankind, consciousness most people are not aware of. A Movie Of Metaphors Cameron’s Avatar, beside a movie with great visual effects, is a metaphor, an artistic image of the modern world. And most people successfully understood this metaphor. • First metaphor stands for classic human behaviour. If you have something the others want, they will make you their enemy to justify taking that thing from you, by force if they have to. Some critics even said the movie is anti-Iraq propaganda. But this is just first artistic metaphor. Second metaphor is also clear: • Second metaphor presents Na’vi as native Americans and the way white man destroyed their civilization. Even if the movie ends with happy end, in the real world, native Americans civilization was wiped out. In the eyes of critics, such artistic metaphor is what creates the movie’s deep, and it’s one of these elements that made Avatar successful. But here is where most people stop seeing more metaphors. And there’s at least one more important element, rarely noticed by anyone. Tell me, did you know that Avatar’s Eywa – the mother goddess – is in reality the global mankind consciousness?

We Are All Connected It’s hard to tell if James Cameron consciously decided to present that phenomena in his movie, but the truth is, Eywa is exactly the same thing as our global, unconscious mind, through which the entire mankind is connected to each other, and to animals, and to every single living being on this planet. Maybe it was this consciousness that pushed Cameron’s to create the “character” of Eywa, who knows? Some people believe that as human beings living on planet Earth, we are all part of huge mental, psychic-like network, a global consciousness. This global consciousness can be clearly seen through some simple examples: • Inventions – throughout history of mankind, quite often people were able to invent the same thing while living in different parts of the world. And I mean, literally the same thing. • Sensing tragedy – when a psychic can sense a great tragedy, like the one that happened in Japan some time ago, then it’s clear example that the psychic is somehow connected to the people who live in Japan. Same thing can be mentioned in case of classic telepathic phenomena, when a member of the family can sense other family member to be in danger. Imagine, if we are all connected, then different ideas might be born in different areas of the world, or we can sense happiness and pain caused by events on the other side of the planet. But there’s 18

more, I would also add one more thing to this theory – morphogenetic fields of Rupert Sheldrake. As we can read in Wikipedia. Morphogenetic fields are said to contain the information necessary to shape the exact form of a living thing and may also shape its behaviour and coordination with other beings. Generally, a morphogenetic field is a field, in which things might happen. The best way to describe it is an example: if you’re in school, where everyone is learning, then you will learn much faster and more efficient in school, then in your house or any other place where learning isn’t the primary purpose. That’s why spiritual practices should be performed in a temple (or at least a Sacred Space), that’s why learning should take place in a school or library, that’s why work should be performed in an office. Few more examples like this and you will discover science behind Feng Shui. In Feng Shui, it’s all about the Chi, the energies that surround us. A place for work should have proper Chi for work, a place for rest should have a proper Chi for rest, et cetera. In my opinion, we can easily support ancient Chinese Feng Shui with morphogenetic fields theory – at least partially. Anyway, there’s one more thing to say here – the theory of synchronicity. Carl Gustav Jung came up with the theory of synchronicity in 1920. As we can read in Wikipedia: Synchronicity is the experience of two or more events, that are apparently causally unrelated or unlikely to occur together by chance, that are observed to occur together in a meaningful manner. Synchronicity, in other word a strange coincidence can be easily explained – if you want something, then through global consciousness network, your wishes might reach people who can give you the thing you want, even if they won’t be aware that they have been guided by global consciousness. With this small bit of theory, you can learn how to use the knowledge for your own advantage. And thus, for advantage of everyone, as in order to change the world, you must first change yourself.

What Global Consciousness Means To You And How To Use It For Your Own Psychic Development So how can you actually use that global consciousness, synchronicity and morphogenetic fields? Let’s start with synchronicity first. Synchronicity can be also called “strange coincidence” – when something happens accidentally, but with interesting timing. For example when you were thinking about someone, and that person suddenly called you. Or when you needed something to deal with serious problem, and out of nowhere, that “something” came to you. Such coincidences can be explained through global consciousness theory. So when you need something to be done, to occur, to appear, global consciousness will lead other people in such manner, that one way or another, people will help you – consciously or not. How to use this? By paying attention to coincidences and using your mind to ask for help – you’re never alone, and when you’re in time of trouble, just ask the world to help you out. Or when you seek answers, then ask. If you’re Christian, remember what Jesus used to say? “Ask, and it shall be given to you” – and this is how it works! I wanted to know if I should continue my psychic development - the universe through my intuition pointed me to psychic development books I was seeking for months on auction website. I wanted to know if paranormal investigations are meant for me. And the universe gave me dozens of opportunities to meet with paranormal investigators and 19

discuss ghost hunting. I wanted to know how can I make money - my intuition gave me ideas for 6 books and 2 psychic-related services which I’m planning to offer in the future. It’s quite simple – and you don’t have to worry if you’re asking for monetary gain. We live in material world and material goods are OK. The point is to understand how to use that psychic coincidences for yourself. Everything that happens have a meaning. If you want something, then something happens – if it’s positive, then it means you’re on the right track. If it’s negative, then it means you’re on the wrong track. When my e-books are selling nicely and you’re providing feedback to my articles (through comments or promoting posts via Social Networks), then I know I’m on the right track. When psychic abilities works for me, I know I’m on the right track. But when problems happens, like the one with Lady Blackrose and her e-book, I know I shouldn’t publish e-books by other people because of business issues, and I know I’m on the wrong track. Pay attention to things that are happening around you. Analyse if they’re related to your wishes (goals, desires, problems, expectations) and see if the events are positive or negative. They’re like guidelines, signposts, telling you which way you should choose. Following coincidences is also a great way to develop trust for your intuition and guidance of the Universe. Synchronicity can be used for psychic development as well. You want to know if you should develop psychic abilities? Ask! You want to know which psychic area of expertise is meant for you? Ask! Maybe the universe will guide you to some psychic healing classes, as psychic healing is meant for you? You seek help regarding psychic development? Ask the universe for help, and it shall guide you. Remember one rule of the rules – the universe always respond, the problem is that people often expect an angel to appear and show them the way. Well, that “angel” might be a guy in TV talking about financial crisis – but it might mean something for you. Keep your eyes open :).

How To Use Morphogenetic Fields When you know how to use synchronicity, let’s switch to morphogenetic fields. How to use them for your own advantage? As I already said, different places are meant for different purposes. Therefore: • It’s much easier to meditate in a room where everyone meditates. That’s why for magical purposes, people are often creating sacred spaces. With time, energies of the place are changing for more supporting your magical/psychical/spiritual efforts. I’m sure you would be able to notice a difference between meditating in your own house, meditating on a place of power, and meditating in 500 years old Zen temple. • Learn in library – it’s much easier to learn new things in a library than in the living room. But not all libraries are meant for learning, especially public libraries. But if you have access to a University library for example, where people are constantly studying, the energies of the place will improve your learning process. For the same reasons, living room is meant for living, kitchen for cooking and mall for spending money :). This knowledge can be used for psychic development as well, because some places and even parts of the world are better for learning psychic abilities. For example, a place where for many years people were learning psychic abilities will improve your training. You would also notice the different between psychic development in United States, and psychic development in, let’s say, India. People in US rarely believe in psychic stuff, while for people in 20

India it’s quite normal that some people are psychics. Psychic abilities works better in India than they work in United States. Still, things today are much better than they were 30 years ago. One of my teacher confirms this in case of my own country, Poland. He says that it’s much easier to do anything psychic today, than 10 or 20 years ago. The energies are changing for better. One more thing regarding morphogenetic fields and global consciousness. Keep in mind that it’s much easier to learn in group, than to learn alone. At least meeting with other practitioners once a month will increase your training efficiency.

The Meaning Of Global Consciousness We are all connected – your actions influence the actions of others, and vice versa. I could talk about changing the world now, but I won’t. I will just tell you - remember that we are all connected. And remember you’re never alone, you play a vital role in this entire psychic-like network. How and why it works, it doesn’t matter. But know this – no matter how many people you will meet in your life, they will mean something. Either they will help you, or you will help them, one way or another. So be kind, forgive your enemies, say ‘sorry’ if you have done something wrong, stay positive and be helpful to others. It’s rising energy vibrations, not only yours but those of people around you. Repay bad things with good things. These are small things, small universal advices, but they can change your life, and life of others. Watch out your emotions, as negative thoughts not only create negative world for you, but they might someone influence others if they’re highly sensitive or deeply connected to you. Whatever you do, it will influence the entire planet and vice versa, events on the planet will influence you. Think about if for a while. If we will continue exploiting our planet, we will destroy it. And once we will, we will also destroy ourselves. That’s one thing. And think about great tragedies that are happening all over the world. Do you really think we should respond to them with sadness and emotional pain? Or maybe we should respond with love and support with no negativity behind it? Post your thoughts about it in the comments below this article. And remember – when you will need help, there are people out there that can help you, all you have to do is to open yourself and allow the Universe to guide you. That’s all you have to do. And when you do, then it’s where the fun begins :).


What Do You Really Need To Know About Meditation Read any guidebook or article related to psychic development or any spiritual practice, and you will learn that the basics of basics include meditation - a huge pain in the back for some people, and a great and inspiring practice for others. Unfortunately for many, meditation isn’t as simple as some modern teachers would like you to believe. In reality, we have at least two types of meditation you can practice.

Meditation Is A Practice This is perhaps the first and most important information to mention. Meditation is often misunderstood as religious practice – this is not true. Meditation is a-religious, it’s not a religious practice, it’s just a way of putting your mind into specific state. Even something as simple as prayer in Christian religion is a form of “meditation”. Meditation is a practice, and there are different forms of meditations, different school of thoughts, designed and created in various parts of the planet, by different people in different cultures. The truth is that you don’t have to worship anything, or believe in anything, and you can still benefit from meditation. But what really is meditation? Well, it’s not that simple as you might think.

Two Schools of Meditation We can say there are at least two schools of meditation – first one that teaches about entering altered states of consciousness (by some referred to as trance state), and second one, that teaches about expanding your consciousness, yet putting your mind at peace. • First school of thought is often associated with Western occultism and shamanistic background and it’s primary school “ruling” in modern magick and western psychic development systems. • Second school is associated with Eastern esoteric spiritual teachings and with spiritual development practices, not psychic abilities development. But this is the school you should be really interested in. Why that second school is so important? Because it teaches about expanding your consciousness while putting your mind at peace. On the opposite, that first school teaches you about narrowing your focus so you become blind to signals you do not seek. Let’s face the truth – if you make yourself blind to the voice of the Universe, how can you listen to psychic impressions, anyway? The Problem With Altered States of Consciousness Most Western schools of thoughts tells people that meditation is about entering trance, an altered state of consciousness. In this altered state, you can work with your problems, perform psychic or magical work, or just relax. To be honest, I find playing computer games more relaxing than entering trance states of mind. As I said - trance and altered states of consciousness are making you blind to the world around you. And by world I mean everything that is – physical, mental and emotional impressions.


You see, real meditation is about “conscious consciousness” - to meditate means to be conscious of every single thought, emotional, mental or physical feeling you might have, while keeping your mind at peace. By meditating with proper techniques, you expand your consciousness, and the more conscious you are, the more attention you pay, the more you can “see” – and consciousness is important element of psychic development – you must be aware of the Universe around you. By practicing altered states of consciousness and trance states, you’re not only making yourself blind to psychic and spiritual impressions, but you’re also dumping your own consciousness. It’s very easy to ignore your problematic thoughts and emotions, but true development is all about facing your fears, then dealing with them. Good psychic is a psychic that deals with problems, instead of running away from them. I was practicing different techniques that were putting my mind at altered states of mind for many, many years. But when I discovered Zazen meditation (thanks to my intuition, that pushed me towards this practice), I’ve noticed a great boost in my own development. In case of trance states, I was always struggling against constant bombardment of thoughts. Fighting with them have no point, as only calm observation can lead to getting rid of your thoughts. Being conscious that the thoughts are out there and that you’re consciously listening to them, puts your subconscious at peace. And then, you can calmly observe and Universe around you. Once my thoughts were calm, I was able to focus on specific problem, and consciously observe every single thought, emotion or physical sensation that came to me, recognizing these impressions as advices, or problems, as well, but problems which I had to deal with in order to move forward. And that’s the greatest benefit of meditation in my case. Which One Should You Practice? I cannot say “stop your altered states practices” – because there’s nothing wrong with them as long as you’re not thinking about real development on both psychical and spiritual levels. They can be often useful, as well, for example when you need to shut some emotions down to deal with other emotions. But if you’re thinking about real psychic and spiritual growth, then real conscious meditation should be your practice. • Also, you might know the famous phrase “sex, drugs and rock’n'roll” – while sex is good, and rock’n'roll simple rocks, drugs are simple useless and destructive tools often used for entering altered states. Please – if you’re practicing trance states after all, enter them using natural methods and mind techniques. Do not use drugs or any “sacred plants”, it’s not worth it. Altered states are turning you blind, narrowing your perception – real meditation expands your consciousness and it’s the one you should practice.

Good Meditation Techniques So what kind of meditation techniques do I recommend? There are two of these. First one, the basic should be practiced over two months and it’s quite simple. Here it is, step by step:


1. All you have to do is to sit down and relax, then with closed eyes. Say to yourself “I will now count down from 100 to 0, and when I will reach 0, I will be in proper meditative state.” Start counting down from 100 to 0. And if you will get distracted, start all over again from 100. This will help you develop your self-discipline. When you will reach 0, say to yourself “I’m now in proper meditative state. I will always achieve this state when I will count down to 0″. Notice that you should not mention “from 100 to 0″ – because the goal is to count down from 10 to 0 in order to enter this meditative state. 2. After 2 weeks of daily practice, start counting down from 50. Remember to say the programming formula first. Next week, count down from 40, next week from 30 and so on. Remember about programming formula after reaching 0. 3. After few weeks, you will be able to count down from 10 to 0 and you will achieve proper meditative state in which your thoughts are calm and at peace. Each time you will reach 0, remember about your programming formula. In such meditative state, you can consciously observe your thoughts, emotions and feelings. This is very basic technique, by some it might looks quite similar to different “trance-how-to” techniques, but the difference is the goal – you want to calm down your entire mind while staying conscious and aware of the world around you, and the mind inside you. That’s the basic technique. After few months, you can switch to much more effective, yet much more difficult technique.

Zazen Meditation The greatest gift of Zen Buddhism to our Western culture in my opinion is the practice of Zazen – a sitting meditation. It’s difficult yet simple technique (trust me, Zen is full of such paradoxes), a practice you should definitely learn. Unfortunately, it’s hard to teach Zazen over the Internet, so you have to find a teacher or Zen school somewhere in your nearest area. But it’s definitely worth it! And when your mind is at peace at last, and your thoughts are no longer bombarding your consciousness, you can start using meditation. For example by focusing on a problem you might have. First, while in meditative state, define the problem you have, and then just let things flow. Consciously observe every single feeling and thought you have, as the answers will reach you soon. It’s quite useful in case of learning psychic abilities: • If you want to learn some new skill, or you’re having a problem with some psychic ability, you might use meditation to find out the best way to practice that skill of choice, or to identify the problem that is making the skill difficult to learn. • Such meditation is also useful if you wish to identify other subconscious problems, that might generate energy body blockages, which can be later dealt with using affirmations. Meditation and Prayer

Often, through meditation you can also pray. It’s sad that prayer has been reduced to religious practice. In reality, prayer is just another spiritual practice, similar to meditation, but have a specific goal. For example, through prayer you can ask for help and support, or you can show help and support to others. In order to pray in correct way, you need to keep some rules in mind: • Target your prayer – some people pray to God, some people pray to different deities, some people pray to the Source, there are also people who pray to the Force from Star Wars Universe (it’s not weird, really, as the Force have more in common with the Source, Universe and God, than any wicked deity from any wicked religion). Remember to target your prayer – who do you pray to? Personally, I pray to God which I’m also referring to as the Source.


• Prayer cannot be read line by line - prayers written down in Bible or any other Holy Books are not prayers – these are rhymes, poems and basically useless words. Good prayer is yours only, spoken from your heart, spoken by your soul and mind, not by your vocal chords. • Pray using emotions and visualization – when you pray, use visualization and positive emotions. When you pray for good health, be thankful for good health and visualize yourself healthy. When you pray for money, visualize yourself rich and be thankful for money. • Pray for positive things - never, ever pray for someone to be hurt. Never pray to cure the illness, because psychic powers are wicked, and they might first made someone ill, in order to cure him or her later. Always pray for positive things, and be thankful for positive things. • Always be grateful and say “thanks” - be thankful for things you pray for, like they would be already yours, already here. What can you pray for? For example for help to deal with a problem. Or for support during business meeting. For guidance related to spiritual growth. You can also pray for benefit of others. Prayer as spiritual practice is important for everyone who wish to develop spiritually. But it can be also useful for businessman, worker, teachers, husband, and psychic wannabe – literally everyone can benefit from good prayer.

Tools Of The Trade Meditation and prayer are tools of the trade. Together, with affirmations, they can speed up your psychic and spiritual development like no other practice. They take time and they require patience, but they provide you with great benefits. Real meditation can be a relaxing experience, and when used along with affirmations and prayers, it can change your life from top to bottom in a matter of few months.


Light Side Versus Dark Side, Why Should You Walk The Light Path Of Psychic Development I’m big fan of Star Wars universe. Well, sometimes too big as some subconscious blockages proved me lately. Star Wars universe, The Force to be more specific and the Jedi and Sith are so universal metaphors for our own world that often when I speak about psychic energies or God/The Source, I’m using Star Wars terminology. Believe it or not, it works – because even in this world, we have the Light Side and the Dark Side of the Force. And you, as explorer of esoteric arts and psychic practitioner, you need to choose between these two paths – the Light Side and the Dark Side. I hope Lucas Arts won’t sue me for this article, but the truth is, so far I haven’t figured out any better metaphor to put it. There are Sith and Jedi among us. Which one are you? And which one would you like to be? The problem is that often, people think they’re walking the light path, but in reality they’re on the dark side – why? Because books and courses told them they were doing the right stuff – and this was far away from the truth.

Two Paths, Two Sides of the Force We can say that there are two paths to develop psychic abilities, the light path and the dark path. • Light path is the path of self-improvement and spiritual growth. It’s based on meditation, removing subconscious and energy blockages, changing the way you perceive the world, becoming a better person each day. • Dark path is the path of the ego. It’s based on practicing ego magick that focuses on your own needs that are met at expanse of others, practicing Left Hand magick and working with low vibration energies. Unfortunately, often people decide to choose the dark path because they rarely understand the consequences of their choice. I will explain the consequences soon, for now let’s answer the question – why do people decide for the dark path, anyway?

The Difficult Simple Path People choose the dark path because it’s “easier” and “faster”. I’m sure you’re familiar with courses like “7-days psychic training workshop” or “become psychic over the weekend“. Heck, even myPsychic Development Simplified is meant for at least 5 months of work :). That’s the biggest problem that exists these days in the field of esoteric arts – people don’t want difficult stuff, they want things that are easy, simple and fast – people lack patience, and this can lead to serious problems. So they’re choosing simple and fast workshops and courses, or books that promise fast results. They’re choosing Chaos Magick, Left Hand practices, false teachers and courses, books that provide false informations and nothing else. Why? Because as I said, they want simple, easy and fast stuff, and the market responds – different authors and workshop hosts provide them with fast and simple training programs. What are these programs based upon? Let’s take a fast look: • Low vibration energies – let’s recall some headlines like “persuade that girl to love you” or “achieve that business deal” – do these look familiar? There’s nothing wrong in using 26

magick or psychic abilities to attract love or business success, but there’s a difference between attracting love, and persuading specific person to love you. The difference lies in intention, you can either want to force someone to love you, or you can open yourself for love. You can either force someone to sign up the business deal, or you can open yourself for good business deal. In both cases, that first approach will always use low vibration energies, energies that are representing the magick of ego. • Spirits work – Goetia is quite famous here, an art of summoning spirits for gaining knowledge or power. But other schools also exists, teaching how to summon spirits to achieve specific results, for example persuade someone to love you. Yet rarely books and courses mention that working with spirits is based on the universal law of exchange - you need to give something to the spirit in order to get something in return. Often, it’s your life force, your Chi. • Guru - a lot of systems is based on the “wisdom and power of the Guru”. Such systems are teaching that in order to achieve something, one must meditate through Guru’s third eye, or through Guru in general, thus giving the Guru his or hers own life energy, creating Karma connection that will last for many generations to come. These are three most popular elements of most “fast path” systems. I know this, because I was also practicing things like that in the past. How did it end up? I walked the easy path once – and it’s not like I was walking the dark path. I mean, I was doing bad stuff because I thought it was right. I’ve learned things based on books that were constantly talking about positive energies, and positive fast results. And of course, I had fast and positive results. But no one ever mentioned that low vibration energies attract astral critters seeking pray. I catch an attachment of some nasty astral being that decided to feed upon me. This resulted in lack of Chi, and this resulted in depression, sadness, constant headaches, illnesses and things like that. Stuff that worked for me stopped working, I was no longer able to perform many psychic abilities I used to be good at. And I was unaware of this attachment for over a year until my new teacher noticed the entity and removed it. Books will speak of positive changes, but the reality is often much different from what the books and courses says. Low vibration energies, black magick, Left Hand practices, false spiritual paths can lead to attachments, and attachments aren’t pleasant – they can block your intuition, and make you unable to use any psychic abilities at all, even turn you towards psychic vampirism. And this truly sucks. In result, the fast and easy path often brings very fast end and serious consequences. Sure, you can get effects very fast, but at what cost? Attachment? Psychic vampirism? Demonic possession? Depression, illness or even dead can also occur. The dark side, even if fast and often simple, just isn’t worth the effort.

What About The Light Path? Turns out that the light path that is supposed to be difficult, in reality is much simpler, safer and faster. Sure, it requires you to face your problems instead of running from them, but after dealing with them and fixing stuff, you’re gaining wisdom and abilities that benefit everyone around you, not just you. You can shape your life as you want, you can be whoever you want, and you can do things you want. And of course, you can learn psychic abilities :).


The truth is, my own development’s performances speed up when I decided to change my approach and walk that “difficult” path that proved to me to be very easy. So why should I waste time on some weird magical practices when I can practice things that give me better results and I feel good about this? But why people think that the path of inner growth and spiritual development is difficult? My opinion about this is simple – they’re misguided by books and courses that provide them with headlines like “don’t waste time on years of development, choose our weekend psychic development course” or “forget about spiritual growth that takes months, get effects within days”. But at what costs, hmm? No, the light path isn’t difficult – it’s all about being patient and brave enough to try. How To Walk The Light Side Of The Force How to actually walk the light path of psychic development and inner growth? Here are few advices from me: • Meditate – meditation brings your mind at peace and helps you expand your consciousness. Choose Zazen practice (a Zen meditation school) instead of Trance techniques that only makes you blind. 25 minutes of Zen meditation per day can change your life, I know this from experience. I used to have very chaotic mind full of random thoughts, but it took me less than 2 weeks of Zen meditation to calm down and put my mind at peace. I’m no longer controlled by chaos in my mind, the chaos is simple gone. • Improve yourself - don’t run from your problems, instead always identify their sources and work towards dealing with them. Learn each day how to improve yourself, how to be a better person. Study Buddhism teachings, especially the knowledge of Zen school. Collect inspirational quotes, read inspirational and wise books. • Be a better person – be kind to other people, be tolerant, be helpful. Make someone smile each day, do something good, help someone with his or hers work. • Deal with your spiritual problems – this means that you should change the negative patterns from your life into positive patterns. Deal with negative memories and habits by using rebirthing, regresing,Core Images work or affirmations. Heal your intentions, heal your connection with the Source, trust your intuition. • Study and practice energy work arts – take a Yoga class, or Tai Chi Chuan class. Take a Reiki workshop and become Reiki practitioner. Work with your chakras, do not be afraid of alternative medicine, don’t be afraid of using psychic advices regarding your energy body for your own advantage. You might think that all the points above are related are very egoistic – you meditate, you improve yourself, you study Buddhism, you practice Reiki and so on. But the difference is within your intention. Working With Intention Intention is very important in both spiritual growth and psychic development. What is intention? Intention is your reasoning, an answer to question “why do you want this?” – intentions can be good or bad. If you want something for yourself, it might be good or bad. For example, if you want to learn Reiki to help others, it’s good intention. But if you want to learn Reiki only to touch young beautiful girls, then it’s bad, negative intention. Your intentions shape the energies you’re using, and of course – the results of your practice.


So you might ask, can you practice Chaos Magick with pure positive intentions? Well, of course you can! But the problem is – some practices are overloaded with negative energies. Black magick, Left Hand practices and Chaos Magick for hundreds of years were being used for negative purposes of ego magick, thus – they carry negative charge that can still attract astral critters and negative experiences into your life. Therefore, the risk remains. But sometimes, it’s good to study the background of specific techniques – even Chaos Magick includes elements of meditation and Zen practice – and 60 years of negative misuse cannot change the energy behind positive technique. Anyway, I advice to practice esoteric arts that were always filled with love and positive intentions. When you do practice meditation for your own purposes, when you study the ancient wisdom for your own purposes, when you practice Reiki art for your own purposes, but you keep pure intentions in your hearth, like an intend for meditation to become a better person, for Reiki to help people etc., then you’re on the light path. Light path improves your connection with the Source, with the Force, and the Source can then guide you through your intuition: • You can learn which practices will suit you, or which teachers can really teach you something. You will know which exercises should you try, which books should you read, which area of esoteric knowledge should you study and so on. And the coolest part is – that if you decide to get rid of the chains of “fast” practices, your progress can be very, very fast – literally within few weeks you can notice a big different, and within few months you can become more psychic than some famous psychics in TV! :)

Which Path Do You Choose? The choice is yours – you can either meditate, work with affirmations and become a better person each day, or you can choose the path of ego magick, thus suffer consequences. I decided to walk the light path – and even if sometimes problems I face are difficult, the techniques to deal with them are so simple that I just cannot say that this path is difficult in general. It’s more challenging, but it provides much better results.


How To Cleanse Your Subconscious Of Bad Memories And Beliefs Cleansing your subconscious, thus also removing energy body blockages can be performed through many different techniques, like affirmations. Personally, I use a technique called “Core Images Work”, based on teachings of Robert Bruce, with some modifications made by myself. This technique can help you deal with negative past memories and experiences very fast and easy. As you should already know,dealing with your past is an important step in psychic development and personal growth.

The Problem Lies In Blockages As I have already stated in an article about spiritual development, a lot of problems regarding psychic abilities are related to blockages on your energy body, blockages that can also be tracked down to your subconscious mind. To your memories, to be more specific. Every bad memory or experience or negative pattern creates blockages on energy channels (meridians) or chakras, thus the energy cannot flow freely, and thus, your chakras cannot return to a proper balance. This always results in problems with psychic abilities – either you cannot develop your psychic sensitivity, or you can’t hear your intuition, or no psychic abilities works for you. Some people don’t have this problem, as their blockages are minor. But some people got huge blockages that block their psychic development path for good. But not only that. Subconscious blockages can also block your efforts to run a successful business, or have a successful relationship, or achieve your personal goals or dreams. This is why it’s important to deal with your subconscious blockages – not only to improve your overall psychic abilities, but also to improve your life and make few steps on the path of personal growth. You already know a great technique to deal with your problems – affirmations. But affirmations can be a slow tool. Core images, on the other hand, are very, very fast, because they hit the source of your problems directly. Disclaimer: not everyone will benefit from Core Images work. Everyone is different, and some people might have troubles with breathing, relaxation, visualization, and so on. Some people might have other blockage that makes it impossible to use core images work. How so? For example, you might have been taught that such “mind programming” is just a trick, and it doesn’t really work. In such case, core images won’t work because of your belief. Therefore, you will have to write down affirmation to remove that blockage, in order to start working with core images later. Still, try it anyway – because there’s no way of knowing if this technique works for you if you won’t try it.


Working With Core Images What do you need to start working with core images? At least these things: some free time, peace and quiet, dark room or something to cover your eyes, because darkness improves your relaxation. And of course, you need to relax on a comfortable chair or bad. Finally, you need core images to work. Preparing The List Of Core Images The term “core images” refer to all negative patterns (beliefs, opinions), memories and experiences you have. These images not only create blockages, but often they can also act as attachment points for astral entities and psychic vampires, and it’s a good idea to remove them in order to get rid of vampiric attachments and astral beings that feed on you. In order to work with core images, you need to be aware of them, and you need to create a list of them. Therefore, prepare a notebook, in which you’re going to write down your images. When your notebook is ready, you need to start identifying your core images. • When writing down affirmations, on the right page of your notebook you’re writing down your emotional responses. Sometimes, you might recall a bad memory or belief like “no, no, life is difficult”. Your bad memory is the core image to work with, and your belief is a message that someone taught you, that life is difficult, and you have to recall the memory of that “lesson”. • When you’re doing something, and suddenly you recall some memory that brings emotional charge with it that is negative charge like sadness, aggression, depression, fear, then this memory is a core image. • Any negative memory you have creates core images to work with. If someone punched you when you were a child, then it’s a core image. When you lost your favorite toy as a child, it’s core image. When your boyfriend broke up with you, and he brought emotional pain, it’s core image. This creates negative belief patterns: beating might have created a belief that people are only waiting to punch you; loosing your toy might result in fear of losing in the future; heartbreak of teenager will create relationship problems in the future. • Any negative pattern you have can be traced back to negative memory and experience. Just observing your behavior is a good way to identify your core images. Ask yourself why do you behave this way? For example, imagine that you’ve met that nice lady, she’s kind, goodlooking and intelligent, but you’re afraid to talk to her. Ask yourself, “why am I afraid to talk with her”, and during core images work session, try to recall your very first memory when you had problem talking to a girl (you will learn how to recall memories in just few moments) – et voila, you got your core image. • Observe your dreams – keeping dreams journal is always good thing to do, and dreams can also carry information about core images for you. Observe your dreams and pay attention if there are any experiences from the past that might occur to you in a dream state. Write them down, even if they’re not true memories, but typical dreams – work with dreams then, as they might also help you remove some blockages and negative patterns. • Sometimes, different events in your life might trigger negative memories – buying a new car, meeting a new person, getting a new job etc. Pay attention to all memories and emotions that are coming to you each day. Continue the work on your core images list – it might contain few points, or few hundred points, it doesn’t really matter. A word of advice – do not worry if you have hundreds of things to work with. Work with them point by point and be patient. Worrying will only generate new core images to work with in the future. Think about big lists in a positive manner. Think, that now you know 31

what you need to deal with. Think that with this big list you have, you will soon deal with all your problems and your life will change within few months.

Core Images Work Session Now you have your list of core images, it’s time to have your first work session. So find some time to relax in quiet, dark place, or use something to cover your eyes. Darkness will help you relax. Sit down or lie in a comfortable position. Remember first few points from your list – one, two, maybe even five. Don’t push yourself, five images per session are enough. Personally, I’m working with a maximum of three core images per session. Now, follow the procedure carefully. Be sure no one will disturb your peace for the next half an hour. • You have to close your eyes, and relax all your muscles. Now you have to start breathing – take deep breaths. Breath in and breath out fast, one second to breath in, and one second to breath out. Make from three to ten of such breaths, no more. And then, again – relax. • Say “I’m going back with my memory to…” and define the moment of time, the moment when your experience has been recorded and is now a memory. Then observe that entire experience once more. Negative emotions might appear, just observe them. They’re no longer in control, so don’t be afraid, don’t worry. You might want to cry – that’s OK, cry. It’s an emotional response meant to decrease emotional pain. • Observe the event you’ve just recalled. Relax, don’t worry, don’t be afraid, just observe it. Say “I’m observing, and I’m feeling good, I’m relaxed, I’m calm, I’m secured” and feel good, feel relaxed, feel calm, feel secured. You’re in control. Know, that what you’re observing is the past, and that past cannot hurt you anymore from your current point of view. You’re safe. • Say “When I count down from 3 to 0, my fear/sadness/anger/depression will go away, and I will feel good, relaxed, calm and secured“. Then slowly count down from 3 to 0, and let go all your negative emotions. Feel good, relaxed, calm and secured. • Often, some memories might carry additional belief – that you’re responsible for something, or that someone is responsible for something. For example, when you have made a huge mistake, you might think it’s all your fault. Or that when someone broke your heart, its that person’s fault. In such case, forgive yourself or that person. Just say “I’m forgiving myself …” or “I’m forgiving NAME …“, and when forgiving, do this with your heart – really forgive yourself or that specific person. It will be a relief for both of you. • Now visualize a beautiful scene – visualize a place you enjoy. For example, I’m visualizing wonderful plains with high grass, calm and warm wind, at the time of sunset. You need to visualize a scene you enjoy, it might a romantic sunset, or peaceful Buddhist’s temple, or whatever. The point is that this visualized place must feel safe to you. You must feel at peace when looking at this place, you must feel calm, relaxed and secured. Use your vivid imagination! • Now visualize the scene, the event or experience in question, visualize it as paper postcard. This postcard is hovering within your peaceful scene which you have visualized in the previous step. Then visualize that postcard moving away, and away, and away, until it disappears beyond the horizon. • Now visualize the postcard back again, it’s hovering in front of you, within your peaceful scene. Visualize that you’re holding a blessed sword in your right hand, and holy flaming torch in your left hand. Use the sword to cut the postcard to pieces. And then use the torch to burn these pieces. Visualize the pieces to burn entirely, leaving no trail, and see that


beautiful, peaceful scene you’ve created earlier. Focus on it’s beauty, and all the positive emotions the scene brings you. Enjoy it as long as you want. • Say “Thank you that I’m now free” and that’s all – you can now open your eyes and end your session, or move to another core images and repeat steps 2-7. It might look complicate, but after few sessions, you will learn. Each session might take as little as 5 minutes, or even 30 minutes. Personally, I never needed any longer session, and I don’t advice you to push yourself to the limits. After 30 minutes, end your session. If there are still emotions attached to your core images, just mark that on your list. You will return to this core image next time. Don’t push yourself! How To Recall Memories In addition, if you’ve identified negative pattern, but not the core image itself, you might want to use a simple method of recalling bad memory. • You have to close your eyes, and relax all your muscles. Now you have to start breathing – take deep breaths. Breath in and breath out fast, one second to breath in, and one second to breath out. Make from three to ten of such breaths, no more. And then, again – relax. • Say “When I will count down from 3 to 0, I will return with my memory to the first time when …” and name the pattern you’re working with, for example, “… when I was afraid to speak with a girl“. Your mind should respond with a memory – it might not be the memory you were seeking, but still, it’s a core image of some sort, somehow related to the pattern you’re working with. Use it! In the case when you won’t get any memory, don’t worry. After working with some images, you will deal with many blockages, and new images will appear to you. It takes time to fix your subconscious, but it’s worth it!

Additional Tips For Working With Core Images Below are some additional tips for working with core images. • As I said, sometimes you might end your session, and you won’t feel relief. On the contrary, you might feel that the core image is not yet cleansed. In that case, don’t worry. Some powerful emotions require more time to deal with than weaker emotions. Just return to the specific image during the next session. Use as many sessions to deal with specific image as you need. Remember – you’re not a contest, don’t rush, be patient and take your time. • Core images can be old or very fresh. Work with both types. If you had an argument yesterday, then it’s core image, and it need to be cleansed as soon as possible. Treat it as any other core image. Regarding that fresh images, I have a story for you from my personal practice: Few days ago I had minor blockage on my subconscious – I was lead by fear, sadness and anger because my boss didn’t pay me this month. These emotions were primary emotions I had, and for some reasons it influenced all my additional income. So I decided to use Core Images and cleanse these fresh emotions that appeared few days earlier. I cleansed the negative emotions, and freed myself from them, then took a nap. After waking up and checking my email, I was surprised learning that I just made a record of daily passive income by selling so many copies of my e-books. Great! 33

Some might say it’s coincidence, but I’m psychic long enough to understand that coincidences are psychic phenomena as well, and they’re not accidental, they’re intentional. Finally, you might ask “I’m done with the core image – should I feel anything?” – well, you might feel a relief. Or you might even sense more energies flowing through specific part of your body if you’re psychic sensitive enough. Or you might notice changes in your daily life. The only thing you should really feel is nothing. I’ll explain – that nothing refers to your emotions when consciously recalling specific core image. That’s why you should not destroy your images list. Read it from time to time once again, and recall the events and memories. If you can feel negative emotions, then it means the core image hasn’t been cleansed yet, and you still need to work with it. But if you’re recalling the event or memory, and you can’t feel negative emotions at all, then it means you’ve successfully dealt with the image and you should be proud :). Everything else, like physical sensations or life changes, is just the result of your work. But – there’s an important thing I need to say. Sometimes, removing blockages might result in serious physical response – you might catch the flu, or you might notice a pimple on your face (and it doesn’t matter you’re 60 years old), or you might get muscle spasm or like that. Don’t worry, this is a good sign, it means that your energy body is working to heal itself. You should see my face today after I dealt with some nasty attachments :).

Working With Positive Images There’s one more thing I need to mention – positive core images. These are the images usually related to astral entities and psychic vampires. They’re like open doors for these beings, allowing them to attach to you and feed upon your energies. These images can be cleansed as well, but with little different approach. • In case of positive images, you feel positive emotions – if the image is allowing an entity to feed upon you, it needs to be cleansed. You can dot his with standard procedure, with a small difference to points 3 and 4. Instead of saying that you “feel good, relaxed, calm, secured”, say and feel that you’re neutral and calm, and that positive emotions are leaving. Say “I’m no longer accepting these emotions, I’m no longer allowing access, I’m closed to these entities“. The point is to change positive emotions into neutral emotions – not negative, but neutral. Your subconscious must know that you’re closed for anything that might be attached to these specific core images.

Start Your Work Today After few weeks of working with core images, you might notice a difference. Your approach to life might be more positive, and your psychic sensitivity might increase, while your psychic abilities might begin to awake, etc. But it doesn’t matter why do you want to work with the core images. You might want to increase your psychic abilities or to get out of debt. In any case, the effort of your work is worth it.


Your Psychic Growth, Psychic Gifts And Helping Others Grow Some people prefer to visit psychics and use their services, others prefer to become psychic themselves (I hope most you’re that second type). Which option is better? In my opinion, it’s much better to become psychic and rely on your own abilities, than been dependent of the abilities of others. But it doesn’t mean that by being psychic, you don’t ask other psychics for help. Not only that I have an esoteric teacher I’m close to, but I also use psychic services of others. Why? Because I can’t do everything.

When It’s A Matter Of Gift I believe that every psychic ability can be learned and mastered. But some abilities might look more like true gifts – something that has awaken because of your development, yet it was not your intention to develop that skill. In my case, such “gift” is an ability to psychically perceive chakras and energy body. I didn’t wanted to learn this skill, it just appeared out of nowhere and I said “heck, I can work with that”. As you will walk the path of psychic development, you might want to practice different things – spoon bending, telepathy, psychometry, psychic readings and so on. In order to develop such abilities, you will meditate, you will work with energies, and you will work with affirmations and core images (or other mind techniques). During your psychic journey, useful skills might just awake on their own, skills you never thought about, but they’re here now, and you should start using them. Sometimes I think that such “gifts” are our inborn psychic abilities that were dormant for many years until we begun working towards inner growth. These skills might be programmed by our previous lives (if you believe in reincarnation), or maybe they’re governed by genetic code, I don’t know. The point is that not every psychic sees ghosts, and some psychics have other gifts.

You Have Your Own Skillset Some psychics do psychic investigations, they solve crimes. Some can talk to spirits, and help them move into the light. Some can do psychometry or use rods for dowsing, and are into psychic archaeology. And some psychics feels good as psychic counselors, offering intuitive counseling. Of course, this is just the tip of an iceberg. You might want to learn different psychic abilities, but in the end, you will choose your specialization – either because you want to do something, or because you feel you should do something. At some point, your natural skills will awake, they might be very close to abilities you wanted to develop, or they might be very different. The awakening of your skills might be a surprise, but it can be quite normal, as well. I do remember how I realized I can do chakra readings. I’ve met with a bunch of “witches” – I mean ladies who were slightly into the occult. And one of these ladies just gave ma photo of her friend. All they knew about me was that I was practicing psychic development, but I never said I can do psychic readings (even if I was doing psychic readings at the time).


OK, I have nothing to loose, I thought. So I looked at the photo, and visualized the man. I got intuitive thought “visualize his chakras”, so I did. And then I just used the knowledge I had based on all the books I’ve read, and I started reading the man. How surprised I was when the lady started to confirm my intuitive findings. Few minutes later I did correct reading to second lady on that meeting. And then I shared my insights with my teacher, and he confirmed I do see things. And I just started doing readings. Now I know what I can do – and I know how to work with this skill, and I also know that with this ability I can slowly head towards intuitive counseling in much wider degree. I want you to remember this – do not struggle to awake your natural abilities – just keep unleashing your psychic potential – meditate, work with energies, work with negative mind patterns and practice psychic skills you wish to have. Everything else should be left in the hands of the Boss above. And don’t think that if you will awake one skill, it will be the only skill you will working with until you meet the maker. Who knows, maybe you have many natural abilities just waiting to awake, your very own skillset?

What Is It That I Do – About Chakra Reading What do I do is very simple – beside channeling Reiki energies (which is a skill everyone can learn by being attuned to Reiki), I can also see chakras and energy body. This means that based on your photo or during face-to-face meeting I can see how do your chakras work, are they energized or blocked, weak or strong. It’s very useful ability that can be used to speed up both spiritual and psychical growth. How? Here’s an example based on a reading I did not so long ago. A person contacted me because he was unable to tune into his intuitive thoughts and spiritual insights, generally his psychic development was blocked and he didn’t know why. So I took a look and saw that his 5th chakra is completely blocked, disallowing the energies to flow freely towards Third Eye and 7th chakra. This resulted in blocked psychic abilities. Based on intuitive thoughts I was able to point out which emotional problems caused the blockage, and I advised how to deal with them, to unblock the chakra and allow energies to power the Third Eye. After few weeks of work, the person has reported changes – he still wasn’t able to tap into his psychic abilities, but he reported that he started doing things intuitively, and felt a bit stronger spiritual connection. It’s not much, but he made few steps forward. Blockages on the 5th chakra seems quite popular, as I’ve seen a number of people with this kind of problem already. By pointing out which chakras are not energized enough, which chakras are blocked and by identifying the sources of these blockages, I can advise people what kind of psychical or spiritual work they should perform at the time, and what kind of techniques they should apply. Because of this, people who contact me asking for reading, aren’t walking blind – they know what should they work with first, what should they work with next and so on. Instead of walking blind and spending six years developing psychic abilities, they can work for two years step by step, blockage after blockage.


• Isn’t it useful? Instead of saying “meditate, work with energies” I can take a look and say “you have some bad memories of your childhood, regarding physical contact I guess – you need to identify them and fix them with affirmations and core images work, then the energy will flow easier and you will have better effects in your psychic development“. Hmm? If you would like to speed up your development, or at least check out how do your chakras work, you can order chakra and energy body reading by clicking here. Energy Body reading can also support healing practices – according to Chinese Medicine, all physical illnesses are caused by energy imbalance, thus any further illness can be perceived on the energy body – I can advice which piece of your body require some Reiki or psychic healing. It’s very useful in my Reiki practice.

Every Medium Is Psychic… … But not every psychic is a medium, it’s something most people forget. Because of this, most people think that psychic can only do them fortune telling, or help them talk to their grandpa’s spirit. It’s fine to talk to spirits, it’s fine to do fortune telling, but psychics are more than that. What’s most important is that psychics are intuitive. And through intuition, you can benefit greatly. You might not yet understand what I’m talking about, but bare with me, please :). So – people are visiting psychics, seeking advices regarding their life. They ask about relationships, about financial issues, and recently I’ve been asked “what will happen to Davon” – well, I’m not sure what or who Davon is (or was it Devon?), but I gently pointed out that I don’t do relationship readings. For some reasons, people are afraid of being in control of their own life, so they want to give the responsibility to psychics – and if anything goes wrong, to blame them, instead of themselves. It’s a reason why I don’t do relationship or financial readings. But it’s also a reason why I teach psychic development – because I believe that instead of visiting psychics seeking advices regarding love or money or health, you can become psychic yourself, and take full responsibility for your life – a responsibility on steroids, with decisions based on your intuition, and 100% guarantee that whatever will happen, it will happen for your own good. • First step in becoming psychic is becoming more attuned to your intuition. And intuitive thinking benefits in good choices, and good choices result in better life. Isn’t it simple? If you could take full control over your life knowing that your actions dictated by your intuition will result in positive manner, wouldn’t you use the opportunity, even if it would require for you to take full responsibility over your life?

Psychics Still Matter What I’m saying here is that everyone should develop at least his or hers intuition. But it doesn’t mean that psychic services would become useless. Personally, right now I can’t use psychic abilities to locate missing people – but I know psychics who can. I also know psychics who can solve crimes, but can’t perceive even their own chakras, so if they’re blocked, they can’t figure out why. Because of this, even if you will become psychic, I’m sure you won’t be able to do everything, and you will still rely on the services of others. But you will be able to offer your services as well. The truth is, being psychic isn’t that different from being a teacher – a teacher might be able to teach math, but at the same time, teacher might need help with fixing broken computer. We can’t do everything, and we rely on each other.


• Even if you’re psychic, don’t be afraid to ask other psychics for help – others can help you with your emotional blockages, or with health problems (not everyone is psychic healer, right?). Being psychic doesn’t mean you have to know everything and posses every fancy psychic skill that can be found in the Internet :). Through this article I also want to point out to the fact that we are all different, and we all have different psychic goals and different psychic abilities, which we develop further and further. So do not worry if you can’t bend spoons and your psychic friend can. Don’t worry if you can’t see auras, and your other friend can. Keep in mind that you’re special, you have special abilities other psychics might not have. Work with things you already have, and be open, as some new things might be hiding somewhere, just waiting for you to be ready to say hello to them. But know this – even if some abilities might appear as gift, if you want, you can still work towards development of the abilities you want.

The Beauty Of Cooperation Finally I need to say this – it’s so wonderful that we have so many different psychics out there. Think about it – people like me can tell you what is blocking you on your development path. Energy workers can teach you how to work with energies. Psychic healers can fix your physical body, Reiki practitioners can also heal your emotional problems. Spirit workers can help spirits move into the light, especially useful if you have problems with a ghost. We, as intuitive workers, as psychics, we create global support network. And it’s beautiful that we can cooperate with each other. Few days ago, Anna from Psychic But Sane, helped me figure out new blockages I have just through simple discussion under one of her articles. It’s wonderful that we can help each other grow. And that we can help people who are not psychics yet, grow as well. So keep this in mind – you’re special, and you don’t need to learn every single psychic skill – just start your practice and enjoy it. With time, your psychic abilities will awake, and you will be able to use them to help others.


What Do You Need To Know About Your Own Psychic Defense I’m working on a new book (well, actually I’m writing fragments that will later turn into book) that will cover the subject of psychic self-defense and psychic hazard of different sort, I think it’s good idea to share some insights with you. You can already find a lot of articles about psychic selfdefense on A State of Mind, but the subject requires some more explanation. Because psychic shield is just the beginning.

Classic Psychic Self-Defense There are many books on the market about psychic self-defense already, from old works of Dion Fortune to modern publications of Robert Bruce, and nearly each and every book about psychic development (including my own workbook) covers the subject. But read over the books in question, and you will learn that there are few methods of psychic self-defense that are most popular: • Energy means - like psychic shielding or warding. • Magical means - like sprinkling salt, or putting amethyst crystals in your office, or even some magical rituals of protection. Let me focus for a while on these defense methods just to remind you what they are, and how to use them. Let’s start with energy work. Energy Work Techniques Energy means include for example psychic shielding – it’s the process of creating a psychic shield made of your energies, that is meant to reflect or at least stop incoming unwanted energies. Such shield can be created through simple visualization. What’s interesting is that this kind of shielding does work in some cases, and not in others. For example, based on my own experiences I know that psychic shield can: • Block psychic scanning, for example making psychic readings much more difficult or even impossible. • Block residual energies, so you won’t be affected for example by negative mood in the room. I remember some time ago, I received psychic reading from a friend, a reading that was incomplete because the reader wasn’t able to “access” me. I simple forgot that I had psychic shield set up and glowing, and because of this, I was blocking any psychic scanning process. So, a shield can be used if you want to block yourself from others for some time. At the same time, it’s hard for psychic shielding to block more complex energies, like these with specific intention, for example energies meant to attack you. I’m talking here about psychic overload, when someone is sending you more energy than your energy body can handle. In this case, psychic shield can slow down the energy input, but in addition I recommend grounding, so you can send energies back to the ground. 39

Often, a person can become a victim of vampiric attack, when someone, but not necessary a psychic vampire, is draining your life energies out of you through an energy link. Again, psychic shielding can make it more difficult to create a link, and additional energy work can stop the energy flow. Many psychic defense techniques like this can be learned from Psychic Vampire Codex or from my articles in psychic defense category. Magical Means Of course, pure energy techniques are just the beginning. There are also many magical means to achieve proper level of psychical protection. For example, people suggest sprinkling salt or holy water in rooms that have negative “feel”. • “Holy Water” isn’t necessary water blessed by Catholic priest. It can be any water blessed in spiritual ritual, even you can create it. For example, if you’re Reiki practitioner, you can charge water with Reiki energy and you’re done. And if you’re not Reiki practitioner, then just place your hands over the bottle or jar with the water you want to charge, and visualize bright white spiritual light flowing from above, through you, into the water, charging it with powerful spiritual energies. Et voila :). • It’s hard to say if salt have some energetic properties that allows it to cleanse negative energies, or is it just your intention to cleanse these energies that truly works. But as you should already notice, salt and holy water won’t work for psychic attacks, or astral entities, really. These methods can be used only for cleansing the room of negative energies. In case of astral entities, cleansing the room of negative energies can be helpful, yes, because some smaller entities doesn’t like sitting in a place that feels too “positive”. But know this, removing negative energies doesn’t mean that you will automatically fill the room with positive energies.This requires additional work that I will cover in another article. There are other methods of magical protection, for example creating and carrying amulets, or performing complex ritual for protection that can be performed to support your natural psychic defensive capabilities.

Above: Positive Spiral Mandala In his book about Psychic Self-Defense, Robert Bruce also presented many different magical and semi-magical methods of protecting yourself and your environment such as creating water barriers, or even using garlic. An expansion to these semi-magical techniques can be found in modern radionics practice and use of mechanical and semi-mechanical devices that cleanse and reflect negative energies. Radionic devices are using principles of sacred geometry and years of radionic studies to create devices capable of interacting with energies.


The basic example of such super simple “device” is an energetic painting on the right. It’s a spiral meant to draw positive energies from the Source and fill the room with them. But in the end, every single method of psychic protection is based on two things – energy and intention.

Energy And Intention No matter if you create psychic shield, a ward, or you charge and program amulet for protection, you work with these two things, energy and intention. And you do this to defend against psychic attacks and unwanted influence – which is in reality, energy and intention. This is what the word is based upon, energy and thought (intention). So if someone decide to attack you on psychical level, he uses his intention to direct energies. It’s logical that you should respond in the same manner. But let’s start with the basics – what and who are you up against? Other people and astral entities – this is the simplest answer. Now, to attack someone, one must intent the energies to perform specific task, but because attack is a low vibration intention (in other words, it’s wrong), it uses low vibration energies. The best energy defense you can get is based on high vibration energies - which means you should use positive and spiritual forces to protect yourself. That’s why revenge and counter-attack will never work. Always forgive your enemies; nothing annoys them so much. — Oscar Wilde You see, positive and spiritual energies have higher vibrations, and they influence negative energies by erasing and weakening them. That’s why positive thinking and spiritual growth is the best way to defend yourself against negativity of any type – no matter if it’s psychic attack, or broken heart, or your company going bankrupt. Small Techniques Against Astral Entities And Negative Energies The basic technique that apply the above truth is based on surrounding yourself with pure, spiritual light. To do so, follow this small how-to. • Take a deep breath, ground yourself and relax. Now simple visualize bright white spiritual light flowing to you from above, feel that it is good, positive and powerful spiritual energy that fills you, and surrounds you. Feel the warm and peace. Know, that now you’re safe and protected from negative energies. If you’re Reiki practitioner, you can also use the 2nd symbol to enforce your aura, by projecting Reiki energies to all six directions (left, right, front, back, above and below), then feel your aura with bigger 2nd symbol and visualize the aura glow with pure spiritual light. What you do with this technique is to consciously attract spiritual energies, and increase vibrations of your aura and energy body. Beside pure energy work, this can be also achieved by spiritual growth.

Disciplined Mind, (Psychically) Protected Mind Spiritual growth is a psychic defense technique on its own, because along with spiritual growth, you are doing two things. First, you’re getting rid of possible holes in your subconscious and energy body, holes or “nodes” that are vulnerable for any psychic attack. Second, you are increasing your own energy vibrations so it’s less likely for negative energies to affect you.


What “holes” am I talking about? You should already know this - I’m talking about negative patterns, and bad memories you store in your subconscious, very same patterns and memories that should be dealt with using core images or other psychic “psychology” techniques. Such holes in your subconscious, “points of attachments” can be problematic. Here’s why: I’ve been having hard time because of the financial issue not so long ago – because of this, I grew tired and slightly depressed, and of course sad and nervous at the same time. Because my dominating thoughts were negative at the time, my natural psychic defense got lowered, and someone or something used the opportunity to punch me with energetic construct. Sufficient to say, it wasn’t pleasant as it caused aggression towards people around me. Fortunately, thanks to my teacher I got rid of the thing in my aura. But the experience taught me that negative thoughts can lower your vibrations, making you easier target. At the same time, positive and spiritual thoughts are increasing your vibrations, improving your defenses. After I dealt with the money issues, my vibrations returned to normal. As you can see from this simple example, negative thoughts can be problematic, so you should focus on spiritual growth – positive thinking, clear peaceful intentions, helpful approach to others, less worries, more happiness. In this, your true psychic self-defense secret is hidden.

Attract The Light Side Of The Force I could discuss the law of attraction here, or quantum physics, or the law of synchronicity and so on, but I will limit myself to simple statement - you attract things you think about. So if you’re thinking that the world is dangerous place, you will attract dangerous events. If you’re constantly feared of psychic attacks or astral entities, you will attract attacks and entities. And this is the secret - if you want to feel same on psychical level, just focus on positive things. Think of a better world, think about positive changes, think about love, about helping others, be kind. Simple change your approach! Because if you think about positive things, you attract more positive things (and you’re increasing your vibrations). Of course, this sounds easy, but the reality can be difficult – because we all have our perspective, our point of view we must change, point of view that is based on your life experience and knowledge. Here’s where Core Images Work and affirmations come to play – through them, you can change your point of view, you can re-program your entire mind and start thinking positive in every way. By developing on spiritual level, you improve your natural psychic self-defense capabilities, so the methods like psychic shielding or sprinkling salt becomes less important. But they can still be used. I say more, they should be used from time to time, because even higher spiritual power can use your help :). So don’t forget to learn about psychic shielding and warding, don’t forget that you can use magical means to create safer environment for yourself, and for others. If you study carefully, and develop your spirituality and psychic mind, with time you become less and less vulnerable to psychic attacks and negative energies, thus making that small change in the world – the more people change their approach and become free of negative influences, the easier it will be to completely change this world.


Psychic Development, Skepticism And Spirituality Ah, the ultimate war between skeptics and believers that rages on for hundreds of years. The more I know about psychic phenomena and spirituality, the more I’m sure that it’s impossible to understand each other. Skeptics tend to be logical scientific minds, psychics are often spiritual souls. This small difference becomes a major problem if you want to explain the reality of psychic phenomena to a scientific mind. Because you might want to become psychic, or maybe you are psychic already, I think it’s worth to share my point of view upon this psychic-skeptic war. Imagine following situation for example – a scientific mind, a skeptic ask you to explain the nature of psychic abilities. So you do as he ask, you describe psychic experiences, intuition, psychic sensations and so on. And when you’re done, the skeptic complains that what you just said are just feelings, emotions, spirituality, basically irrelevant stuff. You say “Yep, this is it“, and he respond “So, it’s bullshit then, it doesn’t exist“. Does it sound familiar to you? For me, it’s well known situation. But actually, all you describe as psychic experience does exists, but on different level. I think (at least for now) that the problem is not with psychic phenomena itself – the problem is with the skeptics. And their educational system.

The Western Civilization The Western civilization is based on logical and rational thinking. I have to admit that this works in case of technological advancement, but for a cost of social and spiritual deprivation. Western schools and society teaches that logic and rational thinking are the only reasonable ways to perceive the world. It’s the Western “belief”, almost like a religion. And know this – religion and beliefs are things that should be kept for yourself, really. But Western minds are often trying to force their point of view upon others. Today, “western point of view” isn’t limited to the citizens of North America and Europe. It’s a term that describes a mind that is often closed, logical and rational – it’s way too much for me. A western man wants to study and research everything through scientific approach – touch it, see it, smell it, put it under microscope, and label it somehow. Everything must be logical and rational, and if it isn’t, it should be cast out, burned and destroyed. Or at least labeled “impossible” or “fake”. It’s the perspective that was developed in Europe and then, during the age of conquests and colonization, spread all around the world, almost entirely destroying spiritual civilization of North and South America, India and China. Therefore, such rational people can be found everywhere these days, as this approach is perceived as the only way to live a successful life. But among those who think in rational way, there are also people, who deny this point of view and prefer more spiritual approach. And what is really weird – they often live more successful lives than those who prefer rational thinking.

Illogical Point Of View? Skeptics are created by this Western civilization, people are taught that if you can’t touch something, smell it, taste it and study in controlled environment, then it doesn’t exists, and if it occurs, then it’s either a lie, or mass hallucination. Yet at the same time, our science glorify people like Galileo or Copernicus, or inventors of technology like radio or TV. There were days when 43

electricity was a fake and mass hallucination. I won’t give examples here, but the truth is – glorifying past scientific discoveries and yet classifying paranormal or alternative technologies as fakes or hallucinations proves only the fact that most modern scientists are blind in their own ignorance and hypocrisy. Every skeptic should understand – your belief in rational thinking is just that – irrational belief. Why do you follow your skeptical path? Because you have seen that rational thinking leads to technical advancement and scientific results? Good enough for me – but still, believing that your point of view is the only correct point of view is just ignorance. I will tell you why psychics follow their path – because we have seen proofs that our own approach leads to spiritual growth. Through our actions, we saw relationships restored, peace achieved, smiled on people’s faces put, depression and physical illnesses healed. We have proofs on our own – proofs skeptics don’t understand because they think in rational way, while we think in spiritual way, through feelings and intuition. There’s just no way for skeptic to understand this if he won’t experience this on his own – period. There’s a difference between skeptics and psychics in case of their beliefs, though. Psychics do not negate the results of rational thinking. I work on computer, call people with cellphone, drive a car and so on. I use technology, and I know that rational thinking and logic leads to technological and scientific advancement. And I know it’s good. And other psychics knows it. Psychics perceive the world as energetic structure – they recognize that we are all connected, that we have spiritual souls and we are capable of spiritual growth. Different psychics follow different religions, but every psychics recognize the fact that human being is spiritual being, and without spiritual growth, we are at risk of self-destruction.

Logic Isn’t Always Right You must understand that logic isn’t always right – watch few episodes of Star Trek to understand this :). The truth is, that you cannot perceive everything through “math”, sometimes you must perceive the world through feelings. Have you ever tried building a relationship through rational thinking? “OK, this girl is healthy, cause she have the right size of feet, right size of breasts, she’s tall, with healthy hairs, blah blah blah, I will copulate with her to make sure our species will continue”. Sorry, but this is what animals do. We have consciousness, we are spiritual beings, and we have to use our feelings. Even Albert Einstein was using his psychic potential to get inspirations for his research and experiments. Sure, maybe skeptics would like to prove that our creativity is another complex chemical reaction, I’m sure it’s possible, but the point is – denying your own spirituality is a path to destruction. I have never met any skeptic or rational thinker who would say “I’m happy with my life” – they all have their problems. On the other hand, I’ve met many “spiritual walkers” who are happy people. So simple. Maybe one day it will be possible to understand the scientific background of psychic phenomena. But for now, there’s another issue here. A question.

Why Should We Prove Anything? Exactly? Skeptics like to say “you have psychic abilities, prove it!” And I ask, why should I prove anything to anyone? My answer is simple – when you will be ready, the answers will come to you.Rational thinker cannot stand such answer, because they don’t understand it – it requires spiritual depth to understand why spiritual workers aren’t proving anything. I was skeptic at some part of my life, and I often use rational thinking during my paranormal investigations. In the old 44

days, I was also thinking that if one have psychic abilities, one must prove them to the world, as it’s his or hers responsibility. Today, I don’t think in such way anymore – rather, I say: When the student is ready, the teacher will come. – an old Taoist saying If I would have to describe it with words, I would say this – at some point, you will understand that there’s no point of proving anything to anyone, and that everyone receives answers he’s ready for.Skeptic wont’ get the answers to his psychic questions until he will be ready to receive them. And “being ready” is the matter of inner growth – you can only guide people in their own development, you cannot make them grow. Therefore, the circle is complete – skeptic won’t believe in psychic abilities without proofs, and most legitimate psychics have already passed their life episode in which they wanted to prove everything to everyone. When the rational thinkers will be ready to accept some spiritual truths, these truths will be revealed to them. Until this happens, all we can do is ignore pseudoskeptics and close-minded rational thinkers, and focus on two things – our own growth, and spreading the word about spirituality.

Is Technology Bad? That talk about skeptics have led me to another question. Is the scientific advancement bad? Is it wrong, evil? In my eyes – no. On the contrary, it’s good – we have received the gift of rational thinking for a reason, to advance the mankind, improve our lives, make them easier thanks to technology. From cars to computers to fridges and so on, technology makes our life easier. Less time in work means more time for spiritual development. Ah, yes – that’s the final problem we’re facing. The Yin lacks Yang. Black have forgotten about white. People created technology to give themselves more time, yet instead of using that time for spiritual pursuits, they’re wasting the time for more work, just to give themselves more free time. It’s blind circle that need to be broken. How can you help in this process of change? • Popularize psychic and spiritual growth – for example by promoting A State of Mind :). But beside that, spread the word about Buddhism, Tao, spirituality, psychic phenomena, Reiki. • Spread the word about holistic medicine – energy healing, Reiki, Chinese Medicine, even elements of Feng Shui, be sure to popularize them as well. • Popularize alternative technologies – spread the word about simple things like Window Farms, and more advanced things, like Orgone generators, or Zero Point Energy generators. But more than that – focus on your own psychic and spiritual growth. As Mahatma Ghandi used to say: You must be the change you wish to see in the world.

Bringing Things Together When the Western world will finally discover the benefits of spiritual development, we will make a huge leap forward! Maybe one day, the technology will serve our development, instead of killing. Maybe one day alternative technologies like Zero-Point Energy generators will replace oil, coal and nuclear power. Maybe one day, we will be able to change our diet entirely into fruits and vegetables, instead of killing animals. Maybe one day, holistic medicine will be widely known and practiced, supporting the healing of physical illnesses. Your job as psychic isn’t about changing the world – it’s about changing yourself, and your environment – your close family, friends or co-workers, simple by gently guiding them in their 45

journey. The more people change their lifestyle, the better place Earth will become, and maybe one day, our technology will help our spiritual growth, instead of destroying our spirituality entirely. And maybe one day, skeptics won’t be so close-minded. Do not think about any glorious mission – just do what you want to do, explore your psychic potential to make money, improve relationships, solve crimes, search for treasures and so on. Develop your psychic abilities and your spiritual self, but remain normal human living in material world. This is your job, and it’s the job that will serve whole mankind even if you think it won’t. Be psychic, but also – be yourself.


Random Psychic #1 – Starbucks, Coffee, Sex And Psychic Abilities I’ve been inspired by one of my buddies on Twitter (@pandora690) to launch a new series of articles, “Random Psychic” – in these articles, I’m going to publish short notes regarding psychic development and psychic phenomena in general. Each article will contain few different notes, unrelated to each other but providing useful tips and insights into the world of psychic stuff. And this is first episode.

Energy at Starbucks Sucks Sorry boys and girls at Starbucks – I really like your coffee, but as psychic practitioner I cannot visit your places :P. Why is it so? Because the energies in your places sucks! I mean literally, they suck out your positive Chi. Many public places, not just Starbucks, are filled with with negative energies that are quite unpleasant for psychics, energy worker or spiritual workers. Such negative energies can cause negative emotions, headaches, tiredness and other unpleasant feelings, not mentioning that they’re places where a lot of astral critters fly around, looking for things to feed upon. As psychic, you should always shield tightly in such places, and if you can, avoid them at all. I’ve paid a visit to a cafe in my city some time ago – 15 minutes and I got huge headache. I needed to help myself with Reiki in order to sit still for 3 hours. I swear, I will never ever go there again, no way! A place filled with negative energies, energetic dust and trash, with negative people and few astral critters flying around. Ouch! And don’t even think about cleansing such places of negative energies. Why can’t you do this? Because if you would, such place would loose customers. The universe operates on the law of attraction, similarities attracts each other. And let’s admit it, most people project negative energies – they’re tired, stressed and afraid of tomorrow, this can’t go unnoticed on the energetic level. So they’re attracted to such places, and they fill these places with more nagativity, more energetic dust and junk. Starbucks, supermarkets, malls etc. are no places for psychics. Fill your local Starbucks with love, cleanse it of negative energies, add peace and positive vibrations, and people will keep away – because most people just can’t bare positive energies, they’re repelled from it unconsciously. This trulysucks…

No Psychic Work After Coffee… And Few Words About Sex * If you’re under 16 years old, please skip to the next headline :).

Did you just had coffee? Or alcohol? If so, then sorry, but you should not practice any psychic ability for few hours that follow your drink. Well, one coffee is OK, but more can simple put you out of your psychic equilibrium. I tried chakra reading after 2 cups of coffee – I was simple unable to do so, I could catch the images in my mind no matter how hard I tried. And I had that intuitive thought – “stop right now!” The “above”, I mean the Boss above, was not asking, it was an order. So I did, and I got inspiration to write this short note. 47

For some reasons, any psychic or spiritual work after coffee or alcohol is not recommended. One reason is that it won’t work, and if it will, then you can’t be sure of the results. It’s better not to try. One more thing – if you just had sex (or masturbation – hey, we’re adults, right?), psychic work is not recommended either. You’re just out of energies. When you’re tired, or you’re just recovered from illness (say, a cold or flu), then skip psychic work as well. Now while coffee and alcohol can be easily understood, as well as illness, then why the hell do I say that you shouldn’t do psychic work after sex?! Sex is good, and everyone likes it, right? But unfortunately, I’m not a girl :). While ladies can easily do psychic work after sex, because they have much more energy, guys should wait for few hours before doing anything psychic related. And that explains the fact that most girls I know have strongest energy field during theirs period. Sexual energies are no different than Kundalini energies – well, it’s the same thing, thus taking care of your sexual energies should be important element of your psychic development practice. There’s nothing wrong in pleasuring yourself through masturbation, just remember – as long as you’re a man, it’s better not to finish with ejaculation :). You might want to learn how to achieve orgasm without ejaculation, some Taoist techniques teaches that. As for girls, have as much sex or masturbation as you like :). Ekhem… now, back to younger readers…

Psychic Tips From Within Your Mind Do you want to make a psiball? Or learn any psychic power at all? Or do you seek tips for your psychic or spiritual practice? I have small tip for you – the answers you seek, lies within. Within you! What does it mean? It means that if you look deep inside your mind, you will receive tips for your practice. I was wondering how should I improve my energy work, how to merge together Tai Chi Chuan, Chakra work, grounding and general energy manipulation. I closed my eyes, relaxed, and I saw myself going to local city park, sitting on a bench. I saw myself sending energetic roots into the ground, then using Tai Chi Chuan breathing technique to filter the energy – breath in, and breath out for few minutes. I could literally feel what I was doing, and how I was doing it. When you open yourself to the guidance of the Source, or at least to your intuition, you will be able to learn how to perform specific exercises – you will see them, and feel them without any previous experiences. You already know how to perform many psychic development exercises, you just need to relax, close your eyes and open yourself for the tips.

Exercise To Improve Your Psychic Sensitivity There’s a great way to improve your psychic sensitivity using crystals. Well, one crystal at least – I recommend pure quartz, nothing too fancy. All you have to do is to pick up a cleansed crystal (cleansed of any unwanted energies), and rub your hands with each other for 30 seconds. After half a minute, place the crystal right above your palm facing up, and start making circles with the crystal. You’re looking for any physical sensations that reflect the movement of the crystal. Of course, you’re not touching the crystal to your palm, you’re circling it few inches above your hand. If you feel something, then congratulations – you can expand this exercise for other parts of your body.


How To Develop Your Intuition Recently, I answered a question on Yahoo! Answers regarding developing intuition. Person asked why she is unable to hear her intuitive thoughts, and I felt that I need to answer. And I decided to answer this question here as well. So why most people can’t hear their intuitive thoughts, and how can they develop this skill? The answer is simple – people are victims of socialization. From our early age we are being taught that some things are impossible, that we should be logical and rational. And of course, our creativity is being suppressed. We are being blocked from out intuitive thoughts by negative programming and bad beliefs. That’s the great secret of being deaf for intuition. So how to develop intuitive thoughts again? You already know the techniques – affirmations and core images, these are the methods you can use to re-program your mind, and get rid of all these negative programming you have learned in your lifetime. When the blockages are gone, you’re beginning to hear your intuitive thoughts. And the more you listen, the more intuitive you become.

Am I Clairvoyant? How Can I Know? Most popular question I’m answering online is “Do I Have Psychic Abilities“? Or “Am I clairvoyant?” To this second question, how could you know that you’re clairvoyant? Well, You just know :). Basically, it’s all within the definition of the term – if you can close your eyes, and use your inner psychic sight to perceive energies and entities, and you have a way of confirming your findings, you’re clairvoyant. Clairvoyance is about seeing things which you cannot perceive using physical eyes – it’s that simple. And you’re not using your real eyes, you’re using your inner psychic sight. I have few exercises for you – you can use them to either find out if you’re clairvoyant, or to practice your clairvoyant abilities. You need someone to exercise with. The person should sit in front of you. Close your eyes, and visualize yourself the person, and then, just let go. Let your inner sight take control. Intend to see the energies of the person. That’s it. Now what do you see? Darkness? Can you see anything at all? Or maybe there’s a glow of some sort around the person? Maybe you can see bright lights along the spine? If you can see something that glows and flows, then your inner sight proves you’re clairvoyant. This exercise can be performed on trees – each tree transfer energies, a lot of energies. You can use your inner sight to perceive these energies. Or you can play around little psychic reading. Ask someone to provide you with a photo from a newspaper, a photo of an event described in this newspaper – this way, the story will be described, but you won’t know the details. Now close your eyes and intend to find out what is the photo about, what’s the story behind it? Who’s involved, what’s the event/experience etc. Observe the images that come to your mind, observe symbols, objects and people, try to interpret them. When you’re done after few minutes, read the story and analyze if your images were somehow connected to the story. If they were, then you’re clairvoyant.

Vegetarian Psychic Or Not? Many fancy psychic development books try to persuade you to become vegetarian, like it’s something mandatory for you to do if you ever want to become psychic. Listen to me now – this is bullshit! I mean – I always advise switch to more fruits-and-vegetables based diet, but you don’t have to turn vegetarian 100%. You can still enjoy meat if you like it. Fruits and vegetables store more life energy, Chi – our psychic fuel. That is why many vegetarians think it’s mandatory for 49

psychic development – but large amounts of energies that can open your chakras is not the same thing as “stop eating meat”. I’m going to make myself fried chicken for the dinner today, and I feel good about it. When should you switch to vegetarianism? When you will be ready, and you will be ready, when you will feel you should switch to vegetarianism, that’s all. At some point, your intuition can simple tell you “OK, it’s time to stop eating meat” – and you won’t object, as you will feel it’s time for switch, you won’t enjoy meat any longer, so it won’t be brutal change – it will be gentle change. And this is the change you’re looking for :).

Dreaming Of Great Conquests I had a dream yesterday, in which I saw some tribe member in South America, in the age of conquest – like an Aztec, and there was that “shaman” of the opposite tribe. The first man was chained to a tree, and the shaman was about to torture and kill him. There was also another person – a conquistador in shining silver armor. He, and the shaman wanted to know where the first man has hidden the gold. The man didn’t revealed the location, so he was killed. This dream was more like a message - it might have been a weak memory from previous incarnation, but I won’t go that far. It was more like subconscious message, showing me another blockage I had regarding financial issue – negative pattern, making me think that money (dream’s gold) are leading only to death and destruction. I quickly dealt with the pattern through Core Image work, simple by using the dream scene as the pattern visualization. This experience proves that dreams can be very useful by providing us with new patterns and memories to work with. So observe them closely, and if you dream of something that triggers negative emotional response, deal with it through affirmations or core images.


The Ego Of A Psychic, Why People Think We’re No Longer Human Recently, I have spotted an interesting “claim” on Yahoo! Answers, where I’m answering people questions regarding psychic abilities. A claim regarding myself, but at the same time, a claim that inspired me to discuss an important issue that applies to every one of you. That issue is your ego – something that seem to be almost evil, or at least dangerous. Well – it is not. But let’s start from the beginning. First read over my answer to a lady asking about psychic sensitivity. The answer was posted on Yahoo! Answers about two weeks ago: Mrs. Daisy spent too much time among New Age believers :). As psychic, I have to explanations – as someone already said, it might be your subconscious emotions triggered by the object, in such case there’s nothing to be afraid of. But also, you might be psychic sensitive, and you might sense negative psychic energies. This is what you should do – cleansing isn’t difficult, and you can find many tutorials online. You can use sage, or any other natural incense and smudge the objects. You can also sprinkle some salt. If that will help, then most probably you’re psychic sensitive, if it won’t, then it’s just your subconscious. Mrs. Daisy was the person asking – and I was referring to her words about evil, cleansing etc, that she included within her question. Generally things that are often found in New Age literature. And here’s a response of another answerer, at least fragment of this response: I wouldn’t stock much faith in Nathans claims of being psychic he’s more egotistical than psychic. Now, it’s not the first time I’m being attacked in such way, but this time I thought it might be a good idea for an article. My questions are: 1. Why am I more egotistical than psychic? Is there anything “ego-maniacal” in my answer? Sorry, I just can’t see it, is it that New Age phrase? Can anyone but me see that smile before the dot? Or maybe it’s because I honestly linked to A State of Mind, believing that Mrs. Daisy will benefit from the website which I’m writing for people interested in psychic phenomena? 2. Exactly how can one say if I’m psychic or not? OK, I can be scanned, bad question. Still, scanning me without my permission is a proof of lack of ethical rules regarding psychic abilities. How egoistical is that? Because personally, I have strict rules – I require mandatory permission to scan someone, if I don’t have such permission, the I simple do not scan. 3. Finally, how big ego can psychic have to be still psychic, and not being egotistical? Oh, the truth is – pretty big. And I will say more – psychic need to have an ego; otherwise, he will be crushed by the world around him. 51

Personally, I rarely dismiss opinions of others in any discussion just because I don’t agree with someone, or because someone is linking to his own website (where, by the way, he writes about psychic stuff), but truly, it hurts when someone dismiss the reality of your very being just because you decided to help someone.

The Nature Of Human Being This is how it is: you will share knowledge, and you will be helpful to others – but still, people often will say that you’re egoistic. Why is that? Because people perceive others in their own terms – if they are slaves of their own ego, they will never see others be more altruistic, or at least helpful, they will see everyone as ego slaves. They see a link to your website, and they hear your psychic claims, and hey – from that moment on you’re an egoistic bastard who wants to make huge money by… Well, by what? By honesty helping people? What is wrong with the fact I write A State of Mind, what’s wrong with the fact I share my knowledge? Or maybe the problem is with the fact that many people and many natural psychics believe that true psychic should never make money of his or hers abilities? I do not blame people that they perceive others in their own terms – it’s normal. And it would be OK, if everyone would apply positive terms in case of himself, and others. But the world we live in have created people who are egoistical in a negative way. Our job as psychics is to change that. But not to get rid of ego entirely, just to switch that ego into a positive force of creation.

You’re Physical Being, Dammit! Sometimes I think that people think that we’re no longer human. By “we” I mean psychics and energy workers. People think that we’re some spiritual, higher beings, free of ego, 100% altruistic and things like that. Well – I don’t know how about you, but I feel very human. I like good food, I like sex, I like good wine, beer and a bottle of scotch – is there anything wrong about it? I don’t think so – I’m flesh and blood, a “meatbag” – and I have my needs. More than that, I’m human deep inside my mind, and this makes me understand that I need the same things every human need. There’s nothing evil in living, really. That’s the problem with New Age movement – people who have fallen too deeply into the subject perceive themselves as pure, spiritual beings - you know, meditate for hours, feed with prana, eat only vegetables, have little sex as it’s too dirty and awful, and things like that. Please, don’t make me turn into Gary Vaynerchuk of psychic community, but the truth is that sometimes I just want to kick these New Age believers between their legs (I mean, in case of guys) and ask if it hurts. Does it? Then for God sake, understand one thing – you have a physical body! Part of your spiritual development is to understand what you really are – and YOU ARE NOT JUST spiritual being, but also physical being.

The Ego Of A Psychic Why am I talking about all of this? Because our soul, our mind and our body create a human being – with all its flaws, like ego, for example. And I have very important lesson about ego for you today - never, ever try to get rid of your own ego if you haven’t spent many, many years on spiritual development – your ego is one of your most important tools that allow you to grow! Your ego is your shield, one day it will be replaced by spiritual wisdom, but it takes a lot of time to get to that point. If you get rid of your shield when you’re not ready, the world will crush you!


What is ego, really? True ego is your self-confidence minus being an asshole. My self-confidence, my “ego” shows itself in the fact that I’m sure of my knowledge and abilities, and I’m using it to help people. The fact I’m making money with this is another issue, that I will discuss another time. Anyway, the problem is that people don’t understand the true meaning of ego – they think that the ego is something bad, something evil, something that makes us… well, assholes. But as I said – true ego is our shield, that protects us from the world. It protects our financial issues, our safety, our goals, our family. Thanks to your ego, you know what you want, you know who you love, you know what’s really important. Look at people who have decided to dump their ego – they can be easily manipulated, pushed around, they have problems with their life just because they lack their self-confidence. Ego means I – I want to achieve this; I want to get that girl; I want to do this; I want to feel safe; I want to eat; I want to; I want to; I want to…

Using Your Ego In Spiritual Growth How do you use your ego in spiritual growth? Simple – because you think about yourself, you are aware of your needs – and not only of your physical needs, but also of your spiritual needs. You are aware that you need to growth, so you think “I want to grow on a spiritual level”. And thanks to your ego shield, you do not listen to materialistic people who tell you that psychic phenomena is fake, you don’t listen to people who tell you that spirituality is useless, you don’t listen to people telling you that helping others is a sign of weakness. You know that you want to grow, and you don’t care about negative opinions of others – opinions that can destroy you through the creation of negative thought patterns. Your ego is your shield against people who have fallen into a trap of materialistic needs, and who think that everyone needs to fall into this trap. If you get rid of your ego, you will fall into this trap. Ego is part of human nature that helps you grow and live a great life. All you have to do is to use it, without being an ass :). And that’s pretty simple, you just need to follow a simple rule - respect your freedom, and respect freedom of everyone else. Use your ego to shape your life that is peaceful, positive and good, and at the same time, do not use your ego to manipulate others – respect their own will to shape their lives.

Facing The Misunderstanding And Negative Ego I mentioned that people perceive others in their own terms. In result, whenever you will speak some wise thought “made by you”, or you will link to your own website, or when you will promote your own book, many people (not everyone, though) will often perceive this as a sign of huge ego, and they will think that you’re doing it all for yourself. Well – in a way, they’re right :). I link to my website, and I promote my books, because I believe these sources of knowledge are good. This is my ego kicking in, an ego that helps me live a great life. And don’t worry if you’re going to do the same thing – promote yourself, your knowledge, your wisdom, your skills. It’s normal, and it’s good, and there’s nothing wrong with sharing knowledge and making sure your life is just great! Your protection against negative ego is your intentions. Intend to share good and honest knowledge, intend to provide honest services, intend to make your customer happy at all cost. Intend to make your family happy, intend to help your friends, intend to hurt none, intend to be loving and kind. If your intentions will be pure and good, then your ego will be a powerful tool of positive creation and manifestation of a perfect life.


Enjoy Your Psychic Ego No matter who you are: a psychic, or an energy worker, or a person uninterested in any spirituality know this – your ego is not your enemy, but it is your friend. And it should be considered like friend. Do not deny it, but enjoy and embrace your ego. When you shield it with pure intentions, it will become your closest ally, next to your intuition. These two tools can be used to shape your life as you want it to look like. And more than that – do not worry if people have a problem with your ego. Rather explain them what ego really is, and how it can be used.


The Best Sources Of Psychic Knowledge – Ancient Wisdom VS Channelings Recently, I participated in a discussion about opening chakras workshop. Beside arguing with pagan neo-conservatists who treated esoteric subjects as religious and cultural stuff, and not as practice, I’ve learned one thing. New Age is everywhere, and it takes different forms. One of these forms is called channeling. And what hurts, is that channeled teachings are more popular than the wisdom of the ancients. Today, I would like to rant a bit. Because for some reasons, people are more interested in learning suspicious knowledge from astral planes, than trusted knowledge from ancient masters.

What Is Channeling Channeling is a process, in which a medium channels information from astral entities. It’s often used for bringing messages from those who passed away. But recently, channeling become a tool of bringing messages for the entire mankind. Mediums and psychics from all around the world communicate with different wise entities, and then they publish books and DVDs with great, spiritual knowledge. And yet, I see nothing spiritual and wise in most channeled messages. At least there is nothing new in these messages. Everything has been already said in ancient Buddhist or Taoist texts. Not mentioning the knowledge from ancient India. Yet, today we observe more and more books with wisdom of astral entities. And you know what’s really bad? The fact that most people prefer to use the channeled knowledge for their own development, whether it’s spiritual or psychic, rather use the knowledge that worked well for last few thousand years.

If I Would Channel My Book You know what? I could have publish my book, Psychic Development Simplified, with minor modifications, and promote it as “psychic development teachings of the Angel Emilianis, channeled by Nathaniel“. This is how I call my spirit guide, Emily :). Ah, the great spiritual wisdom of angels, I can already see the number of sales! It would be awesome, and I would be a rich man! But I won’t do this.Because I believe that lying to people is wrong, as my knowledge has not been channeled from any angel or higher spiritual being. My knowledge is based on the teachings of Taoism, Buddhism, Hindu schools and Theosophy. And it works damn well. It worked damn well for my teachers, and it works damn well for everyone who learns it. Of course, I do channel. As every single psychic out there. I do receive messages through my intuition, and some of them comes from what I call ‘Emily’. But these messages are meant for me, not for teaching you :). Like they more personal and they are meant only for my own growth. My guide does not tell me that I have a mission; or that I need to publish a book with very important messages; or that I’m the savior of the world. And when I need advices regarding some aspect of psychic phenomena, then my guide points me to people and books. I get advices, I get guidance during psychic readings or Reiki session, I get support, I get inspirations. But I’m not being turned into messiah with a mission to save the world. 55

I’m just a guy. To receive information through your intuition, and to receive messages from your spirit guides; such things are different than channeling wise, almost ‘godlike’ entity that wish to share wisdom with the world. And now I ask – why do people have the problem with accepting the fact, that the knowledge of the ancients is more useful than the knowledge channeled by people from some higher beings? As far as I know, ancient masters really achieved something, while (so far), channeling have proved to be a great way of making money, only. I have no problem with positive messages meant for individuals. I have messages meant for entire mankind.

Wisdom Of Channeled Messages? For some reasons, people think that if the book is “channeled”, and the teachings come from some higher spiritual entity, then the teachings are worth more, than the teachings of mere humans. After all, books written by mere humans are meant only to feed their ego and their wallets - it’s all made for money. And you know what? You’re damn right! But do not forget – it’s a human being that writes the book, not the entity. And people really want to make more money, or be admired, or grow their ego, or even be worshiped. This is something I often observe within esoteric community. • Making money by providing psychic knowledge or services is OK, it’s normal. Making money by publishing fake channeled messages is not good, and this happens, as well. Finally, there are also legitimate channeled messages – yet their value is yet to be seen. There is no way of knowing if the entity that is channeling information have good or bad deeds. There’s no way if the entity even exists, maybe the whole book that was channeled is just meant to make more money by writing about useless things, or mixing the knowledge of the ancient times with modern stupidity? There is one thing that I have learned so far – if the entity is truly spiritual and good, then it won’t tell you to write the book in its name, as channeled wisdom for the entire mankind; the entity won’t tell you that you’re next Avatar or next Messiah; the entity won’t tell you that you’re ill or depressed because you feel the pain of the Earth. And yet, psychics and esoteric practitioners follow this idiotic trend of channeling. Some people truly believe they’re channeling the wisdom of powerful entities (good or evil, and it doesn’t matter for most people since they can’t even distinct both types). Some people consider it bullshit, but they do write books and create courses – based on other books, and their own fantasies. And finally some people, who are legitimate psychics who share good knowledge, simple decide to promote their works as “channeled”, because they know that otherwise, the book won’t sale. Yes, you can receive a message from astral entity – sometimes it’s useful, and sometimes it’s a waste of time. You know what? I refuse to follow this idiotic, New Age trend. I am a result of the teachings of the ancient world. The works of Taoist masters, the Buddhist sutras, the wisdom of Shinto religion, the body and mind arts of Hindu schools of Yoga and Tantra. Some of my practices looks very “ancient”, some are very modern – but every of my exercises can be traced back to its origins somewhere in the ancient world. I do not require teachings of channeled beings that I have to share with you. The messages I get through Emily is meant for me, and it’s a subject for strict testing, not to be published as great wisdom of great entity. I do not care about “wisdom” of some alien civilizations. Everything I need for my psychic and spiritual development is already here – the books were written thousands of years ago. And they’re good, the ancient knowledge works. There are different sources of knowledge regarding psychic development:


• Some people prefer to read scientific works, and modern ‘psionic’ books that mix science with spiritual practices. • Others prefer to grab ancient works of Taoism and Buddhism and Tantra. • Some people prefer to read channeled knowledge. Of course, I don’t mean that you should read original ancient texts that would be difficult. There’s a lot of modern books and modern systems based on ancient teachings and practices. Your task is to find the good stuff, really. Because to re-write the knowledge, to stick to the essential, to simplify things for the modern society – it’s a huge responsibility, and hard work. Once, I engage conversation about my book, Psychic Development Simplified. My interlocutor complained that I did not explain so many things regarding energy work or chakras, and everything else is too simple. Another time, a young man approached me (through email) and complained that the tutorial for spoon bending is too short and too simple to teach telekinesis. Hey, the name is not an accident, it is, after all, Psychic Development Simplified! I do simplify many things in the book, by sticking to the essential. If I would write about every single detail, then my book would be made of 20 tomes, 700 pages each. But no, I provide simplified knowledge that allows everyone to develop psychic abilities for real. And if anyone has additional questions, he’s free to contact me, and I will explain things in details. Yet, every single exercise and point of the book can be trace back to previous books, and further, into ancient times. Even the exercises designed in the modern time are based on knowledge that existed thousands of years ago. The rules of the game haven’t changed, they just evolved. And as everything today, became simplified. This way, everyone can become psychic, without worrying about the complex energetics or chakras operations. Do not think that the knowledge of the ancients is old and outdated and that it doesn’t apply for the modern world. The knowledge still applies. It never gets old, because it is based on the same principles that worked thousands of years ago, and still they work for this day. Think about psychic development teachings like about normal science. Science evolves, from basic theories into more complex systems. The same thing applies to psychic teachings; the basics have been defined thousands of years ago and the knowledge evolves. But what we really miss is a way of analyzing the evolved knowledge. Not every modern practice or system is worth it. Simple because it’s hard to tell, really, if the system evolved from something, or if someone created it from scratches – or worse, from the author’s imagination. This is where a bit of trust and cross-referencing comes in. Let’s take New Energy Ways, the core of my book’s energy work chapter, a creation of Robert Bruce. It’s very modern energy work system, and at first, it doesn’t seem to be rooted anywhere. Was it ‘imagined’ by the author? Not really. If you will take your time, and explore other, older sources for energy work, you will learn quickly, that New Energy Ways is based on Taoist teachings. It’s a mixture of Qigong and Tai Chi Chuan that was sprinkled with a famous Taoist saying: energy follow thoughts. Cross-referencing and searching for sources is a normal, scientific procedure. You just need to read more, or consult with more experienced practitioners than you are. They can at least share some light on additional sources, which you can check in your studies. Finally, you can also use your intuition. If something doesn’t feel right for your practice, then don’t practise it. It’s that simple.


Is New Age Evil? Of course, I don’t want to say that all New Age and modern esoteric books are wrong. I just want you to be careful when it comes to channeled messages. Really, you never know is the knowledge truly accurate (there are many masters on the astral planes that want to share knowledge honestly), or is it an esoteric mambo jumbo meant only to create more worshipers that will feed the entity. Always be open minded, yet skeptical. And I want you not to be so very skeptical about books that have been written based on experience, practice and previous knowledge that originates, as everything, from the ancient times. Be open minded, and do your homework, but don’t consider every “human” book to be worthless. Answer yourself to this question: Why do you seek teachings from some higher planes of existence, even if you can’t learn the teachings from this plane? Finally, do not be afraid of your spirit guide. But do not try to seek him (or her) at the beginning of your practice. Once your psychic intuition will be developed enough, you will be able to distinct your guide from other entities. Until that happens, stick to more earthly sources, it’s much safer. And remember, a true spirit guide will not play God, or an entity with a great message for the entire mankind. A true spirit guide is here for you, and only for you. If something looks like worship, then quit it, as soon as possible. New Age movement creates a lot of paths that lead to wrong places, misleading those who want to grow. One must distinct between New Age, and real esoteric knowledge. And as always, one must be skeptical, yet open minded. After all, not every New Age book is useless, and not every esoteric art is meant to be practiced. In the end, what you’re left with, is cross-referencing, studying sources and trusting your intuition. My intuition tells me “stay away from channeled messages”, what does your intuition tells you? Maybe it can guide you to channeled messages that are worth something? After all, everything happens for some reason. Maybe I just can’t understand what this reason might be.


7 Common Blockages In Psychic Development And How To Deal With Them Psychic development is simple: start energy work and meditation, then identify blockages and remove them. Repeat until you’re psychic enough. The problem starts when people are getting to that blockages part. Most of you are able to work out most blockages through affirmations and core images work. But sometimes, you have blockages you’re not even aware of. These serious blockages might block you entirely in your psychic development progress. To help you out, I’ve prepared a list of most common types of blockages you might have. I’ve head that conversation lately with a person I’ve taught about aura view a bit (it won’t sound much of an English, it’s my raw translation from Polish to English): - I’ve been practicing your tutorials for months, and I still can’t see auras! - Do you believe that seeing auras is possible? - Yes! - Do your subconscious beliefs that seeing auras is possible? - Umm… - Finally, do your subconscious beliefs that you can see auras? If your subconscious doesn’t believe in something, then it’s not possible to accept, understand and use. And all your blockages are stored in your subconscious mind. To deal with them, you need to use affirmations, meditation and core images work (or any other method of healing the patterns). Below, you can see 7 common blockages, or types of blockages you might have. I’m giving you basic examples that may help you understand what you should look for in your mind and memory. Think about them, and analyse, if something similar ever happened to you. Don’t worry if you can’t remember something. The more energy work you have, the more memories you can recall for further work. This article can be used as reference in the future.

1. Lack Of Belief Do you believe in the reality of psychic phenomena? Do you believe that psychic abilities are real? Hmm, maybe you do. But the real question is: what is it, that your subconscious believes in? If your subconscious doesn’t believe that you can see auras, then no matter what you do, you won’t see them. Unless you will reprogram your mind into belief. This can be done through affirmations, or intense practice. Think about this: six months of trying to see the aura is exactly the same thing as spending a month on writing down affirmations. It’s reprogramming your mind. You may say “but I believe”. Yes, you are correct. But your subconscious might believe in different thing. For example, your subconscious might believe that seeing auras is impossible. And you won’t see them. How can this happened? Well, there are multiple reasons. • Maybe you have read a book, in which some wise scientists said that seeing auras is impossible. Or that psychic abilities are impossible? Or, it was a TV documentary, with the same message? • Maybe your school buddy were able to see auras, and you were envious about this. Subconsciously, you regret that you cannot see anything, and you have programmed your 59

mind that you cannot see anything. Or even worse, you said to yourself that if you cannot see anything then it doesn’t exist and that your buddy was not telling the truth to people. That’s even worse. • Maybe you saw something when you were a kid, but your mom told you that you imagined things. You don’t want to be a crazy kid. You want to be normal, as every other kid. So the mom is right, you imagined things. And guess what – you won’t be able to see auras in the future. Not until you will get rid of that bad experience with your mom. • Or, maybe you have seen a ghost as a child, and it was such a scary experience that you negated it. Or programmed your mind, that you do not want to see ghosts again in your life. And, in the future, you’ve learned that seeing ghosts and seeing auras is nearly the same thing. Et voila, no aura view for you. Beliefs must be reprogrammed through affirmations, while negative experiences must be cleansed through emotional healing (core images work). Remember what Jedi Master Yoda said to young Skywalker: - I don’t believe it! - That is why you fail. Suggested Affirmations: I can see auras. It is possible for me to see auras. My psychic perception is real. I know that psychic abilities are real.

2. Opinions Of Others Your subconscious is programmed not just by you, and you only, but also by people around you. Do you believe in the opinions of others? • A lot of people think that psychic abilities are just wrong and that they should not be used by anyone. Or that they’re unnatural, and no one wants to be a freak, so no one who consider himself or herself normal, should be willing to develop psychic abilities. If you accept this way of thinking, then your subconscious will consider it as your own opinion. And it will block your development efforts. • Psychic abilities are a gift. It is a common (wrong) belief of some people. And if you accept it, then there is no way that you’re going to learn psychic abilities consciously, unless you believe that you can receive such a gift. But if you don’t consider yourself worthy of such gift, then learning things as I teach them on A State of Mind, is not going to work. • Psychic skills are evil, they’re a work of Satan/Devil/negative beings. If you’ve heard that a lot, and especially when you have accepted this point of view in the past, then it’s going to block you. Just because you don’t want to be evil, or use things that are evil. You’re a good person, after all. • Psychic abilities are anti-Christian! If this is something that you have been taught and if you consider yourself to be a good Christian, or Christian at all, then I’m sorry, but you’re going to fail in your psychic development. Personally, I know few Christians who are pretty skilled psychics. 60

The fun fact is that these beliefs might have been programmed in your subconscious mind long time ago, in the past. Today, your opinions might be different. But that won’t change one thing – your subconscious, if it still beliefs in the old patterns, will block your current thinking ways. You have to reprogram old beliefs and opinion, and think for yourself, if you want to be a psychic. The beliefs and opinions of others, when they are accepted by you, quickly becomes your opinions and your beliefs. And this is when the problems begins to block your own psychic growth. Once more, affirmations and emotional healing is the path to deal with these things. Suggested Affirmations: I can really develop my own psychic abilities. Psychic abilities are meant to improve my life, and the life of those around me.

3. Aggression & Hate There is no place for hate nor aggression in psychic mind. The more aggression and hate you have, the less psychic you are. Hate towards religion, hate towards miracles, hate towards psychics. Think about it: • Let’s say that you don’t like Christianity. And Christianity is related to Angels. And if you think that all Angels are Christians, or that they come from Christian mythology, then how can you open yourself for Angel guidance, hmm? • And what if you don’t like psychics, because you consider most of them liars and frauds? Your subconscious won’t care about thinking “OK, this psychic is a real deal, but this psychic is legitimate”. Rather, it will accept the thought that you focus upon. And if you focus upon psychics that are frauds, then your subconscious is going to believe in it. And you don’t want to be a fraud, do you? • Let’s say that someone experienced a miracle. And everyone says that it’s a blessing from God. But for you, the word ‘God’ is equal to ‘Christian God’. And if you still hate Christianity, then you’re going to hate Christian God, and if you hate Christian God, then you’re not going to accept his miracles. With this approach, tell me, how are you going to perform a psychic healing that can lead to true miracle? Aggression, hate and dislike comes in many forms. Get rid of negative emotions. You don’t have to accept things you don’t agree with. But you cannot react with hate and anger towards such things. Suggested Affirmations: I accept and respect people who have psychic abilities.

4. Financial Issues Money can be a serious problem for many, indeed. First of all, constant worries about money and material safety create problems on your root chakra. Without good grounding, it’s hard to achieve proper level of energetics. But this is not the only thing that might go wrong regarding money. • What if you don’t like the fact that psychics take money for their services. What if you consider this a wrong deed. What if you believe that psychic abilities are true gifts received for free, and that they should be given away for free, as well? In such case, two things might happen. First, you will be worrying about money and it will create financial issues. Second, you won’t set psychic development as something worth of your time. After all, you have to 61

spend your day worrying about money. Finally, with such approach don’t think that you’re ever going to become a professional psychic. Or that you will ever use your psychic abilities on a daily basis. After all, everything you do, might lead to your own gain. How unethical this might be? • Or, you might think that it’s wrong to take money for teaching people about psychic development. In such case, there is no way you’re going to accept the fact that I sell a guidebook to psychic development. And, you’re not going to stumble upon sources that will help you develop your own abilities. You will stay away from books, courses, workshops and psychic teachers. • And finally, if you believe that taking money for teaching people about psychic abilities is wrong, then your subconscious might merge it with your perception of money. And in result, it might tell you (subconsciously), that psychic development is not worth a single dollar. In such case, even if you are provided with free resources (and you are provided with free resources on A State Of Mind), then you’re not going to learn much, just because you don’t consider something free to be “unworthy”, or even useless. Suggested Affirmations: I know that psychic abilities development is worth to be paid for. I accept that people charge money for psychic services.

5. Relationship Relationship and emotions regarding love or friendship are “stored” within your heart chakra. This chakra is responsible for transferring a lot of positive, spiritual energies. Blockages in this field might be problematic, as well. Generally, every friendship or love problem can create blockages, that can lower the energy flow. Thus, such weak flow might result in problems with psychic abilities and spiritual guidance. But, an interesting blockage example is the following: • Have you ever dated a psychic? Well, if he or she broke your heart, then you might feel negative emotions towards all things psychic: other psychics, and psychic abilities, as well. Rarely people think that negative emotions towards your psychic lover might control your psychic development, but they do. You don’t want to be the same as your psychic lover who broke your heart. Subconsciously, you think that if you will become a psychic, then you’re going to hurt your future lover, as well. • Or, there might be that psychic girl in the school that attracts a lot of guys, and you consider her a bad lady (or even worse). Automatically, you might consider yourself to be a bad man just because you’re psychic. Of course, you won’t become psychic because of such blockage.

6. Knowing Psychics Even knowing a psychic can cause blockages. • You might have bad experiences with a psychic. Maybe, in the past, a psychic told you something that caused you pain, or caused old problems to re-emerge. Instead of dealing with them, as you should have, you have programmed your mind that “psychics are causing pain and problems”. And if you don’t want to cause problems and pain, then you will block your own efforts in psychic development.


• Maybe you have met a psychic that was just an asshole. Such people happen, too. Meeting one psychic ass when you’re not really aware of the reality of the world, might cause another bad pattern to be programmed. • Some psychics don’t understand many things. When they talk about seeing spirits, they present it as very scary experience. When they talk about psychic empathy, they say it’s a curse. When they talk about knowing things, they also they would rather not have this gift because it’s awful. And your subconscious listens. And it records all these bad opinions about psychic abilities. Suggested Affirmations: I know that psychic abilities can improve my life. I know that psychic abilities are safe and pleasant to use.

7. Fear Of Being Yourself Finally, there is a problem of being afraid of who you really are. You might be afraid that people won’t accept you as psychic; that you’re not worth of such abilities; that you will make yourself enemies; that you will be afraid of opinions of others about you as psychic, etc. You must let go of your fears, and be yourself. And be proud of who you are! Suggested Affirmations: I accept myself. Bad experiences have to be healed through core images work. Negative beliefs need to be reprogrammed by affirmations. Some patterns will disappear through simple energy work, and no mind techniques will be required. Sure, it might take many months, or even years to reprogram your mind. But think about this: if you won’t start today, then you’re not going to make any progress tomorrow. And when you will use all the techniques that are available: energy work, psychic practice, breathing, affirmations, core images etc, then within few weeks, you will experience progress, and within few months, you will awake your psychic intuition. From that, everything else is just patience and practice.


Silvia Brown, Celebrity Psychics & Fake Psychics Silvia Brown is probably the most popular celebrity psychic out there. You all know her, and if you don’t know her, then you should fix that and head to Wikipedia. She represents the group of psychics that I call ‘celebrity psychics’. Some of them are legitimate, some not. What about Silvia Brown? Is she a legitimate psychic? Well, I haven’t scanned her, so I cannot say. But I’ve read opinions of others, who did scan her, and they can say this: she’s psychic. She’s not very spiritual, but she’s psychic.

Celebrity Psychics? Celebrities are all around us. We have celebrity actors, singers, politics, bloggers, and if you’re ready to learn a bit about the Internet, you can become a celebrity plumber (and it’s not an irony about Ghost Hunters). We have celebrity psychics, as well. Psychics who work in radio, who have their own TV shows, and things like that. It’s the old way of becoming famous and making huge money by being a psychic. But today is different. The Internet gives so many great opportunities for psychics these days. You can create your own website, publish e-books, and offer psychic services. And you can get a large group of fans, customers and readers. And you can make a career. In the old days, the only real way to make a career as psychic was to go to a TV station, and become a celebrity. Silvia Brown is a result of such old school approach. What you should understand is that a celebrity psychic isn’t the same thing as fake psychic :). There are many famous psychics that are a real deal. I’m not a type of celebrity psychic. I’m a type of normal psychic who uses different mediums to reach as many people as possible. But don’t ask me about TV appearance :).

A Psychic In A TV Some time ago, yet I’m not sure where, I’ve read something like this: “no psychic will refuse apperance in TV; after all, this is what all psychics want“, and there was something about proving that psychics are fake and things like that. Well, what is my opinion about this? Yes, I would like to be famous. I love when people are recommending my website and my books to their friends. I love when someone is referring others to my psychic services. Does it mean that I would agree to appear in any TV show? Short answer is – no. Simple because I do not like TV shows that discuss paranormal and psychic phenomena. And I believe that psychic and spiritual growth is not something that should be changed into an entertainment show. It’s much more than this. I’m not here to prove anything, or entertain people. And I understand the word “famous” differently than most of these TV show guys. It doesn’t mean that I won’t appear in TV in the future. It just means that I’m not going to appear there to prove anything, or discuss psychic phenomena etc. You know that it’s much more possible that I will appear in TV as a businessman than as psychic. My teacher told me a story. He was approached by a man who wanted to perform a deChristianization – remove the energetic imprints of Christian rituals. Everything was already set up, but the man said to my teacher, “One more thing, I would like to invite 64

the TV”. When my teacher heard that, he said, “No.” Just like that. The man in question has found another person to perform the ritual. My teacher didn’t want to make the whole ritual (psychic work) into an entertainment show. This is something most people forget about. Psychic work is not a show for your entertainment. It’s a way to work with your mind, soul and physical body. And sometimes, it’s dangerous, or at least problematic for people who receive psychic help.

When Psychic Is Finally Wrong The problem with celebrity psychics is that they are “subjects” (sorry guys) to the laws of celebrities. It means that the press and media will hunt for their single mistake. And for big media, single mistake is the only mistake that they need. One mistake and you’re a fraud definitely. Or a sex maniac. Or drug dealer, or things like that. This is something that has happened to that guy who predicted a mass grave, that turned out to be fake. The big media are interested only in the failures of psychics. And when there’s a psychic that is correct, then you can be sure that you won’t hear or read about him or her in big media. Why so? One of the ASoM’s readers, Lars, commented this on Facebook: I suppose people like to take advantage of that window of opportunity to show their aggression/dominance towards something they don’t understand. Whoever controls the media, controls the people’s mind. This is so simple. And that’s why I don’t like TV – it’s a tool of manipulation. And for this reason, Silvia Brown might be known as one of the most famous fake psychics out there. As I said, I didn’t scan her. Other psychics say that Silvia Brown is a real deal. But even so, by most people she will be considered as fake, just because she made some mistakes that become popular on Wikipedia and YouTube. Or should I say, just because her failures were famous in the media, while her successes are less known. Our big media are making money because they provide information about destruction, failures, problems etc. It’s hard to make money on positive stuff, isn’t it?

No Psychic Is 100% Accurate If you want to be a professional psychic (or maybe you are already), then you need to remember this lesson: no psychic is 100% accurate. Psychics get things wrong from time to time. It’s all based on your experience, knowledge, skills, and interpretation abilities. But you might be wrong. Celebrity psychics aren’t different. The problem is that some of them might make this “100% accurate” their slogan, a marketing tool. And when they will be wrong at last, it will lead to problems. Here’s an advice from less known psychic for you, famous guys :). Don’t pretend to be 100% accurate, because you’re not. And in most cases, you won’t ever be 100% accurate. Accept that you might be wrong, and admit it. I often take this modern economics approach to psychic skills. Be like a modern company – admit when you’re wrong. It sounds honest to say “I’m 99% accurate”, than to say “I’m 100% accurate”. Because when you’re wrong, people will remember your dishonesty. And when you say that you can get wrong from time to time, then people admire your honesty. When you’re wrong, offer a refund. Or additional service for free.


There’s Nothing Wrong With Being Famous There are different forms of success. Some people want to be famous, and personally, I see nothing wrong with that. I would like to be popular, as well (except TV appearance). Maybe you wish to get popular. Know this, you don’t have to become popular to be professional psychic, and at the same time, you don’t have to feel bad about being popular psychic. I see nothing wrong in this kind of marketing, as long as you’re honest with people, and honest with yourself.

When Fake Psychics Strikes There’s a problem, though. Not every psychic, celebrity or not, really is psychic. Some are just faking stuff just to get attention, or to make money. It’s normal, and it happens in every field of our existence. Except paid sex, you can’t fake sex, can you? Fake psychics might lead to many problems. • When a psychic is fake, and at the same time, he or she is popular, then if he or she is fake, it gives bad reputation for the entire psychic community. When a less-popular psychic gets wrong, he or she might be able to explain why the ‘wrong’ happened. And with a bit of diplomatic skills, like in any fields of the economy, he or she might fix things up. But a fake psychic will try to get around things, and it can harm the community even more. Especially, when the fake person was a common element of popular TV or radio show. • For some psychics, especially those who are just learning things, learning that one of your favorite psychics turned to be fake, can lead to subconscious blockages. Such blockages might hold you on your own psychic development. How would you feel if you would learn that I’m a fake (he he, I’m not, don’t worry)? It’s a great example – you know me, you read my tutorials, you learn with my help. If I would be fake and you would learn it, then most probably, you would lose trust in anything that I have written, and in serious cases, even in your own abilities, or the reality of psychic phenomena at all. • If you’re a fake, then the more you practice fake abilities as stage tricks, the stronger your own blockages become. Therefore, if you will decide ever to develop the real psychic abilities, you will have a lot of subconscious blockages to overcome, first. As you can see, fake psychics can be problematic, really. But is it our job to track down fake psychics? I don’t think so. I believe that the best thing to do here, would be to let go of any mission you might have. Don’t try to hunt psychics, because it’s pointless. And it might hold you back in your own development. Let the Universe guide you, maybe it will lead you to some fake psychics who could use your real psychic help to learn some things for real? Learn From Celebrities There are few things yo can learn from celebrity psychics, both from their mistakes and successes. If you’re thinking about becoming professional psychic, or at least semi-pro, below are things you should keep in mind. • Be honest - don’t lie, and don’t pretend to have all the answers. Treat others as you would like others to treat you. • Don’t be afraid of marketing – marketing and self-promotion is OK, there’s nothing wrong with it. And if you believe that it’s a bit egoistic, then you should definitely read my article about psychic and ego. • Admit your mistakes - when you’re wrong, admit it. Say that you’re sorry, offer a refund or something in exchange. Take responsibility for your actions.


• Don’t push too much - if you want to write books, write honest books. Do not make things up, do not lie about channeled messages, do not channel sources of which honesty you’re not sure. And remember, when you do share your knowledge and experiences, remember that it’s your point of view only, and perception is subjective. • Explain things - explain how things work from your point of view, explain why things don’t work. And network, if you can’t explain why something happened, refer people to someone who can. I don’t know a bit about Tarot cards, so in most cases, I refer people to my friends who do practice Tarot readings. • Accept the fact, that people will wait for your mistake. This is what many people do. They wait for your mistake, so they can have a proof that you’re a fake definitely. And because of that, the entire psychic community is a bunch of frauds. Accept it, you can’t change it. With these simple advices, you will be a bit safer in the world of professional psychics, and your customers will be much happier. And remember – there’s nothing wrong in being a celebrity psychic, as long as you remain both psychic and honest person.


See It Psychically! Things You Need To Know About Clairvoyance Mysterious clairvoyance is an ability to perceive psychic information as visual data. I don’t mention seeing things with your eyes for a reason. You see, a common misconception of most people that want to learn psychic abilities, is that they think they need to see auras, chakras and energies with their physical eyes, for real. But in most cases, it’s your psychic inner sight that really sees things, and not your eyes.

Definition Of Clairvoyance As we can read on Wikipedia: The term clairvoyance (from 17th century French with clair meaning “clear” and voyance meaning “vision”) is used to refer to the ability to gain information about an object, person, location or physical event through means other than the known human senses,[1][2] a form of extra-sensory perception. A person said to have the ability of clairvoyance is referred to as a clairvoyant (“one who sees clearly”). (Source) Actually, clairvoyance is a mean to acquire psychic data as visual data, like I have said already. And that’s it, basically. To see images of a different sort that are information about a person, event, place etc., while not using any of your five physical senses, this is clairvoyance. For some people, it’s the primary psychic “sense”, others use visual data, as well as sounds, smells and tactile feelings to get a clear information about their target. All of this creates psychic perception.

How To Learn Clairvoyance In order to learn clairvoyance, a person has to practice general psychic development - start with affirmations, meditation and emotional healing (core images work, for example). Basically, do everything that I have described in my book. But beside tons of exercises, a person must understand what clairvoyance really is. Or at least, how can one perceive stuff by using clairvoyant vision. With this knowledge, you won’t have expectations of stuff, so you will be able to see things for real. Now, let’s say this openly - clairvoyance is not a psychic ability. Psychic ability would be to acquire information via psychic means. Clairvoyance is just a way to understand the information, which you’re capable of picking up. In other words, clairvoyance is an effect of your brain translating psychic data into a language that you can understand. It Is Your Brain That Sees What a lot of people don’t know, is that it’s not the eyes that see. Eyes only pick up some photons, and then they send electrical impulses to your brain. Then, inside your brain, a whole profess of translating the impulses into an image happens. During that process, a lot of things is going on. The image you actually see goes through so called perception filters. Perception filters are your beliefs, thoughts, ideas, worries and concerns. In other words, if you don’t believe that something is out there, you won’t see it.


It’s best to give an example here, an example with aura view. Let’s say you’ve been taught that auras do not exist and that you cannot see them. Maybe even I taught you this in the past, before I understood things better. Your belief creates such perception filter. And you cannot see auras even if you try. Therefore, you need to reprogram your mind through affirmations and other techniques, to deal with that negative thought patter, that negative belief.

Your Psychic Sight Now, the cool thing is – your brain still perceives things, but won’t allow your eyes to “see” them. Or should I say, it won’t allow the image layer of an aura, for example, to be included in the actual image that it serves to your conscious mind. Reprograming your mind to see things through physical eyes (through brain, but seeing them as real things) is tricky. But, because the information reaches your brain, you can still access it. This can be achieved, when enough patterns and blockages has been removed from your subconscious mind. That’s why emotional healing and affirmations are required for psychic growth. Actually, it’s just how I teach psychic growth. Affirmations or emotional healing by use of core images work is just a technique, a tool, one of many. But these are very effective tools, that’s why I recommend using them. But if you stumble upon other way of reprogramming your mind, and that method will work for you, then use it, as well. When you can access the images in your mind, this is called Psychic Sight, and this is what most psychics actually sees. It’s not a real, physical image, but it’s more like an effect of simple visualization.You see images in your mind. This apply to other psychic senses as well, like sensing scents, or hearing voices through psychic means. All of these phenomena can be picked up on the physical layer, or, if your mind isn’t clear enough, on the very “clair” layer. The methods of using Psychic Sight have been described in my book.

Can A Person See Psychically? Now, the obvious question is - can a person really see psychically, but not as psychic sight, yet through physical eyes, or brain? I think so, yes :). I do remember, that, in the past few years, I was able to see auras, energies and spirits, by using my physical eyes. I just switched to Psychic Sight, because it was much easier, and faster to use. And it was more accurate. I believe that, with enough training, I would be able to use my physical sight to perceive energies, yet for now, I see no need to. It’s even a bit safer for my mental health, because if I would start seeing things through my physical eyes, I would start to worry that I’m hallucinating. Hallucinations are an interesting concept, because being afraid of mistaking psychic clairvoyance with hallucination might be an actual blockage, a subconscious blockage that might block you in seeing things physically, “for real”. Hallucinations, it is a subject in which I cannot advice, because I was never hallucinating, and I’m not really sure how to distinct hallucinations from real, psychic vision. I can only speculate that the way to differ these two things is an ability to listen to your intuition closely. This way, your intuition and your spiritual guidance can help you separate hallucinations from legitimate psychic data.


I’ve spoke to few psychics who admitted that they can see things through their physical sight, and most aura view tutorials are based on teaching how to see things through your eyes. It’s safe for me to safe that it is possible to see things with your physical eyes. My advice is simple, though. Do not expect that you will see things physically at first. Do not expect to see things with your inner sight, as well. Expectations might create additional blockages. Just practice, practice, practice. And keep an open mind. With time and practice, clairvoyance will develop.

How Does Clairvoyance Looks Like? The best way to understand how clairvoyance looks like is to provide you with some examples from my private practice. • One day, I was doing a small psychic reading for a new person. I didn’t know anything about that person, so I closed my eyes, and immediately, I saw a factory. The factory looked like these factories from movies with a plot set in the industrial age – you know, chimney and smoke. It was pretty clear image, but do not be mislead. It was more like visualization, and not like normal sight. By normal sight, I understand a situation, when you see, for example, this text in front of you. In result, the person confirmed that her flat is located in front of a big factory, indeed. • I often get this question, “how do you see the chakras?” And I give this simple example. Walk into a dark room, in which there is a device with a LED light. Look at the light – do you see how it glows? Make a mental photo of this LED in the dark, then walk out of the room, and recall the image in your head. Et voila, this is how I see the chakras :). At least most of the time :). • Sometimes, when I do a psychic reading, I visualize myself in an old library. I just visualize things with my eyes closed, and then I let them go – and I ask questions regarding the reading, and then I observe the images that appear in my visualized library. And then, all I have to do is to make an interpretation. I hope these few examples gives you a good understanding of clairvoyance. Let’s make a fast summary. • It’s possible to see things with your physical eyes – people report seeing spirits, energies, astral lights and so on. And, in addition, you can find many psychics, who will tell you that they can see things physically. • Do not expect anything, let it flow – but at the same time, you should not expect to see things with your physical eyes, nor you should expect to use your inner psychic sight right away. Take it gently, and do not expect anything. Because when you will let things go, then you will develop psychic abilities, instead of creating new blockages made of your expectations. • Inner sight is like visualization or recalling memories and images from the past – sometimes, the images are more detailed, and sometimes, they are quite blurred. Do not worry about it, and keep practicing. Clairvoyance is an interesting ability, but not everyone can learn it. Some people will prefer to use pure intuition and “knowing things” in their psychic work. Others might prefer to hear things, or use other psychic senses. Knowing things, and clairvoyance are just one of the most popular techniques of using your psychic abilities to acquire information. Therefore, this is another thing that you need to know: do not struggle to learn clairvoyance. Like I said, develop your skills in gently way, practice the exercises like these provided by me on A State 70

of Mind, and let things develop on their own. Once a psychic skill awakes, you can develop if further. But do not struggle to learn clairvoyance just because it’s popular and because everyone uses it. Let things develop on their own, because you might find out that your strongest psychic sense is clairaudience and that you can “hear” psychic information. Why Is Clairvoyance So Popular? The only reason I can think of is this: clairvoyance is a popular technique, because we are visual people, mostly. Nancy Du Tertre explained this in her book nicely – Psychic Intuition. The very first sense that picks up the information is our sight – when something is far away, we can’t smell it, we can’t hear it, or taste it, or touch it. But we can already see it. And because our senses are dominated by our sight, clairvoyance is an obvious answer to “which psychic sense will dominate” question. This rises an interesting question. Can a blind person learn clairvoyance? Can a deaf person learn clairaudience? Hmm… unfortunately, this is a question for you – if you know the answer. I do not know, simple because I never worked with blind or deaf person, who wanted to become psychic. Maybe in the future I will learn the answer. For now, it’s a question for you – do you know a blind clairvoyant? You have learned few things that should change your expectations and make your clairvoyance development a lot easier. I hope you have found this article helpful.


Improve Your Clairvoyance With A Technique Of Clairvoyant Laboratory A lot of psychics ‘in training’ knows this: they have learned the basics; they work out their blockages; they reprogram their mind, and master the energy work. And they want to get better and better, but they’re not sure how. Today, in this article, I will share a great clairvoyance technique with you, so you can improve the effects of your psychic work. Remember, the advanced stuff might not work for you if you haven’t learned the basics, so be sure to check my book, first :). When you’re done with the basics, enjoy more advanced stuff.

The Clairvoyant Laboratory Often, clairvoyant psychics mention that in order to acquire information, they need to visit their private, sacred space. It is an area within their mind, a place, where they can pick up psychic data, and interpret it. But rarely any psychic explains what this sacred space is, and how does it work. I’m going to share my sacred space with you now, and reveal the secret: I close my eyes, take few deep breaths, and relax. Then, I visualize myself to be standing in the center of a large library. This is my sacred space for psychic work. Simplified, isn’t it? But this is what sacred space in case of most psychics really is – it’s a visualized area, or even a wall upon which pictures appear. It is all about visualization, and letting go of your conscious control over the images. Within such visualized space within your mind, you can pick up psychic data in various ways – through sounds, smells, images and feelings. Within my library, there are bookshelves, and I can pick up and open every single book. There are doors which I can open. There are pictures on the walls, and desks to sit by. There are many objects I can interact with. When I perform psychic reading, or when I need to get detailed information during chakras reading, I go to my library, and I open myself for information. When I need to know something, I let go the control of my visualization. I see the library, and I follow my intuition. It guides me to the bookshelf in the right corner of the library. I pick up the book that I sense I should pick up. And I open it, and I look at it, without any control over the images. But the images appear, and all I have to do is to interpret them. Then, I have my psychic answer. This is the clairvoyant laboratory that I use for my psychic practice.

Why Does Clairvoyant Laboratory Work? Your subconscious mind has troubles with throwing random images on a blank screen. In other words, if a psychic information you’ve picked up does not have a ‘hook’, it might not be displayed to you in any form. In case of clairvoyance, the hooks are images that you visualize. When they’re visualized, and you have an intention to acquire specific information, then all you have to do is to let go of the illusion of control, and observe. If there are any impressions or messages coming


through your psychic senses, they will hook themselves, and you will be able to perceive them consciously. It’s exactly what I do, when I “pick up a random book” in my visualized library. I visualize; I keep an intention; and then, I let go. If there is something for me to pick up, I will pick it up, so I can pass it to my customer, for example. The Clairvoyant Laboratory can be expanded into other forms of psychic perception. As I said, psychic information needs to have a hook to attach itself to it, and become a conscious thought that you can perceive. I’m clairvoyant, so I attach psychic impressions to images. If you prefer to smell or see or touch, then you need to create such mind-hooks. “Visualize” a smell or a sound, hear a tune in your head, and then let go. Let’s see what can you hear later. • When you prefer to hear psychic data, then start humming a tune in your head, and let go. You might hear words, or other tune, or sounds etc, which you need to interpret. • When you prefer to smell, recall a memory of a specific smell, and let go. Another smell might appear, and it will require to be interpreted. • When you’re a tactile person, visualize a touch on your physical body, and let go. Another physical sensations might appear. I talk about clairvoyance because this is what I use for my own practice. Now, how to create and use your own Clairvoyant Laboratory?

How To Create A Clairvoyant Laboratory As you should know already, creating your clairvoyant laboratory is all about visualization. You need to visualize yourself a place, in which you will be performing your psychic work. So, sit down for a while and close your eyes. • Take few deep breaths and relax. See the darkness in front of your eyes. • Think, what kind of space do you want to create for yourself. Is it a library? Or maybe your home? A large Victorian mansion? Or maybe a scientific lab? Visualize a space that you enjoy. You need to like the place in which you work. It’s a Feng Shui thing :). Or at least a psychological matter. • Fill the place with interactive objects. For example, add bookshelves; a desk; a plant; few doors; a computer; a large LCD. The point is to have as many objects to interact with as possible. Think what else can you add to your laboratory? • Finally, when everything is in place, memorize the place. You’re going to return here soon. That’s it. You’ve prepared yourself your very own Clairvoyant Laboratory. I’ve mentioned large Victorian mansion. A word of advice here, because some of you might want to create a haunted building for your psychic work. With such visualization, you add an intention of the building to be haunted, and you expect it to be haunted. Thus, you might, accidentally, attract spirits, ghosts and even negative entities to your life. Please, don’t. Spirit communication, and dealing with ghosts, these are very advanced, and slightly dangerous things to do, I don’t recommend it. So, don’t intend your sacred space to be haunted, because you might get what you wish for, when you’re not ready for this.


How To Enter And Leave Your Clairvoyant Laboratory In order to enter your clairvoyant laboratory, you need to take few deep breaths, and relax. Clear your mind, and chill out. Then, simple visualize the laboratory you’ve created earlier. See the objects, the walls, all the doors etc. In order to leave the laboratory, all you have to do is to open your eyes, and become conscious of your physical world once again. You might want to add grounding and centering skills to your work with the laboratory. As you can see, it’s very simple. How To Use Your Clairvoyant Laboratory In order to explain how to use your lab, we need an example situation. Let’s assume that you’re doing a psychic reading for someone. So a customer, let’s call him Joe, asks, “what is the source of my financial problems?” You need to enter your clairvoyant laboratory, and with the intention in your mind, answer the question. • Enter the lab, by closing your eyes and visualizing yourself to be standing in your psychic space. • Ask a question, “what is the source of financial problems of Joe”, and start hunting. Relax, and clear your mind, and feel if you’re attracted to any object or are of your sacred space. Let go of control, and follow your intuition (it will develop with time and practice of the basic psychic awakening practices). • You might be attracted to a room you newer seen before, and see a person there. Ask the person about its name. Let’s say a person’s name is Emily. So ask your customer if he knows someone called Emily. Maybe she’s his ex-wife who took all his money during a divorce? And he’s attached to this fact, and he can’t let it go, so he attracts more financial problem, hmm? • Or, you might be attracted to a book. Open it, and see what’s inside. Maybe there is a photo of a car there. And maybe Joe have bought a new care, but in order to do so, he decided to live in a debt. Or, the book might be empty, which can be interpreted not as “there’s no answer to your question, Joe”, but as “you have no plans for the future, you’re empty, you need to set yourself some goals”. Interpretation can be tricky. • When the answer is provided, you can leave your lab, and wait for another question. Or end the reading. Don’t forget to break the link with your customer when you’re done. And with all the objects you’ve read. I think this should give you the basic idea of how your clairvoyant laboratory works. It’s very simple – you visualize the lab, you set the intention, and then you let go. All you have to do next is to interpret what you perceive.

Additional Tips You can continue to program your sacred psychic space. For example, you might intend for things related to the past appear on the right, and things related to the future to appear on the left. While the things related to the present will appear in the middle of your sight. To program your lab in such way, all you have to do is to keep that intend every time you practice in your lab. • When you cannot see anything, there are few possibilities. For example, you might need to interpret the empty message :). Or, it might mean that your intuition isn’t developed enough, and you need to spend more time with the basics, before you will decide to practice advanced stuff.


The Clairvoyant Laboratory technique is a great way to improve your results in clairvoyance. And it can be used for psychic healing (when performing a diagnosis), in chakra reading, in psychic reading and in psychometry practice. It’s a useful tool to work with, but as everything, it takes time to master. At first, you might have troubles with visualization and with following your intuition. But keep practicing, and with time, you will get better and better. Psychic abilities are no different from learning any other skill, from a bike ride, to drawing and programming. Remember, this advanced technique like this might not work if you haven’t finished your basic psychic development practices such as energy work, mind re-programming etc. People tend to jump to advanced stuff right away, and then they’re sad if nothing works for them. Please, don’t do this – the basics are fascinating, and they can lead to really fast results. And the best part is – when you’re done with the basics, then the advanced things shall hold no secrets :).


What Is Spiritual Growth, Really A lot of time ago, I thought that psychic development is free of spiritual growth. Meaning, that you do not need to develop your spirituality, in order to develop psychic abilities. With time, my approach to this matter has changed. Today, I understand that psychic development leads to spiritual growth and that spiritual growth might results in awakening of inner psychic abilities. As spiritual explorer, you should learn about psychic phenomena, and as psychic, you should learn about spiritual growth. Some time ago, I’ve wrote an article about spiritual development from a psychic growth perspective. Today, I want to write about spiritual growth a bit more general. I use to say that it’s all about your blockages – negative mind patterns that fill your subconscious mind, and control your life. Believe it or not, but it’s the truth. Let’s say that when you were a child, your father taught you that rich people are liars and thefts, who have committed many crimes in order to get their money. In result, in the future you will treat it as the ultimate truth - and you might have problems with becoming rich. This pattern might be conscious, or subconscious. • When a patter is conscious, then you are aware of it – and you follow it intentionally. For example, you might repeat the “truth” that your father passed on you, and you might consider it your own opinion. A pattern can be subconscious, as well. In such case, you might feel conscious respect towards rich people, but at the same time, your subconscious treats them as liars and thefts. In any way, you won’t have an easy financial life. At least, you won’t be able to achieve great financial success. For some people, money are very “unpsychic”, and completely not spiritual. But the problem is – money create problems on your spiritual path, and on your psychic development path, as well. But the problem is not, as most people think, that money are evil. The problem is that you might think money are evil. While, in reality, they’re not. They’re just tools, neutral tools. The problem is not in the money, it’s in your perception of money.

What Is Spiritual Growth, Really To understand this better, one must understand what spiritual growth really is. In short, spiritual growth is about becoming a better person, and overcoming your problems. When looking at this matter from Buddhist perspective, we could say that spiritual growth is about removing all attachments, and becoming free, so you can achieve enlightenment. But, as long as you live in the western world, it’s hard to remove all attachments. You don’t live in a monastery, are you? No, you don’t. You live in a Western world filled with money, crimes, war, technology and material goods. In this world, there is a different spirituality meant for you. It can be defined as a process of removing attachments to negative things, and strengthen your attachments to positive things – such as love, happiness, friendship, creativity, and things like that. Therefore, a spirituality that is important for you as psychic, is to focus on good things, and stop worrying about bad things. This can be achieved through many different exercises. The negative things I’m talking about are, for example, negative attitude towards money; aggression towards rich people; problems with alcohol and drugs; bad behavior and eating habits; negative emotions towards events; but also your own focus on negative events, things you don’t want, things or people you dislike.


Positive things are happiness, love, friendship, creativity, focusing on good things, being helpful to others, smile, altruism etc.

Should You Grow? The question is – should your grow on a spiritual level? Well, yes – you should. Because negative things create negative vibrations. They cause you to lose energies and to block the energy flow. Not only you cannot live a happy life with all these negative patterns in your mind, but also, you cannot develop and use psychic abilities with so much negativity in you. Therefore, you need to rise your vibrations – this is that New Age famous saying, to rise vibrations. Rising vibrations is about shifting your focus from bad things to good things. But do not be mislead. Most people and books tell you that all you need, is to think in a positive way. But positive thinking itself isn’t worth much. It won’t work, and it will only make more problems. Why so? Think about it: • You think in a positive way about something. But it doesn’t happen, and your dreams are still your dreams. This leads to being sad and depressed because of the fact that your positive thinking has led you to no results. You shape your life through your subconscious mind. What you believe in deep inside, is what you get. Sure, you can use the tips and advices from The Secret, and use the law of attraction to attract good things. And it’s OK – but positive thinking and believe requires a lot of time to start working. You can achieve things faster, by beginning a work with your mind.

Spiritual Growth For Non-Psychics Because this is A State of Mind, I always talk about things from psychic perspective, and for psychic perspective. But spiritual growth isn’t reserved for psychics. Everyone can grow on the spiritual level, because spiritual development leads to a better life, in general. Spiritual growth leads to: • Better relationship, from love to friendship, or even better relations with coworkers and neighbors. • Better work, because you learn what you like doing, and what you dislike. Through various job shifts, you can end up doing what you love – whether this means a post in a large company, or your own company. • Financial prosperity, because you learn to enjoy your money and material wealth, so in the end, you can attract more wealth, and you’re no longer afraid of money problems. • Happiness, because relationships, work, financial safety, and spiritual wealth are the elements of a great, happy life. If you want to develop your spirituality, but not your psychic abilities, my tips are simple: use the knowledge from A State of Mind that relates to spirituality, not psychic development directly, and you will find my website useful. Now, let’s get back to more advices.

The Problems You Face A lot of people who beings their journey towards spiritual awakening, and psychic development think, that their growth and development is blocked by “subject patterns”. It means that they think that psychic development is blocked by negative patterns related to psychic development and that their spiritual growth is blocked by patterns related to their spiritual and


religious beliefs. This is true, but it’s just a part of a wide range of blockages you might have. In reality, you might be blocked by things unrelated to psychic skills, or spirituality. For example: • Finances – you can have problems related to money and material safety. Or your health. Or your job. For many, it doesn’t sound like something related to spirituality, but it’s important to remember: you are a physical being, and you need material safety. You need to feel safe, and stable. Without a good grounding, that can be found in material goods and moneyrelated issues, it’s hard to think about developing in any additional field of life. • Relationship – for example, without money, you might be worried that you’re unable to form any kind of relationship. But we’re human beings. We need others and others needs us. It’s normal; it’s part of life. Problems at any relationship level lead to many problems: sadness, depression, to name the few. • Expression – we want to feel needed. We want to help others, and we want others to help us. And we want to express ourselves as we want it. When we have money, and we have relationship, we need a way to tell the world what we need. Blockages in the field of creativity, art, communication, and self-expression are also problematic. • Emotions - and all the problems lead to negative emotions. If you don’t have the job you want; if you can’t have the girl you want; if you see nobody appreciates you; when you feel useless; when you have no goals, no dreams; in all these cases, problems results in negative emotions that hurt both you, and people around you. It’s all part of life. A lot of New Age followers and “illuminated” beings forget about this simple fact – that spirituality is life, and life is spirituality. You cannot have spirituality without life, and you cannot have life without spirituality. It’s all part of big spiritual ecosystem. To learn to make money by doing what you love; to accept that money are tools that allow you to make good things; to learn that sex isn’t dirty, but it’s a sacred beauty; to learn that we can count on others in the time of the need; to learn that there’s time for changes and that you don’t need to become a vegetarian and stop drinking coffee and bear overnight. All of this is spirituality. When people ask me where to seek spiritual development, I say - in the smile of the girl on the street, and the green leaf of the Oak outside your house. Spiritual development isn’t something that cannot be touched. Spiritual development is to live. To live a life you can be proud of. My idea of spiritual development is simple. To appreciate life; to learn that money aren’t evil, but they can be used to help yourself, and to help others; to achieve happiness; to remove negative attachments. And when you’re happy of your life; when you’re capable of shaping it as you want it to look like, then you can begin an advanced spiritual practice of Buddhist schools, to achieve the final enlightenment.

The Tools Of The Trade There are many tools that you can use in order to remove the negative attachments, worries and concerns. • Affirmations - these are slow, yet very effective tools, that can reprogram your mind, slowly, yet with good results. And they work, if you cannot identify the sources of your problems. • Emotional Healing - also known as core images work, it’s a technique of working with your memories in order to heal them. • Forgiveness – to forgive is to let go. People rarely forgive others their crimes, or mistakes, or bad teachings. But you need to learn to forgive people, only then you will be free. But even more important is to learn to forgive yourself. Forgive yourself your own wrong deeds, mistakes, and bad beliefs. 78

• Gratitude - the more things you’re grateful for, the more things to be grateful are attracted to you. Be grateful for money you make, for people you know, for food you eat. These are simple things, but these simple things are very effective. • Meditation, and other practices – meditation is a powerful tool that puts your mind at peace and helps you communicate with your higher self. • Your mind - finally, your mind is the greatest tool of spiritual growth. Through it, you have access to intuition and spiritual guidance. It can recognize synchronistic events, and coincidences that lead you from point to point, and allow you to grow. There are also other spiritual practices, closely related to specific religions and philosophical systems. Reiki practitioners might prefer Gassho Meditation; Buddhists will use mantras etc. The methods I’ve mentioned above are universal and can be practiced by everyone. Your psychic growth would be incomplete, if you wouldn’t develop your spirituality, too. Spiritual workers, on the other hand, can focus on self-improvement, and they might never really develop any advanced psychic skills. It is a point of focus. From now on, A State of Mind will publish articles related to spiritual development, but they won’t be related to psychic growth anymore. This way, anyone interested in spiritual growth, can learn about it, without worrying about psychic abilities. Spiritual growth allows us to become better people: live a great life, and let others live their great life. In the end, everyone benefits from spiritual practices. And since, in reality, spiritual growth isn’t really mystical or religious as some people think, there’s no need to avoid it. After all, it can turn your life into a great adventure.


How Can You Benefit From Chakra Reading, Chakra Cleansing, And Energy Healing The article today is going to teach you two things: first, in regard of attracting wealth, that selfmarketing isn’t evil :). But, the important thing is the second things, that is: you should not be afraid of asking others for help when it comes to psychic development. To be exact, you should not be afraid of things like chakra reading, or aura cleansing. I’ve noticed that many people do not wish to pay for such services, and it’s not limited to my website, only, but in general, people seem not to be aware of the benefits some services can give them. Most people don’t know that they can benefit from different psychic services. These services can help them learn psychic abilities faster, deal with spiritual problems, and speed up the process of inner growth. And, what’s more, often such services performed by others work better than your own psychic or spiritual work. How so? The Problem Is Subjective The problem is – when you send yourself Reiki, or when you look at your own chakras, you’re not very objective. When you’re a beginner, and you do not have a good contact with God (or whatever higher power you believe in), or with your psychic intuition, you might not see the real problems, and your self-healing might not be as effective as healing performed by someone else. In other words, things others can do for you works better than the same things that you do to yourself. For this very reason, I have no problems with asking other psychics and practitioners for help when I need one. I simple use psychic and spiritual services provided by others, such as regressing, or karma cross removal etc. Therefore, I have the benefit of progressing faster than people who do not use help of others and their skills. Because I know that I can’t make so fast progress, if I will depend on books, only. It’s like changing the 10 years of self-development into 3 years of selfdevelopment with the help of others :). Self-reiki is less effective than Reiki channeled by someone else; but energy healing isn’t the only problem with subjective perception and thinking. For example, using a pendulum to answer your own questions (or Tarot cards, or Norse runes, etc.) might not give you the answers you need, but the answers you want. But what you want and what you need isn’t the same thing, you might simple lie to yourself. When you need a psychic input, and when you’re not well connected with God/higher power/intuition, ask other psychics and practitioners to give you a reading. Now, to make you aware of some benefits, I’m going to present some services offered by psychics and spiritual workers.

Intuitive Chakra Reading Intuitive chakra reading is quite simple. The practitioner looks at your chakras and makes an analysis. He can tell which chakras are blocked, and which requires balancing. It’s possible to analyse the flow of the energies between chakras, and the blockages that block the flow. In the end,


with the chakra reading, you can learn your primary blockages and problems that hold you back in your psychic development, but also in your daily life, from relationship to finances. • When you’re a psychic practitioner, you might be blocked by many negative thinking patterns, fears and thoughts. The practitioner can tell you what you problems are, and what kind of blockages you should work out. For example with affirmations, or core images work. • The same thing applies for spiritual workers – if you want to develop on the spiritual level, you need to work out your problems. Blockages and negative patterns are such problems. In my personal case, beside scanning your chakras (reading, scanning, it’s all the same), I often take a look on the entire etheric body, so I can tell you if any of your inner organs requires some energy healing :). But, this is me. Intuitive chakra reading is safe, and it doesn’t hurt. Although, a couple of people told me that when I was performing a reading, they woke up in the middle of the night. Well, I prefer to do the readings when people sleep, because their chakras are normal then. In the daytime, a person can spot chakras to be quite active, and this might blind you from the real chakras state. Intuitive chakra reading is like a diagnostic tool - it allows the practitioner to recognize the problems, and advice further steps. For example, chakra balancing and cleansing.

Intuitive Chakra Balancing & Cleansing As you already know, chakras can be blocked with negative patterns and energies. This blocks the energy flow and cause problems in daily life, and on your psychic development or spiritual growth path. Blockages can lead to problems with relationship, money, job etc. Cleansing and balancing chakras can bring you back to harmony. It can heal many problems, and cleanse negative emotions, as well. Chakra balancing and cleansing is a temporary” state” that can last from few days to few months. You need to pay close attention to this part. Some practitioner promises to cleanse and balance your chakras for good. Now, this is impossible. If you want to cleanse your blockages forever, you need to head towards spiritual and psychic development practices. This is why people have created different spiritual growth techniques, like core images work, or affirmations. But cleansing and balancing your chakras can help you in time of great trouble, or when you’re a beginner psychic, and you’re not sure how to cleanse yourself, yet you’ve collected some negative energies during your training and practice. Or, when you suffer from many problems and your life turns into chaos, then cleansing and balancing can put you at peace for some time. In result, you will be able to solve your problems gently, one by one. Often, chakra cleansing can even get rid of a problem for good, by removing the blockage, the pattern that was stored in your etheric body. But, it’s not always the case, so whenever you’re willing to get yourself a balancing & cleansing, you need to be prepared for further work. The good news is that after balancing and cleansing, that further work should be much easier.

Intuitive Energy Healing Now, it’s something not related to psychic development or spiritual growth, really, but it’s something for ordinary people :). I mean, while everyone should grow on the spiritual level, not everyone is willing to do so. At the same time, intuitive energy healing is something that everyone should order from time to time. It is like a medical check every few months, to see if everything is OK. But in this case, energy healing isn’t a check, but it’s a therapy, already.


We live in a world full of energetic dust, negative emotions, and energy suckers. We loose energies and we are being planted with negative patterns and energies, too. All the time. And of course, this results in illnesses, emotional problems, physical conditions etc. Intuitive energy healing is a way to get rid of negative energies, and recharge your inner batteries, to feel good, relaxed and healthy once more. When it comes to intuitive energy healing, I’m using the power of Reiki, the spiritual energy. Reiki is a form of spiritual healing. It can heal both your physical illnesses and emotional problems. When you suffer from pain or illness, or stress, you can use Reiki to relax, relief pain, and speed up the healing process. In case of most illnesses, Reiki should be used along with classic, Western medicine. This is important to remember – no holistic treatment should be performed as stand-alone practice. We need both Yin and Yang to heal the problem, so energy healing should be considered as an additional practice. Most of the people I offer Reiki to, ask for a session at least once a month. And my girlfriend gets a session once a week. This helps her stay energized and relaxed for the entire week.Most of The people You should order intuitive energy healing: • At least once a month, so you can get rid of negative energies, relax, and recharge yourself, especially when you live in a city, or work in a stressful environment. You can order the treatment on my services page, or you can find a friendly practitioner in your area, if you prefer a human touch :). • When you’re ill, because energy healing can speed up your healing process. • When you suffer from stress, because in such case, you’re out of your energies, or you’re going to be soon. Regular healing sessions will not only improve your energetics, but it will also result in improving your mood, health, and can even lead you to new paths of your life. Finally, what’s with the ‘intuitive’ thing? It’s simple: nearly every practitioner of spiritual or psychic arts do use his or hers intuitive. Intuitive guides the practitioner, so he knows what to do, where to do, and how to do. Holistic practice is different from classic, material skills or abilities. You do not have the guidebook that guides you, really, because the psychic and spiritual perception is subjective, not objective. Therefore, a practitioner needs to use the intuition to perform the task. The cool part is – when you’re tuned into your intuition, you will be rarely wrong :).

The Basics Of Holistic Life All of these techniques and methods described above can be classified as basic holistic health practice :). There’s a diagnostic tool, and there are healing tools, as well. Remember, that your health and well-being on all levels (physical, mental and emotional) depends on many factors. But in the end, everything starts and ends with the energetics – and all this stuff that is within you. Therefore, while you should still read good self-improvement books, and while you should still use the services of Western medicine (!), you should also remember to take an intuitive healing session from time to time, at least. You can find many spiritual workers, Reiki practitioners, and even real shamans all around the world. I‘m sure you won’t have a problem with locating a holistic practice near your living place. 82

But if you cannot find such practice, remember that, in this field of knowledge and practice, distant does not matter. And you can order different types of services online, and they will be performed over a great distance. The Matter Of Yin And Yang It is the greatest problem of our world today. People live according to the Western rules; they use technology, and benefit from Western medicine. But this is the Yin side of the coin. There is also the Yang side – you cannot live a successful life without the benefits of spirituality. The spirituality can take different forms. From learning forgiveness, to learning the law of attraction and attuning yourself to inspirations regarding the ways of making money. Holistic practices such as energy healing, or chakra balancing, are just part of a wide field of methods, techniques and abilities that can improve your life in nearly every area of it. It doesn’t really matter if you’re going to order intuitive energy healing, or if you’re going to buy some spiritual books. Because what really matters, is the path you walk. As long as it benefits you, and it benefits others, then you’re on the right path.Still, I’m here, and I offer cool things, so be sure to check my services page :P.


How To Cleanse Your Own Aura In 7 Easy Steps Your aura is an energy field that surrounds you. Within it, a psychic can see illnesses, emotional problems, and such. But what interests you more than an ability to see your own aura, is the fact, that aura collects a lot of negative energies each day. In order to stay healthy and emotionally stable, you need to remember about cleansing your aura as often as possible. Today, I give you a free tutorial for aura cleansing. The Problems With Aura Aura, as your energy field, extends far beyond your body. And there is constant interaction between your aura, and your inner energies. Because aura extends beyond your body, it comes in contact with physical objects around you, and with other people, too. And let’s be honest, objects around us, and people that we meet, hug, have sex with, kiss etc, not always have a nice energy field around them. Your aura, thus, collects a lot of negative energies. How much time do you spend in bad places? Work space, shopping centers, bus? How many times a day do you touch people around you? How often do you have sex with random people? If you’re alive, then I bet you collect negative energies. Don’t worry, we all do :). The difference is that some people cleanse their aura, while others are not aware of the fact that they need to cleanse their aura. My girlfriend works in a store and she comes in contact with hundreds of people each day. For some time, she was going back home, and she was very tired, with this “heaviness” upon her aura. When I started using my healing and cleansing techniques on her, the problems begun to disappear slowly. Her mood improved, and she no longer needs a second coffee each day :). Today, I want to teach you how to cleanse your aura. This technique will benefit you greatly! And you do not need to be a psychic, you don’t even need to wish to become psychic. You might be an ordinary person who just wants to improve his or hers day. Basic aura cleansing is simple and effective, and should be performed as an element of your inner development path, and your holistic life. Who Should Cleanse His Or Hers Aura? You may ask, do you really need to cleanse your aura? Who should do this, and who should skip it? The simplest answer is that no one should skip it, and everyone should cleanse his or hers aura. Especially if you: • Work in a toxic environment. Toxic on the etherical level, of course. If you’re a teacher, law enforcer, lawyer, judge, or you work in a prison, or in a hospital etc. then your work conditions are difficult, and your environment is toxic on the etherical level. Your aura won’t shield itself from it, and you will need aura cleansing sooner or later. • You’re ill. When you’re ill, then your aura is weaker than usual, and you should definitely cleanse it in order to keep it as strong as possible. Illness refers to both physical problems, and emotional/mental problems. • The more problems you have, the more suffering you see, the more stress you experience, the more negative energies gathers within your aura. It needs to be cleansed from time to time. 84

Now, to the actual technique of aura cleansing. Don’t worry, it is simple, fast and effective.

How To Cleanse Your Own Aura The technique that I’m going to share with you is quite simple. All you need to use it, is a candle, and intention. The intention is your will. You intend to cleanse the aura and to manipulate the energies on the aura. That’s everything you need, literally. The candle is required as an additional tool. If you’re a frequent reader of A State of Mind, then you should already know, that any source of open flame is a tool that get rid of negative energies. Often, psychics light a candle during their psychic services. I do this all the time when I give chakra readings, or perform intuitive energy healing, whether face-to-face or a distant healing. So, make sure you have a candle ready. There is an interesting story beyond the technique that I’m going to describe. One day, I had a hard time. I didn’t know why, so I decided to check my energy body, chakras and aura. I was searching for a something that wasn’t right. And then, I saw darkness upon my whole aura, so only my third eye was visible, yet barely. I asked the higher power for guidance, and I have received it. Through my psychic intuition, I received a message: get up, give yourself a Reiki shower (a Reiki cleansing technique), then light a candle, and collect the negative energies from the aura, and cast them into the flame. Repeat on your entire aura and you’re done. When I was done with this cleansing, I felt lighter, and once again, I took a look at my etheric body. The darkness was gone, and I was able to see my chakras clearly. And that’s how I have learned the technique of the cleansing aura. And now, I’m about to share this technique with you. So here you see, that learning the basics of psychic growth can greatly improve your psychic work. A developed intuition is a powerful tool. Cleansing Aura You can cleanse your aura in few, simple steps. 1. Find yourself a room, and 15 minutes of free time, give or take. Make sure no one will disturb you in the next 15 minutes. 2. Light a candle. The side and the color doesn’t matter. The fact that it is a source of open flame does matter :). When the candle is ready, stand in front of it. 3. Now, close your eyes and visualize a powerful, bright, spiritual light descending from the above, like a shower, flowing into you, and cleansing your aura of negative energies. Continue such visualization for the next minute. 4. When you’re done, open your eyes. Now, you’re going to grab the negative energies, and cast them into the fire of the candle. So use your hands, and slope to the front, so you can reach the floor. Then, intend to grab the negative energies with your hands, and grab/comb these energies from the floor up to your head. Then cast the energies into the fire with a proper gesture and intention in your mind. When the energies are cast into the fire, mark an X letter in the air, or a cross, with an intention of cutting yourself off the negative energies you just cast.


5. When you’re sloping, inhale. When you’re grabbing and combing the energies, exhale. The point is not to inhale the negative energies back into your body. 6. Continue the process of grabbing the energies around your entire aura. You can go clockwise, or counter-clockwise. Personally, I cleanse the energies from the front, from left, from right, and from the back, and I’m done. 7. When you’re done with grabbing, pick up the candle. And comb your aura with it, from the bottom to top, all around you. The fire will be an additional method of cleansing aura. 8. And when you’re done, intend to cut yourself from the negative energies, and from the candle. Then, put out the candle, gently. And you’re done.

Above: Aura Cleansing Disc That’s how it works. Now, a word of advice - using a candle to comb your aura can be used as a separate method. Whenever you come back from a trip or shopping etc, you can use the point number 7 to cleanse your aura quickly. It won’t be as effective as the full technique, but better this than nothing. Personally, for quick cleansing, I’m using a psychotronic device, a disk for aura cleansing. You can see a photo of it on the right side. Anyway, the method above can be used as a self-cleansing technique, but a question might appear. You may ask, can you use this technique to cleanse an aura of someone else? I say no. No, because until you’re a spiritual worker who really works with higher spiritual energies, then you might add more negative things to someone else’s aura, instead of cleansing the aura. But, you can experiment a bit. You may want to cleanse yourself first, and then, try to cleanse someone else’s aura. Will it work? Honestly, I don’t think so, and my intuition tells me, that the above technique should be used for your own purpose, only. In order to cleanse an aura of others, you should become Reiki practitioner, or Pranic Healer, things like that. Higher vibrations and purer intentions are required in order to work within someone else’s aura.

What Else Should You Know How often should you use the above cleansing technique? Well, I’m cleansing my aura according to the above tutorial once a week. But, I have two things that you might not have: my aura cleansing disc and Reiki flowing through me. You might want to devote these 10 to 15 minutes each day, for example, in the evening, to cleanse your aura each day. It’s not time-consuming method of aura cleansing, right?Then, you can practice it daily. You should also perform aura cleansing after any form of psychic work, even if it is just a form of practice or training. If you have performed psychic reading, or psychic healing, cleanse your aura.During a psychic service, you come in close contact with different energies, and often, such energies remain within your aura. Cleanse it, cleanse it, cleanse it :).


Other than that, there’s nothing more that you should know. But for your advantage, I will share some additional methods of cleansing aura, submitted by ASoM’s readers.

Reader’s methods I asked the followers of A State of Mind on Facebook what is their favourite method of cleansing auras. Below are some of the answers. Visualize a mesh net collecting all negative energies from my feet up to my crown chakra ;) – Ursula Kirk I swirls my hands around the circumfrence of m energy field and imagine that they are picking up all the impurities there. Works for me. - Christopher Davis I visualize a huge bucket of water being thrown on me from above … - Diary of a Psychic Healer As you can see, there are different methods of aura cleansing available. Once again, you need to use your intuition to find out the best technique for yourself. But if you’re unable to do so, then don’t worry. The technique I’ve described is safe and effective. Now, you have learned how to cleanse your own aura. From now on, you should cleanse it at least once a week, and definitely, after each psychic service that you perform. With time, you will notice that you feel better, because you will be getting rid of more and more negative energies that influenced your life once.


8 Rules Of Safe Spiritual Work Psychic or spiritual work is not just about sitting on your… chair, and practicing some exercises. I mean, it is about these things, but it requires more than just sitting. It requires some safety rules. Even if something is psychic or spiritual, it doesn’t mean that it is safe. Or that it leads to safe results. Lately, Rachel wrote a great article about side effects of psychic energy, you should check it out. Today, I provide you with some tips, or even rules regarding safe spiritual or psychic work. Every field of knowledge has its safety rules. “Don’t touch that”, “don’t play with that”, “do A before doing B” and so on. Psychic development and spiritual growth are no different, this field of our life also has few safety rules. I tell you, if I would know at least half of the rules below I would be far more developed than I am today :). I’ve spoke to many people who are beginning their spiritual or psychic practice. When I ask them about the rules below, they don’t know what I’m talking about. And sometimes, it can be seen within their aura, that they have no idea what’s going on. So here are 8 rules of safety psychic and spiritual work.

1. Never practice when you drinked alcohol in the past 24 hours. Make it 48 hours just to be sure :) Let’s say this, alcohol is not very spiritual. It leads to negative physical effects, problems with equilibrium and your inner Chi (life energy). If your stomach came in close contact with alcohol, stay away from spiritual or psychic practices. First of all, if you practice spiritual things while being influenced by alcohol in your blood, you’re saying “screw that spirituality, I feel good”, and feeling good after a stimulant is not a path of spiritual grow. You’re also losing control over your body and mind, and this can lead to energetic problems (these are not pleasant, trust me), or even to getting an attachment from a nasty negative entity. At some point, you might stop drinking alcohol at all, but at first, just remember – wait at least 24 hours after the last glass or bottle before you practice anything spiritual or psychic.

2. Do not practice after eating, wait at least 2 hours Have you ever tried to meditate or practice energy work after dinner? When you eat anything, the process of digestion begins in your stomach etc. Your body needs to focus on digestion, and digestion requires energy, too. So, your stomach leaves you without much energy for spiritual or psychic work. That’s one thing, but you also need to remember – you need to focus on what you’re doing when you practice energy work, or meditate etc. It’s hard to focus on anything mind-related if you feel the pressure or feel full in your stomach. No, wait at least 2 hours between eating something larger, and practicing spiritual exercises. This way, you will make sure that your spiritual work is effective and pleasant.

3. Never practice after coffee, wait few hours Coffee is yet another stimulant that we use to drink all the time. If you don’t drink coffee, trust me when I say – don’t try it. It’s easy to get addicted :). But let’s face the truth, coffee is a stimulant,


just as alcohol is a stimulant. Wait few hours between coffee and spiritual work, so coffee will be digested, and your body will get back to normal. Once, I remember that I enjoyed my coffee, and minutes after that, I decided to practice some Core Images Work. Sufficient to say, I’ve heard a voice in my head… OK, it was more like an intuitive thought. Anyway, it said to me “don’t”, and I knew why, instantly. I just knew that coffee makes bad things to your vibrations and to your mind, so I needed to wait few hours before practicing anything spiritual or psychic.

4. For guys, never practice after sex or masturbation Now this is going to be something meant for guys, mainly. I’ve said it few times already, but I will say it one more time. Guys lose energy when they experience an orgasm with ejaculation. If you practice Taoistic or Tantra techniques of ejaculation control, and you experience orgasm without ejaculation, then couple of minutes between orgasm and spiritual work should be enough. By couple, I mean 15-30 minutes. But if do not practice any sexual art, and you do ejaculate, you loose energy, and then, for a couple of hours, up to 24 hours, you’re out of the game. And I suggest no spiritual or psychic practice, because it will give you no effects, and it can lead to serious energetic problems, too. So – sex or masturbation equals few hours of break, really. In case of ladies, sex energizes you – you should know that already. But still, it is better if you wait few hours between sex and spiritual work, and at least couple of minutes between masturbation and spiritual work. During sex, your energies mix with the energies of your partner, and they need some time to get back to normal, before you can use them for your own advantage. And no, I will not give you any personal story here :P.

5. Never practice in a room that has not been cleansed from negative energies Negative energies can be sucked into you when you open yourself for psychic information – that is transferred through psychic energies (in theory, at least). The best place to give psychic services is a room that has been cleansed of negative energies; and the best place to practice psychic abilities and practice spiritual techniques, is a room that has been prepared for this purpose and cleansed of negative energies, too. Make sure that the room is “sterile” on the energetic level, and it is filled with positive energies, only. If it is not, then cleanse it, but please, do not do anything spiritual or psychic within a room filled with negative energies, unless you’re an experienced spirit “releaser”, or an exorcist. Once, when I opened myself in a room containing a nasty earthbound spirit, for the next couple of mounts, I “earned” myself an attachment, and I tell you, it wasn’t pleasant. Headaches, lack of energy, and attraction towards the “dark side of the Force”, or black magick, well, it’s not the best thing that happened to me.

6. Do not practices in a day, when you suffered from a lot of stress, or anger etc. In such case, practice relaxation methods only. Stress and anger does terrible things to your energy body, and it lowers your energetic vibrations. If you have suffered from stress or anger during a day, then focus on some relaxation technique and calm down, rise your vibrations first. There will be time for spiritual and psychic work later, when you’re ready for it. 89

When you perform psychic or spiritual exercises, yet you’re angry, or depressed, or stressed out etc, then you send negative intentions, and you do not only attract negative energies, but you also attract negative entities, that might attach themselves to you. And that’s not cool. When I’m angry, or sad because of something, as sensitive person, I do notice a difference in my own energies. And I can “see” that I don’t have the energy work spend on spiritual or psychic exercises. I don’t give psychic services, nor do I work with my mind. I just relax, then go to sleep. I know that I will feel better on the next day.

7. Ask your higher self for guidance One of the reasons, why I tell you “learn the basics of psychic growth” is that this way, you develop intuition. And through intuition, you can communicate with your higher self, and with your “spiritual guardian” – whether it is your spirit guide, The Universe, God, etc. When you have good contact with your higher self, you can use it to make sure you will remain safe. Whenever you’re about to start a new practice, or perform some kind of psychic service, ask your higher self if it is wise to do so. Ask for guidance, and you won’t get harm. Simple. Not so long ago, I spoke with a nice lady that was initiated into Reiki practice. She told me that someone was harassing her, by telling her that she was not initiated to Reiki, but to some other practice, and to make sure, that person will take a look at her energy, and check it out… For money, of course. So I took a look at her for free, because I won’t charge for 2 minutes of work, and I’ve learned that was initiated to… Reiki :). The real point of this story is that if she would trust her intuition more, and trust in her higher self more, then she wouldn’t worry about the person trying to… do something to her. So – learn to trust your psychic intuition, really :).

8. Get help from others, too You’re not alone, and you don’t need to rely on your higher self only. There are people around you, so if you’re not sure about something, then don’t hesitate to ask for help. People will help you if you will ask them to, you can even contact me and ask questions. Some would like to think I’m some kind of a guru (really, I’ve received such emails, calling me “guru” or “master”), but the truth is, I’m not. I don’t know everything, and I, too, have teachers and friends to teach me new things all the time.

More Tips The eight rules above were larger, but below I have few more, smaller tips. • Of course, no drugs - drugs will kill you, sorry :). The choice is simple, either you expand your consciousness with spiritual drugs, or you dig your grave with drugs. And sorry, smoking “holy herbs” used by shamans and tribe members is not a spiritual growth, it’s just a piece of bullshit. • Light a candle – I say this all the time, a source of open flame is very useful, and even mandatory tool for spiritual work. So light a candle. Use incenses, too, if you like. • Do not practice when you’re ill – while some spiritual practices can cause a cold or flu (because sometimes, your body reacts this way for blockages removal, it’s normal and safe),


you should not practice any spiritual or psychic work when you’re ill. Your body needs energies for self-healing, and you should not waste your energies for other things. With tips and advices above, you should be far safer in your personal growth. Remember – safety rules make sure you will live long enough to learn the things you want :).


Reiki 101, Everything Basic That You Need To Know About Reiki I’ve mentioned Reiki few times on A State of Mind already, but I’ve never made an entire article dedicated to this subject. Today, I wish to fix that problem, and provide you with every basic information that you need in order to start your own adventure with Reiki. To start, I have to say, that Reiki is something that I recommend to everyone, no matter of his or hers religion, beliefs, and social status.

What Is Reiki Let’s start with the simplest thing – what is Reiki? Reiki is a method of working with spiritual energy. Sometimes, this energy is called Reiki, but it is misleading, as the energy itself does not have name, only the method can be called Reiki. But, we used to say that “I channel Reiki”, and this is correct. Because this way, we know what kind of energy we’re working with. The word Reiki itself can be translated as “universal spiritual energy”. Reiki is a system, to which you need to be initiated. You can become self-attuned, but remember, that Mikao Usui, the creator of the system, lived in XIX/XX-century Japan, and he was a Buddhist. And that he spend give or take 20 years until he achieved his Satori, and learned Reiki on his own. Initiation, so called attunement, is much faster way of becoming a Reiki practitioner. You may find a lot of self-attunement CD’s and books and instructions. Please, do not be mislead. 99.9% people living modern lives in modern civilization cannot attune themselves. They need someone else to attune them, really. But it’s worth it, definitely.

The Short History Of Reiki Reiki was re-discovered by Mikao Usui (1864-1926), in Japan, at the beginning of the XX century. Usui was a Buddhist practitioner, and after 21 days of meditation on Mount Kurama (or Kuri Yama), he self-attuned himself to Reiki energy, and he begin sharing his knowledge with others. His knowledge was passed to hundreds if not thousands of people, and few dozens of Reiki teachers. One of these teachers, Hayashi, passed his knowledge to Takata, and she brought Reiki to United States. From United States, Reiki expanded into almost every corner of the world, and today, it’s very easy to find a Reiki teacher that can initiate you into this practice. Of course, this is a very short version of Reiki history, but basically, that’s all that you need to know. Reiki is a system that originates from Qigong and Buddhist practices, and it has something in common with Shinto religion, too. But you don’t need to be a Buddhist to become a Reiki practitioner. As for the energy itself, it existed from the very beginning. And it was often used in Buddhist medicine practices, in Taoist practices, in Qigong, and in other parts of the world. The names are different, but the energy is the same. There is a version of Reiki history that says Usui was a Christian priest on Christian university in Japan. And that he studies in United States and that he traveled all across the world, searching for his Satori. This story is not true. It was, probably, made up by 92

Takata, in order to persuade Americans to Reiki. Takata brought Reiki to USA after the 2nd World War, so you can imagine how could people react for the Japan healing method.

What Is Reiki Initiation Reiki is a universal energy. It doesn’t matter who you are, what do you believe in etc. If you wish to become a Reiki practitioner, all you have to do is to find a teacher that will give you attunements. You may find a teacher that is willing to initiate you for free, but most of the time, it costs money. There must be this energy exchange going on – and giving something money in exchange for a service, is an energy exchange. Reiki initiation, or attunement, is quite simple. The teacher expands your energetic channels (called Meridians in China, or Nadi in India, or just energy channels), and prepares your chakras for channeling Reiki. Each initiation takes up to 20, maximum 30 minutes. So it’s not long. Oh, and during initiation, you can keep your clothes on, you don’t need to pray to any entity or deity, there are no additional attributes. You just sit, relax, and the teacher initiates you. So, it’s very normal, very safe, and not very extraordinary. Rates vary from teacher to teacher. You can become initiated for $100, for $250 if it’s first degree, similar price applies to second degree, and third degree’s price can be anything from $400 to $2000. I recommend individual courses, because this way, you can ask more questions to your teacher, and get more detailed answers. A course takes from one to two days, yet some teachers expand it for a whole week, too. And of course, your attunement should take place face-to-face. Most advanced Reiki teachers agree, that distant attunements are not full attunements, and they’re just a waste of money. Therefore, distant initiation is not recommended. During my own initiation, there were no fireworks, no deities, no spirits. Actually, I felt quite relaxed and nicely grounded. Yet I’ve heard stories of teachers who initiate in the name of Jesus Christ. Well, remember that Reiki is not connected to any religion. It’s a technique that uses universal spiritual energy. It can be associated with Holy Spirit, or Chi, or God, but it’s energy, and it’s a method. It’s not related to any religion.

Three Degrees I’ve mentioned that there are three degrees in Reiki practice. First, Second, Third (some teachers divide the third degree into 3a and 3b, first for 3rd degree, second type for teacher training). Now, let’s discuss these degrees a bit. • First degree is meant to introduce you to Reiki energy, and start your physical healing process. From first degree on, you can channel Reiki to others, and perform this form of psychic healing. You can give Reiki to food, objects, plants, animals and so on. This is the degree that I recommend to everyone. • Second degree gives you three Reiki signs to work with. They act as additional tools that support your focus, intention and energy flow. Your energy channels are expanded, and Reiki beings your emotional and spiritual cleansing. From now on, you’re on the good path of spiritual growth. • Third degree gives you the fourth symbol, sometimes called master symbol, and with enough training, you can initiate others into the practice after the third degree. Third degree is focusing on your spiritual growth, and the fourth sign is meant mainly for your personal meditation and growth. 93

With each degree, the energy within you flows better, and you channel Reiki easier. It is a gentle process of Reiki development. I do not advise taking all three degrees at once, even if the teacher advises that.Wait 3 months between first and second degree, and wait at least a year between second and third degree. This way, you make sure that you won’t be hit hard by the cleansing period. Reiki flows better with time. From my own practice, I can say there’s a huge difference in the energy flow, and your entire life after few months of work. The more you work with Reiki, the more changes you see and the better the energy flows. Therefore, do not be disappointed if nothing extra-ordinary happens after few months after your first degree. The fun part begins later :).

What Reiki Gives You Reiki is a healing practice – but it heals not just your physical body, but also your mind, your soul, your emotions. It helps you work out your negative mind patterns and core images. What can it gives you? A lot of things, I would say: • It can heal physical illnesses that doctors thought to be impossible to heal. I’ve heard stories of females being unable to give a birth, yet becoming pregnant after few Reiki sessions. • It can solve problems. If you suffer from family problems, or job problems, or any other kind of problems, Reiki can bring balance. It helps finish the unfinished business, solve life problems, and bring harmony back to your life. • It’s a way to develop psychic abilities. With Reiki, you can cleanse your chakras, and remove blockages, and become attuned to your psychic intuition again. And I don’t have to remind you that this is a path towards psychic awakening, right? • Reiki can speed up your spiritual growth, because it helps you clear your blockages, and focus on your own spiritual development more. Get rid of negative habits, improve your life, deal with blockages, find your true passion, enjoy life more. This is a path of becoming a better person. • Reiki gives you a way to help others, too. You can channel Reiki to people, animals and plants. To food and electronic devices. To places and events. To past and future. Reiki is an energy that can heal, yes. But this healing is not limited to the physical body. Reiki can heal everything! And this list is just a short selection of things that Reiki gives you. It can literally change your life – for better, if you allow it. If you have more questions about Reiki, ask them in the comments, and I will be happy to answer them. If you would like to try Reiki on your own, I offer a distant Reiki session – first session is always free. I’ve wrote a short article about changes in my life after Reiki initiation. It was written a couple of months ago, and a lot more changes occurred later on, but you can get the basic idea of things that can happen to you after Reiki attunement. If you wish to know more, here are three books that are a mandatory reading for those who wish to start their Reiki path. • Reiki–The Legacy of Dr. Usui (Shangri-La) • Reiki Best Practices: Wonderful Tools of Healing for the First, Second and Third Degree of Reiki • Reiki Fire: New Information about the Origins of the Reiki Power: A Complete Manual (Shangri-La)


Should You Become Reiki Practitioner? Definitely yes! In my opinion, everyone should receive attunement to first degree, at least. Second and third degree are paths for more advanced spiritual growth, but first degree is meant for you, and those close to you. You can heal yourself, and heal others, and begin your life anew – with, or without spirituality. Some things may change, and some things may remain the same, but growth is the reason why we are here. There is an argument among certain people, that they wish not to try Reiki, or that they don’t want to be initiated, because it won’t be a learning experience. But know this, believe that you need to learn everything on your own is false, and true at the same time.. Because you’re never alone, there are people here, who can help you get this “flash” first, so you can learn things later. Reiki initiation and general Reiki practice is such flash - you get the seed, and you can watch it grow as you like it. Reiki is very individual practice – you start it with teacher’s help, but everything else is your own, personal Reiki gnosis. The more people receive Reiki, the better this world will be. That’s all. Now, is there anything more that you wish to know about Reiki? Ask your questions in the comments below this article, and I’ll be happy to answer them.


What Can You Learn About Attracting Abundance By Paying For Psychic Services Not-so-recent free offer of distant Reiki and chakra reading has showed me one thing, at least – people are eager to get psychic services, but they’re rarely willing to pay for them. And this leads me to another question – should psychics get paid for their services? Should we turn our skills and knowledge into business? And what about money and spiritual growth? In short – money and psychic stuff and spiritual growth can coexists. But, it’s a bit more complex than this. Paying for psychic services can teach you few things about attracting abundance into your life.

The Problem Is Not In Money, The Problem Is In Perceiving The Money Why do I even mention the money issue on a psychic development and spiritual growth blog? Well, because I see the problem in people thinking that money are evil, and they block your growth. But the truth is, that money aren’t evil, they’re just tools. And as tools, they can help you with your psychic development or spiritual growth, really. This causes several problems: 1. Practitioners do not promote their wonderful skills as they do not perceive their abilities as a business opportunity. Because of this, competition is small, and access to psychic healing or psychic readings etc. is limited to those who have enough money to pay hundreds of dollars for an hour of reading. Which isn’t good :). 2. Also, the fact that practitioners do now wish to charge for their services is a sign of a deeper problem, related to core image, or a pattern that tells the practitioner that “money are evil” - it’s easy to recognize, that such person will not be able to live a truly abundant life, because of lack of money. 3. To continue, those who do not wish to pay for psychic services, sends the message to the universe that says the psychic services are not worth the money. This is also a sign of a deeper problem, based upon which people often do not want to pay for anything. This way, they cannot see the value around them, and as a result, they are unable to attract the value. When you look at the issue of paying for psychic services, you can see a small model of the bigger world. Since we all have the power to create and shape our life, through negative financial intentions, we create lack. And, on the other hand, through positive financial intentions, we create abundance. This article is meant for few types of people – those who are thinking about paying for psychic services, those who are psychics and have doubts about making money on their skills, and those who would like to become psychics one day, which might lead them to providing psychic services for money. Finally, I hope this article will help those who have problems with attracting money into their life. Favorite argument of many psychics is that psychic abilities are gifts of God, and, therefore, they should be used to provide free services, and free services only; otherwise God will take these skills away. But look what’s going on – there are tens of thousands of psychics who are getting paid for their knowledge and skills, and they still do things – no one took them away. This should make some psychic practitioners think :).


Personally, I see psychic abilities as skills that everyone can learn, and everyone can use – whether you will take money for it or not, it’s your choice. But there’s nothing wrong in taking money for psychic abilities, really.

A Matter Of A Matter We live in a material world, please, do not forget about it. Because we are physical beings, we need food and shelter. And we also want to live wonderful, happy life. To do so, we need entertainment, art, goods of a different sort, friends and life partners. This leads to the fact that we would like to go to a restaurant or pub, cinema maybe, that we would like to take a holiday on Hawaii, or visit Great Pyramid and so on. And because of complex economical structure of this world, we need money to do so. In order to understand this better, and learn how to attract money, I recommend reading over the classics of Wallace Wattles – The Science of Getting Rich, The Science of Being Great & The Science of Being Well Do not forget about this, no matter what kind of life you want to live, you need money. And money aren’t bad – they are actually tools that can help us live a great life! They’re not the tools of evil, but they’re tools that can change the world if they are used wisely. As neutral tools, it is your choice that results in good or bad use of money. Through your intention, you can attract a lot of money, and spend them through good actions.

Psychic Isn’t Cheap What I’m going to say now is going to fit many professional psychics in the world. It will be small rant, or should I say – disclaimer, based on my own example. I make money by selling e-books and providing psychic services. Why do I take money for all of this? • You need to understand one thing at least – it’s a job. Yea, like full-time job, it means that I make money to make a living. I have people to support, food to buy, bills to pay, little cats to donate for. Being psychic doesn’t mean you’re some spiritual entity, you’re still living human in the Western world, for us, it’s normal job. • You’re not paying just for service – let’s take my e-books for example. You’re not paying just for the e-book as a piece of electronic document. You’re paying for knowledge inside, for the knowledge I had to collect and understood in the past years. You’re paying for all my experience, mistakes and successes I had, so you won’t make the same mistakes I did. You’re also paying for the coffee I used to drink when I was writing e-books, you’re paying for electricity, for my food, for my bills, for hours of practice. Or let’s take Chakra reading, for example, what are you paying for in this case? First, you pay for my time, and, of course, you pay for my knowledge and experience. You’re also paying for my life energy I’m spending to use that “active sonar” on you :). Then you’re paying for the food, jogging and Tai Chi Chuan that I will use to recharge my psychic batteries. And all of this is just the tip of an iceberg. Writing a book, or providing psychic services is a result of years of practice, studies and experiences. Add more earthly things to it, like food, coffee, bills etc, and you will understand why psychics charge what they charge. And let’s face the truth – any service’s price, whether it will be freelance graphic design, architecture, private investigations, is a result of hours of studies, practice, experience, food, drinks, bills and future retirement.


All of this creates the value of some sort – you’re paying for this value, and for the results, which this “value” will provide. And this applies not just for psychic services, but for anything in the world – from money to new car. In reality, it’s all about the energy exchange.

The Energy Exchange When Mikao Usui, the creator of Reiki system, decided to give away Reiki to people in Japan, he did this for free. He was walking among the streets, channeling Reiki to everyone who wanted it. But some time later, he noticed that people were returning to him. He healed them, yet they were returning to him for more, because he felt ill once again. Their life didn’t improve. He then learned that, in this world, people do not respect things that they receive for free, and that they do not recognize the value of things they receive for free. For this reason, he started to charge for his services. How true is that? Very true, and you might recognize this from your own experience – I do. When people receive something for free – like knowledge, or an ability, or a book, then they do not recognize the real value of the thing they have received. They have problems learning from it, they fail to see the benefits. Therefore, it is important for some way of energy exchange to take place. Money is such energy exchange – when you give money, you give some form of energy, with an intend. You may feel good about giving money, or you may feel sad about giving money. For this reason, some people attract more money (when they feel good about giving money away), while some other people loose money (when they feel sad about it). Everything you do is a way of giving or receiving energy. When you receive a psychic or spiritual service, and you give money in exchange, then such exchange is complete. But you don’t need to give money to complete the exchange. It can be food, a place to say, or a bit of advertising for someone who was kind enough to help you for free. Some people prefer money, as this is a form of universal energy exchange in the modern world. Others accept other things, as well. But some form of exchange is needed. It’s that simple. If you do not give, how do you want to receive? If you do not provide a service, how do you want to receive gratitude? If you do not produce a product, how do you want to receive money? If you do not give, how do you want to receive? This rule applies to our entire life.

Spiritual Growth & Money There is one more thing, related psychic and spiritual growth, that I’ve mentioned already. Sometimes, people do not wish to make money by providing psychic or spiritual services, because they believe that money will hold back their spiritual or psychic growth. But the truth is, that money can’t do this - your fear of money can, by creating blockages and negative mind patterns. Actually, becoming a friend with your money is a great way of making few steps forwards on your spiritual development path. Why so? Because: • You heal your blockages, so you become less depressive or aggressive, the energy flows better, you’re much more healthy. • And you attract more money - and more money means that you can spend them on more courses and books and knowledge that can improve your psychic abilities, or push you further on your spiritual path. Because you can’t learn and heal everything on your own, you


need to ask others to help you. And others, in this modern world, would like to make more money, too. For these two reasons, I always advise to heal the financial issues first. When you accept that money are good and that becoming very, very rich is OK with your spiritual growth, only then you can begin learning other things, as well. If you have bad patters regarding money and abundance, then it doesn’t matter who you are and what do you want to do, even if spiritual growth is an after hours hobby. It will be blocked by negative patterns. It was not until I’ve healed few financial issues on my own, that I begun to speed up my own psychic and spiritual growth. With money, I got access to courses and workshops, and spiritual services that allowed me to deal with some of my blockages and problems. And I continue to do so, I continue to pay for services and workshop that allow me to walk further down the spiritual growth path. Energy exchange, today the money, is important. If you wish to grow on psychic and spiritual level, you need to understand that everything requires energy exchange. Money are a form of such exchange, so fixing your issues with the money should be your first step towards spiritual growth.


How To Shut Down Your Psychic Abilities There are so many sources of knowledge regarding psychic abilities development, but rarely anyone talks about shutting down such abilities. Yet in all these past years, I’ve been asked many times how to shut down psychic powers. Is it even possible? Oh yes, it is, and while a lot of people want to develop psychic skills, a lot of people would love to shut them down, as well. But becoming psychic no more is a bit tricky – yet achievable.

Why Would Anyone Like To Shut Down Psychic Abilities Let’s admit it, psychic abilities can be a pain in your ass. Knowing things, sensing emotions of others, headaches caused by psychic sensitivity, seeing dead people, these are only few things that may be problematic. Some people may experience these things without any previous training, because they’re natural psychics. Others may have wanted to be psychics, but after experiencing things on their own, they decided they don’t like these abilities. Finally, sometimes you just want to take a break – just like me right now :). It’s like taking a psychic holiday, when you just want to shut yourself down and see and feel nothing but physical things.For all these reasons, you may want to shut down your psychic abilities – for few days, for few weeks, and sometimes, for many years. But how to do this, actually? As I said, it’s a bit tricky – because I do not know the definitive answer to this question. All I can provide you with is the basic energy techniques, and an intuitive knowledge that works quite well in my own case.

Energy Ways To Shut Things Down The basics are quite simple • Shield and ground. That’s all – grounding pushes the unwanted energies down the ground, so they don’t influence you anymore. And psychic shielding blocks unwanted energies from reaching you. But, this is where we face the irony: the more you use energy work, the better psychic you become. But, if you want to shut things down temporary, the best way to do so is to shield yourself and ground. This method is often used by people working with energies and by psychic empaths. And it will work for you too, if you wish to block psychic input for few hours, or few days. But if you wish to block yourself for longer, let’s say, for few weeks and even more, then you need to apply some other rules. These other rules are being applied by millions of people each day, and they’re learned during early childhood. The same knowledge that makes people not aware of being psychics can be used to stop being psychic later in life.

Use Your Mind To Shut Down Your Psychic Abilities The only thing that can shut your abilities for good is your own mind. Therefore, you need to program your mind, so it will block any psychic input you want. By using subconscious programs to shut things down, you can take a break from using psychic abilities, or even experiencing things.


There is a phenomenon, known as 11:11 phenomenon – basically, it’s the thing when you look at the clock, and there’s that funny hour, like 11:11, 20:20, 14:14 and so on. Some people think that this is a proof of psychic phenomena, or that has some paranormal or spiritual meaning. But the truth is, it’s just a proof that you can program your subconscious mind to pay attention to these funny hours, and direct your conscious perception on the clock at the same time when such hour is being displayed. So no, no paranormal stuff, just a proof of how easy your subconscious can be programmed to do things. The more you notice “funny hours”, and the more fascinated you are by this, the more often you will notice them. Learning this helped me understand not only how to develop psychic abilities further, but how to shut them down, too. This knowledge can be used in learning psychic abilities – by noticing coincidences and signs of psychic phenomena, you program your mind to notice these things more. If you want, you can use this in becoming more psychic. To use this knowledge in shutting down your psychic abilities, you need to do things in reverse – you need to stop paying attention to these psychic things. This is the exactly same thing that young kids do, when they are told that psychic abilities are just results of their imagination. They ignore signs of psychic phenomena, and with time, they don’t even notice psychic stuff happening around them.

Programming Your Mind The very first step in re-programming your mind to block things is to shape such intention in your mind. Tell yourself, that from now on, until you say otherwise, you will experience and perceive less and less psychic stuff, until you won’t perceive or experience it at all. That “until you say otherwise” thing is your safety switch. • You may want to create an anchor that will help you regain psychic abilities in the future. For example, you can create an affirmation, that once spoken, will begin awakening your skills again; or you may want to create a symbol, that once starred on, will begin awakening your abilities. In both cases, when creating an intention to shut down your psychic abilities, also state, that once you will speak the affirmation or look at the symbol with proper, conscious state of mind, your abilities will begin to re-awake. When the intention is created in your mind, it’s the first step in shutting down things. Everything else is quite simple – all you have to do is to pay less and less attention to psychic occurrences each day. This way, your conscious mind will receive less and less information coming through psychic sources, and at some point, you will close yourself to such way, that you won’t have to consider yourself to be psychic anymore. And that state may remain for weeks, months and years. • An important thing to keep in mind – whether you allow psychic information to reach you or not, remember that you’re still interacting with these energies. Negative emotions will “touch you”, people will be attacking you psychically (for example, through their negative intentions), spirits may try to reach you and so on. You can’t free yourself from such energetic interaction. Therefore, remember about safety rules – keep performing aura cleansing from time to time, remember about shielding and grounding yourself. The less attention you pay to things, the less things you notice. They’re still there, but you’re not cluttering your conscious mind with them. And that’s the best way to shut psychic abilities


down. Don’t enjoy psychic experiences, don’t seek them, just ignore them, perceive them as something useless. Also, do not perform any psychic readings, do not practice aura view, do not seek ghosts or spirits, do not communicate with entities and so on. Just relax, take a break, just like going for vacation after long months of hard work – you don’t take your work with you on vacation, do you? Will Blocking Psychic Abilities Block Your Spiritual Growth, As Well? The question above is often being asked by people who wish to shut down their psychic abilities. The answer is no, shutting down psychic abilities won’t block your spiritual growth, at least based on my own knowledge and experience. Actually, according to some spiritual growth schools, psychic abilities are nothing more but a distraction on the path of spiritual growth; therefore, shutting them down should even improve your growth. I don’t agree with this statement, but I agree that shutting down psychic skills won’t block your spiritual development. There is no need to be afraid of this. Yes, both things are connected to each other. Often, spiritual growth results in psychic abilities and vice versa, psychic abilities result in spiritual pursuits and growth. But you can still grow on the spiritual level, you can remove blockages, heal your emotions, and explore your personality, even without using psychic abilities, which, after all, are nothing more than yet another method of perceiving the world around you. At least, in most cases.

If One Day You Will Decide To Become Psychic Again And what if you will decide to become psychic again, after shutting down your psychic abilities? Well, you can use your safety switch, that’s one thing. And you can form an intention in your mind, that from now on, you’re regaining your psychic abilities. Then, just do the stuff above, just in the opposite direction – pay attention to all psychic occurrences around you. Go back to practicing psychic abilities, giving psychic readings and such. Quite fast you will regain your psychic abilities – this thing cannot be easily forgotten. That’s it – now, whenever you feel a need to take a break from being psychic, you may want to try the above – we all need a time off, even when it comes to being psychic.


The Journey Through The Chakras For Spiritual Growth Have you ever wondered how to proceed with your own spiritual growth? There are different schools of thoughts, different opinions, different systems, but one of the oldest, and the wisest, is the journey through the chakras. As human, you have seven major chakras – the energy centers, through which the life force, Chi, flows. But chakras are also the centers for different psychological aspects of your personality. Knowing this, can help you proceed with safe, and effective growth. According to Hindu knowledge, passed on to Western man through Theosophical teachings (and based on my personal observations, too), every person have seven main chakras. In each of these seven energetic centers, specific emotions, blockages and energies exist. By working with your chakras, you can release old negative patterns, parts of your Shadow Self, and work them out. This way, you grow – your spiritual development proceed. There are different systems of spiritual growth. Personally, I’m using Reiki and the technique of Core Images. In addition, I use affirmations to reprogram negative patterns. Some people work directly on the chakras, but I don’t recommend this until you’re experienced enough to do this. Anyway, the knowledge of chakras can help you in a different way. By knowing what the chakras stand for, you know how can learn how to proceed with your own spiritual development. How so? First, you must know the basics for the chakras. Below I’ve included the basic knowledge. • • • • • • •

Root - it stands for material safety, money, physical health. Navel - represents sexual relationship, life force, creativity. Solar Plexus - here you find your goals, dreams, personality, habits. Heart - this is where we learn to love, and where our emotions are born. Throat - through this chakra, we express our thoughts, dreams and goals. Third Eye - this is the source of psychic and intuitive knowledge. Crown – this is the essence of spirituality.

Additional knowledge can be obtained from the article about chakras, linked earlier, and more information is available in my book, Psychic Development Simplified, in which every chakra has been described from a psychological and personality point of view. There are many, many sources available both on-line and off-line, some are free, some are paid. I suggest that you should learn as much about chakras as possible. How can this knowledge help you? There is a system of chakra work, in which you develop from the root chakra up to the crown chakra. That’s all. But, examples will be useful. Spiritual growth is like building the house – you start with the foundations, then you go for the walls, and the roof is the last to build. You can’t build the house by making the roof first, right?

Gently, Step After Step Or, we can talk about spiritual growth by comparing it to evolution of our civilization. At first, people were interested only in surviving. When they learned how to build shelters, and how to provide themselves with enough food, they began to expand, and form basic relationships (families, tribes). Then, they’ve begun to form larger groups with basic social structure. Shamans, elders, builders, farmers, it was all about evolution of civilization – basic needs like food or shelter were 103

provided, so people could focus on doing other things – like improving the creative skills to build better shelter, or grow better food. This is where goals and creativity become important. It allowed the social structure to evolve, so some people could focus on doing other things than hunting or having sex :). They could create innovation, focus on religion or philosophy, invent new devices and so on. The civilization was evolving further, and the third, fourth and fifth chakra became active – more people were seeking self-realization, womans were seeking emancipation, and homosexuals could stop worrying. And today, humanity, with all the basic needs met, seek spiritual and psychic development, as the last two chakras are becoming active. This is the evolution of the civilization. And this is the way everyone should proceed with spiritual growth. From the basic needs, to spiritual needs.

The Conscious Spiritual Growth Your spiritual growth should be conscious and reasonable. You can’t just jump to the crown chakra and connect with the Absolute. Yes, there are systems of the spiritual growth, according to which, you can jump from chakra to chakra; or, from pattern to pattern. But in my opinion, and based on my own experience, the growth should be reasonable, and it should be conscious – this means it should be like building a house – start with the foundations, and build the roof at the end. The Root The very basic need of every person is the material safety – you want to feel safe. You want to feel healthy; you want to have food to it, and shelter at the reach of your hand. But we are often afraid of our health, and we have problems with money, too. Fixing these issues should be the first step in your spiritual growth. You should fix your financial issues, heal your approach to money. If you have healthy approach to the money, you will attract them. This will help you work out problems with lack of food, or lack or shelter. Your material safety will be protected. The elements of your Shadow Self, negative patterns, for example, are hidden in the root chakra. Knowing what is hidden in this chakra, can help you identify the basic problems that you may have. When they are fixed, you can move up, to the second chakra. The Navel When your material needs are met, you can move further. You seek a mate, and basic interaction with people – buddies to hug, a person to have sex with (this chakra is about physical sex, not love, sorry). But you may have problems with physical touch, with basic relationship, or with sex. Here, you must fix these problems. And you must fix all the other problems that are related with this chakra that can be identified. • Of course, I don’t meant that you should love if you’re working on your second chakra – our heart may be OK at the moment :). The Solar Plexus When life force flows, when you’re OK with basic relationship, you can move further. You have shelter and food, and you have your mate, your next step is meant to achieve your goals and dreams. You want to have a better job, or a better hobby, or you want to be respected and so on. These are the issues of the solar plexus. This is where we store our goals and dreams, things we want to do, people we want to be. This is where our personality takes place. This is where many of our habits exists. 104

The problems of our personality and ego, dreams and goals, hobby and work, all of this must be fixed and worked out. Working with these things is your next step on the path of spiritual growth. The Heart And when all these things are worked out, you’re a safe human, with shelter, food, mate and goals. But being human means you also feel, you feel higher emotions – peace and anger, love and hate. Many people have problems with their emotions. They have problems with friendship, honesty and, of course, love. Problems of the heart chakra must be worked out, until you move further. Emotions are part of our life, and love, the most powerful emotion, is the key to further growth. When chakras 1-3 are OK, it’s time to deal with the emotional layer of being human. The Throat When negative emotions and issues related to your heart are fixed, you must express your true self. This can be done through your throat chakra, through which we communicate, and we express all of the things that exist within us. Fears, imbalance, shame and problems with communication are only few examples of the things that relate to the throat chakra. Fix them you must, in order to move further. The Third Eye & The Crown And when this is done, you begin to work with your third eye. You heal the problems related to mind – your IQ and thoughts, your beliefs and intellect. Then, you begin work on healing your intuition, and with a new tool, an open third eye, you make another step towards exploring your inner self. From that on, you move to the crown, and you work out all issues related to the spirituality. And that is what I call spiritual growth. Read about first chakra, and identify the problems that you may have, regarding the first chakra. Fix them, and then check if there are more problems there. Use affirmations and core images and other methods, as well, to identify as many problematic issues related to your root chakra. When you can’t find anything more, move to the next chakra, and work it out the same way. That’s how you can work with all seven chakras.

But It’s More Than That It may take months, or even years before you reach the crown chakra in order to fix spiritual stuff. But when you will be done, especially after opening your third eye, the game will start over. Because with a new tool – the third eye – you will see more problems within you. And you will have to start the journey once more, from the root chakra, up to the crown. Does it ever ends? Of course, the end is called enlightenment. Reaching it is hard, but everyone can do it. Why such conscious spiritual growth is important? Because often, when you decide to start with “something cool”, I mean the third eye, you may not be ready to learn the things you want. Or you may experience no results, because the lower chakras aren’t ready. Therefore, conscious development from the root up, is highly effective, and it should be applied as often as possible. There’s one more thing. When you fix the money issues, you have the money to pay for books, courses and therapies. But you’re also not afraid about money, so you can focus on the “higher things” – it’s one example only. But the general thing is that the higher you go, the less worries you have, and the more focused you are on the current development needs – the lower things are not a problem anymore, so you can focus on really important issues. And this creates peace of mind. So Zen… 105

If you want to develop your inner self, at least try the above system. Start from the root chakra’s issues, and move up. You don’t have to believe in chakras. Just read what they represent regarding psychology and personality, and with this knowledge, you can identify the which of your issue is “lower”, and which is “higher” – this knowledge is enough for your spiritual development to be steady and conscious.


How To Ground Yourself, Active And Passive Methods Grounding is one of the basic abilities that every psychic and spiritual worker should learn. It’s an ability to control psychic energies that flow through you, and an ability that allows you to remain present here and now, without wondering away with your thoughts, or your inner energies. There are two types of grounding: one is active, and another one is passive. Learning both types should be one of the first things on your “wanna be psychic TODO list”. In the past, I’ve published a short article about grounding, and I’ve also discussed the subject in my book, Psychic Development Simplified. But since grounding is an ability that can be used by everyone, not just psychics, I want to share the knowledge for free in this article.

Who Should Use Grounding Techniques? Who else, beside psychics, can use grounding techniques? Actually, everyone! From a social worker and teacher to businessman, to a priest and spiritual worker. Grounding, when used along with centering ability, can help you refocus on here and now, become present, and control your thoughts and energies better. People have a tendency to wonder their own thoughts and energies. • For example, if you’re worried, your thoughts and energies are directed towards a reason of your worries. Let’s say you worry about financial problems. Your thoughts direct your energies towards the source, towards the reason for your financial problems. You focus on this, and because of the universal Law of Attraction, you attract more negative things. And this isn’t good. • When you’re scared, your energies and thoughts move towards the source of your fear. Let’s take a young kid, for example, and let’s say he is being bitten in school. Fear of his enemies attracts more fearful occurrences. Or, let’s take a very psychic example. Let’s say you’re in a haunted house, which is haunted by a very nasty entity. Fear feeds the entity, the more afraid you are, the stronger the entity becomes. • When you’re angry, your energies (negative energies, not good) move towards the source of your anger. Let’s say your competitor managed to sign up a contract which you wanted badly. You’re angry at your competitor, and beside attracting more bad stuff into your life, you’re also attacking your competitor psychically. In all these examples, you can see a simple mechanism – energy follow thoughts. You not only waste your life energies, but you also attract more negative stuff, and finally, you perform psychic attacks. These are negative examples, but positive emotions and thoughts may lead to negative results, too. • As psychic, your mind may wonder when you need to focus, actually. For example, during psychic reading, or any form of psychic work. Thinking about positive things is good, but not when you need to focus. • Let’s say that you’re excited because you’re about to sign up a great contract that will make you a millionaire. Your positive thoughts may block you from noticing few paragraphs, that may be dangerous for your company. Grounding in such case brings your mind back


(especially when used along with centering technique), and you’re able to think clearly about the contract you’re about to sign. No matter who you are and what you do on a daily basis, grounding is very useful skill, that doesn’t require too much psychic skills, really.

Active Methods Of Grounding An active method of grounding focuses on doing conscious, or semi-conscious energy work. Conscious energy work occurs when you’re clearly conscious of the energies you manipulate. For example, if you can sense or see energies, you can manipulate them consciously. In case of semi-conscious energy work, you think to manipulate the energy, but if you can’t sense or see it, then you cannot be 100% sure if the energies do what you want. So, you can only trust your thoughts. Active form of grounding is simple – you release energies from your body, energies that aren’t needed anymore. You can do this just by intending to do so. Energy follow thoughts, so if you’re not skilled energy worker, just think about releasing energies (release the tension, huh!). Releasing Energy To Any Grounded Object – Basics A grounded object is any object that is, one way or another, connected to ground, that big brown thing below. Ground is grounded; building floor and walls are grounded; most pipes are grounded, as well. In order to release the energies into the grounded object: • Visualize roots growing from your feet into the ground, and then visualize as the unwanted energy move through the roots, down to the ground. • Or skip the roots part, and just visualize energy being released through your feet, down into the ground. This simple energy work technique should be enough to ground yourself properly. Hugging A Tree Trees are grounded, as well. Many schools of meditation or spiritual work teach this very simple grounding technique. All you have to do is to hug a tree, and intend to release the unwanted energies. The tree will do the rest. Often, this method is mixed with charging yourself with positive energies, as trees do work as big energy antennas. But for now, just remember, if you have access to a tree, go and give it a hug! More Tips For Active Grounding Beside very obvious methods of grounding that I’ve described above, you should also remember about few additional things. • Centering and finding yourself – grounding is useful, but it works even better when used along with centering techniques. Whenever you can, practice centering, as well. • Identify your emotions and emotions of others – empaths may know what I’m talking about. Often, the emotions you feel are not really your own. Beside obvious grounding, you should also identify if there is a real reason why you feel in a specific way. Because if there’s no reason to feel the way you feel, then perhaps the emotions you feel are not really yours. In such case… • Psychic shielding as vital stuff – when you feel emotions that aren’t yours, remember about psychic shielding, and try to separate yourself from the rest of the world. 108

Now, that you know these few additional things, let’s discuss passive grounding.

Passive Methods Of Grounding Active grounding is all about energy work. Passive grounding is about making sure your mind is grounded enough in general. Passive grounding can be described as building a dam that will hold the water even if you will go sleep. Through various activities and habits, you add more and more blocks to your mind dam. Forming No Attachments The primary step in building the dam in your mind is to learn not to form any attachments. When you care about someone, or when you hate someone; when you focus on something, or when something irritates you; all of this forms attachments, like energetic links, through which energy flows. When you’re angry about something, you form an attachment, through which you send energies towards someone or something you’re angry about. This way, you lose energy. The same thing happens when you worry or when you care about something or someone. Generally, any emotional behavior creates a form of energetic interaction, that results in lack of grounding. The less attachments you have, the more grounded you are. Now, you may dig into advanced Buddhist practice and attach to nothing. But as a person living in the Western world, you should just get rid of negative attachments, and don’t worry about positive attachments. So: • Worry not – do not worry about things that may happen, do not worry about people, do not worry about your future, school, work, whatever. Just relax :). • Angry not – stay calm and relax, as anger leads to the Dark Side. Also, anger is a form of psychic attack (when “targeted” at people) and it generates a lot of negative energies that may influence both you, and people around you. • Hate not - hatred is a strong, negative emotion, and just like anger, it’s a psychic attack that generates nasty energies. Lear to forgive yourself and others, and focus on positive emotions always. Bad things happen all the time, but the true power is to remain calm and happy in the world of darkness. The less things you’re angry about, and the less things you worry about, the more grounded you are. A Grounding Hobby Another method of passive grounding is simple – you just need a hobby. Some people play computer games; others play golf; other cook, and so on. This is very important especially if you’re a psychic or spiritual worker. When you work with psychic energies, spiritual things and entities, you may easily lose your contact with real world. Trust me, this is possible. In a simple way, you may go crazy, or at least, you may perceive everything from a spiritual perspective, while you should perceive many things from very earthly perspective. I have few activities that aren’t a hobby, but they keep me grounded. For example, I enjoy cooking meals; I also play computer games; I write fiction; finally, I read books about quantum physics and space exploration :). Now you get the idea of a grounding “hobby”. In order to protect yourself against losing your mind, you need a very grounding hobby, something that allows you to free yourself from spiritual thoughts. Or, if you’re not spiritual worker, but, for 109

example, a businessman, you may wish to play computer games or become interested in spiritual stuff, just to stop thinking about doing business. This can be really, really helpful. Other Grounding Activities Getting a cup of coffee, going out for a beer, cooking dinner or having sex, these are only few examples of small grounding activities. In short, shift your focus to something that connects you with manual work and physicality, and one way or another, you will be grounded. Such grounding knowledge is useful for psychics, spiritual workers and even those, who have too much on their head (that’s 90% of world’s population, I guess). Grounding should be performed whenever you feel that you’re losing focus: during or after work; during psychic activities; before and after spiritual work; in a stressful time, and so on. And remember, these few techniques that I’ve mentioned above are only few examples. You may find or develop another technique that will work better simple because it will suit you. And once you have a good method of grounding in your reach, stick to it. And use it whenever you need.


Summary Thanks for reading this free collection of psychic and spiritual articles. I hope you have acquired a lot of useful knowledge. If you would like to learn more, make sure to visit my website, A State of Mind, or purchase one of my other books.

Contact The Author Nathaniel is a psychic, Reiki practitioner and occult explorer from Poland. He writes books, and manages his blog, A State of Mind, where the teaches about psychic development and spiritual growth. He is a nice guy, you can network with him on the following websites: • Amazon: • Twitter: • Facebook: Nathaniel can be reached by email, too:

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Psychic Records - Book 1  

A collection of articles about psychic development, clairvoyance, Reiki and spiritual growth, that I have published on my website - now they...

Psychic Records - Book 1  

A collection of articles about psychic development, clairvoyance, Reiki and spiritual growth, that I have published on my website - now they...