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dedicated to visual excellence SM


dedicated to visual excellence


orty plus years of combined expertise in producing illustration, graphics and design for publications, agencies, and discriminating clients*.  Illustration

in distinctive styles (serious and humorous) modeling and rendering (technical and illustrative)  Nationally published on Greeting Cards and Gift Products  Logos, Flash Banners, Catalog, Brochure and Ad design  Magazine, Book and Newspaper illustration  Wearable art (T-Shirts, etc.)  Digital Sculpting (Figurines, Presentations, Trophies, Models)  3D

*national and international clientele all content fully © copyright protected Golfer Charles Howell; hole 11 at Augusta National Golf Course; greeting card for Leanin’ Tree


incorporating styles including 3d, humor, traditional, children’s art, caricature

graphics animated cutaways, medical infographics, maps, flash banners, video-graphics

design publications, brochures, ads, logos, digital sculpting (figurines, awards and prototype models)


dedicated to visual excellence

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