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Wild West and Down Home The Leanin’ Tree art page 6 Paintings Gallery work page 28 Illustration For publications, etc. page 36 The dimensional realm Digital sculpting, figurines page 38 Art Prints Giclees on canvas, paper back cover NOTE: All content is fully copyright protected, and may not be reproduced in any form without written authorized permission. This document serves as examples of work done and is not for any other purpose. All rights reserved. Š 2010


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‘Draw!’ they said I did. On the backdrop for school plays in grammar school. On t-shirts for classmates. For the school paper. On the dash of a ’31 Chevy coup, for galleries, magazines, books, newspapers, greeting cards, TV spots, ads, bus benches... Creativity, including art, is a gift. We are created in the image of God (the supreme creator) and His gifts are given to be nurtured and used to His glory. I’m still working on how to do these things - my desire and prayer is to be a good steward. I look to Him daily for the wisdom to do that.

Plum slap-happy Since 1980 I’ve had the immense privilege and pleasure of doing art for Leanin’ Tree Greetings. They have used my work on cards, notepads, magnets, shirts, cups and other great products. The majority of the art is about cowboys and ranch life with a humorous twist. This character is a detail from one of their birthday cards.


Wrong Number The old cowpoke confronts modern technology and applies his own brand of tech support to the cantankerous contraption. Leanin’ Tree used this on cards and poster prints.


Santa’s Surprise A Christmas card for Leanin’ Tree. Santa’s navigation is a bit off and he lands on top of the privy. The startled occupant dashes for safer surroundings, trailing his paperwork behind him.


Bandits on the Bank Mischief and mayhem are about to intrude on this idyllic scene of a boy and his dog daydreaming at the fishing hole. Two cats sneaking up on the boy’s catch are no doubt planning a heist.


The Legend Hero, villain, and a notorious pain in the neck, this dude’s reputation is legendary, striking fear, terror and awe in many. This cast of characters has starred on Leanin’ Tree cards at one time or another.


The Drag Race A rider without his mount was in a bad fix on the range. This cowboy hangs on for all he’s worth - to the amusement of the horse. Published as a Leanin’ Tree card.


The Frequent Flier This kind of air travel is anything but comfortable. When his horse spooks and catches the rider by surprise, he can expect a brief trip, a rough landing and no complimentary drink.

A cartoon for Western Horseman magazine


Decorating The boss lady supervises the ranch hands to make sure everything is ready for the holidays. Obviously decorating is a bit different from riding fence and punching cows. A fun Christmas card published by Leanin’ Tree.


Down, but not out A Leanin’ Tree get well card. Even the buzzard is worried about the horse’s condition. Fortunately, he’s fully recovered and ready for the next roundup.

Brochure art for the children’s unit in a hospital


Bugged Being a mountain man and trapper must have been a smelly proposition. All that fur and critter parts. This guy and his headwear have guests. Those high mountain lakes brew lots of mosquitoes and other flying varmints as big as birds.


Rather be fishing Enjoying a peaceful, quiet day at “the office,� this fella and his pup have the perfect work environment. No bait, no fish, no worries. This has been on greeting cards, cups, shirts and other goodies.


Cold Beans for Breakfast This painting depicts a moment in the routine of the trail hand who often had to jump start his day with slim pickings from a cold plate.


When the Sun Bleeds A painting showing one of the hazards sometimes encountered on the plains, a prairie fire. When the fires raged, smoke gave the sun a blood red color.

Knock First - Caution on the prairie


The Way of the Eagle Detail from a painting inspired by the camaraderie between the natives of the land and the life around them, and by the words of scripture (Isaiah 40:31) But those who trust in the Lord will find new strength. They will soar high on wings like eagles. They will run and not grow weary. They will walk and not faint.


Bunkhouse Serenade Passing time after a long day, he sits on his bunk and entertains the other ranch hands with some familiar melodies.

Where’s the Beef?


Commercial work and doodles.... I’ve done illustration since the late 60’s in one form or another. These represent a random selection of the work, mostly done for publications. A compulsive doodler - some of the best concepts first materialized as sketches on napkins in restaurants or done while ignoring TV.


The dimensional realm I use 3D computer graphics in different ways, such as experimenting with sculpting on the computer. Some of these, like the dog below, were made into prototype models or actual resin castings. Computer models can also save a lot of time when working out perspective and composition prior to doing an illustration or painting.

A company that makes figurines flew me to Shenzhen, China to work with their sculptors developing new product for their line. More photos, details at my blog. (See link from

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Pigments of Imagination  

A 40-page full color retrospective of the illustrations and paintings of Nate Owens. His wacky wilder west cowboys and critters, and downhom...

Pigments of Imagination  

A 40-page full color retrospective of the illustrations and paintings of Nate Owens. His wacky wilder west cowboys and critters, and downhom...