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The Price of Gold Gold, Gold Gold. Everyone is on the gold bandwagon. Drive down the street for a coffee and I guarantee you will see at least one sign that says "buy gold here" or something of the like. Is this just because gold just got popular? Absolutely not! There is no such thing. This has a direct correlation to how gold is doing in the market, and the market value is HIGH. Everyone is buying gold right now because even a small necklace that was purchased at a small cost is yielding much higher values today because the price per gram or ounce is so much higher than it was, even 5 years ago. The average gold price much higher. People are having "buy gold parties" with shady old men penetrating their homes and parties with their little scales, collecting people’s pieces and making "thousandaires" out of housewives in a simple transaction. People are actually congregating in other people’s homes for the sake of buying gold. This country has gone MAD over gold! This must tell you something. This must give you some insight into what is going on in the economy today. We are in the middle of a trend and it is not stopping. Don't forget the lesson that we all learned during the last gold crisis. IF you have gold, hold on to it, and if you don't buy it up now while it is still considerably low.


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Now I will introduce you to The Gold Economy. The Gold Economy is here to show you all the ins and outs of buying, selling, and possessing gold for the investor that doesn't know everything about it already. We are here to show you the facts, and only the facts.

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