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Rats - The Current Invaders of the UK

It is officially winter, and temperatures in the UK are expected to drop more and more. According the Telegraph, due to a polar vortex from the Artic, England and Wales has reached temperatures of -9.7C – the coldest ever in six years! This would not be too bad as it is soon going to be holiday season, which means most of us will be indoors anyway and can escape the cold when it gets unbearable… However, dealing with unwelcomed rodent guests can make this situation extremely unpleasant. “HUNDREDS of millions of super-rats resistant to poison are set to invade British homes following a wet and warm winter, experts have warned”, Express. To elaborate, since throughout the year, the UK has experienced relatively mild weather conditions, the population of rats flourished. Now that it is getting too cold for them outside, they are going to be looking for shelter indoors - which will lead them to your homes. Since more gatherings and parties are bound to happen for the festivities in the next weeks, there will be a lot more food being made, with more leftovers being thrown out. With everyone taking time off work during this time of the year, there will be fewer bin collections which will attract more rats to these great piles of food for them to feed on! Right after they finish a meal, they will be prompted to find a way to enter you homes nearby.

Rats can squeeze through openings as tiny as 2 cm wide. This means any cracks in walls, pipes or vents around the house can be a good point of entry for them. It does not take long for rats to start breeding soon after they find a place of shelter, so once one enters, you can likely except to find their nests in attics or walls around the house. These pests bring a lot of serious problems along with them, some including:   

Damages to the house from their gnawing and scratching which can cost you up to hundreds of pounds. Sicknesses and disease, as they tend to carry various bacteria and viruses with them. Loss of food sources as they will eat into everything they can find!

The British Pest Control Association(BPCA) have realized that the current species of rats have built up their immunity against toxic pellets that used to work against them before. With their current population standing at 160 million, with predictions of an increase to 200 million by the summer, this is a serious problem. It is incredibly important that you protect yourself, your home and your families against these super rodents and HERE are ways you can do so, that will work and that are also affordable. The BCPA also recommends some basic procedures you should check off to keep rats from even entering your houses in the first place. These are: Inspecting your home properly for any cracks that could be points of entry for the rats, and then sealing them shut.    

Removing any potential rat nesting sites by keeping your gardens tidy and removing piles of wood/debris. Keeping the lids of bins shut tight with no leftovers lying around openly around them. Shutting all windows and doors tightly all the time. Keeping pet bowls and bird feeders clean and empty when they are done being used.

Be rodent free and enjoy a smooth holiday season this year! Natasha Suntewari

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Rats - The Current Invaders of the UK  

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