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Classic Colours

S/S 13 colours

A/W 13 colours

Hand luggage silhouettes

The Antler Original


A classic shape with a deep bottom allows for extra room. With sloping sides the bag pulls into a smaller more manageable shape which can easily be worn over the should. Long leather straps allow for a comfortable gap between the top of the bag and under the arm. A built in flat front pocket provides a space for important travel documents such as passport and plane tickets to be kept and obtained with ease when travelling. The panels of colour take this neutral coloured bag to a more interesting level with the seasons key colours available. This bag is a trendy way to travel with hand luggage alone. Spacious with enough room for a long weekends worth of clothes, there is no need to head straight to the hotel to unload uncomfortable bulky bags when the wearer has reached their destination. This bag allows you to head straight for the sights with no detours.






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