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Our new Ecke速 table adds a fresh modern look to a dinner for four. High quality glass and a hand welded base ensure a dining experience that is built to last. There is no worry about scratching your floor. With our new Ecke速 base pads, scratching wooden floors is nearly impossible, a perfect addition to any home.

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Q: I’ve noticed France’s national soccer team is whiter than in the past. Is soccer becoming racist?

Q: I’m taking a luxurious trip abroad, but am having difficulties finding a hotel. Where can I look?

Q: I want to grill one last time before summer ends. What can I do to make it more unique?

Q: I just moved into a large loft, but don’t have enough to fill it. How should I use up the remaining space?

Yes and no. Many in France, even inside the federation, seem to wish for a whiter national team, something that looks more like Spain’s. However, the all-white Spanish team represents the past. Quite likely, they were the last all-white side from any country to win the trophy. International soccer has been a place of diversity from the start, and despite the wistful musing of some in France, it’s becoming ever more so.

Finding a unique, luxurious hotel is very difficult, especially if you don’t know where to look. One of the best places to find a hotel is www.designhotels. com. They have a large variety of 5-star hotels across the world, ranging from São Paulo to Istanbul, even exotic places like Paphos. They also have access to a much more exquisite set of hotels than any other website. You can also check out our website at to see what we’ve reviewed and think are the best places to stay around the globe.

A: Try cooking on the grill with

Minimalism is all the rage. Keeping things as empty as possible is a good thing, as long as it still has personality and still feels like home. A great way to do this is to cover the walls with lots of artwork. Artwork can add lots of color to a rather bland space. The most obvious solution, however, would be to purchase more furniture. Simple, sleek couches and chairs are usually the best option. For more personality you can add some pillows, blankets and throws, along with a coffee table with some large, beautiful books on top.

foil! Foil is a great way to try something new on the grill. Some great ideas include roasted vegetables, chicken and fish. Always use good-quality foil, as you do not want the packages to split open during cooking. You also need to always cook on the edges of the grill so that the foil receives more indirect heat. This will stop the contents from overcooking or burning.

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DARK WALLS While not extremely popular in the past, dark walls are starting to become very popular, especially is the floor and furniture are light colors. It adds great contrast and keeps the room visually interesting. The wall can be any color, as long as it matches your decor. They shouldn’t be too overpowering, however, and only one or two walls should be dark



Floor to ceiling cupboards are a great way to complete any room or home office. It is a great way to store many items, such as office supplies, books or photos, while still staying in style. The cupboards also add lots of dimension to your room. Floor to ceiling cupboards can also make for a great conversation starter, especially if the walls are tall enough that a ladder is needed. Alternating cabinet colors is also a great idea. Black and white look very chic, while other colors could look very minimal or cozy. White is always a great starter color because it matches nearly everyone’s decor. If the cupboards are made of a glossy material, they can also make the room feel larger. It acts almost as a mirror and appears as if the walls are much further out than they are in reality.

Neutral beiges and browns mixed with dark greys are extremely trendy this month. It creates a cozy feel, while still giving it that clean, minimalistic look. Being the best of both worlds, it will work well in any home.



Shelves used as room dividers are all the rage. Not only are they a great way to divide a room into multiple areas, but they are also a practical and attractive storage solution. Instead of the shelve just taking up your precious square footage, it can become one of your most valuable pieces of furniture. The best type of shelf for the job is square. A common one is 4ft x 4ft with 16 squares and in white, but both black and beech wood are also very popular if the room needs more contrast.

Glossy kitchens are a great addition to almost any loft, especially those that are very clean and organized. The glossy cabinets reveal both a playful and professional side. They look especially great with a splash of color like light blue, red or orange.

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Living the H

An inside look at the world’s tallest

By Nate Daubert Since being finalized in 2008, Trump International Hotel and Tower® has reshaped the Chicago skyline. At 92 stories, Trump Tower Chicago is the world’s seventh tallest building and the tallest above ground residence. Residences go all the way to the 89th floor with a $30 million, 14,000 square foot penthouse complete with seven bedrooms, a movie theater and a fitness center. Chicago is an excellent city for this tower. Nested on one of the great lakes, it has perfect access to beaches, boating, and has beautiful sunsets most cities only dream of having. It is also America’s third largest city having over 9.5 million residents in its metropolitan area. Chicago also has some of the world’s greatest parks such as Millennium park and Lincoln park.

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High Life

tallest residence.

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The Trump International Hotel and Tower rises 1,362 feet from the building’s main entrance on Wabash Avenue to the tip of the architectural spire. Upon its completion in 2009, the building became the seventh-tallest building in the world, behind the 1,380 foot Jin Mao Tower in Shanghai, People’s Republic of China. On November 17, 2009, however, the Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat (CTBUH), which composes rankings of the tallest skyscrapers in the world based on various criteria, changed its standard for measuring a building’s height. Prior to this

change, a building’s architectural height was calculated from the main entrance to the tip of the spire; new standards measured from the lowest open-air pedestrian level of a building. As the Trump International Hotel and Tower has a riverwalk entrance and pedestrian level 27 feet below the building’s Wabash Avenue entrance, the skyscraper’s official height was recalculated as 1,389 feet without a physical addition to the structure. According to the CTBUH, the recalculated height also made the tower the sixthtallest building in the world, surpassing the Jin Mao Tower by 9 feet. In January 2010, the building moved back to its position as seventhtallest with the opening of the 2,717 foot Burj Khalifa in Dubai.

The design of the building incorporates three setback features designed to provide visual continuity with the surrounding skyline, each reflecting the height of a nearby building. The first setback, on the east side of the building, aligns with the moulding of the Wrigley Building. The second, on the

70 feet above the Chicago River. The building uses clear lowemissivity coated glass and a curved wing-shaped polished stainless steel mullion system that projects 9 inches from the glass line. It incorporates a brushed stainless steel spandrel panels and clear anodized aluminum.

TRUMP TOWER REDEFINED THE CHICAGO SKYLINE.” west side, aligns with River Plaza to the north and with the Marina City Towers to the west. The third setback, on the east side, relates to 330 North Wabash building (formerly known as IBM Plaza). However, some views distort the alignment of the second setback. The setbacks and rounded edges of the building combat vortex formation which may occur in the “Windy City”. The body of the building is raised 30 feet above the main Wabash entrance and

The tower is at a prime location. Being right on the river in Chicago’s exquisite River North neighborhood, the residents have unbelievable access to some of the world’s greatest shopping, dining and entertainment experiences as well as, awe-inspiring views of the Chicago River and Lake Michigan. Not only is the building residential, however. It includes four additional sections including a five-star hotel, premier shopping, a luxurious spa &

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wellness center and world-class dining. The hotel has 339 guest rooms, each filled floor to ceiling with custom furnishings and the two restaurants, Sixteen and Rebar are a great way to spend any evening. All condominium owners have unlimited access to these world-class services, making for a luxurious home that feels as relaxing as a resort. Due to the beautifully curved and abstract structure of the building, there are a large variety of floor plans. From studios, to 3 bedrooms, to penthouse this tower has it all. Floor plans range from 963 square feet up to 14,000 square feet. The 2,742 square foot unit in these photos is the “H” unit from the 34th floor. Trump Tower Chicago is known for their luxurious residences, and this unit is no exception. It is has two bedrooms, three bathrooms, and a den. The unit is located on the south west side of the building, making for spectacular views of the city. On a clear day, the view lasts for miles and miles. This home is beautifully decorated with designer furniture and high quality materials. The Kitchen opens directly to the den, giving it a nice open feel. And since there are such spectacular views from the den, the kitchen has great views,

too. The kitchen sports stainless steel appliances, wood cabinets, and granite countertops. While all the units are customizable, this specific unit is a host to some of the best in cook ware: Miele cooktops, Wolf wall and microwave oven, Miele dishwasher, Snaidero Italian cabinetry, and a full-height backsplash with a built-in granite shelf. This kitchen is both modern, and luxurious, allowing most any cooking need to be full-filled. The master suite is a luxurious way to spend any night. It has two walk-in closets and two bathrooms, a his and a her’s, each customized accordingly. The master bedroom is very large, with a square footage of 238 and also has some of the cities finest views. This unit also has a sauna, a great way to relax and will always put you in a good mood. The apartment is beautifully furnished. The unit was professionally designed using only the finest designer furniture and accessories. The room was very well laid out. Using only furniture, the large common room was clearly divided into 3 sections, a dining room, living room, and family room, while still remaining stylish. The furniture also matches the hardwood floors perfectly.

The furniture also matches the gorgeous views perfectly and provides a seamless transition from the living room to the city. The blues from the lake, sky, and glass from the surrounding buildings are reflected in the accessories, such as pillows and centerpieces. The rest of the furniture is very lightly colored, or white. This makes the room feel very open, while still retaining the feeling of being in a home: the perfect combination. One of the best pieces in the entire unit is the bench in the living room made out of reclaimed wood and 100% recycled metal. The wood is very distressed, but looks beautiful with the cream-colored blanket folded on top. The recycled metal base makes the bench appear as if it floating off of the ground, and reflects its surroundings.

This unit is also the host to some very interesting artwork. In the family room, there is a beautiful sculpture made out of welded metal to create a stylish mesh of various triangles. This piece adds lots of dimension to the room. Another great piece is in the her bathroom, hanging above the bath tub. It is a beautiful large print of a flower, and matches the color of the bathroom very well. The black background, also used in the cabinets, makes the flower, which matches the tiles and walls, really pop. A great choice from the designer. Trump International Hotel and Tower® Chicago is one of the nicest places for anyone to live. With exquisite views and luxurious floor plans, it provides 5-star living 365 days a year. The units are also very well designed and really emphasize the wonderful views without skimping out on style and the cozy feeling. Trump Tower redefined the Chicago skyline.

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Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 Tablet

AiAiAi TMA1 Headphones

Nokia E7 Smart Phone

Apple has done it again. The iMac 27-inch is by far the best personal computer on the market today. With a 3.4 Ghz QuadCore i7 processor and 8GB of RAM, this machine is fast. There is no lag. The iMac also has a beautiful 27-inch display with a much-higher-than-hd resolution (2560 x 1440) the Computer is also an all-in-one, which means the entire computer, other than the keyboard and mouse, are together in one device, the monitor, the speakers, and the actual computer. This means less wires and a cleaner, more organized desk. The iMac also has Thunderbolt I/O, which is brand new technology that allows data transfers of up to 10GB/sec in both directions, at the same time. A CD/DVD drive , an SD card slot, four USB ports built-in wifi, and firewire are also in the machine making this the computer to have. While the price is high ($2400), it is well worth the purchase and will definitely last more than a few years. This is an investment that will always be in style and will also be practical.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 is Samsung’s second entry into the tablet market. The first being the original 7-inch Galaxy Tab. The 10.1 runs the latest version of Android Honeycomb and sports Samsung’s custom TouchWiz UI. The UI redesigned many aspects of the interface making it the nicest Honeycomb interface by far. It is also the lightest tablet on the market, being just 1.24 pounds and 0.34 inches thick. The Tab 10.1 has two cameras, a front facing, 2.0 MP camera, and a back-facing 3.0 MP camera, which is very good for a tablet. It’s perfect for that quick snapshot or for video calling. Since the tablet runs on the Android operating system, users have access to over 250,000 apps many of which are designed specifically for tablet devices. Unless you require high-performance apps, this tablet can easily take the place of any personal computer. There are apps for word processing, games, web-browsing, email, and video chat; anything that you can imagine, there is probably an app for that.

Danish headphone manufacturer, AiAiAi, has released yet another pair of amazing headphones, and the sound quality is simply amazing. The AiAiAi TMA 1 headphones are both portable and durable. The TMA 1 is has both a one-piece design and an expandable rubberized wire that are built to last. The headphone market is full of cookie-cutter models and it is very difficult for any one of them to stand out. The AiAiAi TMA headphones, certainly make an exception. At an affordable price ($190) for professional headphones, they are the perfect accessory for any music lover.

With the smart phone market being dominated by the iPhone and Android market, it is difficult for the underdog to stand out of the crowd. Nokia’s newest smartphone, the E7-00 may do just that. With a slick aluminum unibody design and a full slideout QWERTY keyboard, the E7 is both durable and functional. They keyboard is very easy to use, and doesn’t have the small keys like many smartphone users suffer with. This phone is an excellent choice for someone looking for a quality phone.





Did you know? Nokia started out as a paper company in 1865, and has since grown to become the world’s largest cell phone manufacturer.

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“What to order at a bar” is something many men wonder. Here are four drinks that will always impress.

01. Gin and Tonic

02. Rusty Nail

03. Tequila Gimlet

1.5 oz. Gin Tonic Water 1 Lime Wedge

1.5 oz. Gin 2 oz. White Tequila .5 oz. Drambuie Scotch Whisky 1 oz. Lime Juice 1 Lemon Peel Twist 1 Lime Wedge

.75 pint Guinness Stout .5 shot Bailey’s Irish Cream .5 shot Jameson Irish Whisky

Pour the gin and the tonic water into a highball glass almost filled with ice cubes. Stir well. Drop in a lime squeeze.

Pour the scotch whisky and Drambuie® scotch whisky into an old-fashioned glass with ice cubes. Stir well. Garnish with the lemon twist.

Add the Bailey’s and Jameson to a shot glass, layering Bailey’s on the bottom. Pour the Guinness into a pint glass. Drop the shot glass into the beer and chug.

Shake tequila and lime juice with ice in a shaker. Strain into a chilled cocktail glass. Garnish with a lime wedge.

04. Irish Car Bomb

LEarn to impress: Great bar tricks that will surprise everyone Open a beer bottle with a dollar bill

Instantly freeze a bottle of beer.

Start by folding the dollar bill in half, from end to end. Fold it in half again, but this time the other way. You should have a quarter of a dollar bill. Roll the short end very tightly all the way. Bend the roll in half, and the dollar is now stiff enough to open a beer with.

Put a beer in the freezer for about 1-2 hours. When ready to show off, find a hard, solid surface. Grab the bottle of the beer around the neck and tap it against the surface. It should sound like a tuning fork. The beer will turn to ice right before your eyes!

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