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Customer Service portfolio Nathaly Dónis CCLL “C”

Pictionary Word



E- Service

The use of information and comunication to facility the delivery of service

E- services are a good to way to contact with customers and companies.


A website containing a writers own exeriences, observations or opinions.

Saul’s restaurant have a blog for their customers.

Click Path

Secuence of hyperlinks, one or more web sites visitors follows on a given site, presented in the order viewer.

All companies have click path about its adinistrative offices.



Compare with others

Productts and services benchmarketing.

Live chat

Communication over the internet that offers a real time transmission of text messages from sender to receiver.

Claro’s live chat is available to customers to solve their problems.

Knowledge bases

Is a centralized repository for information like a public library, a database of related information about a particualr subject.

Introductions help readers to undersatand by accesing the knowledge bases.


Frequently asked questions a customer does.

Apple’s faq’s are about their originality and devolutions.

Social Networking

The phrase used to dscribe Social networking is a any we site that enables users good dvertising. to create public profiles.

Online forum

Online discussion site In Online forum people where people can hold can see what other people conversations in the posts. form of posted messages.


Flooding the internet with many copies of the same message.

He’s spamming about the news.

Web chat

System that allows users to communicate in real time usinng easily accesible web interfaces.

I love to use web chat.

Listen to your customer

Listening and hearing are two different things. Listening is a physicological process that allow us to attach meaning to the patterns of energy we supposed to hear. And hear is the physical activity of sent sound waves to the brain.

Listening Habits

Discipline yourself to be quiet. Be patient and defer disagreement, prepare to listen minimizing the number of gatekeepers and take notes to improve.

Use Friendly Web Sites and Electronic Communication People want companies to give them the latests, hiippest, trendies. products and services. Customers want to participate with companies to make the product or service better and they want open communicaiton channels of communication.

Web Page and Electronic Communication Web chat is an adaptation of Internet chat room technology that allows customers and service representatives to carry on two-way communication. Internet has provided a new avenue for delivering customer assistance.



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Customer service portfolio