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Nate Albers Architecture and Design Portfolio

Nate Albers Bachelor of Arts / Architectural Studies / Middlebury College Online Portfolio: https://natealbers.com Applicant for M.Arch at University of California, Berkeley Fall 2021


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Thesis Work Academic

This project proposes a communal music and visual arts s tudio in central Middlebury, VT that focuses on connection and experience. It creates connection by 1) offering a central gathering area and fluid indoor spaces and 2) building a pathway from downtown towards the river that passes through gathering nodes. This architecture provides a meaningful experience through its use of transition, acknowledgement of nature on the site, and careful materiality choices.


Fall 2019


Art Section

Music Section Art Elevation

Music Elevation


Otter Creek

Main St.





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Mixing/Recording Practice Rooms Performance Area Outdoor Decks Open Studio (2D Art) Semi-private Studios Open Studio (3D Art)



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Urban Design Academic

This project proposes a new development comprised of housing and retail for the city of Portland, Oregon. The design aims to provide great well-being and livability for residents and users. Prior to designing, I conducted a research phase focused on design for well-being, density, urban livability, and more.


Spring 2020


1 Park provides buffer from heavily trafficked road. 2 Central gathering space connects pathways to downtown, housing, and riverfront. 3 Interior courtyards offer private outdoor space. 4 Footprint density makes up for height limitations


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Sketches from research phase


Habitat for Humanity Design Academic & Professional. Group project, not solely my work

This project–undertaken by a class of 15 and advised by professional architects and builders–involved the design of two family homes built by Habitat for Humanity in the local community. I was involved in site analysis, code researching, schematic design, and construction documentation. Lot shape, solar orientation, and local precedents influenced the design. The two buildings homes stretch from east to west, fitting into the site and allowing plentiful natural light from the south. The gable form emphasizes the directionality of the buildings and aligns with historic typologies of the area. A kitchen/living area at the back end of each house looks onto a natural park area behind the lot. This project earned an AIA New England design award for excellence in architecture.




Merch Project Personal

In this practice project, I designed and mocked up merch for electronic musician Four Tet. Influenced by Four Tet’s organic yet digital sound, I developed a brand identity and visual language seen in print and clothing. The logo below encapsulates this idea: four circles represent an electronic beat while the fluidity of the shape lends a natural feeling.




Zine Academic

This zine displays a variety of mid-century modern architects and shows a few of their works. To depart from a simple display of architecture, images and text within the booklet are stylized and graphically arranged within a vibrant color scheme. Abstract shapes reflect the forms of each architect’s buildings.


Fall 2019


Art & Other Academic & Personal

CD case and album cover mockup for house music duo Chaos in the CBD



Scroll painting, acrylic paint and Photoshop

Clockwise from top left: Alternate vinyl cover design Digital collage Digital portrait Gouache still life of balloon


Nate Albers Architecture and Design Portfolio

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M. Arch Portfolio  

Portfolio for M.Arch applications at Berkeley, UCLA, Yale, WashU

M. Arch Portfolio  

Portfolio for M.Arch applications at Berkeley, UCLA, Yale, WashU