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01/06/2011 to 31/07/2011

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04 All Hail King Lenny I hope you enjoy this edition of the RDCJ magazine. In this edition you’ll get to see pictures and read up on the last Real Deal Comedy Jam tour. Plus we pay tribute to Lenny Henry and Joe Torry. If you have an interest and would like to make a contribution towards the next RDCJ magazine, please feel free to contact me. You can find my contact details at the bottom of this page. Thanks for reading the RDCJ Magazine.

12 Top 5 Black British Comedians of All Time

Nathan Wilkins

09 Where are all of the Good Men?

Gallery: Birmingham


The Last Tour


People’s Champ


Gallery: Cardiff




JC Hair: Causes of Hair Loss in Women




Gallery: Nottingham


Meet Joe Torry


Between the Rock and a Hard Place


Gallery: London


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Fitness: Fun Way to Firm Up While Burning More Fat


Enjoy a Carnival of Athletics at the Aviva Series!


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Urban Lifestyle Magazine

All Hail

King Lenny I am a firm believer in giving props where they are due, and as far as Lenny Henry is concerned, they are definitely in order. Lenny Henry has established himself as one of the best comics, that the UK has to offer, as well as adding other strings to his bow, such as charity founder, writer, actor, and producer.


Urban Lifestyle Magazine /// May 2011

Urban Lifestyle Magazine


enny’s career has spanned over three decades, and continues to go from strength to strength. He remains one of very few, if not the only black television personality who has remained popular, successful and relevant throughout my lifetime, and indeed the star was born to Jamaican parents in 1958 from humble beginnings in Dudley, West Midlands. His journey began in 1975, when Lenny won a talent show called New Faces, at the tender age of sixteen. At this time, there were no other black comics on the circuit in the UK, so Lenny sought influence from American comics, listening, and collecting a number of American comedy albums such as Bill Cosby, Dick Gregory, Redd Foxx and Richard Pryor. Soon after came the opportunity to take part in a television series called the Fosters, which was going to be the changed format version of a long running American sitcom ‘Good Times’, and this was closely followed by an opportunity to take part in the Black and White Minstrel show. Naivety, hunger to gain experience, and ill advice from his then manager all played a part in Lenny’s judgement, however he took the part and later regretted it. In a nutshell, whilst the show was a phenomenon on British Television, winning multiple awards, it was in effect a bunch of actors with “blacked up” makeup behaving in a stereotypical manor, and hugely offensive to black people. So Lenny took his learnings from this experience, working closely with experienced actors and moved onwards after a few years. Opportunities soon followed to

work in Summer Season with Cannon and Ball, performing on ‘Tiswas’, and a sitcom ‘Three of a kind’, which went on to run for three years on the BBC. This was Lenny’s real introduction to television and audiences, which acted as an ideal platform to launch the Lenny Henry show. Comic relief is a charity that we now habitually donate to every year, this is a charity that was actually founded by Lenny Henry and Scriptwriter Richard Curtis in 1985, in response to the famine taking place in Ethiopia. Since its beginnings in the eighties over £600 million has been raised, and Lenny still plays an active part within the charity each year.

The three words that spring to mind when describing Lenny Henry, are longevity, progression, and inspiration...

Throughout the nineties, we have witnessed Lenny strengthen his skills as a comedian, actor, and producer. During a large proportion of the nineties, Lenny worked primarily through his own production company, Crucial Films. Lenny’s ‘step forward’ workshop for new writers, in conjunction with the BBC, led to the comedy series for the BBC2 being launched, entitled ‘The Real McCoy’, which was designed to present a black perspective through humour sketches and musical numbers. The Real McCoy ran from 1991-1996, and still has a cult following today. Crucial Films also produced ‘Funky Black Shorts’, a series of 6x10 minute short films for BBC2, and Lenny also stared in the Hollywood film ‘True Identity’, and more Television work such as “Chef”, “White Goods”,

and various Christmas specials. In 2009 Lenny went on to receive widespread critical acclaim in the role of Shakespeare’s Othello, in a role that Lenny felt as though he has been growing up within his entire life, due to being a black man having to prove himself in a white man’s world. Adjacent to developing his career, Lenny also went back to the books, and in 2007, graduated in English Literature (BA Hons) with the Open University. He later when on to study for an MA at Royal Holloway, University of London in screen writing for television and film, and he is now studying for a Ph.D. Lenny has been the first British comic to make a live stand-up comedy film in the tradition that many American comedians have been able to do such as Eddie Murphy, Chris Rock, and Steve Martin. ‘Lenny Henry Live and Unleashed’ was filmed in front of a live audience at the Hackney Empire and went on general release throughout the UK. Lenny’s success has by no means been limited to the UK either, where he has also performed to sell out shows across Australia. Fast forward to 2011, Lenny is currently touring the UK with his musical journey, exploring the role music has played, and will play, at every stage of his life called ‘Cradle to Rave’, it has been described as mixing humour and music, and is on track to being another addition to Lenny Henry’s long list of successes. The three words that spring to mind when describing Lenny Henry, are longevity, progression, and inspiration, of which he should be to us all. Wouldn’t it be great to see him on the Real Deal Comedy Jam tour? © Lorraine Copes 2011

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GALLERY Birmingham


Urban Lifestyle Magazine /// May 2011

Urban Lifestyle Magazine

The In February 2011 the Real Deal Comedy Jam toured the UK for our annual valentines special.


osted by our regular host the dynamic and brilliant Kat and starring a line-up of hilarious comedians including Indian Canadian Jag Ghankas, Londoner Kane Brown and Americans Nema Williams and Frantz Casseus. I was really impressed with all the comedians on the tour but was especially impressed by Kane Brown and Frantz Casseus who were the stand out performers on the tour for me personally. The tour kicked off in Cardiff on Friday 12th February and then went to Birmingham and Nottingham over the two following days and was concluded the following weekend with a trip to London on the 18th and Bristol on the 19th. All the show were brilliant with only Cardiff having a slight issue with a few mindless attendees who made it there business to ruin the show for a few people around them by talking throughout the whole of the performance. It was ridicules to the point of insanity. So much so that we have now put a system in place to eject anyone behaving like this in the future. The other four shows were spot on with Birmingham and London being the stand out shows of the tour. Kat was brilliant again but he is so consistent now that people only notice when he isn’t brilliant, which is a really saying something. We’d previously worked with Nema Williams who had done the Real Deal Comedy Jam

back in June 2006 so we knew what to expect from him and he didn’t let us down. However, it was the first time that we had worked with Jag, Kane and Frantz, who were all really funny. I was really impressed by Kane and Frantz who had me in stitches throughout the tour, at stages Frantz had me literally crying with laughter. Unfortunately though, Kane couldn’t do the Nottingham leg of the tour as he had a prior arrangement that he was unable to get out of and was replaced by the Millitant Black Guy ‘Toju’ for that leg of the tour. However even with doing one show less than all the other comedians he has still been voted your favourite comedian of the tour with 23.3% of the vote. (Votes placed on the Real Deal Comedy Jam website Well done Kane you are officially the Real Deal Comedy Jam’s peoples Champ of the Valentines 2011 tour.



esults from the online vote of your favourite comedian of the February 2011 tour. Kane Brown – 23.3% (Winner and the people’s champ) Nema Williams – 22.6% Kat – 18% Frantz Casseus – 17.3% Jag Ghankas – 16.5% Toju – 2.3% Kane Brown is a worthy winner of the accolade he follows an exclusive list of comedians including Kat, Jason Andors, Cocoa Brown, Littleman and Slim. Who have all previously been voted winners by the Real Deal Comedy Jammers. I can really see a big future for this guy as he has mainstream appeal whilst still keeping his relevance for an urban Audience. The winning ticket.

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Urban Lifestyle Magazine


appreciate that it is pretty cliché to even venture into discussion on the topic of “good men”, but lets face it, it is and always will be relevant as long as there are single women, as its something “we” women like to discuss. What initially prompted me to write this article last week, was having finished work at 6pm, I spent pretty much my entire evening, on the telephone to three different friends talking to them about their men problems from a varying degree. Now without divulging the contents of my friends personal circumstances, it became crystal clear that the issues were very different, but in actual fact all the same. They all boiled down to expectations, and compromise. As far as expectations go, we all have different ideas of what a “good man” looks like. Ideas that have been formed from within our families, friends, peers and even television.

Ultimately we get upset if our expectations are not met, which leaves us feeling disappointed and upset, and him not necessarily realising that there is a problem. Instead of spending hours on the phone to your friends, learn to REALLY communicate with your partner. Establish if he will ever measure up, or are our expectations unrealistic? Lesson 1: Do you have unrealistic expectations on the boxes he needs to tick before he becomes a “good man” Wherever you are sat reading this article, look up and count how many things surround you with the colour green in it? Then look for the colour blue?. You would have never noticed either colour if you were not looking for it. The point I am trying to make is, if you look for something you will see it, if you think you’re surrounded by “bad” men, that is what you will see, and if you think you are surrounded by “good” men, that is also what you will see. As far as I am concerned men are like driving tests, there are Majors and Minors, majors are deal breakers,

that result in a fail, relationship ending or not starting, and minors are things that we can either change or live with. There are definitely good men out there, however when you refuse to date a guy because he drives a Fiat Punto instead of an Audi A3, or doesn’t drive at all, you may well miss that “good guy”, because of a ‘minor’. Its a minor because once you have him on “love lock-down”, you can either encourage him to learn to drive, or persuade him to eventually change to a different make or model. A major would be something that is not changeable, like a man’s values, such as respect for himself and you, or not appreciating the importance of honesty in a monogamous relationship. Lesson 2: Separate the major’s from the minor’s, several minors should still get a pass! The above will by now means act as a total solution, it is purely supposed to act as two lessons for us girls to think about before we pick up that telephone and complain to our friends about what he isn’t, hasn’t or couldn’t do. © Lorraine Copes 2011

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Urban Lifestyle Magazine /// May 2011


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Urban Lifestyle Magazine



was searching online and came across an article, which I thought was interesting. Now being the argumental sort that I am, I thought I’d be able to find holes in the choices made. This guy put together a list of his top 5 comedians and came up with: 1. Bill Cosby 2. Richard Pryor 3. Redd Foxx 4. Bernie Mac 5. Eddie Murphy After reading it all I could say was great choices. But this lead me to think about who would be my choices for my top 5 black (British) comedians. Now being part of the UK urban comedy industry it would be quite easy to shy away from such a task as it may offend those who don’t make it into my top 5. But on the other hand it’s just my opinion. So before doing my list I had to decide on what parameters to judge the my top five on, so I came up with the following: 1. Career success/recognition from the mainstream 2. Originality 3. Talent 4. Relevance 5. Stand-up appeal plus they had to be British. I came up with the following names, all big hitters in their own way and for very different reasons. Curtis Walker, Felix Dexter, Gina Yashere, Richard Blackwood, Slim, Lenny Henry, Rudi Lickwood, Stephen K Amos, Kat B and Kojo. From these ten I had the difficult task of selecting the my top 5, In the end I came up with these lot...


Urban Lifestyle Magazine /// May 2011

Urban Lifestyle Magazine


Growing up as a black child in Britain in the 80’s you couldn’t help but love Lenny Henry. Not only was he a rare black face on TV but he was always hilarious as well. I was a huge fan of the Lenny Henry show in the 1980’s. Sometimes people forget what Lenny did for all black comedians in the UK. Imagine without Lenny breaking through we quite possibly would not of seen anyone else break through. For being the first black comedian to have mainstream appeal and for bringing me so much joy and laughter through my youth, Lenny Henry has got to make my TOP 5 Black British Comedians of all time.


My next choice was a close one between Curtis Walker and Felix Dexter. Both are heavyweight comedians, powerful performers and represented the next generation of comedians after Lenny Henry. In the 1990’s the Real McCoy was without doubt the number 1 show on the telly for the black community of the UK. Even now I still do not fully understand why it was taken off the air. The show was genius and Felix and Curtis were for me the show best acts. For originality, relevance and talent I ranked them both equally. However, for career success and recognition I’d have to give it to Felix. Both are heroes for me though so it was tough.


Yep RB had to be on my list. There was one point in Richard’s career when everything he touched turned to gold. In the late 90’s and early 2000’s you couldn’t turn the TV on without seeing him on it. I could be wrong but I think he’s the first black comedian since Lenny Henry to have a TV show on mainstream TV named after himself. Talent wise there is no doubting Richard is a really funny talented comedian. For some strange reason you’ll hear people say that he isn’t funny but when you ask them if they have seen him perform the answer is normally no. Relevance, definitely Richard is very relevant to the black community. So 100% Richard Blackwood makes it into the top 5 black British comedians of all time.


So far all my previous top 3 have all been male and have all been of Caribbean origin. So it’s refreshing to have a female comedian and someone of African heritage making it into my top 5 black British comedians of all time. But don’t get it twisted Gina Yashere doesn’t make it into my list for that reason, hell no! Gina is without one of the most talented comedians on the international circuit right now. Yeah that’s right international circuit. She is the only British comedian to date to perform on the world famous Def Comedy Jam. Quite possibly for me the number 1 female comedian in the world, but I would say that I’m bias, I would back a black Briton. I ‘m not too sure if its an ambition of hers but If Gina can act it wouldn’t surprise me if we were to see her in a Hollywood movie or two over the next few years. So yes Gina Yashere make it into my top 5 black British comedians of all time. Ok, one more selection to make. I could of chosen the most talented entertainer, Kat B or I could of chosen Kojo, who is one of the best comedians at managing his own career. I could of chosen international comedian Rudi Lickwood who is another of the greats from the Real McCoy. Or I could of chosen one of my favourites, Curtis Walker. It was a very close call. In the end a decided to choose one of the biggest hitter’s for RELEVANCE, TALENT, ORIGINALITY and STAND-UP APPEAL. The only thing he was missing was recognition from the mainstream.


For me Slim is the best black British male stand-up comedian. He has the ability to make any crowd laugh. He has a great stage presence and is supremely confident in his own ability. I’ve noticed that some black comedian will water down their personality to fit in with a nonblack audience. It’s a mistake; Slim will always be Slim no matter who he is performing for. Based on Talent alone Slim makes it into my top 5 black British Comedians of all time. So there you have it. That is my list, love it or hate it, it’s my opinion. By Nathan Wilkins

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Urban Lifestyle Magazine /// May 2011

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GALLERY Nottingham


Urban Lifestyle Magazine /// May 2011

Urban Lifestyle Magazine

Full Name: Joseph Pierre Torry Date of Birth: 28th September 1965 Birthplace: St Louis, Missouri Education: Lincoln University, BA in Mass Communications/Broadcast Journalism The Beginning: Joe began his entertainment career at the age of 23, renowned for bringing a unique style of humour to all of his roles to-date. Joe is one of only a few comedians that has the confidence and charisma to go onto stage without a rehearsed comedy set. He is able to pull the comedy from his immediately environment. The Big Break: In1993 Joe was given the job of hosting Def Comedy Jam, which maximised his exposure, and introduced him to new audiences. Film Credits: House Party, Poetic Justice, Strictly Business, Tales from the Hood, Sprung, Lock down, Hair Show, Motives, Getting Played, The Great Commission, Back in Business, The Three Mustcatels, Exit to Eden, Television Show Appearances: E.R, NYPD Blue, Girlfriends, NCIS, The Conan O’Brian Show, Jon Stewart, The Byron Allen Show, Def Comedy Jam (presenting). Charity: In 1996 Joe founded the Giving Back the Love Foundation, giving him the opportunity to give back to his home town community of St. Louis through youth and community programs. The foundation has assisted in mentoring over 30,000 children and families on the importance of healthcare, awareness and education Comedy: Joe is an international comedian. He is a performer that is in demand on the US comedy circuit including The Comedy Store, The Improv, The Comedy Act Theatre, The Fun House, The Punchline, The Laugh Factory, and the Real Deal Comedy Jam Tour. What’s next: Joe is currently exploring film production with his first feature film “Pawn Shop” starring Garrett Morris, and is also in developing a clothing line specialising in Male sportswear and undergarments. © Lorraine Copes 2011

Actor, Writer, Producer, Philanthropist and Comedian Urban Lifestyle Magazine /// 17

Urban Lifestyle Magazine

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Urban Lifestyle Magazine /// May 2011

Urban Lifestyle Magazine

Between the rock and a hard place


ne of the many harsh realities that black youths face, as a result of living in inner city areas is to fall victim to crime. Whilst there is a reported and unexpected drop in crime registered by the police over the past 12 months, personal theft is on the up, and that is purely based upon those personal thefts that have been reported. The dilemma faced is being stuck between a rock and a hard place, either to go to the police, and await the come back of being a known informer, or let the criminal get away with it, and run the risk of becoming a victim of crime for a second time. Unless in a position, where you have a strong backing of a large family or “solid ties� with an ally willing to get even on your behalf, it can seem like a the choice of two evils because the relationship between the black community and the police is one of distrust, oppression brutality and injustice. The 1999 Macpherson report confirmed what the black community in Britain have known all along, which is that the police force has been blighted by institutional racism. This also being reflected in the low percentage of officers being recruited from ethnic minorities, alongside the discrimination which occurs within the force, through lack of promotion of black officers. The stop and search policy, alongside the disturbing number of Black Britons who have died in police custody, both have largely contributed to this now challenging decision to go to an organisation with information, who have a past of rule breaking. In order to make any decision in life, the pros and cons are often weighed up. Whilst the large majority effected by crime are law abiding citizens, the cons of putting your own personal safety at risk for a justice system that you have no faith, is without a doubt an unbalanced scale. It is indeed a tough decision, which I am sure we would all prefer to never have to make. Š Lorraine Copes 2011

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Urban Lifestyle Magazine /// May 2011


Fun way to

firm up While

Photo by It’s Holly, used under a Creative Commons Attribution license.

burning more fat


ettlebells are one of the new ways to blast away fat while building strength and endurance. These cast-iron balls with handles range in size from 4 pound up to 175 pounds. There are even kettlebells that allow you to quickly change the weight by adding more plates. Kettlebells make getting a fat-blasting, metabolic workout easy – and they work more muscle groups simultaneously than free weights and weight machines. Metabolic weight training has become popular, because it boosts levels of fat-burning hormones more than traditional weight training does. Metabolic weight workouts consist of strength training exercises performed rapidly with little rest between sets. The short rest periods between sets, which are usually less than a minute in length, keep the heart-rate up and increase metabolism for hours after a workout. The Benefits of Kettlebells for Metabolic Training Kettlebells are the perfect vehicle for doing metabolic workouts, because they engage the entire body, which means you burn more calories. The first order of business is to master the kettlebell swing. This move

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Kettlebell Advantages: How to Get the Benefits of Kettlebells To learn the art of working out with kettlebells, take a class in your local area, if at all possible, before investing in kettlebells, which aren’t cheap. You can also get DVDs that show you the basic exercises. Begin by buying a single kettlebell - you can always add more over time. Most women start with an 8 kilogram kettlebell, while men choose the 16 kilogram weight. If you can buy them locally, so much the better since it can be costly to ship something so heavy. Choose a quality, cast-iron one that will hold up to your workouts. Metabolic Training with Kettlebells: The Bottom Line? Get the kettlebell advantage. It’s a good change of pace and a fun way to firm up while burning more fat.

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Urban Lifestyle Magazine /// May 2011

Urban Lifestyle Magazine

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For more action-packed athletics action, check out the Aviva UK Trials & Championships on 29th – 31st July where Britain’s best will be competing for their place on the plane to the IAAF World Championships in Daegu later this year. Don’t miss out, buy your tickets today! For tickets call 08000 55 60 56 or visit





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RDCJ Mag May 2011  

RDCJ Urban lifestyle magazine, May 2011. Featurredarticles: Tribute to Lenny Henry, Real Deal Comedy Jam tour February 2011, Where are al...

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