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Surf. Sounds. Collection. Issue


Porter Hogan

Issue #5

Porter Hogan and Surf. Sounds. Collection. Last year I came out with my first surf issue after an amazing summer shooting with Porter, Chris Williams, Adam Mejia, and a bunch of Laguna surf groms. This year my focus was drawn much more paticularly to Porter, his younger brother Willy, and a few other friends including Sean Herman and Blake Burns. The summer took a huge leap right off the batt with a trip to Baja, Mexico, a trip supported by Chris Wyman and Keanon Polorized. That was where I met Sean and Blake, also where the concept for Surf. Sounds. Collection. began. Porter invited me along on that trip, knowing that I am not surfing’s hot shot photographer, but more because he and I share a similar interest in doing our own thing for the beauty and fun of what it is. To me Porter’s surfing is unique in that he really just surfs how he wants when he wants, and he does it very well. In the same manner Porter has always told me that he enjoy’s the photos I shoot because it usually comes out a little bit different than what other photographers are trying to do. To us both, our friendship and work is just what we make of it and how we feel like it should be done, allowing each other to opperate freely with no expectations or limits. Just a few kids trying to find their own nitche amongst a savage world of professionals.

Porter and I have never really had the chance to go far from home, so we both make the most of what is close and affordable. If the waves are a little less than perfect or smaller than desired, well, that never stopped us. In the constant pursuit of perfect waves there are a few factors that play a major role, being able to get to them is a big one. So should that mean that we can’t make the most of what is close and at home? No way! I think that is the art of what porter does, destroying it on the everyday swell. Taking that step from the ordinary and exploring a world of extraordinary, without ever leaving your home town. -Nathaniel Harrington This is Issue #5. Surfing with Porter Hogan and Friends. Laguna Beach, CA.

Willy Hogan: Porter’s younger brother, following in mighty footsteps.

Less Words. M

No Ads.

More Photography.

Pure Art.

Porter Hogan.

Adam Mejia.

Adam Mejia: Ripping on a Laugna Republic In the heart of Laguna.

Blake Burns: Floater.

Blake Burns.

For the Lifegurds. (including porter..)

Porter Hogan.

Adam Mejia.

Zach Williams.

Blake Burns.

Blake Burns Backside Bash.

Adam Mejia.

Zach Williams Cheers Porter on.

Surf. Sounds.



From Wilmington, NC

Sean R. Herman

TAVIK Kaenon Polarized Uhuru Surfboards South End Surf Shop Body Glove Freestyle OAM

Photo: Laura Moriarty

“Most people follow the path of contentment and stability because they fear failure, while I embrace the ideology of free will. I use failure as a type of fuel to help keep my burning passion of accomplishing my dreams alive. I eat doubt for breakfast, lunch, and dinner; It’s what keeps me going. I laugh at those who doubt me because they do not know that I’m actually a certified fortuneteller who already knows his reason for existence. Actually, I lied, I’m not, but uncertainty is what makes triumph feel so damn good and I love proving everyone wrong.”

“I have a hypothesis. I believe that most of the readers reading this feel the same way I do. Whether you’re a snowboarder, skater, photographer, surfer, or any other type of determined dreamer, doubt hovers over you like an unwanted stalker; A parasite that completely kills and hinders most. I battle with it everyday and sometimes I loose. When that happens I usually lock myself in my closet and write emotional poetry about the government, but when I overcome my fears it’s the best feeling in the world. How you handle your losses and wins is what separates the successful from the median.”

“Pretty much what I’m trying to say is never let anyone tell you you’re not good enough or how to live your life. The world NEEDS people like us because we keep the world progressing. Do something different, do something NEW.Screw the norm, and forget about the haters. They’re just jealous because their significant others think your sexy for standing up to the system. I like being sexy, do you? Let’s be sexy together and change the world. This is just the BEGINNING.” SEAN R. HERMAN

art: Porter Hogan.

Name: Porter Hogan. Residence: Laguna Beach, CA Hook Ups: Rusty, XS Energy Drinks, Hotline Wetsuits, Ocean and Earth, Keanon Polorized, and Etnies. Since the day I was born, I have tried to live a creative lifestyle. When I turned six, my parents bought me a green, six-foot soft-top surfboard. Since then, I have been competing around the world trying to make a name for myself. I have always found surfing as a creative way of living as well as my love for painting. To me, surfing and painting go hand and hand. They are both great ways to be creative and express myself. A few years ago I met Nathaniel Harrington, which gave me a completely different perspective on my direction in surfing. Nate and I working together, allows our creative minds to work together. I loved Nate’s philosophy on surf photography. Nate didn’t have much experience doing surf photography, but his perspective on a good shot interested me and allowed us to perfect our shots and make them as artistic as possible. Working with Nate and his photography has opened up a completely new type of surfing that I have such a love for. My best memories of surfing are driving around in my 1990 suburban trying to find the perfect wave with the perfect backdrop. Competitive surfing use to be my passion. Now, my newfound passion is finding amazing spots to go shoot at with Nate.

art: Porter Hogan.

Last year I got invited on a trip to Mexico with my sunglass sponsor, Kaenon Polarized. The company didn’t have a set photographer for the trip, however, I knew Nate was the man for the job. He brought a unique type of photography with him. Every spot we went to, Nate was climbing up trees or cliffs, finding angles, doing just about anything to make the photos more interesting. On this trip I was able to introduce Nate to Mr. Sean Herman. Sean is an East coast surfer with quite the repertoire and awesome style. Sean, Nate, and myself had an insane time in Mexico. The waves were amazing every single day. The trip was a huge success. Arriving home from Mexico was a sad day. We wanted this team to continue. Unfortunately for us, I live in California, Nate lives in Minnesota, and Sean lives in New Jersey. The only option we had to keep this unstoppable team together is to start a web site. This site would have to be different than any other sites around in order to succeed. Our plan was to bring a little something of our own to the table. So, the three of us have brought out a more artistic side to surfing with Nate’s beautiful photography, my video editing, and Sean’s incredible sense of humor. The site is not only about surfing, but artists, musicians, and our lifestyles. The three of us probably went through three-dozen names. After a week of being frustrated with our indecisive thinking, I came up with the name Surf. Sounds. Collection. The name stuck, and the website was created. Sean’s job was to find musicians, my job was to find artists, and Nate’s job was to keep shooting photos. I’m so stoked we were all able to work together on this site. We all put a ton of effort into it and in my opinion it has bean a huge success. We have brought in thousands and thousands of views. To me it has just been a lot of fun. Heck, I know Sean’s having a good time. We sure appreciate everyone’s support. With out Nate, this site would have not been possible. Nate’s photography is amazing. It is the key-stone of the site which brings in our viewers. -Porter Hogan.

art: Porter Hogan.

Art: Porter Hogan.

P|Nathaniel Leroy Harrington.

“Part of me tends to think that I am chasing hopeless dreams, but then something always happens and I’m right back at it with no worries.”

When Porter and I first started shooting he asked me, “do I owe you money for the shots?” My reply is the same everytime to every person I have ever shot action photos with, No. Why? It’s simple. If they weren’t performing I sure wouldn’t be shooting. To me it isn’t about the money, never has been, never will be. It is the love and the passion that continues to drive me down the relentless pursuit found within boardsports.

Well then, is it about fame? Making a name for myself to be written down in some book somewhere? I dare say. Do you want to know why I shoot, and then think that I can get away with making a 142 page issue filled with my shots and my stories? It’s because I think I am doing something different, something risky, something that takes a little bit more courage than a degree and desk job. Do you want to know what’s even more risky than that? Giving full glory and credit to God the Creator.

I began sooting Snowboarding at sixteen, nine years later and I’m still shooting Snowboarding. Along with Snow I have now been able to explore the worlds of Skate, and Surf. Photography has opened up doors for me to travel and make friends in areas and groups I never dreamt I would be apart of. So rather than puting my time into pursuing money I have been in pursuit of friendship and adventure. The payout is a thousand times better. I see Surf. Sounds. Collection. as part of that payout. A couple friends making the most of their time and all working for a common goal. A neat collaboration of art and thought. Something that if it were not to go anywhere but where it is now, I would still consider it to be worth my time because of the friendship it has given me. Same with photography, I may never do anything but produce blog posts and online Issues, but it will still be my career because the impact I see, the joy it gives, and the opportunity it brings. Cheers to an adventourous life worth living, and thank you Jesus. -Nathaniel Harrinton. Sean, Porter, Myself.

Willy Hogan zips down the line and finishes well.

Zach Williams.

Zach Williams.

Troy McDonald.

Adam Mejia. He always knows where to find a quick cover up at his home break.

Jordan Kudla. Ever since I’ve known him all I’ve ever seen is smiles, and man does he rip. Expect more next season. Till then...

Soul S Sch

Surfing ool!

Join the Adventure!

Open the door to a whole new adventure when you visit Help Support a cause and a mission. Any photo you have seen in this issue or any of my other publications are for sale. Your donations are used to support things like Tatum needing funds to continue her mission trip through YWAM, Newcastle, Australia. Or to help further Surf, Skate, and Snow Outreaches around the world. Help Us Make a Difference. :) Contact me, I would love to hear from you. -Nathaniel.

None of this would be possible if it wasn’t for God and the amazing opportunities He has granted me. Special Thanks: Mom and Dad. Chris and Karen Williams. Brandon Phillips. Soul Surfing School. Walking on Water. Tatum Alexa Gordon. Porter Hogan. Willy Hoagn. Sean Herman. Blake Burns. Adam Mejia. Zach Williams. Jordan Kudla(and your mom and dad :)) . Troy McDonald. Mac Chapel. Robbie Dapper. Arthur Cachero, Bryce Johnson, and the rest of the instructors I worked with this summer, you guys are the best! Surf. Sounds. Collection. Chris Wyman at Kaenon Polorized. Brandon Phillips at Sol-Tech. Brian Jennings at Walking on Water.


S.B.N. Issue #6

S.B.N. Issue #5. Surf.Sounds.Collection.  

From Summer 2011 in Laguna Beach, Ca. Surfing with Porter Hogan and friends. Also, the story behind Surf.Sounds.Collection. A collaboration...

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