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Nate Cepis Out With The Old In With The New 22 December Upload

The Fireworks idea is dead. The idea had no meaning. I had no fun doing it.

Began thinking about the word struggle. Thought this would be worth exploring.

Exploration of struggle began picking up steam when I read a speach by Frederick Douglass. In which he famously stated, “If there is no struggle, then there is no progreess.�

Research lead to classic stories of struggle such as Dante’s Inferno, the 12 Labors of Hercules, and the Book of Job from the Bible.

Wanting a story that was true, I began researching explorers, such as Percy Harrison Fawcett, Robert Falcon Scott, and Thor Heyerdahl.

I chose Ernest Shackleton as the base of my Thesis project.

This is the book I’m reading. The author compiled all of his information from interviews and journals from the crew.


Thesis: Stage 3  

Stage 3 of my thesis