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Masterpieces from the National Galleries of Scotland

100 Masterpieces from the National Galleries of Scotland Sir John Leighton 280 X 220MM | 216PP | DECEMBER 2014 108 COLOUR ILLUSTRATIONS 978 1 906270 01 8 | £ 19.95 HARDBACK 978 1 906270 73 5 | £14.95 PAPER

The National Galleries of Scotland’s collection includes many of the greatest names in Western art, encompassing artists as diverse as Titian and Francis Bacon, and Canova and Pablo Picasso. This lavishly illustrated book contains approximately one hundred of the National Galleries of Scotland’s greatest and bestloved ­treasures, each accompanied by an informative text written by the Galleries’ Director-General, Sir John Leighton. Not only does this book provide a fascinating insight into the national collection but it is also an accessible and informative introduction to the history of art.

The Two Roberts: Robert Colquhoun and Robert MacBryde Roger Bristow, Patrick Elliott and Davey Brown 245 X 265MM | 128PP | NOVEMBER 2014 90 COLOUR ILLUSTRATIONS 978 1 906270 74 2 | £14.95 PAPER

The ‘Two Roberts’: Robert Colquhoun (1914–1962) and Robert MacBryde (1913–1966), were two of the most important and celebrated Scottish artists of the twentieth century. Colquhoun studied at

THE TO ROBERTS Robert Colquhoun & Robert MacBryde

Glasgow School of Art where he met Robert MacBryde. The two became lovers. They were part of a celebrated Soho group that included Francis Bacon and Lucian Freud. Their post-cubist work – much influenced by Picasso – became enormously successful. In the 1950s they established worldwide reputations. This catalogue with over 90 illustrations accompanies the only exhibition to show both artists together. The authors refer to previously unpublished letters and explore the ‘Two Roberts’ individual art practices as well as works they executed together.

Generation: 25 Years of Contemporary Art in Scotland Edited by Moira Jeffrey and Katrina Brown 220 X 160MM | 240PP/128PP | JUNE 2014 95 COLOUR ILLUSTRATIONS 978 1 906270 71 1 GUIDE | ÂŁ9.95 PAPER 978 1 906270 72 8 READER GUIDE AND READER IN SLIPCASE | ÂŁ19.95 PAPER

In the last twenty-five years contemporary art in Scotland has grown from a small and tightly knit community to a globally recognised centre of artistic innovation and experiment. The Generation Guide is a handy reference for the art world and an accessible, illustrated introduction to the

work of more than eighty contemporary artists, it includes Turner Prize winners Douglas Gordon, Simon Starling and Martin Boyce. The Generation Reader is a resource for the future, an illustrated guide to the ideas, events and debates that shaped a generation. It presents key historical texts alongside specially commissioned essays by Nicola White, Dr Sarah Lowndes and Professor Andrew Patrizio, with an introduction by novelist Louise Welsh. These two books have been produced to accompany Generation, a Scotland-wide exhibition that will take place in more than fifty venues across the country in the summer of 2014.

American Impressionism: A New Vision 1880–1900 Katherine Bourguignon, Frances Fowle and Richard Brettell 295 X 245MM | 160PP | MARCH 2014 125 COLOUR ILLUSTRATIONS 978 1 906270 70 4 | £20 PAPER PUBLISHED BY NATIONAL GALLERIES OF SCOTLAND AND HAZAN, FRANCE TRADE ENQUIRIES YALE UNIVERSITY PRESS

The story of American Impressionism begins with Mary Cassatt and John Singer Sargent, who worked alongside their French colleagues and helped shape the avant-garde trends of their time. They

appropriated certain aspects of impressionist art and invented others, adapting their individual styles for an American audience. Cassatt, Sargent, and James McNeill Whistler, along with American artists whose names are less familiar to European audiences, such as William Merritt Chase and Childe Hassam were highly trained, widely travelled, cosmopolitan painters who sought inspiration and praise both at home and abroad. American Impressionism: A New Vision offers a fresh exploration of the beginning of an American engagement with the techniques of Impressionism on both sides of the Atlantic.


The Printmakers’ Art Hannah Brocklehurst and Kerry Watson 220 X 200MM | 96PP | OCTOBER 2014 60 COLOUR ILLUSTRATIONS 978 1 906270 75 9 | £12.95 PAPER

The print collections of the National Galleries of Scotland reveal a diverse and dazzling variety of different techniques and approaches to printmaking. From exquisite copperplate engravings by the old masters to woodblocks cut on kitchen tables, this book examines key works by artists from Dürer to Warhol and

beyond, giving readers an introduction to printmaking as an art form and an understanding of the different working methods and materials. Through technical summaries and featured examples, The Printmakers’ Art draws on the print collections from the Scottish National Gallery, Scottish National Portrait Gallery and Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art, to illustrate and explain the mysteries of relief and intaglio printing, lithography, screenprint, photomechanical and digital processes and provides an overview of these impressive and varied collections.

The Art of Golf

In his essay Michael Clarke, director of the Scottish National Gallery, Edinburgh, discusses the development of the game while art historian Kenneth McConkey places the works of John Lavery in the context of the sport of golf.

Michael Clarke and Kenneth McConkey 235 X 195MM| 72PP | JUNE 2014 60 ILLUSTRATIONS 978 1 906270 67 4 | ÂŁ9.95 PAPER

The Art of Golf illustrates how the noble game has been depicted in European art from the seventeenth century to the present day. This fascinating story is told by images in a variety of media, from paintings and prints to photographs and posters. The centrepiece is Charles Lees’s The Golfers, 1847, which depicts a match played on the Old Course at St Andrews in 1847, and is one greatest golfing paintings in the world.

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New and Recent Titles

J.D. Fergusson Alice Strang, Elizabeth Cumming and Sheila McGregor 265 X 245MM | 128PP | NOVEMBER 2013 90 COLOUR ILLUSTRATIONS 978 1 906270 62 9 | ÂŁ14.95 PAPER

J. D. Fergusson (1874–1961) is one of the four artists known collectively as the Scottish Colourists. Fergusson lived in Paris from 1907 until 1913 where, more than any of his Scottish contemporaries, he embraced the latest advances in French painting. Fergusson is most celebrated for depictions of the female form, but he also painted landscapes in England, France and Scotland, that were of great significance and produced sculptures throughout his career. This book includes essays by Alice Strang, Elizabeth Cumming and Sheila McGregor, which offer a fascinating new insight into a Scottish artist of international standing.

artist rooms

Louise Bourgeois A womAn without secrets

Louise Bourgeois: A Woman without Secrets

Roots//Nation Live Work / Union / Faith / Civil War / Roots

Anthony d’Offay and Lucy Askew

Robin Baillie and Catriona MacDonald

265 X 215 MM | 102PP | OCTOBER 2013 100 COLOUR ILLUSTRATIONS 978 1 906270 17 9 | £12.95 HARDBACK

Louise Bourgeois (1911–2010) is one of the most significant and influential figures in modern and contemporary art whose diverse practice has challenged conventions and captured the imagination of audiences around the world. This publication focuses on an outstanding collection of sculptures, works on paper and fabric pieces by the artist, now on loan to the national A RTIST ROOMS collection and touring programme. Highlighting the artist’s late work, this publication illustrates important sculptures and works on paper from Tate, The Easton Foundation and the Louise Bourgeois Trust and offers insight into the practice of this most distinguished artist.

265 X 265MM | 48PP | OCTOBER 2013 48 COLOUR ILLUSTRATIONS 978 1 906270 15 5| £9.95 HARDBACK £18 HARDBACK WITH LP

THE NATION //LI V E book presents a

dramatic vision of Scotland’s story. This project has drawn participants from across Scotland and is one of the National Galleries of Scotland’s most ambitious community outreach projects to date. This new interpretation of past events asked people to examine their own life stories by engaging with historical works of art. It captures these encounters between the past and the present, the national and the regional and links local heroes and events to the works in the Scottish National Portrait Gallery collection. Available with a 10-inch record featuring music by Wounded Knee, and others.

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From Death to Death and other Small Tales: Masterpieces from the Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art and the D. Daskalopoulos Collection Keith Hartley, Lucy Askew and Richard Flood 265 X 215MM | 152PP | MARCH 2013 100 COLOUR ILLUSTRATIONS 978 1 906270 57 5 | £ 19.95 HARDBACK

This book brings together works from one of the most important private collections of modern and contemporary art, the D.Daskalopoulos Collection, with key pieces from the Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art. Providing a new context for both collections, it specifically focuses on the theme of the body, investigating the many and varied approaches that artists have taken across several decades when dealing with this most fundamental of subjects. Highlighting the work of artists such as Marcel Duchamp, Pablo

Picasso, Louise Bourgeois, Joseph Beuys, Robert Gober, Matthew Barney, Marina Abramović and Sarah Lucas, the publication documents the confrontations and dialogues staged between the two collections, and provides a rich insight into one of the most compelling and provocative themes in twentieth and twenty-first century visual art.


Witches & Wicked Bodies provides an innovative, rich survey of images of European witchcraft, from the sixteenth century to the present day. It focuses on the representation of women and the enduring stereotypes they embody, ranging from hideous old crones to beautiful young

from growing up in a Port Seton fishing family–and their elevation of that life onto a symbolic level–were at odds with the decorative, drawing-room pictures of much contemporary Scottish painting in the 1960s. The full colour catalogue illustrates paintings, watercolours, drawings and prints from all the key periods of the artist’s career.

S.J. Peploe Alice Strang, Frances Fowle and Elizabeth Cumming with a foreword by Guy Peploe seductresses. Such imagery has ancient precedents and has been repeatedly ­re-­invented by artists over the centuries. Petherbridge introduces this fascinating subject and includes insightful catalogue entries on each of the exhibited works. A wide range of artists are represented including Dürer, Cranach, Goya, Fuseli, Blake, Burra, Sherman and Rego.

John Bellany Keith Hartley, John McEwen and Sandy Moffat 265 X 245MM | 96PP | AUGUST 2012 88 COLOUR ILLUSTRATIONS 978 1 906270 52 0 | £ 14.95 PAPER

John Bellany (1942–2013) helped change the course of painting in Scotland. His intensely felt paintings of fisherfolk and their precarious life at sea were a direct challenge to the much diluted Scottish colourist tradition and its landscapes and still lifes. The sheer size and raw emotion of Bellany’s canvases, their depictions of a way of life that the artist knew

265 X 245MM | 112PP | OCTOBER 2013 88 COLOUR ILLUSTRATIONS 978 1 906270 51 3 | £ 14.95 PAPER

Samuel John Peploe (1871–1935) was the oldest of the four artists popularly known as the Scottish Colourists. This lavishly illustrated catalogue, based on new research, is the first major monograph on the artist written in the last decade. Born in Edinburgh, Peploe was drawn to France

and returned to paint there frequently, moving to Paris in 1910. He became acquainted with the Parisian avant-garde, his own painting style giving way to a more contemporary and expressive approach, using rich colours applied with more structured brushstrokes. In 1912 Peploe returned to Edinburgh and slowly began to build a successful career as an exhibiting artist. From around 1914 until his death, Peploe sought to paint the perfect still life. A modest selection of props, including roses or tulips, fans, books, fruits and Chinese vases were carefully placed in infinite varieties on patterned drapery. In 1929 he explained: ‘There is so much in mere objects, flowers, leaves, jugs, what not–colours, forms, relation–I can never see mystery coming to an end.’

A Shepherd’s Life: Paintings of Jenny Armstrong by Victoria Crowe Julie Lawson and Mary Taubman 195 X 175MM | 64PP | REPRINTED 2013 25 COLOUR ILLUSTRATIONS 1 903278 02 3 | £9.95 HARDBACK

A Shepherd’s Life centres on Jenny Armstrong, born in 1903 at the farm of Fairliehope, who spent her life working as a shepherd in the Pentland Hills. In a series of remarkable paintings made over twenty years and based on close observation, Victoria Crowe, one of Scotland’s foremost painters, pays tribute to the life and work of this exceptional woman. In spite of their different ages and backgrounds, the two women came to value each other’s company and it was through the shepherd that the artist learned how to interpret the surrounding landscape. At the same time the paintings depict an ancient way of living that has been long in decline and which may be finally disappearing.

Expanding Horizons Giovanni Battista Lusieri and the Panoramic Landscape Aidan Weston-Lewis et al. 240 X 295MM | 224PP | JUNE 2012 180 COLOUR ILLUSTRATIONS 978 1 906270 46 9 | £ 24.95 HARDBACK

This is the first publication in English devoted to the work of Giovanni Battista Lusieri (1754–1821). His career took him from his native Rome to Naples, Sicily and finally to the eastern Mediterranean, where he spent twenty years as the resident artist of the 7th Earl of Elgin. Lusieri’s watercolours combine a broad, panoramic vision, an uncanny ability to capture brilliant Mediterranean light and a meticulous attention to detail. He was widely acclaimed as one of the most accomplished landscape artists of his day, and his works were eagerly sought by British Grand Tourists, but after his death he was soon forgotten, and only recently have his exceptional gifts begun to be recognised once again.

Masterpieces from Mount Stuart Christian Tico Seifert 245 X 165MM | 64PP | MAY 2012 33 COLOUR ILLUSTRATIONS 978 1 906270 50 6 | £ 9.95 HARDBACK

This beautifully illustrated book presents old master paintings from the famous Bute Collection at Mount Stuart. Featuring nineteen Dutch, Flemish, Early Netherlandish, and French pictures it includes celebrated landscapes by Aelbert Cuyp and Jacob van Ruisdael, scenes from everyday life by Pieter de Hooch, Gabriel Metsu, and David Teniers as well as portraits by Joos van Cleve, Jacob Jordaens, and Antoine Le Nain. It was regarded as the most important collection of Dutch and Flemish pictures formed in Britain before the French Revolution. The collection is kept at Mount Stuart on the Isle of Bute, the family’s grand house built by Sir Robert Rowand Anderson, who was also the architect of the Scottish National Portrait Gallery.

Selected Backlist

Portrait of the Nation An Introduction to the Scottish National Portrait Gallery James Holloway et al. 245 X 220MM| 96PP | 2011 110 ILLUSTRATIONS 978 1 906270 37 7 | £7.95 PAPER

The Scottish National Portrait Gallery is about the people of Scotland–past and present, famous or forgotten. The portraits are windows into their lives and the displays throughout the building help explain how the men and women of earlier times made Scotland the country it is today. This book introduces you to some of our country’s greatest individuals and steers you through Scotland’s quite complicated but always fascinating history.

A History of the Scottish National Portrait Gallery Duncan Thomson 250 X 195MM | 176PP | 2011 142 ILLUSTRATIONS 978 1 906270 48 3 | £ 19.95 HARDBACK

The Scottish National Portrait Gallery, founded in 1882, opened the doors of its ornate neo-Gothic palace in 1889. Funded by the philanthropist John Ritchie Findlay and designed by the great Victorian architect, Sir Robert Rowand Anderson, it displays one of the richest national por­trait collections anywhere in the world. This book traces the history of the earliest ideas for such a gallery, how the building itself came into being and how it was embellished to reflect national aspirations. The book discusses how the building has been adapted to cope with modern needs,

how notions of display have changed and how collecting policies developed over more than a century to shape the collection into what it is today.

Phoebe Anna Traquair Elizabeth Cumming 240 X 165MM | 96PP | REVISED 2011 61 COLOUR ILLUSTRATIONS

Rough Cut Nation Richie Cumming 210 X 210MM | 40PP | 2011 50 COLOUR ILLUSTRATIONS 978 1 906270 47 6 | £9.99 PAPER

During the summer of 2009, Rough Cut Nation filled the hallowed halls of the Scottish National Portrait Gallery as it closed for redevelopment. A team of young artists and musicians, inspired by the historic murals of William Hole, which are integral to the building, seized their opportunity to reconfigure Scottish identity in a riotous, multi-layered installation. This book, which records the event and marks the Portrait Gallery’s re-opening, is the result of a unique partnership between Edinburgh College of Art and the National Galleries of Scotland.

1 903278 65 1 | £12.95 PAPER

Phoebe Anna Traquair was a unique figure in British culture. The first significant professional woman artist in modern Scotland, she was also a key figure in the Arts and Crafts movement. A free spirit, Traquair celebrated life through image, colour and texture, taking her inspiration from Renaissance painting, the art and poetry of Blake and the music of Wagner. She produced a huge body of work, from vast, breathtaking mural decorations and sensual embroideries to exquisite illuminated manuscripts and enamels. Using her own words and those of friends and contemporaries, this beautifully illustrated book sheds new light on the ambitions of late Victorian and Edwardian culture.

F.C.B. Cadell Alice Strang 265 X 245MM | 96PP | 2011 88 COLOUR ILLUSTRATIONS 978 1 906270 40 7 | £14.95 PAPER

‘His wit was constant and brilliant–it was but an indication of many-sided accomplishment which found expression in colour, in verse and life itself.’ So wrote the artist Stanley Cursiter about Francis Campbell Boileau Cadell. Cadell was one of the artists popularly known as the Scottish Colourists. Influenced by direct contact with the European avantgarde movements taking place at the turn of the century and the work of Matisse and the Fauves, Cadell’s paintings are confident and rich with colour he is celebrated for his stylish portraits and his vibrantly coloured, daringly simple still lifes of the 1920s. He also captured the beauty of the landscape, especially in the evocative works portraying his beloved Iona. This book offers a fascinating insight to an artist who

many consider to be the most important of the Scottish Colourists.

Tony Cragg Patrick Elliott 300 X 245MM | 120PP | 2011 90 COLOUR ILLUSTRATIONS 978 1 906270 43 8 | £ 20 HARDBACK

Born in Liverpool in 1949, Tony Cragg is one of the world’s most celebrated and innovative sculptors. In the early 1980s he became recognised as the leader of the so-called New British Sculptors, who took conceptual and minimalist art in a new figurative direction. Known for his extraordinary use of materials, including plastic, plaster, wood, glass, ceramics and found objects, in the past twenty years he has worked increasingly in bronze, often on a monumental scale. This book offers an overview of his career, but focuses in particular on his work in bronze, notably the Early Forms and Rational Beings series.

Philip Long and John Leighton

English Drawings & Watercolours 1600–1900

265 X 245MM | 112PP | 2011

Christopher Baker

Elizabeth Blackadder

94 COLOUR ILLUSTRATIONS 978 1 906270 39 1 | £9.95 PAPER

As Elizabeth Blackadder approached her eightieth birthday, the Scottish artist’s passion for making art was undiminished. Although widely honoured, there is a sense that Blackadder’s art has not gained the attention it deserves, both in national and international terms. Perhaps this is because the power of her paintings is sometimes masked by the charm of her subject matter and the deceptive ease of her technique, or because we are more attuned to the loud and brash at the expense of quieter mastery. This beautifully illustrated book, with essays by Philip Long and John Leighton, is both a celebration and invitation to look again at the work of one of our greatest living painters.

295 X 245MM | 496PP | 2011 450 COLOUR ILLUSTRATIONS 978 1 906270 35 3 | SPECIAL PRICE £35 HARDBACK

The collection of English drawings and watercolours in the Scottish National Gallery is rich, diverse and in many respects little known. It includes over 2,000 works by more than 250 artists, which range from the Stuart court in the early seventeenth century to the late Victorian period–from Isaac Oliver to Lord Leighton. The Romantic or ‘golden age’ of watercolour painting lies at the heart of the collection and is illustrated by outstanding examples of the art of John Robert Cozens, William Blake, John Sell Cotman, Thomas Girtin and J.M.W. Turner.


Scottish National Portrait Gallery Guide

Gallery Guides Scottish National Portrait Gallery Guide 245 X 165MM | 208PP | 2014 220 COLOUR ILLUSTRATIONS 978 1 906270 65 0 | £9.99 PAPER

Scotland has produced an astonishingly high number of men and women whose lives have inspired and changed the world. The Scottish National Portrait Gallery holds the nation’s collection of portraits of these men and women. Featuring more than 200 images, this publication is more than an illustrated guide to the collection: it is an important visual record of Scottish history and achievement.

A Companion Guide to the Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art 245 X 165MM | 224PP | REPRINTED 2010 250 COLOUR ILLUSTRATIONS 978 0 903598 84 2 | £ 9.99 PAPER

Founded in 1960, the Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art in Edinburgh already boasts an outstanding collection of modern and contemporary art. More than 230 of the finest paintings, sculptures, prints and drawings are illustrated here in colour, alongside descriptions of each work. The book offers a detailed guide to the collection as well as an accessible and informative introduction to modern art.

A Companion Guide to the Scottish National Gallery 245 X 165MM | 224PP |REPRINTED 2013 220 COLOUR ILLUSTRATIONS 978 1903278 11 6 | ÂŁ 9.99 PAPER

The Scottish National Gallery is widely regarded as one of the finest small galleries in the world. Not only does it contain the most comprehensive collection of Scottish masterpieces, but its collection includes works by the greatest names in Western art. This in-depth look at the collection provides readers with an engaging and informative account of the history of art.

A Companion Guide to Photography in the National Galleries of Scotland 245 X 165MM | 224PP | REVISED 2009 220 COLOUR ILLUSTRATIONS 978 1 906270 20 9 | ÂŁ 9.99 PAPER

Scotland has been the centre of the history and development of photography since the 1840s. The Scottish National Portrait Gallery and the Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art, hold outstanding collections of photographic art spanning three centuries. This book offers a wide-ranging guide to the collection and is a useful introduction to the history of photography.


Thought-provoking, amusing, intriguing, disturbing: all these words will come to mind when browsing through this lavishly illustrated publication. The result of an ongoing collaboration between the National Galleries of Scotland, the English-Speaking Union Scotland and the Scottish Poetry Library, it brings together work from young, aspiring and established writers, all of whom have been inspired by works from the National Galleries of Scotland’s collection.

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Inspired? Get Writing! Vol.I Various Authors 245 X 215MM | 72PP | 2007 30 COLOUR ILLUSTRATIONS 978 1 906270 03 2 | £ 5.95 PAPER

Inspired? Get Writing! Vol.I I Various Authors 245 X 215MM | 72PP | 2009 30 COLOUR ILLUSTRATIONS 978 1 906270 24 7 | £ 8.95 PAPER

Inspired? Get Writing! Vol.I I I Various Authors 245 X 215MM | 72PP | 2011 30 COLOUR ILLUSTRATIONS 978 1 906270 24 7 | £9.95 PAPER

Inspired? Get Writing! Vol.I V Various Authors 245 X 215MM | 72PP | 2013 30 COLOUR ILLUSTRATIONS A fourth book of new poems and short stories inspired by the collection of the National Galleries of Scotland

978 1 906270 64 3 | £9.95 PAPER

Watson Gordon Lecture Series

Established following the 125th anniversary of the foundation of the Chair of Fine Art at the University of Edinburgh and named after the painter Sir John Watson Gordon, the Watson Gordon Lectures typify the long足 standing and positive collaboration between the University of Edinburgh and the National Galleries of Scotland: two partners in the Visual Arts Research Institute in Edinburgh.


Faces in a Library: Sir Joshua Reynolds’s ‘Streatham Worthies’ Mark Hallett 215 X 165MM | 48PP | 2012 | 19 ILLUSTRATIONS 978 1 906270 56 8 | £ 7.95 HARDBACK THE WATSON GORDON LECTURE 2010

‘The Hardbackest Kind of Archetype’: Reflections on Roy Lichtenstein Hal Foster 215 X 165MM | 48PP | 2011 | 19 ILLUSTRATIONS 978 1 906270 3 84 | £ 7.95 HARDBACK THE WATSON GORDON LECTURE 2009

The Renaissance Image Unveiled: From Madonna to Venus Paul Hills 215 X 165MM | 48PP | 2010 | 19 ILLUSTRATIONS 978 1 906270 34 6 | £ 7.95 HARDBACK THE WATSON GORDON LECTURE 2008

Picasso’s ‘Toys for Adults’: Cubism as Surrealism Neil Cox

215 X 165MM | 48PP | 2009 | 20 ILLUSTRATIONS 978 1 906270 261 | £ 7.95 HARDBACK THE WATSON GORDON LECTURE 2007

Sound, Silence and Modernity in Dutch Pictures of Manners Mariët Westermann 215 X 165MM | 32PP | 2008 | 17 ILLUSTRATIONS 978 1 906270 25 4 | £ 7.95 HARDBACK THE WATSON GORDON LECTURE 2006

Roger Fry’s Journey from the Primitives to the Post-Impressionists Caroline Elam 215 X 165MM | 48PP | 2007 | 18 ILLUSTRATIONS 978 1 906270 11 7 | £ 7.95 HARDBACK

Selected Backlist

Another World: Dalí, Magritte, Miró and the Surrealists Patrick Elliott 245 X 165MM | 176PP | 2010 160 ILLUSTRATIONS 978 1 906270 30 8 | £ 12.95 PAPER

Christen Købke: Danish Master of Light

Carol Rhodes

David Jackson with a contribution by Kasper Monrad

300 X 235MM | 96PP | 2007

270 X 220MM | 128PP | 2010 86 ILLUSTRATIONS 978 1 906270 27 8 | £12.95 PAPER IN ASSOCIATION WITH THE

Alan Davie: Work in the Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art


Patrick Elliott

Robert Mapplethorpe

300 X 245MM | 96PP | 2000 70 COLOUR ILLUSTRATIONS 1 903278 13 9 | £14.95 PAPER

Keith Hartley


300 X 245MM | 104PP | 2006

Dürer’s Fame

1 903278 93 7 | £19.95 PAPER

Christian Tico Seifert

Picasso on Paper Patrick Elliott 220 X 245MM | 112PP | 2007 92 COLOUR ILLUSTRATIONS

Facing the Light: The Photography of Hill & Adamson Sara Stevenson 210 X 165MM | 128PP | 2002 70 COLOUR ILLUSTRATIONS 1 903278 32 5 | £9.95 PAPER

Gauguin’s Vision Belinda Thomson with essays by Frances Fowle and Lesley Stevenson 265 X 250MM | 144PP | 2005 140 COLOUR ILLUSTRATIONS 1 903278 68 6 | £9.95 PAPER

47 COLOUR ILLUSTRATIONS 978 1 906270 05 6 | £12.95 PAPER

The Scottish Colourists: 1900–1930 Philip Long and Elizabeth Cumming 300 X 245MM | 152PP | 2000


210 X 165MM | 48PP | 2011 32 ILLUSTRATIONS 978 1 906270 41 4 | £9.95 HARDBACK

Tom Lubbock and Merlin James

978 1 903278 87 1 | £14.95 PAPER

Portrait Miniatures from the National Galleries of Scotland Stephen Lloyd

144 COLOUR ILLUSTRATIONS 1 903278 04 X | £14.95 HARDBACK

The Discovery of Spain: British Artists and Collectors: Goya to Picasso David Howarth and Paul Stirton with essays by Claudia Heide, Michael Jacobs, Hilary Macartney and Nicholas Tromans 300 X 245MM | 160PP | 2009 135 ILLUSTRATIONS 978 1 906270 18 6 | £8.95 PAPER

J.M.W. Turner: The Vaughan Bequest

165 X 155MM | 112PP | 2004

Christopher Baker


220 X 245MM | 120PP | 2006

1 903278 51 1 | £9.95 PAPER

60 COLOUR ILLUSTRATIONS 978 1903278 89 5 | £12.95 PAPER

Poussin to Seurat: French Drawings from the National Gallery of Scotland

Van Gogh and Britain: Pioneer Collectors Martin Bailey

Michael Clarke

265 X 245MM | 136PP | 2006

Impressionism & Scotland

300 X 240MM | 136PP | 2010

1 903278 77 5 | £14.95 PAPER

Frances Fowle, with contributions by Vivien Hamilton and Jennifer Melville

978 1 906270 31 5 | £14.95 PAPER

265 X 245MM | 160PP | 2008 178 ILLUSTRATIONS 978 1 906270 07 0 | £14.95 PAPER IN ASSOCIATION WITH CULTURE & SPORT, GLASGOW


Raphael: The Pursuit of Perfection Timothy Clifford, John Dick, Aidan Weston-Lewis


Van Gogh’s Twin: The Scottish Art Dealer Alexander Reid 1854–1928 Frances Fowle

300 X 245MM | 144PP | 1994

250 X 195MM | 176PP | 2010



0 903598 90 6 | £9.95 PAPER

978 1 906270 29 2 | £19.95 HARDBACK

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Front cover: detail from Louise Bourgeois 10 am is When You Come to Me, 2006 Etching, watercolour, pencil, gouache on paper, 20 pages each about: 37.1 x 89.5 cm A RTI ST R O O MS Tate and National Galleries of Scotland. Lent by the Artist Rooms Foundation 2013 Photo: Christopher Burke, Š The Easton Foundation / Licensed by DAC S

Page 3: detail from Robert Colquhoun Seated Woman and Cat, 1946 oil on canvas Š The Estate of Robert Colquhoun / Bridgeman Art Library

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