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The Ghosts of Old East Grinstead Saving our Honeybees

Pumpkin Pie Recipe A Local community magazine linking residents to businesses in the area East Grinstead, Ashurst Wood, Sharpthorne, West Hoathly, Felbridge, Felcourt, Dormans Park, Furnace Wood • tel: 01342 300152

East Grinstead Living • October 2010

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Mid-Sussex Timber

Protect your Fence against the elements Over time UV rays grey the wood and water can cause splitting and cracking. Using Ronseal fence treatment colours, protects and keeps them looking at their best.

Forest Row:

East Grinstead:

Haywards Heath:

T: 01342 822191

T: 01342 317470

T: 01444 413413

Station Road, RH18 5EL

Railway Approach, RH19 1BY

College Road, RH16 1QW


Ballards Yard, Park Road, TN6 2QS

T: 01892 652725 October 2010 • East Grinstead Living MSTC-Oct10.indd 1 • tel: 01342 300152

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East Grinstead LIVING • 

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East Grinstead Living â&#x20AC;¢ October 2010

 • East Grinstead LIVING

East Grinstead

Dear Residents

Welcome to the next edition of the East Grinstead Living. With Halloween coming up see our article about tatalising tales of East Grinstead Ghosts brought to us by Simon Kerr, EG Tourism Initiative - and don’t miss Professor Skull’s Ghostwalk at the end of the month...

Living East Grinstead



October 2010 | FREE

Local News | Community | Business

Most of us know about the plight of bees in this country so we bring you news of a local Trust who are making & helping others to make worthwhile changes to honeybees, see their article on page 10. On our Charity Page we feature Operation Christmas Child for which the people of East Grinstead have contributed so much over the years. Please assist once again to bring presents to those children in poverty & in need. We have the perfect Halloween treat with a mouth-watering pumpkin pie recipe. With so many pumpkins readily available, it’s worth a go.... Local author, Bonx Trigwell, is giving away 3 signed copies of his new book, “The Dorset Arms”, East Grinstead’s most haunted building, see the competition on page 18. Finally we have various business features with lots of information about the services they provide. Plus many businesses from our area promoting their products and services, here to help you.

The Ghosts of Old East Grinstead Saving our Honeybees

Pumpkin Pie Recipe A Local community magazine linking residents to businesses in the area East Grinstead, Ashurst Wood, Sharpthorne, West Hoathly, Felbridge, Felcourt, Dormans Park, Furnace Wood • tel: 01342 300152

East Grinstead Living • October 2010

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Make your business known to residents & businesses in this area

Please get in touch if you are a charity or community group that needs assistance with promoting events, etc. We also welcome all feedback.

“I have had a fantastic

All the best & Happy Halloween.

Customers have been

Tally & Chris The East Grinstead Living Team

coming in droves, probably


promotion ever.”

the most successful

The Ghosts of old East Grinstead


What is Mathjogs


Saving our Honeybees


Interview with Mary-Anne Hunter


Riverview Dental Centre


Pumpkin Pie Recipe


Gardening Tips


Edward & Ellie


Trivia & Sudoku


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October 2010 • East Grinstead Living

response to my advertising. • tel: 01342 300152

Michael Dongray Imberhorne Lane Nursery Distribution: Over 14,500 distributed to households & businesses monthly by royal Mail


01342 300152

East Grinstead Living Notice: East Grinstead Living prints various articles, features, and advertisements. Although these appear in East Grinstead Living, any opinions expressed are the opinion of the author, these are not necessarily the opinion of the publisher.

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Testimonial: “Allzones have now skillfully performed 3 build contracts for me over the last few years; covering a range of activities from roofing/hanging tiles/guttering to outdoor landscaping, log cabin erection, building a bridge and interior refurbishment including flooring. They are certainly very experienced, know what they’re doing, are excellent trouble shooters and won’t cut corners. Not only that: they are clean, tidy, polite and reasonably priced. They respect your home, have good attention to detail and provide a good standard of finish. I have no hesitation in recommending them and will be inviting them back next year to do the final stage of my restoration work.” Dr. C. A. Scott Forest Row

Dear Sir/Madam, We are a professional family business with 40 years experience. Our services are cost-effective with references. Our Roofing Services • Roof tiling works, renew/repair • Flat roofing works, renew/repair • Sheet roofing, renew/repair • Chimney repair/remove/rebuild • Guttering replacement/Fascias Our Building Services • Carpentry • Brickwork • Plumbing • Painting & Decorating • Plastering • Electrics

07851 421104 • tel: 01342 300152

01342 315250

East Grinstead Living • October 2010

 • Article

The Ghosts of old East Grinstead As October turns to November, listen carefully in the darkness of the night, and you might just hear low moans, unearthly howls and shrieks coming from the misty street below. You could well spot a crowd of zombies, ghouls and fiends passing by. Be afraid, be very afraid, because the sight you are seeing may chill your blood - and you thought there was no such thing as a ghost? But look a little closer and you will notice that most of these ghostly apparitions are wearing trainers, and there’s rather more laughter than screams of terror. For this is Professor Skull’s famous East Grinstead Ghostwalk, now in its fourth terrifying year. While I would not want to get on the wrong side of the Professor by revealing all of his best ghost stories - that would indeed be a bad move, you can rest assured that the town has more than one or two ghostly tales: The phantom that lurked behind the scenes in the town’s old Radio Centre Cinema, an evil nun seen at the old St Agnes & St Michael’s school in Moat Road and those mysterious footsteps heard at midnight in Judges Terrace are just some of Professor Skull’s secrets. He even visits East Grinstead’s most haunted building, the Dorset Arms, which has just been celebrated in Bonx Trigwell’s new epic novel. The town has also featured in a short movie staring veteran actor Frank Finlay called The Ghosthunter, and one of our graveyards even inspired best selling author & former resident Neil Gaiman to write The Graveyard Book.

October 2010 • East Grinstead Living

Here is a story to whet your appetite… Passing the buildings in Judges Terrace at the end of the High Street why not put your ear to the letter box if the midnight hour has already struck? For many people have reported the sound of footfalls descending the staircase, although the building is quite deserted. It is certain that this happens throughout the year but always without exception on the 6th of July. Why? We cannot tell but some say that it is the ghost of one of the judges who lodged there while the assizes visited the town. Perhaps wracked with guilt over the harsh sentences he dealt to the local population, perhaps just waiting to apologise. Will you put your ear to the letterbox?... Try it, if you dare…

Professor Skull’s Ghostwalks take place on Saturday 30th October. Adults £5 Children £3 All proceeds to the Museum. Call 01342 410121 for further details. Why not dress the part and come as your favourite horror character? • tel: 01342 300152

East Grinstead LIVING • 

Yew Lodge LADIES LUNCH FRIDAY, 15 OCTOBER 10.00am to 3.00pm £28 per person As featured on “10 Years Younger” on Channel 4 this August, Bellissima Beauty of Lingfield will be showcasing ENVIRON skin care products, followed by a two course set lunch, including a complimentary glass of wine/soft drink. Très Belle winter clothes will also be on sale at half price (cash or cheques only). Our website has full details or contact us to make a reservation - advance booking essential. Visit our web site: or contact us at: Yew Lodge, Felcourt Road, Felcourt, East Grinstead, RH19 2JX. T. 01342 870003. E.

Double GlazinG RepaiRs We supply and fit p New Units p Handles p Hinges p Locks p Patio door wheels p Letterboxes and Cat flaps

01342 318246

local family business

free estimates - no call out charge • tel: 01342 300152

East Grinstead Living • October 2010

 • Article

What is MathJogs? MathJogs, taught in small groups of four to eight children, is a programme of fun, creative maths lessons for ages 4 to 11. It is designed by educational experts to help your child think like a mathematician through enjoyable activities and group interaction. MathJogs is part of the MathRiders programme. MathRiders, for ages 11 to 18, should be available later in the year.

The Method In the UK MathJogs is new, however it is one of the methodologies created by the Helen Doron Educational Group that is a trusted household name in over 30 countries. HDEG has been established for 25 years and has taught over one million children worldwide.

How MathJogs differs from other forms of maths tutoring MathJogs lessons are fun and interactive. Each well planned lesson lasts 50 to 60 minutes and uses several elements to make the lesson fun, creative and enjoyable. These activities include brain jogs, musical activities, stories, songs, hands -on props and workbooks.

“My son attended Level 1 & 2 of the

We teach in small groups of up to eight children to ensure that each child gets the right amount of attention. Group learning allows the child to express himself, develop his social skills and build his confidence. This confidence spreads to all aspects of life.

MathJogs programme. Not only did he enjoy

MathJogs teachers are specially delivering this programme.

he received by completing both levels has



The six structured years of fun and learning is completely compatible with the National Curriculum.

Is MathJogs suitable for your child? The best way to find out is to call Lorraine on 01342 314117 / 07878 315901 to arrange a free demo lesson. The current venue is Forest Row Community Centre. Lorraine can arrange a demo in your area according to demand. October 2010 • East Grinstead Living

the lessons,it reinforced the basics and logic of maths. It showed how much fun it can be. There is no doubt that the grounding

served him well as his strongest subject is mathematics where he consistency receives the highest grades.” RP. Parent Find out more on call Lorraine on 01342 314117 / 07878 315901 • tel: 01342 300152

East Grinstead LIVING â&#x20AC;¢ 


Please call to book a viewing of the school




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East Grinstead Living â&#x20AC;¢ October 2010

10 • Article

Saving our Honeybees

In recent years there have been worrying colony losses worldwide and the health of the honeybees has been compromised due to a variety of different factors, environmental and otherwise. We asked the Natural Beekeeping Trust based at Plawhatch Farm, which borders the Ashdown Forest, to provide more information: The Natural Beekeeping Trust (Patron Carol Ann Duffy, Poet Laureate).

The Trust’s aim is to promote awareness of ways of beekeeping which take as their starting point the nature and needs of the bees, rather than maximising honey yields. Home to the Natural Beekeeping Trust, Plaw Hatch Farm is a co-operative biodynamic farm near Sharpthorne, on the edge of the Ashdown Forest. The keeping of bees on farms makes good common sense, and Plaw Hatch has long upheld this tradition. We hear in the USA of colonies being shipped from one end of the country to the other in their thousands. We have also seen the heart rending photographs of trucks overturned and the air thick with clouds of disorientated and distressed bees, many of which have to be destroyed… Certainly on a mixed farm with varied forage and an absence of pesticides the honey bee can thrive, crops can be October 2010 • East Grinstead Living

pollinated, and as long as there is a surplus, we can share in the bounty of delicious honey and pure beeswax. In this context the word ‘surplus’ is all important. There is no true honey surplus if we have taken the bees’ winter stores and replaced them with sugar. The fact that bees can, and have, survived on sugar feeding is no reason to suppose that it does them no harm in the long term. If we also consider the myriad manipulations which are regularly visited on bees by many beekeepers, a picture of something akin to factory farming arises. One unfortunate result of such practices has been the devaluation of honey into a sort of cheap flavoured sugar paste, rather than the precious life sustaining substance it should be. The biodynamic method of beekeeping differs markedly from that of conventional and commercial beekeeping. Some of the principles are given below: • The bees build natural honeycomb without the use prefabricated wax. • The body of the hive is constructed of natural material. • The queen is not confined to the brood box by a mesh panel, but is allowed to roam throughout the hive. Her wings are not clipped and neither is she replaced systematically by the beekeeper. Thus, the unique relationship between • tel: 01342 300152

the queen, the workers and the drones is honoured. • Enough stores of the bees’ own honey and pollen are left in the hive for their use, and only in an absolute emergency is any sugar fed. • The bees use their own pollen and are not stimulated into early colony growth by artificial pollen feeds, which, curiously, are usually made of soya and yeast • The beekeeper takes all possible steps to maintain the vitality of the colony, using only biodynamically approved control measures against disease, and guarding against causing unnecessary stress. The Natural Beekeeping Trust is devoted to the well being of the honey bee, and supporting methods of husbandry which are bee friendly and sustainable. We feel that this is the only way to ensure the recovery and long term health of the honey bee. The Trust also gives beekeeping courses and talks as well as representing natural beekeeping at various events (see website). To become a friend of the Natural Beekeeping Trust go to www. On Friday 8th October 2010 there will be a talk organ sed by the Trust entitled ‘A Better World for Bees – what can we do?’ 8pm at the Village Hall, Forest Row. Beekeepers and non beekeepers are welcome. Article by Penny Crowder

East Grinstead LIVING • 11

The Foot Lady

Jacquie Woodhouse HPC MSCh Fully qualified podiatrist/chiropodist & reflexologist registered with the Health Professions Council.

Are your feet sore, tired & affecting you? A footcare treatment can solve this for you. I also provide you with treatments for the following specific conditions:

Drama $ Adults

An affordable series of 4 classes for adult proffessionals in the entertainment industry run by a local professional with 25 years experience in TV, Film & Theatre


Each SESSion runS from 2-5pm Starting Sunday 24th octobEr Limited numbers. Book early to avoid disappointment: Call Katy: 07882 794583 Classes at Wealden House, Lewes Rd., nr. Ashurst wood

Affordable Wedding Cars Bridal Car

Corns, Callus, Thickened and fungal nails, Skin infections, Ingrowing nails, Bunions, Verrucas & Foot pain

from £295 plus (optional)

Bridesmaids Car £250

Home Visits and Late Night Tuesday appointments Available Call me for your free advice or to book an appointment on

01342 833844

Superb Vintage/Classic Range 1920s/1950s

Lingfield Osteopathic Centre. 121 Godstone Road Lingfield Surrey RH7 6BW

Phone for a Brochure or Viewing

01342 325794


NEW AMAZING, SELF-EMPOWERING REALIGNMENT Did you know that the atlas bone is misaligned in most people? What if you could GET RID OF BACK PAIN, NECK PAIN, ETC…? Situated at the base of the skull, a misaligned Atlas bone can disrupt the normal flow of information between the brain and the body causing numerous painful and medical conditions. Such conditions as: recurring back pain, whiplash, migraines and headaches, joint pain in the hips and/or knees, rotation of the hips, repetitive strain injury, jammed spinal nerves, stiff neck, trapped nerves & difference in leg length.

Marie-Agnès Casalini

USING A PROvEN TREATMENT FROM SWITZERLAND A strategic and non-chiropractic massage is applied to the short musculature of the neck. In only one application, safely and permanently, the Atlas bone returns to its correct position. For more details and booking, contact: Marie-Agnès Casalini,

Certified AtlasPROfilax practitioner Tel: (01342)


Mob: 07828

954 304

Email: Website: CLINIC IN EAST GRINSTEAD • tel: 01342 300152

East Grinstead Living • October 2010

12 • Article

An interview with top semi permanent make-up artist

Mary-Anne Hunter Mary-Anne Hunter at Muse Make up, started life as a consumer of semi permanent Make Up in The United States nearly seventeen years ago and the freedom, delight and satisfaction she experienced led her to train as a technician. Having trained extensively in all aspects and procedures, both in the United Kingdom and the USA she is a qualified Master Technician and Instructor.

She has worked exclusively in this area for 8 years and is known as an expert in her field and one of the top technicians both in this country and the USA. Her success lies in her ability to fully understand her clients’ expectations and to help and inspire both clients and students to achieve and realise their goals. Mary-Anne specialises in full face transformations and one to one training apprenticeships. Tally, from the East Grinstead Living team, went to interview her:

You call it semi permanent make up, so how long will it last for?


MA: This varies from person to person and depends on age, lifestyle and metabolic rate. Generally If you never had another colour boost it would last between 18 months-5 years before it was fully faded. Most people however come for a colour boost every year or so and this keeps the make up looking fresh and the good thing is that once you have had your initial treatments carried out most maintenance treatments cost around £195 which you only need to have every year or so making it a very affordable treatment on an ongoing basis. Tally: Does the treatment hurt?  MA: I think managing pain control is a very important aspect of what I do. I don’t like pain myself and don’t want to inflict it on others so I have concentrated on finding effective ways of keeping pain to a minimum. I picked up some seriously good tips and tricks on my last visit to the USA. I also make sure I don’t rush a procedure but allow plenty of anaesthetic time. So to answer your question whilst it isn’t a relaxing massage it really isn’t very painful as a procedure and the benefits are really worth any discomfort one might feel.  October 2010 • East Grinstead Living





What would happen if someone didn’t like their makeup aren’t they then stuck with it?


MA: Some times I am asked to remove or correct work by done by other technicians. I am fully trained to do this and I can remove it in the same way that I remove other tattoos. Semi permanent is just much easier to take off which is why I recommend semi permanent body art before you go for the real thing. All the up side with none of the down. Tally: What made you choose this profession? MA: I had been working as a managing director of a large company in a very stressful environment. One day I just decided that I wasn’t going to have anything in my life that I didn’t enjoy doing. I have always loved make-up and beauty and I am an Artist at heart. After having semi permanent myself in The States I’d thought it was such a great treatment... I personally always looked so much better with a bit of make up on and after all which women doesn’t want to look her prettiest all the time? It was a great decision; I love my Job and my clients!  Tally: What is the most rewarding aspect of your work?   MA: Some people might consider what I do trivial but I see the difference that it makes to people lives; the way they feel about themselves. Although self esteem can take a knocking as you get older too as everything seems to be heading south and definition and colour is fading; so to be able to help both women and men look and feel more vibrant and youthful again without having to go anywhere near a knife is very rewarding. Also helping some alopecia sufferers, young and beautiful people, who have no eyebrows or eyelashes and people who have or are overcoming cancer, helping them to feel normal again, is also extremely rewarding. MaryAnne supports both Alopecia and Cancer patients with a 15% discount

Enquires at 01342 824646 or 02082961096 • tel: 01342 300152

East Grinstead LIVING • 13

Overplucked Eyebrows? Can’t apply make-up? Thinning lips? Do you hate looking washed out & faded?

Sabrina before

Semi-permanent make up is a beautiful, safe & effective way for you to look pretty all the time “I am so impressed with my eyebrows now that applying my make-up takes half the time and I look great!” M. Price

MUSE Make-up Call now on: 01342 824646 or 07525 172908 • tel: 01342 300152

Sabrina After

East Grinstead Living • October 2010

14 • East Grinstead LIVING

East Grinstead Living is Hand Delivered to

14500 homes

“I have had a fantastic response to my advertising. Customers have been coming in droves, probably. the most successful promotion ever.” Michael Dongray Imberhorne Lane Nursery

in the area very month

Door to Door Delivered by Royal Mail

To asdvertise call East Grinstead Living Now on:

01342 300152 or 07930 251799 9dcÉi7ZH]n!<^kZJh6Ign

6iHjegZbZDkZc8aZVc!lZiV`Zeg^YZ^c\^k^c\ndjgdkZc!]dW! ZmigVXidgVcYb^XgdlVkZi]ZYZZeZhid[XaZVchjh^c\Zck^gdcbZciVaan [g^ZcYan!cdc"XVjhi^XXaZVcZghZchjg^c\Vaai]Z\gZVhZVcYWjgci"dc XVgWdc^hgZbdkZYl^i]djiVigVXZ# LZegdk^YZVidefjVa^inhZgk^XZViV\gZVieg^XZidZchjgZi]Zjai^bViZ ^cXjhidbZghVi^h[VXi^dc#

H^c\aZDkZc########################—(+#%% <g^aa####################################—&%#%% =dWh###################################—&*#%% H]ZakZh$GVX`h##############—'#%%ZVX] :migVXidgh##########################—&*#%% B^XgdlVkZh########################—&-#%% DE97KIJ?9C7J;H?7BI?DJ>;>EKI;

97BBDEMED&')*()&+&/& eh&--.-+-'/+)

lll#hjegZbZdkZcXaZVc#cZi BZbWZgd[i]Z6hhdX^Vi^dc d[6eegdkZYDkZc8aZVcZgh lll#dkZcXaZVc^c\#cZi

October 2010 • East Grinstead Living

SOC_Flyer.indd 1 • tel: 01342 300152

;jaan>chjgZY 31/8/09 13:54:46

East Grinstead LIVING • 15

GET FIT IN THE COMFORT OF YOUR OWN HOME Michael Wall, established his Hire Fitness business 3 years ago & has built up a large portfolio of clients hiring & selling fitness equipment for use in the home He also supplies commercial equipment to gyms, offices, salons and studios. People are increasingly choosing to hire in their homes for many reasons, most often for convenience & lack of time or inclination to go the gym. Parents can also look after their children whilst they exercise at home. All Hire Fitness models are of the highest quality, robust, good looking, with excellent computer functions. There is a hire- to- buy scheme where clients can try a machine prior to making a purchase. The Power Plate is his most popular model, it can burn 350 calories in 10 minutes. Other benefits include cellulite busting, improved blood circulation, stronger bones but most of all – improved toning.

Call Michael at Hire Fitness on 0845 094 2292 or 07932 139386 or email on “Before I contacted Hire Fitness, I was not feeling good about myself, and was rather overweight. I am really busy and don’t have time to go to the gym. I hired 3 pieces of equipment for 3 months and Michael kindly threw in the rower for free. It has been hard work but really satisfying to lose weight and to have a new outlook on life. Even my wife says that she quite fancies me, so that can’t be bad! Thank you Hire Fitness.” Jamie, Sussex

for special (ladieswear) ltd ladies ExCiTinG AuTumn / WinTER SToCK noW in! Wide range of smart and casual clothing, boots, shoes, handbags and jewellery. Good selection of stretch jeans certain to flatter any figure. Rely on helpful, honest advice from our friendly staff. Keep it local! We stock: Frank Lyman, Fransa, michaeLa Louisa, Pomodoro, PassPort, Jensen Women, tivoLi, Jonny Q, FdJ, amazing Woman Jeans, charLotte reid plus many more!

Private Collection, 74 High Street, East Grinstead (opp Rose & Crown) Tel: 01342 301115 or visit Open Mon-Sat 10 am-5 pm

Sizes 8-16 (larger on request) • tel: 01342 300152

East Grinstead Living • October 2010


16 • East Grinstead LIVING

NHS Dental Care

hZgk^c\i]ZadXVaXdbbjc^in be friendly. We have a plasma screen showing before and after photos that we have carried out. The surgeries are equipped with live cameras and screens in which patients can view the state of their teeth real time. Patients have found this to be an invaluable tool which helps them understand the condition of their teeth. “Clients have commented on Just a short trip to Forest Row

Dr Harunani oversees several

the time the dentist spends with

and you’ll have access to the

successful Dental Centres across

them explaining the different

recently opened Riverview Dental

the South East, the Riverview

treatment options in a transparent

centre offering NHS Dental care.

Dental Centre being the most

manner. This has given them

Established at the end of last year

recent to open.

informed choice.

by Dr. Esmail Harunani founder or

On asking what he feels

“We are dedicated to quality

Harunani & Co Group of Dental

Riverview Dental Centre, being

and excellence and have

Surgeries. The centre serves the

an NHS Dentist, can offer clients

management systems which

local communities of Forest Row

he comments:

ensure that we deliver quality

& surrounding towns & villages.

“We have experienced

With modern decor, the use

ethical dentists who explain the

service consistently.” There are currently 2 full time

of the latest equipment & a

treatment options clearly and are

dentists at Riverview Dental

high level of service, it boasts

transparent with their explanation


facilities rivalling any private

of costs.

dental surgery. Many local dental

“Even though we are treating

Dr Edita Wallace & Dr Willis Kabambe & a patient-friendly

patients have welcomed a new

patients on the NHS we have

administrative team to help you

local surgery offering NHS &

set up a modern state of the art

break down the jargon & reassure

Private dentistry alike. This includes

surgery, fully compliant with the

anxious patients.

treatment ranging from pain relief

appropriate health and safety

to cosmetic treatment enhancing

and decontamination guidelines.

With help for all your dental

the appearance of your smile.

We have made the practice

needs call: 01342 823 004 Or

patient focused, which aims at

Dental Surgeries was established

making the dental experience

You are also welcome to visit any

in 1986. With years of experience

pleasant for all patients. Our

time and see us & the services &

& the latest training in Dentistry,

waiting rooms are designed to

facilities we provide.

Harunani & Co. Group of

Address: Unit 1 Riverview Business Park, Station Road, RH18 5DW 01342 823 004 October 2010 • East Grinstead Living • tel: 01342 L300152 tel: 01342 300152

East Grinstead Living tMay 2010

East Grinstead LIVING • 17

T:01342 410022

Do you suffer from Back pain? Headaches? Neck pain? Leg pain? Shoulder pain? Arm pain? Arthritis? We give effective, friendly care...

“My 18-month old baby had been in and out of hospitals, but after only one adjustment she could breath properly, stopped coughing and is eating solids again – first time in months!” S.A. “I had severe lower back pain for a year, which two other practitioners had not been able to resolve. After treatment with Dr Teresa White, I no longer have any lower back troubles!” J.P. Free Parking • Affordable Prices • Friendly Service Old Station House, London Road, East Grinstead, RH19 1ET

Tel: 01342 315298

Website: • tel: 01342 300152

East Grinstead Living • October 2010

18 • recipe

Pumpkin Pie It’s that wonderful time of year, as the evenings start to draw in, the air becomes crisper and the smell of bonfires catch us thinking about autumn. It’s time to celebrate the great harvests around us – we are surrounded by fantastic farms, all of whom grow amazing vegetables and fruits, and now is the time of the squash and pumpkin. This is a simple, but amazing tasting pie to set off a great roast dinner.

Ingredients »

1 Pumpkin or butternut squash (at least 1lb of flesh)

Shortcrust pastry: »

250g flour


125 butter


25g fine caster sugar

Filling: »

3 eggs


100g muscovado sugar


2 tablespoons plain flour


½ tsp of grated nutmeg


½ tsp ground ginger


½ tsp ground cinnamon

Method Preheat the oven to 180 degrees C or 350 farenheit. Peel, deseed and cut up the pumpkin and/or butternut squash and weigh out 1lb of the flesh. If you prefer you can roast the flesh as this caramalises the sugars and adds extra flavour to the pie. Pop it in for 20 – 30 minutes, take out and puree in blender. Sweet shortcrust pastry:You can buy it or quickly put it together with half fat to flour i.e. 250g flour, 125g butter, 25g fine caster sugar and 9 tablespoons of water. Put flour and butter in bowl and mix with your hands until it is like breadcrumbs, add the sugar and slowly add the water until it is the right consistency, roll it into a ball and cover with clingfilm and put it in the fridge – you will need approx 400 - 450g of chilled pastry The filling:Mix 3 eggs, 100g muscovado sugar, 2 tablespoons of plain flour, half teaspoon of grated nutmeg, ground ginger and ground cinnamon. Put the puree into the bowl and gently mix together and then slowly add the milk. Put aside.

The Dorset Arms By local author Bonx Trigwell

An entertaining blend of History and the Paranormal, fact and fiction, comedy and pathos. In telling the story of the eponymous East Grinstead ale-house over a 1419 year period, it revolves around the lives of five central real-life characters, all of whom had some close connection with the Dorset Arms. October 2010 • East Grinstead Living

Roll the pastry out large enough to fill a greased 23cm x 2.5cm dish. Gently lower the pastry into the dish, making sure it covers it well, then cut around the dish with a knife or pinch together with your fingers to give the pie a good finish. Pour filling into the pie, brush the pastry with some milk, this will give it a lovely brown colour. Pop it into the preheated oven 190 degrees C (375 farenheit) for 40-45 minutes, check half way through, if necessary put foil around the pastry edges (very hot use oven gloves). You are looking for the filling to set. Fabulous with cream and a dusting of icing sugar. Enjoy Kate & Rick Stuff2Eat Cookery School 07932 707138

“This is a great idea for a book, and it has many fine qualities: And overall, this is a good read, rich in both comedy and tragedy”.

Competition! Win 1 of 3 signed copies. To enter the competition simply answer this question: What was the family name of the Earl of Dorset? Email answers to:, post to: Dorset Arms Competition, 33 Morton Road, East Grinstead, West Sussex, RH19 4AF. Closing date: 31st Oct 2010 • tel: 01342 300152

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Granny s got

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East Grinstead Living • October 2010

20 • gardening East Grinstead tips LIVING

Gardening Tips for OCTOBER Article by Michael Dongray, Imberhorne Lane Nursery Proprietor


By mid October pick all tomatoes weather they are ripe or not. Towards the end of the month cut back Asparagus to the ground. Mulch to a depth of about 4 inches. Begin preparation of vegetable beds for the spring.



This month is a good time to plant strawberries for fruiting next year. Give a generous mulch to established fruit.


Continue to mow on a high setting when weather permits. Grass seed can still be sown this month.


Lift and store Begonias, Dahlia and Gladiolus. Continue planting Crocus, daffodils, hyacinths and other spring flowering bulbs.

Shrubs and Herbaceous

Continue planting this month. Large clumps of herbaceous can be lifted and divided.

Dead head where necessary. Cut back untidy growth. Leave main pruning until February. Clear up rose debris from the ground.

Imberhorne Lane nursery PLant Centre massIve

haLf PrICe or Less PLant CLearanCe saLe* Due to expansion through the winter months we need to clear some space.

All plants Half Price or less • Terracotta pots Half Price Garden Tools Half Price • Bargains all over the Nursery Shrubs, Bamboo, Conifers, Hedging, Herbaceous, Bananas, Palms, Rhododendrons, Camellias, Acers and much more. Open 7 days 9am to 4.45pm Access to Nursery via Amenity Site.

tel 01342 321175

Imberhorne Lane Nursery, Imberhorne Lane, East Grinstead, West Sussex, RH19 1TZ *Sale ends 31st 0ctober 2010

October 2010 • East Grinstead Living • tel: 01342 300152


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If you require a gardener for regular or occasional visits throughout the year CALL RICHARD

0777 942 9013 01342 313581 FULLY INSURED

Pete Payne

Gardener/Handyman Portfolio & references available

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22 • East Grinstead LIVING

Blinds & Curtains *Made to Measure*

Edward & Ellie the East Grinstead Elephants Welcome to another competition! The name of the game is to locate the 2 Ellies & 2 Edwards hidden on 4 pages in the magazine. One Lucky winner will receive a £10 voucher to an East Grinstead, independent high street shop of their choice. To enter let us know the page numbers, your name, address & phone number. ALL AGES WELCOME Send answers to: Email:, write to: East Grinstead Living Competition, 33 Morton Road, East Grinstead, West Sussex, RH19 4AF. Closing date: 30th Oct ’10.

October 2010 • East Grinstead Living


- Traditional

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Elizabeth Designs

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M. M. Roofing Contractor Specialists in:

Tiling - Slating - Flat Roofing Lead Work & Lead Welding "I have employed Matt over the past year on several different small construction projects. He has very good experience in all areas of roofing. I have found his work to be of the highest standard and have found Matt to be hardworking and a pleasure to deal with" Steve Huxley, ILEX (Quality Oak Buildings, Chartered Landscape Architects)


07834 917444 TELEPHONE: 01342 301972 EMAIL:

Quinn Electrical Services Your Local Electrician House Rewire Specialists

Lighting – Sockets – Fuseboards - Testing Over 15 Years Experience in both Domestic & Commercial o City & Guilds Qualified Part P Domestic Installer o Helpful Advice References Available o All work Guaranteed

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24 • Article

East Grinstead Town Football Club

East Grinstead Town FC was formed as far back as 1890 and are now one of the biggest sporting organisations in the area, offering football to the community from the age of six upwards. Until the mid-sixties the club was based at West Street where they shared the ground with East Grinstead’s cricketers. Founder members of the Sussex County League, the club’s halcyon days were after the war when crowds of over 2,000 regularly watched matches. The cricket club turfed their tenants off in 1963 and the club spent five seasons at King Georges Field before they moved to their current home at East Court, which has been their base since 1968. The club’s best ever league finish came in 1973 when they finished third in the County League but fortunes dipped after that and they dropped into the second division for the first time in their history in 1979. Since then the club have only spent seven seasons in division one but after winning a relegation battle last season they feel ready to establish themselves at this level and perhaps push on up the non-league football pyramid in future. During the last decade the club have undertaken a staged October 2010 • East Grinstead Living

development of their facilities, starting with the installation of floodlights. Improvements to the drainage followed and then the club embarked on an ambitious programme which has left the club with arguably the best ground in the division. There is seated accommodation for more than 100 spectators as well as covered standing accommodation and hardstanding around the pitch. On the field, extensive irrigation and drainage work means the club now boast one of the best playing surfaces in Sussex. Last summer the club signed a three-year ground sponsorship deal with GAC Logistics and East Court was re-named the GAC Stadium. GAC Logistics are joint main sponsors with the Rydon Group, who have been supporting the club for 20 years. The club is a registered Community Amateur Sports Club and an FA Standard Chartered Development Club. with FA qualified coaches. It runs youth teams from under7s to under-18s as well as four senior teams.

They are always looking for new players at any age group and further details can be found on the club’s website • tel: 01342 300152



When: Saturday 6th November Where: GAC Stadium, East Court, Holtye Road,

Gates Open: 6.15pm, Firework Display: 7.45pm Ticket Prices: Family £15 (2 adults + 2 children under 16), Adults £7, Children £3 East Grinstead Town Football Club are once again staging the town’s biggest and best fireworks spectacular on Saturday November 6th. This year’s event will be the best ever with a professional fireworks display set to music by Blockbusters Fireworks with a spectacular finale. Food stalls will be open all evening. The club’s tea bar in the main stand will be selling coffees, soups, burgers, chips, cold drinks and sweets. There will be increased security to ensure that the display starts on time at 7.45pm.

We look forward to welcoming you to East Court again this year for another not-to-bemissed fireworks night.

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A.S Tiling Quality floor and wall tiling

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Bob Stone Family Business

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• Tacking • Dry lining • Float and set • Rendering • 15 Years Experience

Fast, reliable, quality service For free quotes or advice Tel.01342 323425 Mob.07798664293 • tel: 01342 300152

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26 • puzzles

Trivia & Sudoku Quick Quiz

1: Fawlty Towers was supposedly set in which seaside town? 2: In ‘The Hound of the Baskervilles’, what substance made the hound look ghostly? 3: “The Lord of the Rings” was written as a sequel to which book?

Can you score 10/10?

4: What is the world’s largest island? 5: “Marty McFly” the famous movie character was played by which actor? 6: Which famous spy novelist wrote the children’s story Chitty Chitty Bang Bang? 7: If Liverpool won in 2006, and Chelsea won in 2007, who won in 2008? 8: Who is the only Oscar winning actress to have played a Bond girl in an official James Bond film? 9: In which film is it first revealed that Darth Vader is Luke Skywalker’s father? 10: Who did Rocky fight for the title in the original film?

Quotes to ponder

Answers to Quick Quiz on page 31

Politics is more dangerous than war, for in war you are only killed once. Winston Churchill What is a cynic? A man who knows the price of everything and the value of nothing. Oscar Wilde All the world’s a stage, And all the men and women merely players. They have their exits and their entrances, And one man in his time plays many parts. William Shakespeare

October 2010 • East Grinstead Living • tel: 01342 300152

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John Bloom Your local plumber

AI PLUMBING & HEATING 01342 327218 ADAM MARLOW : 07886 519342 IAN PRADO : 07727 140525 -Bathrooms -Oil & Gas -Boilers -Unvented Systems -Heating -Design

-24 hour Call Out -All plumbing works -Fully Insured -Free Quotations -Contract work undertaken

Gas Safe number: 307360

Gary Spurle

Bathrooms & heating For all your plumbing & heating needs

Installation of Heating Systems • Power Flushing • Bathroom Design & Installation • Boiler Servicing & Replacement • And more. Local in area since 1996

all work Fully guaranteed & insured Many references from local work completed

Fully Qualified in all aspects reliable, helpful & Friendly Call for a free quote:

01342 326499 or 07885 640508

For all your domestic plumbing needs Bathrooms installed Clean and reliable City & Guilds qualified Tel: 01342 824905 Mob: 0774 369 2785 Need a reliable plumber or a new boiler installing? Then give me a call!!

I am a qualified plumber local to East Grinstead. My work is of a high standard and is competitively priced Work undertaken includes: • Boiler Installations • Bathroom Installations • Central Heating Systems • Power Flushing (to improve central heating

efficiency, save money, & avoid boiler problems)

• Extra Radiators • Leak Repair • Etc... Fully insured All workmanship guaranteed

Call James Lowe of Lowe Plumbing 01342 822214 or 07710 172 825 Email: • tel: 01342 300152

East Grinstead Living • October 2010

28 • East Grinstead LIVING

The People in our Community This month we interview

Hannah Kester

Centre Manager, Chequer Mead

What do you like most about what you do? Working with such a variety of people and groups and no two days are the same. What do you like least about what you do? Some of the big egos that come with people who work in the arts! What’s the highlight of the year so far?

Grounds & Property Maintenance

Window Cleaning

Pure water pole system Once a month or once every two months Fully insured

01342 302844 or 07881848596

Becoming centre manager of Chequer Mead. Favourite play/musical/show of all time? Favourite play is Peter Shaffer’s ‘The Royal Hunt of the Sun’, - favourite musical is ‘Les Miserables’ Why did you decide to work in this area of the community? To encourage people, particularly young people to become involved in the arts and their community. What’s the best thing about living in this area? Friendly people and half way between the sea and London To those who are not theatre-goers, what would you tell them to inspire them to change their minds & see a show at Chequer Mead? You will be surprised – in a good way! Our programme is developing all the time with mainstream award winning shows, musicians and artists – a value for money night out on people’s doorsteps. From a West End transfer of The Vagina Monolgues last year, to last weeks sell out The Full Monty to an exhibition on tattooing with Seven Sins Tattoo Studio next year, we are not what people expect! What’s the most annoying expression? ‘I just didn’t see you there’, - as a biker, often heard from careless car drivers who pull out in front of you! What’s your favourite song? ‘Blink’ - Ben Onono What’s your favourite film? The Godfather. Who or what is biggest inspiration in your work? The venues, organisations and individuals I work with – arts funding for many others is at an all time low and yet the UK arts scene is recognised as one of the most vibrant and envied in the world because of the passion and dedication of those involved – I think that is something truly to be proud of and valued.

October 2010 • East Grinstead Living • tel: 01342 300152

East Grinstead LIVING • 29 Design your own door online and receive a large discount

10 Year Guarantee • Choice of Colours & Glass Designs Yale Security Locking • Made to Measure • Fitted Within 14 Days (subject to survey) All Sussex Doors come with anti lock bumping technology as standard


0808 1081666

See our large selection of doors at our showroom: 35 Queen Street, Horsham, West Sussex, RH13 5AA

SussexDoors-New-July2010.indd 1 • tel: 01342 300152

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30 • Charity

The Swan, Lewes Rd, Forest Row, East Sussex, RH18 5ER Proud Sponsors of this Charity Page

Operation Christmas Child Operation Christmas Child celebrates its 20th Year this year. Back in 1990 a group of people got together to send aid in the form of a simple gift filled shoebox to children affected by the Chernobyl Disaster. The Shoebox Appeal, since then, has gone from strength to strength bringing Christmas cheer to children who are victims of war, poverty, persecution, famine, disease and natural disaster. In the UK alone last year over 1.9 million shoeboxes packed full of gifts and goodies were wrapped, packed and sent to children in disadvantaged situations by children and adults in the UK. These shoe boxes contained small gifts which we, in this country, take for granted. Soap, for example, is often too expensive for them to buy and in some remote regions impossible to obtain and many children in Eastern Europe can only attend school if they can supply their own paper, pens and pencils. Once again in 2009 the residents of East Grinstead rose to the challenge and over 1000 boxes were collected from churches, schools, playgroups, youth organisations and individuals in the area. From there they were taken to the local warehouse in Horsham where they were packed in to cartons and subsequently sent to the Ukraine and several other Eastern European Countries. Again we are asking you the residents of East Grinstead and nearby, if you will help us to ease the suffering of some of these children by wrapping a medium sized shoebox with some bright and colourful wrapping paper and then filling it with a variety of small inexpensive items

from each of the following categories – Hygiene – soap/flannel/toothbrush/paste /comb/ hair ties Stationery – notebooks/paper/pens/pencils/ colouring pens or felt tips Toy – tennis ball/jigsaw puzzle/yoyo/dominoes/ cards/car/game/ ball/skipping rope/soft toy Other Items – hat/gloves/scarf/sweets (no chocolate) The gift filled box should then be taken along to your nearest drop off point between the 1st and 18th November together with a donation of £2.50 to cover the transportation. Further information and details of local drop off points can be found by login on to www. or by calling either the helpline on 0870 011 2002 or local contact on 07763 944914. Please help us put a smile on the face of a child in Eastern Europe this Christmas. Thank you. Deborah Bailey Operation Christmas Child

“A Superb range of food & drinks from mountains around the world in a relaxed atmosphere”

01342 822318

Phone 01342 328080 or email: for information about using this page. October 2010 • East Grinstead Living • tel: 01342 300152

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WINDOW CLEANING Answers to Higher Standards, Lower Prices Quick Quiz Fully Insured Domestic & Commercial Phil & Becky Brown

07909 094 037 ATTENTION!!!

Do you want to make lasting life changes...FAST

1: 2: 3: 4: 5: 6: 1: 1: 2: 3:

Torquay Phosphorous The Hobbit Greenland Michael J Fox Ian Fleming Portsmouth (FA Cup) Halle Berry The Empire Strikes Back Apollo Creed

Day Nursery & Pre-school

Call me now!

JANE BOORER 07877 338073

The next best place to home North End School, London Road, East Grinstead, RH19 1QQ

Call 01342 302300


East Grinstead Living • October 2010

32 • whats on

What’s On

– October 2010

Tuesday 12th October 2010 In aid of Elizabeth Finn Care and Turn2us. Over 55 stalls, plus ‘The Beauty Box’ and café. Fee: £4, including raffle ticket 10am to 4pm. South of England Showground, Selsfield Road, Ardingly, RH17 6TL. Tel: 01342 850474 Friday 15th October 2010 Artists in action @ Casablanca ‘Singers in action’, 7 – 11:15pm These evenings are made up of the performers that show up! 3rd Friday of the month Singers in action. Folk singers night, acapella, choral, barbershop, traditional, light opera, musical. Casablanca, The Old Bank, 1 Middle Row, East Grinstead

folk, jazz, flamenco, fiddlers, keyboarders, penny whistlers, guitarists, sqeeze box players, accordion players, brass, hand drumming. Casablanca, The Old Bank, 1 Middle Row, East Grinstead Monday 25th October 2010 ‘The Big Draw” East Grinstead Museum 10:30am3pm. Come and draw a self portrait to make a collage of East Grinstead children to display in the Museum. Suitable for 5 year olds and upwards. Cost £1 per child. No need to book, just drop in. www. Halloween ‘Make & Take’ Children’s Crafts Come to Standen for more children’s crafts, with a distinctly spooky theme. 11 – 3:30pm, Child £2

Friday 15th October 2010

Saturday 23 October 2010 to Sunday 31 October

43rd Annual General Meeting 7:30 – 9:30pm Followed by a talk by a councillor. The Society maintains an annual schedule of events, supports particular projects and awards prizes to schoolchildren. All are to stimulate awareness of quality of life in the town and our distinctive heritage and culture. The Main Hall, East Court. Non-members, including potential joiners, are most welcome, £1.50 entry

A Spooktakular! week of ghastly ghouls and wicked witches. Borde Hill Gardens, Balcombe Road, RH16 1XP Tel: 01444-450326

Sunday, 17th October Come and discover the art of looking for signs of wildlife within suburban Sussex. Search for the tracks, and other clues that animals leave behind in ancient woodland and meadows. Blunts Wood Crescent car park, Haywards Heath. Sorry no dogs. Contact on the day 07793 658694. Donations appreciated. Booking essential please ring Philip Haskell on 01444 414381 (evenings) Monday 18th October 2010 Springtime in South Africa a lecture, 7:45-9:15pm EAST GRINSTEAD NATURAL HISTORY SOCIETY Meetings take place at the small Parish Hall, De La Warr Rd. Guest Speaker: Dr Peter Brandham from Kew gardens. Non members welcome £2.50 adults 50p children refreshments included. Thursday 21st October 2010 Quiz in aid of East Grinstead Museum, 7:30pm – 10pm. Held at Moat Road United Reformed Church Hall starting at 7.30pm. £8.00 entrance charge will include a glass of wine and a ploughman’s supper. Tickets available from the Museum. Friday 22 October Artists in action @ Casablanca “Musicians in action” 7-11:15pm. These evenings are made up of the performers that show up! 4th Friday of the month Musicians in action. Music of any flavour, classical, October 2010 • East Grinstead Living

Wednesday 27 October Fungi Identification Day. Why not have a fun forage on the Forest and bring your findings to the Forest Centre for identification! 11am – 4pm, The Ashdown Forest Centre, Wych Cross, Forest Row, RH18 5JP Friday 5th November 2010 The Friend’s of EG Museum meet at East Court at 8.00pm – 10pm for a talk by Michael Leppard, ‘ O Rare Old Grinstead III’. Doors open from 7.30 pm. No charge for members, £2.50 for non-members.

EAST GRINSTEAD TOWN FC ANNUAL FIREWORKS DISPLAY 2010 When: Saturday 6th November 2010 Where: GAC Stadium, East Court, Holtye Road, Gates Open: 6.15pm, Firework Display: 7.45pm Ticket Prices: Family £15 (2 adults + 2 children under 16), Adults £7, Children £3. EAST Grinstead Town Football Club are once again staging the town’s biggest and best fireworks spectacular on Saturday November 6th. This year’s event will be the best ever with a professional fireworks display set to music by Blockbusters Fireworks with a spectacular finale. Food stalls will be open all evening. The club’s tea bar in the main stand will be selling coffees, soups, burgers, chips, cold drinks and sweets. There will be increased security to ensure that the display starts on time at 7.45pm. We look forward to welcoming you to East Court again this year for another not-to-be-missed fireworks night. • tel: 01342 300152

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Classic Cars and Bikes Mobility Scooters Weekend Tel 01342

All Gardening Work Undertaken Friendly Reliable Service Free Quotes Fully Insured

07717 723455 01293 405962


Guitar Lessons All abilities and styles - electric, classical and acoustic. Music theory also taught.

Call Lorentz:

01342 824905 07851 077509


PAINTERS AND DECORATORS Interiors, Exteriors, 25 Yrs Experience For a free quote tel Mark: 07986762316 10% DISCOUNT WITH THIS ADVERT

Sales Person Wanted Due to expansion we are looking for a sales person full or part-time. Please register your interest by emailing: • tel: 01342 300152

East Grinstead Living • October 2010

34 •• WHATS index ON 34

Index Art

- Support Local Business Michael Wall 15

MM Walker

Objet D’art 19

Atlas Profilax

Home Maintenance 33




FootLady 11

Absolutely Kitchens

Garden Services/Centres

Life Coaching

Muse Makeup


Diana Beauty 13



Imberhorne Lane Nursery


Amethyst 31

Electrolysis 35

EG Lawns



Blinds & Curtains

Alex Veniziani 33

Butterflies & Bows

JH Vartan


Pest Control

Café/Function Venue/



APM 31


Pete Payne



Riverview café 33





Champion Photographic

LA Beauty

Elizabeth Designs





The Swan, Mountain Range

RGH Garden Maintenance

Restaurant 30

Glass & Doors

Studio 17

Yew Lodge 7

Sussex Doors/Horsham Glass 29

Satellite, Aerial Specialists

Cleaning Services

Hair Care


Blue Ribbon Cleaning 35

Roots Hair Studio 17

Schools/Nursery Schools/

Window Cleaning 31

Home Maintenance Services

Performing Arts Schools

Supreme Oven Cleaning 14

Mid Sussex Timber


Fonthill Lodge 9

Clothes & Shoe Shops

Quinn Electrical Services


Shining Stars Child care 31

Private Collection 15

AI Plumbing


Drama Classes 11

Computer/Website Design

Ron West, Handyman 35

Fledglings 31


James Lowe Plumbing


Transport Services

Willis IT Services 31

Beeches Builders Ltd.


GB Executive Travel 14




Hoocan IT Services 35

Allzones Roofing & Building

Amber Computer Services 35

John Bloom Plumbing


& Heating

Riverview Dental Centre 16

Gary Spurle Bathroom


& Heating


Affordable Wedding Cars 11

Wiltshire Farm Food 19

MM Roofing Contractor




MRM Plastering


Rachel Ricketts Weightloss 36

Health to Optimum 13

R. Stone


Window Services

Marcus Woodman 35

AS Tiling


As Good As New 7

Family Chiropractic Clinic 17

MDH Painters & Decorators 33

Useful Numbers

East Grinstead Living: BT Fault line: Chequer Mead Box Office: Citizen’s Advice Bureau: East Grinstead Learning Centre: East Grinstead Library: East Grinstead Sports Club: East Grinstead Town Council: East Grinstead Visitor Information: Electricity & Gas Emergency: Help Point at the Library: Olympos, East Grinstead : Local Police:

01342 300152 0800 800151 01324 302000 0844 477117 01342 321874 01342 410050 01342 321210 01342 323636 01342 410121 0800 7838866 01342 300780 01342 328616 0845 607 0999

Mathsjogs 27


DWS 35

Local Post Office: Meridian FM Office: Mid Sussex County Council: Police Station at East Court: Princess Royal Hospital: Queen Victoria Hospital: Royal Mail, East Grinstead: Scott Cinema: Samaritans: Taxi: Water Emergency: WSCC Area Highways: EG Volunteer Point

July July 2010 October 2010 • 2010 • East East•Grinstead Grinstead East Grinstead Living LivingLiving •• tel: tel:•01342 01342 tel: 01342 300152 300152 300152


Guitar Lessons 33

01342 321969 01342 325825 01444 458166 0845 6070999 01444 441881 01342 414000 01342 324585 0871 2303200 0845 7909090 01342 324444 0800 028 3399 01243 642105 01342 328080

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Flowers, Balloons & Decorations For All Occasions & All Venues

If you need help with facial hair I am a mature therapist with 20 years experience

Beautiful, Affordable Fresh & Silk Flower Arrangements and Bouquets Inspiring Helium & Air Balloon Displays Elegant Table Centrepieces and Table Decorations Imaginative Decorations, Drapes & Swags for Walls, Ceilings & Chairs Marquees, Disco, Cakes, Catering, Stationery also Available Personal, Reliable Service, Competitive Prices

For a free consultation Ring Helen on 01342 312433

Annabel Grange Tel: 01342 892392 / 07717 527923


Low-cost, Professional

Handyman n Regular domestic cleaning and ironing n One-off cleans n Fully insured n References available n Excellent customer service

t: 01342 776343 m: 07702 793623

Other beauty treatments available


Painting & decorating, tiling, brick walls, patios, plastering, rendering, repointing, carpentry & general repairs Fully Insured References Available OAP Discounts

Call Ron today:

Mobile Massage Therapist Marcus Woodman

Providing a range of holistic treatments at your convenience.

Sports Massage ● Indian Head Massage ● Reiki Swedish Massage ● Thai Foot Massage For more information please contact me -

07545 501 441

01825 791147 or 07940 870805

For all your home computing needs Onsite and Remote computer services Low Cost annual support packages

Tel. 01342 716 045 Mob. 07528 283 459 • tel: 01342 300152

East Grinstead Living • October 2010

Hate being overweight? Before

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