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Check! this  out!   30  

This table  is  a  great  example  of  geometric  form  and  a   classic  touch  to  any  southern  home!  

Abstract furniture  can   some9mes  be  funky  looking.   Considering  adding  abstract   furniture  too  a  fun  bedroom,   par9cularly  a  teenagers   room.    


Form Natural form  is   similar  to  natural  or   organic  shape,  it   depicts  nature.  There   are  many  ways  to   add  natural  form  to  a   home.   Get  crea9ve  and  add   unique  objects,  such   as  the  lamp,  to  your   home.   The  mountains  are   the  epitome  of   classic  southern  life.   So  adding  wooden   lamps  to  bring  back   the  feel  of  the   mountains.    


Unique lamps  like  the  above  can  add  a  fun  feel  to   any  room  in  your  southern  home.  The  non-­‐ objec9ve  form  of  the  lamp  gives  it  a  one  of  a  kind   look  with  the  beau9ful  glass.    Lamps  like  that   would  look  wonderful  on  a  bedside  table.     31  

Balance It is  nice  to  have  visual  symmetry  in  a   southern  home  because  it  adds  a   sense  of  balance  to  any  home  and  is   also  visually  pleasing.  It  is  very  easy  to   add  visual  symmetry  to  any  home  in   any  room.  Visual  symmetry  can  also  be   found  in  many  different  objects.  


Structural symmetry  can   be  easy  to  achieve   throughout  any  southern   home,  whether  it  be   inside  or  outside.   Structural  symmetry  can   also  be  very  pleasing  to   the  eye.  

The china  cabinet  is  a   perfect  example  of   structural  symmetry.  The   wood  is  all  engraved   exactly  the  same  way  on   both  sides.  The  arches  and   engravings  in  the  wood   are  9meless  and  will  look   beau9ful  in  a  formal   dinning  room  of  a   southern  home.   33  

Principles and Elements of Design  

Principles of Design pt5

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