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The Gary Charman Interview By Nathan Wicking

Name: Gary Charman Age: 32 Role: Player/Manager Horsham Football Club Appearances (as of November 2013): 560 Goals:156

Following the resignation of Simon Colbran, fans favourite Gary Charman was handed the reins at the Hornets. I caught up with him to see how life in the managerial hot seat is treating him. Well it was an eventful few weeks leading up to your appointment Gary; describe the feeling of being given the run of things here at Horsham? Well obviously I was honoured to be asked. I wasn’t looking for the oppurtunity but it more or less landed at my feet. The players have reacted well despite a shaky start. We were really stretched the first few games due to injuries but I know when I have everyone fit we can win more games than we lose. Did you learn a lot from the former manager, Simon Colbran, having been in the role of Assistant Manager? Yes, there’s no doubt about it. Being assistant for 18 months has helped me out. I’ve worked under some very good managers, so I take positive things from all of them. I am my own man though and I will do things in a way I see getting the most success. What are your aspirations for the rest of the season? I’ve set myself targets, you have to do that. I haven’t told the players all of them, some I have to keep between me and the board. No doubt about it though, the main one being winning more games than we lose from now on. We need to try and finish in the top half of the table. All that is achievable. Do you think there is now that added pressure with having to conduct things from the sideline as well as on the pitch? No I don’t. I believe I’ve got the right man as my Assistant conducting from the side-line and myself on the pitch which for me I think is a win win situation. I am a firm believer that 80% of


the manager’s job is done during the week; the other 20% is on game day. What do you make of the youth players being made available to you, are any competent enough to be playing first team football? There are a lot of the youth team players that are very good. The ones that have come in for us have done ok. They’ve learnt from playing with the firsts because there is a difference between men’s football and youth football. I’m trying to work them in slowly, but if an individual is good enough to be playing, he will, it’s as simple as that.

Finally, Gary, do you think it is just a case of three points giving the team the morale booster they need to trigger a run of good results? I think so, yes. A good result will definitely kick start a run for us though. I know the team we’ve got is far too good to be relegated and so far we have underachieved.

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