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Content is key. The consumer requires something to interact with, brands need to add value to be credible.

Context - Find a theme or proposition that is related to the brand.

But more interesting and relevant to people than the brand itself Community - Create your own brand community. And engage existing communities on their terms. Continuity – little and often Cohesion - connect the brand across

different media spaces

Drive traffic to social media Establish a stronger online presence Gain a stronger consumer connection Showcase and promote new emerging British talent Increase brand awareness to target ‘shape it up range’ consumers

The ‘Shape it up’ consumer is a 16-25 year old female. She is fashion aware and fun loving. She reads Grazia and Look magazine and enjoys spending time with her girl friends.

Survey Revealed…

Only 3 out

10 target consumers asked knew of the brand.




Peaking Polly Coming into her prime, she is a festival goer and facebook poster. Keen to spend time with her girl friends and keep up to date with celebrity gossip.

Party Polly University student, technology engaged, twitter addict, with her new found independence she loves to explore the world. When money’s tight she feeds her wanderlust with blogs.

Professional Polly With the world at her feet, life is becoming more serious and grown up. She plans quick getaways whenever her busy schedule allows. Professional Polly is emotionally secure and is totally independent.

Relatable Accessible


Light hearted

Campaign Criteria



Thoughtful Engaging

Polly in a Pickle #pollyinapickle will centre around the brand persona Polly stuck in everyday embarrassing situations that are relatable to our consumer. The Polly persona will be a friendly and familiar face across all social media platforms

“Polly says pose proud in our new shape it up range� 1Gc&

Holding on tight to British talent Where is Polly’s Pickle today? PP will collaborate with emerging artists from major British cities. Each artist will provide an image of Polly in her latest ‘pickle’. Snippets of the image will be revealed daily via Facebook and followers will be encouraged to piece together the puzzle with the incentive of winning a city break to Polly’s lost destination. The drip drip effect will encourage a loyal and constant following On-going campaign

The video will be uploaded to the River Island Blog and the Facebook page.

Video Polly tweets clues about where her ‘pickle’ is.

A retweeted ‘pickle’ = instant win tights and entry to festival prize draw.


81.5% of target consumers find videos on Facebook Pretty Polly already have a large Facebook audience so want to drive

traffic to twitter.

From our research, the target consumer does have Facebook but are moving to Twitter.

The campaign links all of PP’s social media platforms to bring it full circle.

Facebook 43,136 Twitter 3734

Content - Useful ,funny ,interesting ,emotional Context – PP consumer are interested in experiential events such as festivals and travelling which shows a cultural interest.

Community - We feel the #pollyinapickle twitter theme creates an online friendly community that is relatable and

enjoyable to be part of.

Continuity - Thoughtful engagement with the online community via social media to maintain a trust worthy, believable strategy

Cohesion - Using Polly as an online persona throughout the social media platforms is in keeping with the ‘Shape it

Up’ range on Pretty Polly’s main site.

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