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Sublime Original debuts our extraordinary collection of covetous furniture. We create pieces that transcend trends, that surprise in the purposeful, sophisticated dichotomy of modern shapes and ancient methods. Designs are crafted by hand in our workshops, sanded to a polished sheen, silvered with patina and salt air, or finished with our signature washes, stains, and lacquers. We are dedicated to the production and acquisition of honorable and durable pieces. We know the carvers, the makers, the painters, and their patrons. We adore their handiwork, their traditions, their textures—and chiefly, their mutual adoration for the sublime and the original.

Ignite a sense of wonder.

Shaping alternative perspectives.


Primitive Modern • “U” Console • Whitewashed Distressed • Primitive Modern • “X” Side table whitewashed distressed Primitive Modern • Cube • whitewashed distressed

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.


Primitive Modern • Cube • Whitewashed Distressed • Primitive Modern • “X” Side table Whitewashed Distressed

Thomas Hager, Surfers


Modern Dutch • Square Chair • Rubbed Bark • Modern Dutch • Scroll Sofa • Rubbed Bark

Thomas Hager, Horizon


Primitive Modern • “X” Chair • Rubbed Bark

The simple, the seductive, the decadent and overlooked.

We seek enclaves of creativity and forge partnerships with elegant renegades. We pursue the untapped haunts of the artsy undercover—where footpaths are the preferred route, where stories of the sea, the land, and the sky are still celebrated. We appreciate the found, the reclaimed, the simple, the decadent, the seductive, and the overlooked. A benchmark led not only by our intellectual appraisal of materials and of histories but also by an innate acumen of the inimitable, those things that ignite a sense of wonder and retain a sense of mystery, those things that invite conversation in our homes, that delight visitors and summon introspection.

Nate Ebert, Cool Waters

SO & Verellen • Belize Chair • Washable Outdoor Linen



Primitive Modern • “X” Side Table • Whitewashed Distressed

Casual sophistication.


Primitive Modern • Director Chair • Rubbed Bark


Primitive Modern • Sugar Gear • Whitewashed Distressed Primitive Modern • Waterfall Coffee Table • Whitewashed Distressed

Life is beautiful.


Modern Dutch • Wing Chair • Rubbed Bark • Modern Dutch • Scroll Sofa • Rubbed Bark Primitive Modern • Waterfall Coffee Table • Rubbed Bark


Primitive Modern • Adirondack Chair • Rubbed Bark

Sublime Original LookBook 2017