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S.B.N. Issue #2 by

Nathaniel Harrington

Cover: Viktor Simco Big Bear Lake, Ca.

Surf Skate Snow

S.B.N. Issue #2 Focus on Midwest Snowboaridng.

Some recent, most older. Outstanding moments in our lives.

S.B.N. is a perspective on Surfing, Snowboarding, and Skateboarding. The time I’ve spent, the places I’ve seen, the people I’ve met. This is my favorite thing to do.

Wild Mountain, Taylors Falls, MN

Harding Kink, MN. Bald-e-gal Productions

Ryan Paul

Strands, Dana Point, CA

Rp, Viktor Simco, Pat Garvin

Ethan Deiss

Filmer Riley Erickson, Two Harbors, MN.

Some of the most outstanding days of my snowboarding career have taken place at Trollhaugen, WI. A small, midwest resort with a ton of fun to offer.

Snowboarding with good friends is like nothing else. from first tracks to last chairs, laughs and high speed turns, keep the homies close. Chris Duncan, Ethan Deiss, Austin Julikheine, Jim Langer, Kyle Hawkins, Krister Ralles, Austin Young on the chair with me.

Austin Young

Viktor B. Simco

Big Bear, CA.

Seal Beach, Ca.

Brandon Larson

Cody Beiersdorf

Matt Faust

Patrick Campanaro

The “Rush” “Al Stone”

Krister Ralles

Christopher Cotteleer

Wild Mountain, MN

John Hodge House of 1817

Riley Erickson


Jordan Michilot

Brandon Larson, Austin Young, Jordan Michilot, Krister ralles.


TJ (animal)


Sam Fenton.

Anthony Cappeta

Ezra Jacobson.

S.B.N. Shout out. Shot



FL Project. the Youth Shelter Supply. Bald-e-gal Productions. Role Model Productions. Corduroy Lifestyles. the

Wild Mountain, MN. Trollhaugen, WI

For the years of support and dedication. Austin Young, Austin Julik-Heine, Don Bergeson, Mike Thienes, Krister Ralles, Jonas Michilot, Viktor Simco, Paul White, Micah McGinnity, Brandon Larson, Anthony Cappeta, Matt Faust, Jordan Michilot, Erik Ralles, Ricky Tucker, Cody Beiersdorf, Pat Campanaro, Alex ‘Al Stone’, Riley Erickson, Ethan Deiss, Ryan Paul, Joe Sexton, Ezra Jacobson,Morgan Pease, Sam Fenton, Jake Olson-Elm, Matt Peterson, Mike Casanova, Pete Harvey, Jim Langer, John Hodge, Chris Cotteleer.

Nathaniel Harrington Photography

S.B.N. Issue #2  

Focused on Midwest Snowboarding.

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