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Eleanor Roosevelt By Antonia

Friday, June 7, 13

Who is Eleanor Roosevelt? Eleanor Roosevelt is the first First Lady of America.

Eleanor Roosevelt fought for human rights and women rights. Friday, June 7, 13

Eleanor Roosevelt started to get involved with organizations like the League of Women Voters, which helped women exercise their new right to vote.

She continued to campaign for American workers, fighting for higher wages, a shorter work week and protections against child labor. Friday, June 7, 13

Eleanor Roosevelt wrote part of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

When Eleanor Roosevelt was working with the United Nations she helped found UNICEF. Friday, June 7, 13

note from the Author(Antonia):

Eleanor Roosevelt is a very significant person so we should all honor her for what she did for us. Thanks for reading about Eleanor Roosevelt!

Friday, June 7, 13

Eleanor Roosevelt  
Eleanor Roosevelt