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Mind Wellness Notes - Students Dan Knott, Edith Rogers, TD Baker Schools


Thanks to Alberta Health Services—Alberta Mental Health Capacity Building Projects! Mental Illness—Let’s talk about it! Mental illness does not mean you are ‘crazy’ it simply means some part of the brain or emotions are unhealthy. It is like any other illness the body has, something is wrong and we need to take care of it. The more we talk about mental illness: The more we understand We are more likely to seek help We understand ways to stay healthy

Student & Family Our Partners Alberta Health Services— Addiction and Mental Health The Family Centre YMCA Child and Family Services Big Brothers and Big Sisters Edmonton Police Service Mill Woods Family Resource Centre Kids Up Front Edmonton Public Schools Safe Communities— Alberta Government RBC Foundation

Statistics— 1 in 4 Canadians will be directly affected by mental illness at some point in their lives Mental illness will indirectly affect everyone in their lifetime, you may have a family member, boss, friend, loved one or friend who’s life is impacted by mental illness Mental illness affects people of all ages, any educational level, any income and affects all cultures & religions. Why?-The cause of mental illness is not easily pin pointed. There are many factors that affect our health and mental health. It is a combination of these factors: genetics, environmental, substance abuse and trauma. It is a complex interaction between these factors. Much like heart disease of cancer, there may not be one cause.

Anxiety –What is it? Intense and prolonged feelings of fear and distress that occur out of proportion to the actual threat or danger Feelings of fear and distress that interfere with normal daily functioning

Anxiety-The good and the bad… Anxiety can affect us in two different ways: Good Anxiety-motivates us to try our best, to be alert When we are anticipating a stressful situation so we try harder Bad Anxiety-when we are feeling anxious for no real reason We need not to worry about getting hit by a bus if we are crossing the street safely. Excessive worry is not productive.

Mind Wellness Notes

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Mind Wellness Notes - Students Dan Knott, Edith Rogers, TD Baker Schools Anxiety-Key Points What anxiety may look like? Physical: dizziness, racing heart, tiredness, headache, problems sleeping, upset stomach, feeling on ‘edge’, difficulty concentrating, sweats, trembling Emotional: crying, anger, aggressions, fear, expecting the worst, negative thoughts

Student & Family

Remember: Mind Wellness = Positive Mental Health

Prevention– We can improve our overall health and mental health by taking good care of ourselves. This includes: addressing our stress, and sort out our emotions build our self esteem, learn to accept compliments get adequate sleep, eat nutritionally and exercise accept that there are some things we cannot change or have control over participate in activities we like (hobbies)

have a support system Treatment in coping with anxiety: The most important thing to remember is anxiety does not improve if situations are avoided, it actually gets worse, face your anxiety. Relaxation techniques: calm breathing, muscle relaxation Challenge thoughts: Is it real or am I being fearful? Am I having negative thoughts? Learn about anxiety, we all have it but we need to learn to control it Seek professional support: professionals can help you cope Do not avoid situations, still participate, cope by positive self talk, acknowledge it will be hard but you have the courage to face it.

Team Members:


Trish Aire, Healthy Living Coach YMCA Lisa Shortyk, Registered Nurse, Alberta Health Services Nikki Kaye—Success Coach Edith Rogers, The Family Centre Matt Wiebe-Success Coach Dan Knott, The Family Centre Linda Mah-Mental Health Therapist, Edmonton Public Schools Kiandra Wagar-Mentorship Coach, Big Brothers Big Sisters Michell Chaffey— Addictions Counselor, Alberta Health Services Kimberley Howard— A Safe Place Classroom Teacher Jennifer Parenteau-Aboriginal Commitment Coach, The Family Centre Dena Davis, Project Coordinator 780-717-1919 780-462-7954 ext. 103 780-399-1770, 2

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Mind Wellness Notes - Students Dan Knott, Edith Rogers, TD Baker Schools