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Vin De Garde Wine Wall Design Brief Nov 2012


HOW MANY TIMES CAN WE RE-INVENT “THE PEG?� It is widely accepted that a bottle of wine should be stored anywhere between 0 to 45 degrees with the cork facing down. This allows the cork to stay moist & maintains a maximum seal against air entering the bottle. Most storage systems revert to a fixed horizontal orientation, irregardless of user preference, and incorporate a familiar element: The Peg. A Peg is a Peg, no matter how it is shaped, polished, painted, or finished. How many times can we re-invent the peg? More importantly, how can we design a system that allows for complete user control and customization? What is the next step? What is post-peg?



What if we could eliminate the ugly peg all together? The new system would simply let the bottle express itself... floating on the wall with minimal obstruction and allowing for complete organizational freedom by the user. Any arrangement. Any angle.

SANDI is the first magnetic modular wine storage system allowing for full control over how you display your collection. Simple. Elegant. Powerful.


Modular Panel Options: 1. Powder coated steel - single color 2. Screen printed graphics on steel 2. White magnetic glass Industrial strength magnet.

Solid cast aluminum body made from recycled soda cans.

Quick Release clamp fits all bottle sizes, and provides a firm grip around the neck.

Order as many panels as you need. Order as many SANDI’s as you need.

Artwork by Shepard Fairey

Artwork by Shepard Fairey


Nate RIek holds a Bachelors of Architecture from The NewSchool of Architecture and Design in San Diego, CA. Trained as an architect, Nate is currently working as an interior designer in New York City. For more of his work visit and for opportunities feel free to chat him up at ARCHITECTURE, DESIGN, IDEAS, CONCEPTS, GRAPHICS, ART, BRANDING, IDENTITY

Vinde Garde Wine Wall Submission - Nate Riek  

2012 Vinde Garde Open Design Competition -Modular wine wall storage system.

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