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Covering: Nutley, Forest Row, Danehill, Chelwood Gate, Lindfield, Crowborough (West), Groombridge, Ashurst, Coleman’s Hatch, Fletching, Hartfield, Upper Hartfield, Frant, Sheffield Green, Hadlow Down, Wivlesfield, Maresfield and other places in & around the Ashdown Forest Area

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Christmas Season at Mid-Sussex Timber AEG 18V Combi Drill & Drill Driver

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T: 01342 822191

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Station Road, RH18 5EL

Railway Approach, RH19 1BY

mstc-Nov10-HandbookAd.indd 1 November 2010 • Ashdown Forest Living

College Road, RH16 1QW • tel: 01342 300152


Ballards Yard, Park Road, TN6 2QS

T: 01892 652725

05/10/2010 12:31:22

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Testimonial: “Allzones have now skillfully performed 3 build contracts for me over the last few years; covering a range of activities from roofing/hanging tiles/guttering to outdoor landscaping, log cabin erection, building a bridge and interior refurbishment including flooring. They are certainly very experienced, know what they’re doing, are excellent trouble shooters and won’t cut corners. Not only that: they are clean, tidy, polite and reasonably priced. They respect your home, have good attention to detail and provide a good standard of finish. I have no hesitation in recommending them and will be inviting them back next year to do the final stage of my restoration work.” Dr. C. A. Scott Forest Row

Dear Sir/Madam, We are a professional family business with 40 years experience. Our services are cost-effective with references. Our Roofing Services • Roof tiling works, renew/repair • Flat roofing works, renew/repair • Sheet roofing, renew/repair • Chimney repair/remove/rebuild • Guttering replacement/Fascias Our Building Services • Carpentry • Brickwork • Plumbing • Painting & Decorating • Plastering • Electrics

07851 421104 • tel: 01342 300152

01342 315250

Ashdown Forest Living • November 2010

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Dear Residents


Welcome to the November Edition of the Ashdown Forest Living.

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Besides Winnie-the-pooh, there are some other famous past residents related to the Ashdown Forest one of whom is Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, we are lucky to have been provided with an article about his life in this area. Local company, stuff 2 eat, has provided another mouthwatering recipe to suit the shorter, colder days. A new feature from The Ashdown Forest Rangers brings us news of the forest and the seasonal work being carried out. Please keep your events coming in. Thank you for all the feedback we’ve had so far we’re glad you’re finding the publication interesting & useful. For all charities and community groups that need promotion please drop us a line so we can assist. On that note, the charity “Open Hands” featured last month was very happy with the feedback to their article so thank you to everyone who got in touch with them.

This publication uses vegetable based inks on chlorine free paper

All the best, Tally & Chris Ashdown Forest Living

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e, Ashurst, h (West), Groombridg Gate, Lindfield, Crowboroug Wivlesfield, Maresfield Row, Danehill, Chelwood Frant, Sheffield Green, Hadlow Down, Covering: Nutley, Forest Upper Hartfield, Forest Area Fletching, Hartfield, & around the Ashdown Coleman’s Hatch, and other places in

es in the area residents to business ity magazine linking A Local commun

Delivered to towns in and around the Ashdown Forest including: Nutley, Forest Row, Danehill, Chelwood Gate, Lindfield, Crowborough (West), Groombridge, Ashurst, Coleman’s Hatch, Fletching, Hartfield, Upper Hartfield, Frant, Sheffield Green, Hadlow Down, Wivlesfield, Maresfield and other places in & around the Ashdown Forest Area

“I have had some great responses from the Ashdown Forest Living in the last couple of months and I am very happily going to carry on advertising. Also the quality of clients that have come my way are genuine, honest people who don’t mess you about” Diana’s Beauty Secrets

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Ashdown Forest Living Notice: Ashdown Forest Living prints various articles, features, and advertisements. Although these appear in Ashodown Forest Living, any opinions expressed are the opinion of the author, these are not necessarily the opinion of the publisher.

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“Not advertising is like winking at a girl in the dark. Only you know what you’re doing.” Advertising


Ashdown Forest Living

Our results speak for themselves:

agazine ave a m ple ful to h ound peo “Wonder ar y tl ec dir st. It centred own Fore d sh of A am who love eady stre my ght a st has brou ic customers to st ow enthusia t of whom I kn os orth door, m more. W e r fo ck iv will be ba ment for effect st the inve ing”. advertis t”


urray/ Juliet M

“Having done lots of advertising in various regio nal publications since launching our domestic cleaning business some 4 years ago, I can honestly say that this has produced some of the best responses from a very wide ranging area. I’ll defin itely advertise in it again”. Laura Cotterill, owner of The Clean Machine

“I have had some great responses from the Ashdown Forest Living in the last couple of months. And I am very happily going to carry on advertising there again. The peo ple that call me are seriou s and genuine people themselves and don’t mess you about, they me an business and are honest and straight forward. Thank you for your help.” Diana’s Beauty Sec ret

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Ashdown Forest Living • November 2010

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Ashdown Forest


HeartSong Acappella Choir & Singing Workshops With Delia Rosenboom NVPN In Forest Row, RH18

HeartSong Choir Concert Wed. 1st Dec, 8-9.30pm

Hear the choir share uplifting harmonies & lively rhythms. Also food & drink, & singing together. All welcome. Lots of fun! No cost.

HeartSong Singing Workshops These run monthly with various themes.

Further details: 01342 825031 or

African, Israeli, European songs, Gospels, Taize chants. Uplifting harmonies. Lively rhythms. All taught by ear. Lots of fun! All welcome.


When I tell people that I am a Ranger on Ashdown Forest they1.75 say “What an amazing miles/3km job, you are lucky!” They are right of course the forest Linton’s carand parkI cross the road (with care) in is anFrom amazing place car park (summer am lucky to work here.only). Walk out of the rear past a s

a grass pathisand in about 50m turn left onto a ride. Re This time of year so special; the rich colours, the ride, ignoring another that b this autumn gently descending fungi, the lingering views across right, for about 400m. the Weald to the Downs and the rutting deer… On both left and right are linear quarries,

As Rangers we have a responsibility to make sure our filled out withtoscrub and trees. Such worknow is carried the highest standard. The work quarries dot and the Forest landscape and we do is seasonal from the end of September the winter conservation involves cutting provided stone forwork roads.starts. This Typical heathland areas of heathland whichstonechat, is being invaded birds such as nightjar, tree pipit by birch scrub, mowing areas of gorse which competing and woodlark usually breed in this areaisand with heather and removing tree stumps to allow the the ride edges in particular are one of the tractors to mow bracken in the summer.

best places on the Forest (indeed in Sussex)

At this time of year woodland management is done to see, in May, thewho yellow of to the cut and by the commoners areflowers entitled spiny shrub, petty takesmall two cords of wood offwhin. the forest as part of their ancient right of estovers.

While theride rangers onright the forest in their easily The bearsare left,out then through a break in the qu recognisable vehicles they are for in radio with drive and continues descending 400mcontact to a metalled the office run by Ros and Tracy. It is a hive of activity in Lane) . On thestream left is of a bowling green and ahead there, with a constant visitors with requests for riding permits, permits,of bookings for school cricket pitch wood and pavilion Coleman’s Hatch Crick groups to use the Forest Centre and reports of lost dogs ,sheep worrying, fallen trees, deer in swimming pools and forest fires. The administration of the forest is a huge task and falls mainly on their shoulders. So if you ever need us call Tracy on 01342 823583 (office hours) or the Duty Ranger on 01342 822846 (24hr emergency) and we will assist you. And then there are the visitors to the forest. 1.5 million of you every year, so we have to make sure the car parks are serviceable and clear of litter and the footpaths, rides, bridges and picnic areas are all maintained. We also provide some excellent free walks leaflets and maps of the forest which are available in our Information Barn open in the afternoons and at week ends from 11am. The Barn is staffed by our loyal volunteers some of whom have served the forest for 20 years. There is a lot to learn about the forest; the ecology and conservation, landscape history and archaeology. So the next time you are walking on the forest and you want to know more come and see us at the Forest Centre or visit our website and you can even follow us on twitter ! We hope to see you on the forest. Mike Yates, North Chase Ranger, Ashdown Forest November 2010 • Ashdown Forest Living • tel: 01342 300152

Ashdown Forest LIVING • • tel: 01342 300152

Ashdown Forest Living • November 2010

 • Article

Is Vibration Training the fitness short-cut of the century?

Can’t find the time or bear the thought of battling the cold to get to the gym? Thankfully there’s an alternative. Michael Wall of Hire Fitness based near Ashdown Forest brings the gym to you. Hire Fitness is Europe’s largest equipment provider with the very latest and most popular fitness



straight to your home. Their most popular model, the Ultim8 Vibration plate, deceptively



easiest to use apparently exerting the least of your effort. A feat of modern engineering vibration plates are



machines that vibrate at certain frequencies (normally between 30 and 50Hz). The user can perform a variety of exercises on the vibrating plate. It is claimed that a minute of this is equal to 100 sit ups and that 20 minutes is equivalent to a full work out. I have also read that it can slow the ageing process…

3mm with every vibration, no jumping around, swinging about,


etc. With



Pro Plate, I felt in much better shape with noticeable


improvement in the toning of




vibration training uses nearly

my tummy, bottom and legs. I


haven’t felt so good for as long


strengthens means



muscle leaner,

mass tighter

body that burns fat quicker. The



as I can remember. Thank you so much!!” Julie from Thakeham, West

causes your muscles to tense


and relax up to 50 times a

In addition Michael also hires and sell treadmills, cross trainers bike and rowers.

second. Studies




vibration training stimulates the




and also has positive effects on




density, the nervous system and



For more information about hiring the Ultim8 and other fitness equipment call Michael on 0845 094 2292 or 07932 139386 or email Websites: www. &

Apparently Madonna is a big fan of vibration fitness, among others. There








medical world that using various types of vibration machines can help with the treatment of cerebral palsy, osteoporosis, chronic pain

Most of the exercises involve Michael is happy to bring

the machine for between


30 and 60 seconds while the

demonstration so you can

plate moves up and down

“see it in the flesh”.

November 2010 • Ashdown Forest Living

“After 12 weeks use of the

training only 40-60% of the

and back injuries. simply holding a pose on

Ultim8 client testimonial:





Win an “Ultim8” vibration plate from hire fitness for 4 weeks! For the chance of winning simply answer this question:

What is the name of the company that provides the Ultim8?

Email: or write to: Ultim8 Competition, 33 Morton Road, East Grinstead, West Sussex, RH19 4AF. Send answers with name, address & phone number. Closing date: 22nd Nov 2010. • tel: 01342 300152

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GET FIT IN THE COMFORT OF YOUR OWN HOME Michael Wall, established his Hire Fitness business 3 years ago & has built up a large portfolio of clients hiring & selling fitness equipment for use in the home He also supplies commercial equipment to gyms, offices, salons and studios. People are increasingly choosing to hire in their homes for many reasons, most often for convenience & lack of time or inclination to go the gym. Parents can also look after their children whilst they exercise at home. All Hire Fitness models are of the highest quality, robust, good looking, with excellent computer functions. There is a hire- to- buy scheme where clients can try a machine prior to making a purchase. The Power Plate is his most popular model, it can burn 350 calories in 10 minutes. Other benefits include cellulite busting, improved blood circulation, stronger bones but most of all – improved toning.

Call Michael at Hire Fitness on 0845 094 2292 or 07932 139386 or email on “Before I contacted Hire Fitness, I was not feeling good about myself, and was rather overweight. I am really busy and don’t have time to go to the gym. I hired 3 pieces of equipment for 3 months and Michael kindly threw in the rower for free. It has been hard work but really satisfying to lose weight and to have a new outlook on life. Even my wife says that she quite fancies me, so that can’t be bad! Thank you Hire Fitness.” Jamie, Sussex • tel: 01342 300152

Ashdown Forest Living • November 2010

10 • Article

Look Younger – Naturally Boost your self-confidence with a natural, more youthful look. As we age, gravity and exposure to the elements make our skin become looser, less elastic and more prone to lines, wrinkles, slackening facial muscle tone and sagging around the jaw and eyelids. A very relaxing facial rejuvenation technique using the Cyma 1000™ concentrates on the eyelids, cell regeneration, connective tissue enhancement, collagen improvement, optimizing facial muscle tone and general skin enhancement. This is achieved with the application of combined sound and magnetic waves delivered directly to the skin. It is a completely pain free, relaxing experience. Your body is an extraordinary and dynamic energy system. Scientist Dr Peter Guy Manners pointed out: “Every cell within the body gives a sound. Cells can be altered, activated and stimulated by sound.” Cyma Technologies developed the Cyma 1000™, a technologically advanced tool, which is officially approved by the United States FDA. Vanessa Karl of Natural Facial Rejuvenation uses the Cyma 1000™ to provide non-surgical face-lifts to her clients. No complications, no recovery time - just a firm, attractive, toned and relaxed appearance. Here is a testimonial from a client:

“Dear Vanessa, I loved the face treatment and the first knee you treated has stayed painfree. I am very glad to recommend to others - Rosemary” The Cyma 1000™ is effective both for simple procedures – such as natural face lifts (facial rejuvenation) aches, pains and muscular conditions, such as sports injuries – and for much more complex issues such as fibromyalgia, dupuytren’s, eye support, digestive disorders, arthritis, immune system support and so on. Vanessa Karl of Natural Facial Rejuvenation has been using the Cyma 1000™ for over 3 years at November 2010 • Ashdown Forest Living

her practice in Forest Row. She tells us:

“I first encountered Cymatherapy® when my 6 year old daughter had an accident and had deep facial trauma cutting through to her bone. A friend introduced me to the Cyma 1000™ to help heal my daughter’s wound. After 4 weeks of treatment we noticed that the scar tissue had diminished considerably and her scar is now hardly noticeable. I was very impressed with the results and that prompted me to discover what else the Cyma 1000™ could do!” For more information about what the Cyma 1000™ can do for you call Vanessa Karl on: Tel: 01342 824933 Email:


Why wait for the signs of ageing to affect your appearance?  Defy Gravity and the Ageing Process!  Natural FDA Approved Therapy from USA .

 No Needles, No Pain, No Scars, No Chemicals.  Safe, Effective Treatment.



Contact Natural Facial Rejuvenation Call 01342 824933 Email • tel: 01342 300152

MJ REFLEXOLGY moves to Crowborough to Touch modern UniSEX HairdrESSing Salon tackle and BEaUTy stress.

which in turn is linked to the internal organs Ashdown Forest LIVING • 11 and glands. On the first visit she will have a preliminary talk with you to determine your The present and past health and lifestyle. Using her hands to apply pressure to your feet, the Michelle Jones application and the effect of the therapy are (BSYA) Ad. Reflex is unique to each person. known as one of She can detect subtle changes in specific points Sussex and Kent’s on the feet, and working on these points may most prominent affect the corresponding organ or system of the Reflexologists who body. Each treatment usually lasts between 45 Michelle Jones has just moved minutes one hour. A course of treatment may Who are we? into Crowborough. Qualified with the British be recommended depending on your body’s Top Unisex London Hair Stylists & Colourists School Yoga (Diploma & Advanced Diploma needs. andof 5 star Beauty Therapist. with distinction) and the Carlton Institute of If you would like to treat yourself or someone What do weTherapy offer & Why are wewith special? Beauty (Diploma distinction), she you know to a reflexology treatment or any of Fordelivering Hair is renowned for high quality, bespoke the other treatements available, call Michelle therapeutic services. She also specialise in on 01892 660 007 or mobile: 07544 708961 and Fabulous hairstyling with consultation to establish your individual style. Indian Head Massage, Body Massage & Hot ease the stress out of your life. Fibreceuticals - transforms thin or damaged hair into a Stones, Facial Treatments & Spray tan. thick glossy mane. Michelle Jones (BSYA) Ad. Reflex The Brazilian Blow Dry - A revolutionary Michelle continues to help thetreatment people toof Sussex Qualified & Professional Reflexologist Smooth and Sleek hair, De-frizzes hair for up to 4 months. and Kent by reducing stress, relaxing bodies and Organic Hair Colouring with No Nasty Chemicals improving overall well-being. She now has a For atBeauty therapy room her home in Crowborough and has been helping people with their All Natural Beauty Treatments: Facials, aches, Massage, Hot Stone Massage, Tanning, Waxing, pains through Reflexology for over 2 Specialising in: Manicures, Pedicures, Day Packages & more with a years. Beauty Therapist of over 20 years, 5 star experience.


Michelle said “People in the Tunbridge Wells And for Christmas? & surrounding areas area are increasingly The perfect Christmas Gifttreatments for ladies: for longlooking to alternative Vouchers and Packages. Call or visit for more details. term problems such as back pain, migraine, sciatica & digestive disorders. Reflexology has Address: The Finishing Touch Hair Salon & Beauty been proven as aCourt, way toLewes relieve the impact of Retreat, 2 Ashdown Court, stress, Forest muscular migraines, improve Rowpains RH18 & 5EZ circulation, digestion hormonal imbalances, Telephone: 01342&826005 as well as many other common discomforts.” Website coming soon!!! Reflexology is excercised throughout history around the globe from ancient Egypt, China Anyand Special Offers? & Japan what we know as “Reflexology” Finishing Touch would like to offer Ashdown Forest emerged in the Weston in your the first 19thvisit century. Living only readers a 20% discount for all manipulates hair & beauty treatments Michelle pressure points on the (limited to one voucher per person) Offer ends 30 Nov 2010 feet that link to into the body’s reflex network th

• Indian Head Massage • Body Massage & Hot Stones • Leg & Foot Massage • Facial Treatments • Xen-Tan Spray Tan NLY £20

tO First treatmen

Tel: 01892 660007 Mob: 07544 708961 • tel: 01342 300152 Ashdown Forest Living • November 2010 864 878 to advertise 24 Please call 01732

12 • Ashdown Forest LIVING

November 2010 • Ashdown Forest Living • tel: 01342 300152

Ashdown Forest LIVING • 13

AtlasPROfilax Did you know that the atlas bone is misaligned in most people? What if you could GET RID OF BACK PAIN, NECK PAIN, ETC…? Situated at the base of the skull, a misaligned Atlas bone can disrupt the normal flow of information between the brain and the body causing numerous painful and medical conditions. Such conditions as: recurring back pain, stiff neck, migraines, joint pain in the hips and/or knees, trapped nerves & more.

Nursing Care in the Comfort of your own home

TLC Nurses Helena & Melanie offer a local caring & friendly nursing service in the comfort of your own home.

• General nursing & respite care. • Post discharge from hospital & help after an illness or fall.

Marie-Agnès Casalini

USING A REVOLUTIONARY TREATMENT FROM SWITZERLAND in only one application, safely & permanently, the Atlas bone returns to its correct position.

• Personalised for your needs, no job too small.

• Helena & Melanie are fully qualified nurses with 25 years experience.

• Fully Insured for peace of mind. • Local to the Ashdown Forest Area.

For more details and booking, contact: Marie-Agnès Casalini,

We offer practical help to assist you to maintain quality of life.

Certified AtlasPROfilax practitioner Tel: (01342) 303279 Mob: 07828 954 304 Email:

Ring for a free no obligation assessment:

01892 740940

Do you suffer from Back pain? Headaches? Neck pain? Leg pain? Shoulder pain? Arm pain? Arthritis? We give effective, friendly care...

“My 18-month old baby had been in and out of hospitals, but after only one adjustment she could breath properly, stopped coughing and is eating solids again – first time in months!” S.A. “I had severe lower back pain for a year, which two other practitioners had not been able to resolve. After treatment with Dr Teresa White, I no longer have any lower back troubles!” J.P. Free Parking • Affordable Prices • Friendly Service Old Station House, London Road, East Grinstead, RH19 1ET

Tel: 01342 315298

Website: • tel: 01342 300152

Ashdown Forest Living • November 2010

14 • Article

Arthur Conan Doyle, Crowborough & Ashdown Forest By Brian W Pugh

Some background to the life of Arthur Conan Doyle is required before we look at his time in Crowborough and the Ashdown Forest. From 1897 he was living with his first wife Louise at the purpose built house Undershaw at Hindhead, all of his other residences were existing properties. Louise had been diagnosed with what was then called galloping consumption (TB) in 1893 and was not expected to live longer than a few months, in fact she lived for a further 13 years. During 1897 Conan Doyle met Jean Leckie she became his tour and lecture organiser and a friendship blossomed, and in turn they fell in love but their relationship was purely platonic It appears that the first time that Conan Doyle visited the Ashdown Forest was during January 1901 when he stayed for a few days at the Ashdown Forest Hotel and played golf. He did return in March 1901 for the census, taken on 31 March, shows that Conan Doyle, Miss Jean Leckie and his mother, Mary J. Doyle were staying at the Ashdown Forest Hotel, Forest Row, his mother perhaps acting as a chaperon. Louise finally passed away on 4 July 1906 and her funeral took place on 6 July at St Luke’s Church at nearby Grayshott. Obviously Conan Doyle was deeply affected by her death, but by late 1906, Conan Doyle was visiting Crowborough, staying with the Leckie family at their house in Lordswell Lane known as Monkstown. It does appear that this may have been the first time he felt well enough to go anywhere, as he had been so distraught by the death of Louise. Just down the lane from Monkstown was a cottage owned by a Mrs Scott-Malden, this was known as Little Windlesham; Conan Doyle fell in love with the house and soon purchased it. It was soon turned into a large family house, many extensions being made, and so the name was altered to Windlesham. On 18 September 1907 Conan Doyle married Jean Leckie at St Margaret’s Church, Westminster, London. Just to add that the reception was held at The Whitehall Rooms, at the Hotel Metropole, London, they took their honeymoon, travelling to Paris, Dresden and then a Mediterranean cruise. It is not known November 2010 • Ashdown Forest Living

exactly when they moved on to Windlesham, they were still in Turkey on 1 November 1907, so it must have been late 1907 or even early 1908, but 1907 is the accepted year. You may ask, why did Conan Doyle decide to move and live in Crowborough for twenty three years from 1907 until his death in 1930; this being roughly one third of his life and he lived at Crowborough longer than anywhere else. Of course finding Little Windlesham was the obvious the main reason, as golf player, perhaps the close proximity to Crowborough Beacon Golf Club was another reason, or perhaps the area reminded him of Hindhead. Whilst living in Crowborough Conan Doyle wrote many Sherlock Holmes adventures, The Valley of Fear published in The Strand Magazine from September 1914 to May 1915. Much of this novel takes place at Groombridge Place, near Crowborough. In a letter from Dame Jean Conan Doyle, daughter of Arthur Conan Doyle to The Conan Doyle (Crowborough) Establishment wrote “My father went over there (Groombridge Place) whenever we had guests staying at Windlesham who hadn’t stayed before. He was fascinated by the old house and felt that by showing it off to visitors from overseas he was introducing them to the very essence of England.” • tel: 01342 300152

Ashdown Forest LIVING • 15

Want a Beautiful Brand neW KitChen?

KITCHENSBESPOKE Rachael Workman of Kitchens Bespoke has been a kitchen designer for over 20 years and worked with the most prestigious of companies in London & the South East. She now brings her wealth of experience to the local area to give you the highquality project management & design usually only associated with the most expensive kitchens. Kitchens Bespoke prides itself on giving a personalised service with close attention to detail and a superior build quality. Call for a free quotation & friendly advice: 01342 313133 Visit the showroom: 88 London Road, East Grinstead, West Sussex, RH19 1EP • tel: 01342 300152

“The planning for our new kitchen was a smooth, friendly and fairly quick process with ample opportunity for our ideas to be considered. The whole installation was well organised & carried out to high standards.” Mr Erridge June 2009

Ashdown Forest Living • November 2010

16 • Article

Not only was Sir Arthur a frequent visitor to the house, he also used it as a model for Birlstone Manor in the Holmes adventure The Valley of Fear. In this adventure the drunken garden is described by Dr. Watson as: ‘Rows of very ancient yew trees, cut into strange designs…’ and the secret seat is described, again by Dr. Watson: ‘…concealed from the eyes of any one approaching from the direction of the house, there was a stone seat.’ Both of theses features can still be seen at Groombridge Place. The Adventure of Black Peter a Holmes short story was published in The Strand Magazine in March 1904; during his visit to the Ashdown Forest in 1901 Conan Doyle must have taken walks around the area, for this Holmes story is based in Forest Row. The story is based in the fictional village of Woodman’s Lee, near Forest Row, (probably based on Coleman’s Hatch). Dr. Watson describes there arrival: ‘Alighting at the small wayside station, we drove for some miles through the remains of widespread woods…’, without doubt this would have been the Forest Row station. Mentioned also is the Brambletye Hotel and playing November 2010 • Ashdown Forest Living

golf, the hotel still exists and there is of course the Royal Ashdown Golf Club where Conan Doyle played golf during his visit in 1901. In 1912 Conan Doyle introduced another hero Professor George Challenger in The Lost World, the second Challenger story The Poison Belt published in The Strand Magazine from March to July 1913, is based in Rotherfield. In this adventure the South Downs, Lewes, Crowborough and the golf course, Jarvis Book and the Courier (the local newspaper) are all mentioned. The following is from the story: The sun had burst through the grey mists which veiled it, and the whole broad Weald was washed in golden light. During the story Conan Doyle describes the view from the window of Challenger’s house in Rotherfield, but it is clearly describing the view from a window of his own house Windlesham as: ‘…vivid green stretches of the Crowborough golf course, all dotted with the players.’

and down St. Johns to the mill-ponds on Ashdown Forest and back home. On 7 July 1930 at 08.17hrs Conan Doyle died at his home Windlesham from a heart attack in his bedroom, next to his first floor study at Windlesham. On 11 July he was buried near his writing hut at Windlesham, the original headstone of his grave was of British oak. Brian W Pugh is the Curator of The Conan Doyle (Crowborough) Establishment, for further information please visit the website:

Conan Doyle did like a good walk and would very often walk from his home into Crowborough. One of his favourite walks was going up to Crowborough Cross • tel: 01342 300152

Ashdown Forest LIVING • 17

Granny s got

new recipes

New recipes at great value prices • • • •

20 new recipes to keep you warm this winter A full range of over 230 delicious dishes to choose from, including all your classic favourites Special dietary needs catered for such as gluten free and diabetic diets Free nationwide delivery, whatever the weather • tel: 01342 300152



New Brochure

To request your free Autumn & Winter brochure call

01732 860018 Or visit

Ashdown Forest Living • November 2010

18 • gardening tips • Ashdown Forest LIVING

Gardening Tips for NOVEMBER Article by Michael Dongray, Imberhorne Lane Nursery Proprietor


winter storms. Continue to lift, divide and plant herbaceous. Prune evergreens to shape.

Continue preparing beds for the Spring. Leave ground roughly dug as this allows the winter frosts to help break down the soil clods.


Tulip bulbs may still be planted up until about the middle of the month. Lift tender bulbs and store in a cool, dry, dark place after first frosts.



Shrubs and Herbaceous This is a good time to transplant trees and shrubs. When lifting established plants get as much of the root ball as possible and get them planted back into the prepared ground as soon as possible to prevent drying out. Large trees and shrubs will require staking to avoid them moving during

Give your lawn a good raking to lift away accumulations of debris. Keep leaves raked from the lawn. They should be composted.

Rose foliage can harbour insects and diseases, both on the shrub and on the ground. Pull off any rose leaves that are still hanging on, and rake up fallen leaves. Mulch around base of established roses with well rotted manure.


Ecological Estate & Woodland Management

coppicing tree surgery hedge laying habitat creation fencing Zohair Ghullam (ND Forestry. NPTC) 01342 420130 November 2010 • Ashdown Forest Living • tel: 01342 300152

Ashdown Forest LIVING • 19

Pete Payne


All Your Garden Needs East Grinstead West Sussex

Mob 07971 696366 Tel 01342 305109

s From Thi

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Ashdown Forest Living • November 2010

20 • November recipe

Potato, Leek & Carrot Soup

So here comes the cold weather, which for me means starting to add soup to the weekly menu. Soup is a great way to use up vegetables in the fridge, or to make a nutritional meal. It is also an easy way of bringing in the seasonal vegetables that are available in abundance from our local farms and producers. As the leaves begin to drop from the trees, it is a great feeling to place a large bowl of soup on the table with chunky pieces of bread , feel warm and ready to take on the long evening to come.

Ingredients » » » » » » » » »

175 – 200g/6 – 8oz Potato, diced 125g/4.5oz grated carrot 175g/6oz leek (approx. 1) 700ml/1 & quarter pint vegetable stock 1 bay leaf 1 x crushed garlic clove 1 tablespoon of vegetable oil i.e. sunflower, olive, vegetable qtr teaspoon ground cumin Salt & Pepper to taste

If you want to puree the soup » »

5-6 tablespoons of wholemilk 1-2 tablespoon of double cream, crème

fraiche or sour cream This soup can be served in two ways – either as a quick chunky soup, or pureed to make a creamed soup. For me soup is always better the next day, as the spices and herbs have a chance to really infuse, • Crush the garlic clove, trim the leek and use so maybe make it one day, leave it in the fridge the white and pale green of the leek and wash and serve the next day. thoroughly in cold water – drain.


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• Heat the oil in a saucepan with a heavy base, add the garlic and leek and fry gently over a low heat until they have softened. Now add vegetable stock – this can be done via your favourite vegetable stock cubes, boullion or your own – add bay leaf, cumin and then salt and pepper to taste. Bring to the boil, but keep stirring. • Add the potato and pop a lid on the saucepan and simmer for 10-15 minutes until the potato is soft when you place a fork into it. • Add the carrot, and continue simmering for another 2-3 minutes. It is a good idea to re-taste it to see if you need any more salt or pepper. Take out the bay leaf. This is then ready to serve as a chunky soup. • If you want to puree the soup - carefully (its very hot! So you can leave it to cool a little before you do this) place half of mixture in a blender, or food processor, and blend, pour into a clean saucepan, repeat process with the other half and put into rest of blended soup. Add the milk and bring to the boil – taste again and add seasoning if required, then stir in the cream or crème freche before serving. • Delicious with some granary or sunflower bread. Enjoy – Kate & Rick

November 2010 • Ashdown Forest Living • tel: 01342 300152

Ashdown Forest LIVING • 21

Have your cake and eat it! A trip to the National Cat Centre isn’t complete without a coffee and cake from the Top Cat Café. Open daily from 10am-4pm there is always a tempting selection of hot and cold food, snacks and delicious cakes. We are proud that the majority of the food is cooked fresh on the premises and that we use locally-sourced produce wherever possible. There’s also free Wi-Fi access to all our customers.

Don’t forget about the adorable cats waiting to be rehomed so make sure you nip into our Adoption Centre for a cat cuddle!

While at the Visitor Centre, why not take time to call in at our gift shop? It stocks everything a new cat owner could need, as well as a selection of attractive giftware, stationery and cards.

National Cat Centre Chelwood Gate Haywards Heath Sussex RH17 7DE

There’s more to discover at the National Cat Centre and, whatever your reason for coming, a warm welcome awaits you!

T: 01825 741 370 W:

Free tea or coffee on production of this advert! Reg Charity 203644 (England and Wales) and SC037711 (Scotland) Photo: Cats Protection/Chris Wright • tel: 01342 300152

Ashdown Forest Living • November 2010

22 • puzzles


Did you know?...


Right-handed people live, on average, nine years longer than left-handed people.


A crocodile always grows new teeth to replace the old teeth!


The roar that we hear when we place a seashell next to our ear is not the ocean, but rather the sound of blood surging through the veins in the ear.


Laughing lowers levels of stress hormones and strengthens the immune system. Six-year-olds laugh an average of 300 times a day. Adults only laugh 15 to 100 times a day.


When hippos are upset, their sweat turns red.


Coca-Cola was originally green.


Men are 6 times more likely to be struck by lightning than women.


Women blink nearly twice as much as men.

Quick Quiz

Can you score 12/12?

1: Which six letter word can precede each of the following? Ship, Russia, lode and board. 2: Who is the premier league’s top goal scorer of all time? 3: Which religious expression is also the name of the floating mountains on Pandora in the film Avatar? 4: What is the lowest point on dry land on earth? 5: Until it was surpassed by cotton, which gratifying substance was Britain’s largest single import between 1750 and 1820? 6: In which American city does the movie character “Rocky” come from? 7: The ‘Impressionist’ movement takes its name from the 1872 painting ‘Impression, soleil levant’ (Impression, Sunrise). Who painted it? 8: Name the syndrome given to hostages that sympathise with their captors. 9: Who designed & constructed the Great Western Railway? 10: What is the longest river in Europe? 11: Which fictional character was crowned the ‘Pope of Fools’? 12: What is the name DH Lawrence’s controversial novel, first published in 1928 but not openly published in the United Kingdom until 1960? November 2010 • Ashdown Forest Living

Blinds & Curtains *Made to Measure*


- Traditional

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Elizabeth Designs

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Come on - spoilltd yourself! (ladieswear)

Autumn Styling...

Occasion wear Casual separates Shoes, boots & handbags

Clothing collections from Pomodoro, In Town and Miss Baron

Friendly helpful advice

Shoes and boots featuring the latest catwalk trends

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suitables of lingfield

01342 832567

74 HIGH STREET, EAST GRINSTEAD Tel: 01342 301115 Open Mon-Sat 10 am-5 pm


Sizes 8-16 (larger on request)



Penumbra Blinds & Solar Control Ltd are specialists in design, manufacture, supply & installation of a huge range of Internal & External blinds & Awnings, many produced at our Pembury factory. For a free, no obligation quotation and survey or to visit our fully equipped showroom please call:-

01342 349819


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Tel: 01892 825522 E-mail: Unit 2 Albans Farm, Romford Road, Pembury, Tunbridge Wells TN2 4BB • tel: 01342 300152

Ashdown Forest Living • November 2010

24 • what’s on

What’s On – November 2010

Saturday 6th November weekends only until 19 December. The Forest Centre, Wych Cross, Woodturning exhibition Exhibition and sales by the Ashdown Forest Woodturners. Tuesday 9th November A Talk on Baby Farming and the Scandal it was in the 19th Century by Lady Teviot. Start: 7:30pm, starts 8pm. Saints Church Hall Crowborough & District Historical Society:£4 Non-Members £2 Members Friday 12th November “Out of the Sky” 70 years ago on 13th November a Bristol Beaufighter crashed near Church Street, Edenbridge. Local expert, John Froud will give a short talk about the crash. There will also be displays of items from the museum collection, including parts believed to be from the crashed Bristol Beaufighter. Eden Valley Museum, Church House, 72 High Street, Edenbridge TN8 5AR. 01732 868102. Doors open 7.30pm for 8pm start. Saturday 13 November Common Curiosities - 5 miles (4hours) a five mile walk with Ian sceccombe encompassing all Chailey Common to explore and hear about some history and curiosities,bring picnic lunch. 10am, Red House Common car park, Warrs Hill Lane, North Chailey, East Sussex. Contact: Ian Seccombe: 01273 482679 Mansion Market. Browse amongst over 70 stalls at this friendly mixed Market and solve all your Christmas present problems. Set in and around a beautiful 18th century mansion there is much to see, including puppet shows for children and an all-day cafe. Parking and admission and free. Kidbrooke Park, Priory Road, Forest Row 11.00am - 4pm.

Danehill Christmas Market 10am - 2pm Danehill Memorial Hall. A wide range of items from local craft and food producers will be on sale. Jewellery, cakes, jams, knitwear, local meat are just some of the items available along with delicious crepes and savoury snacks. Cafe. Raffle. Mulled wine and hot mince pies 01825.740004 Saturday 13th – Monday 15th November Art Exhibition/Open Weekend. See the latest pastel landscape paintings, prints and cards by Ashdown artist, Juliet Murray. Ashdown Christmas cards / antique & decorative prints. Special exhibition offers. Further details 01825 712565/www.cogcraft. Cogcraft, Clockhouse Lane, Nutley, Sat.& Sun. 11.15am – 5.30pm/Mon.9.30am – 5pm. Note: Please park in the village at peak times. Sunday 14th November Jupiter Chamber Orchestra. Andy Panayi Director/ Soloist, W.A. Mozart, A. Vivaldi, A. Panayi At 6pm, Michael Hall Theatre, Priory Road, Forest Row. Tickets available from The Seasons Shop, Hartfield Road, Forest Row Enq: 01342 823405 and at the door. Adults: £10, conc. £9, children £7 November 2010 • Ashdown Forest Living

Saturday 20th November AFFORDABLE HOMEOPATHIC TREATMENT FOR All YOUR FAMILY – a fully supervised low cost student clinic is held one Saturday every month at the Ashdown Natural Health Clinic, Forest Row, RH18 5DN, by final year students of the South East College of Homeopathy. £15 per consultation. For more info or appts 01342 822505 Saturday, 27th November Crowborough Town Christmas Fair Saturday & Sunday 27th & 28th November Crowborough Art Group is having it’s Winter Exhibition at St Mary’s RC School, Chapel Green, Crowborough on from 10am to 4 pm. Framed & unframed paintings will be on display and most will be for sale at very reasonable prices. Refreshments will be available, and free parking is nearby. Entry is free. Come & support your local art group. Enquiries to 01892 653556 Wednesday 1 December - 31st December Christmas Shopping at Sheffield Park Gardens Come and enjoy our Christmas festivities every day in December (except 25th Dec). There will be a Christmas trail with trees and branches decorated by local community groups. Entrance: Standard entry fees. TN22 3QX. Tel: 01825 790231 Friday 3rd December Christmas Quiz Night Date: Time: 20:00 Location: Forest Row Sports Pavilion Contact:Deborah Waygood Tel:07803 195311 Email:deborah@ Description: Quiz night planned for an AFRA Christmas get together. Saturday 4th of December Ashdown Gallery Christmas Workshops! Christmas Book Binding workshop with Ciara Healy Age from 9 yrs old and adults. Create some beautiful gifts for Christmas! 2.30 to 5pm £20 each plus £2.50 per person for material. To book email Cathie@ Sunday the 5th of December Ashdown Gallery workshops Forest Row 2-4pm Silk Screen Printing for children/family from 9 yrs. Silk Screen Print your own bag or box canvas, £20 each To book email Crowborough Runners 25th Anniversary 10K Road race. Charity and Fundraising, Special Occasions,Beacon Community College, East Beeches Road, Crowborough, TN6 2AS, Start: 10am For more information contact: Crowborough Runners on 01892 665488 Wednesday 8th December At 7:45pm, Carol Concert in aid of Crowborough Hospital accompanied by the Salvation Army Band “The Very Spirit of Christmas” All Saints Old Church Hall Church Road Crowborough, Entry by donation, refreshments provided following concert. • tel: 01342 300152

Ashdown Forest LIVING • 25

New gallery and events venue to open in Forest Row Showcasing top quality works of art – including paintings, ceramics, and sculptures – by established local artists. The Gallery, with its coffee house (serving excellent quality organic and fair trade coffee, tea and cakes) will also very much be a dynamic hub of the local art scene, hosting a huge variety of regular exhibitions, art school, workshops and events for adults, young people and children, including:


• Themed art exhibitions and charity events • A wide variety of art workshops – from life drawing and painting, to pottery classes, jewellery making, photography, chess club, costume design and creative writing • Cultural events • Newcomers exhibitions, featuring up and coming local artists of all ages • Art Sundays for the whole family • Master classes and concerts Normally open Monday to Saturday 8.30am-5pm Ashdown Gallery, 8 Newlands Place, Hartfield Road, Forest Row. Telephone: 0845 519 0727

MRM Plastering Services

For all your plastering requirements • Skimming over artex etc. • Tacking • Dry lining • Float and set • Rendering • 15 Years Experience

Fast, reliable, quality service For free quotes or advice Tel.01342 323425 Mob.07798664293 • tel: 01342 300152

Ashdown Forest Living • November 2010

26 • Index

Index ART


Support Local Business

Park Lane Champagne stuff2eat Wiltshire Farm Food

Cogcrafts Concepts


Marie Murphy


Diana Beauty

Penumbra Blinds Blinds & Curtains

11 JH Vartan Pete Payne 23 Hair 22 The Finishing Touch

Astrology Beauty Blinds

Café/Function Venue/ Restaurant/Bar Cats Protection Café Yew Lodge

21 17





Computer Studio


Choir & Singing Workshop Cleaning

Computers Dental

Riverview Dental Centre

Garden Services/Centres


Food & Drink


Phone – enquiries: 0345 60 80 196 Forest Row Library Phone – renewals: 0345 60 80 195 Phone – enquiries: 0345 60 80 196 Uckfield Library

Ron, Handyman Allzones Roofing & Conversions Mid Sussex Timber MRM Plastering Gary Spurle Bathrooms & Heating Storaheat

Phone – renewals: 0345 60 80 195

12 Kitchens Bespoke Kitchens Absolutely Kitchens 6 Pest Control

TLC Nurses 13 Lotte Berk Fitness Studio 9 Shiatsu 9 Family Chiropractic Clinic 13 MJ Reflexology 11 AtlasPROfilax 13 Hire Fitness 8,9 Natural face rejuvenation 10

19 19

Crowborough Library Phone – renewals: 0345 60 80 195

Home Maintenance Services

Family/Children’s Activities Education Mathjogs

Useful Contacts 15 20 17


27 3 `2 25

Uckfield: 01825 764940 East Grinstead: 0844 477117

15 5

(non-emergencies) 0845 607999

25 23 23

Weightloss Rachel Ricketts Weightloss


Woodland Management Truroots

The Hartfield Singers If you enjoy singing, the Hartfield Singers invite you to come and enjoy rehearsals on Tuesday evenings from 7.45 pm in St. Mary’s Church Hartfield. No auditions are required. We are currently rehearsing for our Christmas Concerts on Friday 3rd and Saturday 4th December with the theme “Under the Greenwood Tree”. After Christmas we will be working on our Good Friday programme consisting of Spirituals and movements from Gounod’s Messe Solennelle. For more details please see our web site or telephone either our Chairman, Robert Jackson, on 01342 823081 or our secretary, Pat Arnold, on 01892 611414. November 2010 • Ashdown Forest Living

Citezens Advice Bureaux Crowborough: 01892 655303

27 27

Shoe & Clothes shops Private Collection Suitables

Phone – enquiries: 0345 60 80 196


Sussex Police Crowborough Police Station: 01323 414098 Uckfield Police Station: 01444 445927 Wealden District Council 01323 443322 or 01892 653311 Mid Sussex District Council: 01444 458166

The Forest Row Film Society presents More info: or 01342 822301. Unless specified otherwise showings are at the Village Hall, Forest Row. Cost: £5/£4 at 8pm

Friday 5th November, 8pm Ordet: Ordet (The Word) is about faith, and may be the most breathtaking exploration of religious experience ever on film. 12 119 min 1955.

Friday 12th November, Treeless Mountain: Superb Korean film. “Wonderful performances from the two young leads” Empire. PG 89 min 2009.

Friday 26th November , Vanishing of the Bees: A fascinating documentary about the disappearance of bees all around the world. Screened in collaboration with Transition Forest Row. U 96 min 2009. Brambletye Hotel. Friday 3rd December 2010, Wrong Rosary: In present day Istanbul a young, naive and timid muezzin falls in love with his neighbour, a catholic nurse. 90 min 2009 • tel: 01342 300152

Ashdown Forest LIVING • 27

Gary Spurle BathroomS & heatinG

For all your plumbing & heating needs Installation of Heating Systems • Power Flushing • Bathroom Design & Installation • Boiler Servicing & Replacement All work Fully Guaranteed & Insured Many references from local work completed Fully Qualified in all aspects Reliable, Helpful & Friendly

01342 326499 or 07885 640508

Low-cost, Professional

Answers to Quiz Handyman 1:Quick Mother Available

Painting & decorating, tiling, brick walls, patios, plastering, rendering, repointing, carpentry & general repairs Fully Insured References Available OAP Discounts

Call Ron today:

01825 791147 or 07940 870805

2: Alan Shearer 3: Hallelujah 4: The Dead Sea 5: Sugar 6: Philadelphia 7: Claude Monet 8: Stockholm Syndrome 9: Isambard Kingdom Brunel 10:Volga 11:Quasimodo 12:Lady Chatterley’s Lover




New & replacement storage heaters at competitive prices


A free, no obligation survey from ex seeboard, e.d.f. advisors all with a minimum of 15 years experience


Fit fast if your heater fails. Plus our supply & fit service offers a full 5 year* parts and labour guarantee


Electricity board prices - ring for FREE advice, for prices or a FREE survey

01342 714972 ▪ 07827 815 900 ▪ Sussex ▪ Surrey ▪ Kent ▪ *Robinson Willey Products Only • tel: 01342 300152

Ashdown Forest Living • November 2010

Hate being overweight? Before

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No matter how hard you have tried to lose weight, call for a free consultation, absolutely no obligation Marg lost 4 stone "I never thought I would be able to lose my weight. My health and energy levels have greatly increased, I am delighted with the results!"

Weight Loss Consultant

01342 327396

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